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General Counsel Testimonials

The Chambers brand is well-known amongst clients everywhere, many of whom are familiar with our research process. They know how thorough we are, and therefore trust us as a reliable source.

Our guides cover 185 jurisdictions across the globe and use the same research methodology to identify the key law firms in each one. They can be used from a local or national perspective, with clients using the rankings, editorial and profiles of firms and lawyers to guide them in a variety of different ways, as their testimonials below demonstrate.     


"The guide is of great benefit to me. I use it as a resource when somebody calls me for a lawyer in a city and I don't know anyone, I know I can use Chambers to find someone. I wish there were more sources like this around actually. We do all sorts of work and if I get a call from an attorney that I don't know, I want to know about the person I'm about to attach my name to. If they appear in Chambers that is a sure sign that they are top quality."
Dr Allyn Needham, Partner, Shipp, Needham & Durham LL

“The Chambers Global Client’s Guide is an excellent resource for finding outside counsel in countries where you may not already have a law firm relationship.”
Scott J. Depta, Legal Director, Dell Inc.

“I find it a terrific starting point if we're going into a new jurisdiction and we have a matter of any significance. I take a lot of comfort from finding a firm or lawyer mentioned favourably in Chambers and I generally find the comments made about lawyers or firms have been reflected and borne out by our experience. So I find it reliable. I also find it very easy to use - I think the way in which the commentary and information is presented makes it easy to access, understand and relate to so that you get a better grasp of the firm or the lawyer that you're looking up.”
John Wright, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Triumph Group

"I've used Chambers when looking for counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Based on past experience, I would consult it again."
Jean Martin, Senior Counsel - Health, Safety and Environment, BP America

“I can say that Chambers is a trusted source in a space that really doesnt have a lot of data out there for it. From an in-house position, and as someone who manages a wide variety of matters across different spectrums and different levels of risk, having a guide like that is something that is much appreciated and is a resource that I find really useful to have.”
Joe Salama, Director and Counsel, Litigation and Regulatory Investigations, Deutsche Bank

“I have a Chambers book, the 2012 one, I use it in Austin, it's great. I have a standard set of lawyers I normally use,  but for new areas or topics it is great. I found one of the top lawyers I use in the guide. I know I can trust it to find good lawyers and firms.”
Chastity Goodner, Senior Litigation Counsel, HCA, Inc

“We have used the guide in the past, I often leaf through it when I'm looking at litigation or environmental issues. I find it very impressive, it has a lot of information and is very useful.”
Henry Bloom, President, The Bloom Organization LLC

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UK and UK Bar

“The demands of our business require me to constantly deliver global solutions, so collaborating with a strong team of informed professionals is fundamental to that success. I use Chambers and Partners because I know, intuitively, that I can turn to them for the latest, global market data and analysis that our business can rely on to execute effective business decisions with confidence. In my view, this makes for a compelling partnership between the needs of our business and the foremost authority on the Global legal market."
Lesley Wan, Corporate Real Estate Legal Counsel, Lloyds Banking Group

“With Chambers, you are in essence getting an independent, unbiased view. The advantage is that any one individual could have had one good or bad experience with a lawyer, but through the research which Chambers conducts you are getting the benefit of a wider network of informed observers. It consolidates many different opinions of people who have dealt with these lawyers and provides the user with an additional valuable perspective. When we may deal with a lawyer, we like to check what Chambers has to say about them.”
Brandon Bradkin, Partner, Park Square Capital

"I use Chambers for guidance when neither colleagues nor I have direct experience of firms in a particular country or specialist area. The guides are well-presented and help one identify leading practitioners quickly."
Benedict O’Halloran, General Counsel, European Transactions & UK, General Electric

"It’s a first class publication, not just for the UK. The international coverage is valuable especially when looking at new territories where we don’t have an existing relationship. I find Chambers to be an excellent reference tool. It is clear, concise, and pretty comprehensive. The online service is particularly useful. I have also used it on a number of occasions to search for specialist skills when either our usual external partners are not a good fit or are conflicted."
Lawrence Guedes, Group Legal Director, Logica

"Chambers guides are an indispensable reference source for anybody looking for up-to-date and objective information on the legal marketplace."
Nicola Sawford, Chief Executive, Serle Court

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"I consider Chambers & Partners directories the most comprehensive and the most accountable compared with the others at the market."
Dubravko Saric, Head of Legal Department, SPLITSKA BANKA

