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Chambers Profile Subscriptions

Chambers objectively researches and ranks the best law firms and lawyers globally. Those firms whose excellence is ranked by Chambers are offered an exclusive profile subscription package containing:

  • A full page profile in the Chambers guide trusted by in-house counsel & clients worldwide
  • An online profile on the Chambers and Partners website
  • Short individual profiles for your firm’s ranked lawyers
  • “Ranked in Chambers” badges to display on your website and marketing materials
  • A ranking report to compare yourself against your competitors and assess performance


All of these features are exclusive to subscribers. If you would like to take advantage of these, please contact the Business Development Team at [email protected]

New Department Profile

Department Profiles FAQs

What are department profiles?

Web-only profiles that let you promote your firm's departments on the Chambers site. They allow you provide a detailed picture of your department's strengths as well as information on key members, work highlights and representative clients.

Who can have a department profile?

Any firm with a ranking in and a subscription to a current guide. Firms can have one department profile for each section in which they are ranked, e.g. France: Banking & Finance or Scotland: Employment.

Is there a charge for creating department profiles?

No. They are an additional benefit of your firm's subscription package.

How are department profiles accessed and edited?

You can access and edit your firm's department profiles in the 'My Account' part of the Chambers website:

Use the left-hand menu on the 'My Account' home page, then select edit profiles.

Who will see department profiles?

Initially, department profiles will only be visible on My Account; here, firms will be able to add content to their department profiles and edit this content.

After this initial phase, department profiles will be revealed on the main Chambers website and visible to any user of that site. The department profiles will then be accessed via:

  • Your firm's profile page in that guide (using links on the right-hand panel);
  • The individual biographies of your ranked lawyers, which will have an additional "view profile" button on the right-hand panel;
  • The relevant Chambers editorial in that guide ( "view profile" button beside your firm's name).

Once department profiles have been revealed on the main site, you will still be able to edit their content via My Account. Any changes you make at this point will be visible immediately on the main website.

What if my department has a different name to the one on the Chambers website?

Please use the overview text to display your exact department name. The department profiles are linked to those sections in which the firm has a ranking. We understand that these areas may not be an exact match to your department titles.

Do I have to upload a new department every time a new guide is released?

No. The information held on your department profiles will ‘roll-over’ on the launch of a new guide if you continue your Chambers subscription.

Can links be added or images/PDFs be uploaded onto department profiles?

No. Currently, the text editor is solely used for inserting text.

Can department profiles be in a language other than English?

As the Chambers website has a global audience, we would prefer that all profiles be in English.

When will deals, articles and press releases be available for department profiles?

We plan to release this feature in April 2017.

Must logos be added?

If your firm has a logo in its firm profile then that logo will automatically appear in any department profile(s) you create for the same guide.

How to add content to a department profile

  1. Choose which guide you want to start with (you'll see a list of guides in which your firm is both ranked and has taken out a subscription for).
  2. Choose the department from the available list.
  3. In the overview tab write a brief account of that department.
  4. In the members tab you'll see the lawyers ranked by Chambers in the department (they will automatically appear in the department profile); here, you can add other lawyers to the profile, using the dropdown menu, or text box. You can also select a Head of Department if you wish (they will be described as such on the main website).
  5. In the industries and clients tab, type in which industries and clients you want to display.
  6. In the international tab, you may write about your firm's international offering.
  7. The department profile will be visible on the main Chambers website in April 2017.
  8. You can add content to another profile by going back to step 2.