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Submissions guidelines for sets

Getting on the Ranking Radar

The  decision to include sets and barristers in the tables in Chambers UK Bar guide is based on a number of factors. Of primary importance are:

1. The volume, complexity and importance of work undertaken in the year prior to publication.

2. Visibility and profile as reflected in the views of our many interviewees (clients, instructing solicitors and fellow barristers) who are asked to comment on a set's strength and its individual barristers' performance (whether on paper, in court or in conference).

Sets and individuals are included in our rankings when they have received sufficient positive comment. The factors mentioned above also determine the relative positions allotted in the tables.

Chambers UK Bar Submission Guidelines

More and more we encourage sets to prepare submissions to assist with our research. Although these are optional and not a prerequisite for inclusion, they serve a dual function:

Firstly, submissions tell us about the work of individuals at the set, both those whom have been ranked in the past and those whom the set believes should be considered for inclusion in a practice area for the first time. They attest to the continuing activity of individuals, ensure accuracy of factual information and guard against publication of confidential matters.

Secondly, they provide us with referee contacts: people from whom our researchers can obtain informed views on the members of chambers and their work.

We provide each set with a username and password with which to upload its submissions. We ask that a single submission document be uploaded for each practice area in which the set wishes to put forward its members. This applies whether or not the set or its barristers have been ranked before If you wish, you may put the referee contacts on separate spreadsheets for each practice area. See Part Two, (e) below.

The Research Schedule shows the deadline for each submission.

Part One

1. Basic information
i) Name and location of set
ii) Practice area
iii) Number of barristers at the set with a significant practice within the sector
iv) Submissions contact at the set, able to set up interviews etc if necessary

2. Overview on the set's work in this area over the past twelve months
This paragraph is a good opportunity to illustrate briefly the role of the set within a wider context, such as the winning of cases, advice to the government and role in a major transaction.

3. Feedback on the previous edition

Part Two

Individual information on barristers who have been previously ranked in Chambers in this area

a) Name of barrister
b) Call year; silk year
c) Brief career history
d) Between three and five of the barrister’s most significant work / case highlights in this area over the past twelve months. Please describe each matter in a short paragraph, as well as supplying, where relevant, the case's name; the solicitor and firm involved; the other parties involved and the current status (it need not be completed). If you wish to inform us of confidential work or a confidential client, please mark as "CONFIDENTIAL" where appropriate.
e) Between three and five solicitor/client referees. Bear in mind we will talk to solicitors in the course of our research. We would welcome it if all referees for a practice area are also collected on a spreadsheet. This should be uploaded separately.

N.B. Other barristers may also be submitted as referee contacts.

Please provide for each referee:
Direct telephone number
Email address

Please repeat this formula for each previously ranked barrister.
Please click here for our referee spreadsheet template.

Part Three

Individual information on barristers who have not previously been ranked in Chambers in this area. Please point out if they are already ranked in Chambers in another practice area.

Repeat formula for each as in Part Two. We recommend that you carefully select those you put forward.

Submission template

In response to demand from sets we have designed a form for submissions.
Using the form ensures that you are supplying us with the kind (and volume) of information that we want.


*The online submissions site only allows a single submission document and a single spreadsheet of referees to be uploaded for each practice area. If having uploaded it is absolutely necessary to make an amendment, please send the revised document to either Mehri Hudayguliyeava or Mario Serna Salazar or inform them of the details of the revision.

*If you do not have a username and password for your set, please contact our Enquiries Team.

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