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Ziv Sharon & Co Law Office

Firm Profile

Tel Aviv

  • Profile
  • Beit Amot Hashkaot
  • 2 Weizman St.
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv District
  • Israel
  • 6423902
  • Tel: +972 3 6527724
  • Fax: +972 3 6527725
  • Email: Contact Us

Firm profile submitted by Ziv Sharon & Co Law Office

Ziv Sharon & Co, is a boutique firm specialising in all civil aspects of tax law. The firm was founded by Ziv Sharon, formerly the sole partner of the late Dr Avi Alter who was considered one of the pillars of the Israeli tax law. Ziv Sharon has acquired a major reputation and was chosen by the financial newspaper ‘Globes’ as one of the four leading tax lawyers in Israel. The firm is known for its professional, creative and ‘outside the box’ thinking, which makes it a ‘one-stop shop’ for tax law, ensuring optimal and unique tax solutions for clients. The firm’s clients are often referred to by their lawyers, accountants and tax advisors who consider the firm as a solution for complex and creative tax situations. Since the firm was founded it has been ranked in top tiers by both local and international law guides and is considered one of Israel’s leading tax law boutique firm.

The firm has broad expertise and comprehensive, integrative vision of the entire civil-commercial tax law, and provides comprehensive consultancy, support, and representation before tax authorities and, among others: consultancy for individuals and companies, tax planning, opinions, pre-ruling, assessments and reach¬ing settlements, legal representation in courts including prosecutions, appeals, Supreme Court petitions and class actions. The firm’s first rate team includes former tax authority, lawyers who are highly experienced and considered experts in their areas. The firm’s partners handpicked the team to serve the firm’s purpose as a ‘one stop shop’ for civil taxation. The firm’s creativity and ability to think ‘outside the box’ has resulted in unique results before the tax authority and courts - district and supreme, promotion of innovative issues not previously discussed, and changes in accepted practice by the tax authorities. Unique judgments of the supreme court include: M.L. Investments (2003) - renewal of the concept of true tax on an economic base. Elisha (2009) - Recognition of deemed expenses for income tax purposes. Pur (2010) - stressing the need for fairness and protection in tax procedures and liberality in offsetting losses and strengthening substance over form; Supreme Court Meal Expenses. Anat Erez (2011) - ordering the Finance Minister and Tax Authority to update meal expenses allowed for deduction and ruling they acted illegally by not doing so. Merhav Group – Ampal Ltd. (2013) – Ordering the payment of a tax refund to the taxpayer according to section 159A to the Ordinance where no assessment was filed by the ITA. Balfouria (2014) – Determining the purchase tax in a transaction between related parties according to the value of the real estate (and not according to the contractual price) and thus decreasing the value for the land appreciation tax in the future sale. Avraham Hirschson (2015) - Offsetting a loss from recoverable funds embezzlement against the income from theft retroactively to past years. British (2015) – Calculating purchase tax in the sale of shares of a real estate association according to the value of purchased shares (and not the value of the real estate).

International Taxation:
Tax treaties, tax havens, returning residents, new immigrants, multinational enterprises, relocation, information exchange between the Israeli Tax Authority and foreign tax authorities regarding Israeli tax payers, creditors, voluntary disclosure etc. The services are provided to Israelis, foreign residents and returning residents regarding property and income situated and derived in Israel and overseas. The firm handles investors’ exits in the hi-tech sector, in all stages, and more.
Contacts: Ziv Sharon, Yoad Frenkel,  Noa Yatim Lerner

Income Tax:
Tax for individuals and corporations, partnerships, trusts, capital investment encouragement, employee stock options, VC funds, mergers and splits, capital market, natural gas and oil enterprises etc. The firm is also involved in M&A taxation and in recent years, in merger of several of the largest companies in the Israeli market and more.
Contacts: Ziv Sharon, Sharona Bouchnik, Guy Bar-On, Hayim Avisar, Shahar Strauss

Real Estate Taxation & Purchase Tax:
Including acquisition groups, residential real estate, urban renewal and NOP 38, retirement homes, building rights, unique land options, income-producing real estate companies, public and private contractors, developers and private individuals, real estate unions, kibbutzim, moshavim and other co-operatives. The firm represents and advises large concerns in ventures and real estate investment in the Israeli market. The firm is known for its specialty in advising acquisition groups and represents many groups, including some of the best known in the Israeli market. The firm also represents a large number of organisations, particularly entrepreneurs in the area of NOP 38.
Contacts: Ziv Sharon, Orit Koch, Amit Glick, Sharona Bouchnik, Yahalom Berkovich

VAT, Tax & Insolvency, Investment Taxation, Capital Market Taxation, Tax Planning - Corporate & Individual Capital Investment Encouragement:
All aspects.
Contacts: All contacts

Tax Litigation:
The firm is known for its specialty in tax litigation, before all various courts and all types of legal disputes related to civil taxation, among others: lawsuits and class action suits, appeals to the Supreme Court and petitions to the supreme court of justice. The Litigation Department is comprised of lawyers who were formerly employed in the fiscal department of the Stats attorneys’ office in the Tel Aviv district, obtained extensive experience and knowledge in civil tax litigation and have a proven record of winning many court cases.
Contacts: Ziv Sharon, Sharona Bouchnik, Lior Eldar

The firm’s clients, large and small, are drawn by the firm’s expertise and reputation and are often referred by their lawyers, accountants and tax advisors who consider the firm as a solution for complex and creative tax situations. Among the firm’s clients are some of the largest public and private companies and their owners, local authorities, sports clubs, non-profit organisations, kibbutzim and moshavim, public organisations, banks and others. The firm often takes pro-bono cases that raise a fundamental legal dispute, as well as advising the Israeli parliament’s committees and legislation procedures as a representative of the Israeli bar association’s tax and the public.


  • Beit Amot Hashkaot,
  • 2 Weizman St.,
  • Tel Aviv,
  • Tel Aviv District
  • Israel
  • 6423902
  • Tel +972 3 6527724
  • Fax +972 3 6527725
  • Email : [email protected]