“As a corporate lawyer in a company with global business activities, Chambers guides are always my first choice in obtaining information and contact details for competent lawyers in foreign jurisdictions. In particular, finding a lawyer in jurisdictions one never has worked in before is an easy task with Chambers guides at hand. Chambers guides are therefore irreplaceable tools for every in-house lawyer due to their comprehensive and accurate description of the legal profession worldwide.”
Dr. Philipp Voet van Vormizeele, General Counsel, Inoxum Group

"Chambers guides represent an outstanding client-oriented instrument, which embodies not only a vast knowledge of the legal sector but also instinctively practical advice."
Fernando Bergon, General Counsel, NextEra Energy España

”Chambers guides have helped me in the best way possible over the years to identify the most suitable law firm outside the Netherlands whenever our business called for engaging such counsel. The Chambers ranking is a job well done and much appreciated!"
Colin Lustenhouwer, General Counsel, DELTA N.V., Netherlands

“When searching for suitable counsel in countries or practice areas where we do not currently engage counsel we typically start with Chambers to identify a few candidates worthy of further consideration. Through this process we have been able to partner with a number of excellent law firms and lawyers throughout the world. Chambers is a go-to resource for us.”
Josh Maxfield, Assistant General Counsel, Garmin

“For a company that covers multiple jurisdictions the use of directories to identify law firms/individuals with specialised expertise is essential. Chambers gives reliable information and is my first choice.”
Mag. Renata Hrnjak, Head of Legal Affairs, Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH

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"Chambers is one of the best guides for in-house counsels. I use the guides especially when looking for legal counsel in an unfamiliar practice area or jurisdiction."
Alan Huang, Legal Director, American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC)

"I find that Chambers is one of the most reliable sources on law firms across the world. However remote the place is, however remote the country is, Chambers can always help find you the lawyer you need. That's why we keep going back to the guides - we rely on them especially to select law firms in emerging markets. Chambers has been doing good work for a long time."
SK Honnesh, Vice-President (Legal), Reliance Industries Limited

"I think the guides are very good. I use them as a good indicator of the more senior lawyers in a jurisdiction. They are set out well, you have all the contact details and information you need right there. You can go to a section and find the key firms instantly and establish communication with the right people straight away. It's not always easy to find that sort of information elsewhere and the guide is excellent as a reference tool."
Paul Devereux, Corporate Counsel, Burger Fuel Worldwide Limited

"Chambers books contain a wealth of information yet are easy to navigate. They are evidently a leader in the market."
Liesbeth Koomen, Head of Government Affairs, Regulatory & Ultra Fast Broadband, TelstraClear

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Latin America

“We certainly find the guide an essential tool for navigating the Latin American legal market and I can vouch for the quality and reliability of its contents.”
Lisette Pèrez de Vitale, Abogada, Grupo Pezatun C.A. Central America

“Using the Chambers guide gives us additional information on the firms we currently work with and lets us know the best offices and lawyers in jurisdictions where we don't have contacts.”
Santos Mauleón Lozano, Director Asesoría Jurídica Iberoamérica, Abengoa, Spain

“What's interesting about Chambers Latin America is that it covers large and small firms. Our head office finds the guide a valued resource for deciding on which lawyers to contract, as well as to cross-check references.”
Tiago Achcar, Head of Legal, Sygenta Produção de Cultivos, Brazil

“We routinely use the guide and consider it a fountain of information.”
Danilo Moreno, Jurídico/Legal – Corporate/M&A, Bunge Brazil

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“The Chambers Guide is a very useful tool for the Delaware Office of Secretary of State. The guides assist me in Delaware's marketing efforts for the Division of Corporations. Through the Global, Latin American, and USA books, I am able to identify international law firms and individuals within the firm that are global in scope. These are the targets that have an interest in Delaware Corporate Law and the incorporation process, and where we concentrate our efforts.”
Cynthia B Kane, Special Assistant to the Delaware Secretary of State

"We get a lot of enquiries from our business partners in other countries and it helps to be able to say which firms we use and whether they're rated or not - so if you send people the Chambers list then they're usually comfortable with the decision. I use it a lot. It's good to have something independent to refer to."
Amina Bashir, Head of Legal and Company Secretary, Gulf African Bank

"As a company we really find your guides very helpful - we use references from the directory when we do work not just in Uganda but more widely."
Kailash Natani, UGACOF Ltd, Uganda

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