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What is a submission? 

Submissions are sets of factual information provided by law firms and lawyers concerning a specific practice area. When used in conjunction with other sources, this information helps us determine whether a firm or individual should be ranked within our guides.

We will never print or quote directly from a submission, but we will refer to it as a source of factual information about a law firm and its activities.

The process is free. There is no cost involved in providing us with submissions. There is no ''secret formula'' to writing a good submission. We simply want a clear summary of the most significant facts about your practice presented using our template.

The referees form

We also require you to supply a list of referees, whom we may wish to interview. A referee is usually a client, although it can be anyone who has good experience and knowledge of your firm over the preceding 12 months. Interviews with referees are non-attributable and any quotes we publish are anonymous. We take care never to include a quote that will reveal the source. 

Please include no more than 20 referees per practice area.


To see the locations we cover, please refer to our research schedule. Select a region or country and you will see the practice areas we are researching there.

Our research coverage reflects market conditions in each country. We research the more important practice areas - as indicated to us by clients.

If you think we are not covering a significant practice area, please contact the relevant editor.

Practice areas with subdivisions

We often need to subdivide our coverage of a practice area. For example, TMT might be split into Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications. In such cases we generally prefer firms to make one submission for the whole area, rather than separately for each sub-division, and one list of 20 referees for the practice area as a whole.

If you are unsure, please contact the researcher covering the section. (Please note that in Chambers USA, you are often encouraged to submit separately to different subsections. Please contact the Chambers US Editor with specific questions)

Chambers Global

You do not need to send us separate submissions for countries covered in Chambers Global if these countries are covered in one of our other guides (UK, USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific).

The country submission will be used for both guides.

It is important that the submission contains details of your 'foreign experts' (who will feature strongly in the global guide) and 'foreign desks'. 'Foreign Experts' are lawyers with specialist expertise in a foreign jurisdiction. They may be dual-qualified, or just have particular knowledge of a jurisdiction other than that in which they are based.

Continent-wide and Global-wide practice areas

Global-wide sections rank firms which have truly international practices. In many cases, this means firms which have attained rankings in a range of country sections for the relevant practice area, where this is possible. Please only take part in Global-wide and Continent-wide research if this description accords with your firm. The practice areas covered in the Global guide include:

  • Continent-wide practice areas: For continent-wide practice areas (as opposed to your country practices) we need separate submissions in addition to the country submissions. Continent-wide submissions should show work which demonstrates your firm's pan-regional capability.*
  • Global-wide practice areas: The front of Chambers Global contains global-wide practice areas.

For those practice areas that are also covered at a country level - such as Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate/M&A, Dispute Resolution, etc - submissions are useful, but still optional. It is not necessary to provide client referees for these practice areas.* 

For those global-wide practice areas that are not covered at a country level, it is important that we do receive submissions. E.g. Data Protection, Franchising, Gaming & Gambling, Legal Process Outsourcing, Public International Law, International Private Client, etc. For sections like these you also have the option of submitting client references - this is especially recommended if significant parts of your practice are in jurisdictions where we do not cover the relevant practice area, and hence you have not had a chance to submit these clients at a country level.

* Please note: We do not contact referees for Europe-wide unless they are for International Trade/WTO or Regulatory & Public Affairs, for which we encourage both referees and separate submissions


Press releases

Press releases are useful in providing us with continuing information all the year round, keeping our editors and researchers up-to-date on a law position in the market. Therefore please put us on your mailing list for press releases using  [email protected].

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