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First Law International

Firm Profile


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  • Ave. Louise 523
  • Brussels
  • Brussels Capital Region
  • Belgium
  • 1050

Firm profile submitted by First Law International

President: Orlando J. Casares
Number of countries represented worldwide: 82
Number of FLI NET member firms worldwide: 75
Number of lawyers worldwide: 12,000+

Network Overview:
Considered by many GCs and in-house legal departments as the rescue line, First Law International (‘FLI’) is the Brussels-based hub of a global network of over 80+ independent, full-service, high quality national law firms known as FLI NET. FLI’s international project management offices are located in The Hague and London (for the European market); Houston, TX and Mexico City (for Americas market), Istanbul for MENA; and Singapore and Bangkok (for Asia/Pacific market). The only Global Elite Network recognised by the Financial Times (Innovative Lawyers - 2015 ed.) as having a high impact in the ongoing day job of in- house legal departments across a wide range of international clients through its innovative business model. FLI is not a pay-for-play subscription-based referral loose association as most other networks are. No single firm can buy their way into FLI. Each member is carefully selected and vetted to ensure that it meets FLI’s high quality standards, common culture of timely responsiveness and unprecedented client satisfaction reputation. FLI NET firms provide a full range of legal services and share the FLI vision to provide seamless and fully integrated cross-border legal support. As the central point of coordination and management, FLI’s HQ and its project management offices are comprised of very seasoned former General Counsels of US Fortune companies. Its extensive in-house cross-border experience makes it uniquely qualified to coordinate and manage legal services rendered by competent FLI NET Member firms. Among the network’s key offerings is the unique outsourced Assistant General Counsel (‘Assistant GC’) support, in which FLI functions as the ‘extension of the in-house legal department.’ Acting as the coordination and management centre for cross-border services rendered by the FLI NET member firrms, FLI’s business model empowers the client to focus on other more value added activities than managing a multitude of law firms in various jurisdictions and spending untold time negotiating different terms of engagement, and a complicated grid of many billable rates and competencies with different attorneys, making this internal administrative process a very poor use of the GC’s time. All of the above spell out the need for a viable alternative from traditional expensive law firms which renders FLI as the undisputed global network of choice for cross-border legal support. FLI is committed to disrupt the legal industry by offering a truly innovative and high-quality service proposition that aims to liberate the GC in a number of ways. Through its network, integrated cooperation among member firms, outstanding Practice Groups and the client delivery model, FLI is the true cost-effective alternative in the market for today’s GC. In-house legal departments across the board can now safely approach a legal network that can provide as good legal coverage anywhere, including remote business outposts, than the franchise-type law firms, which up until recently claimed to be the only ones endowed with such prowess. By incorporating disruptive technology, including FLI’s own App, FLI is pioneering the transition from routine legal tasks previously deemed expensive to automated functions turned commoditised. GC’s think again and join the growing number of multinationals migrating to FLI as their go-to network of choice for cross-border legal support.

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