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ChambersConnect, the ‘by-invitation-only’ section of our website, is available to all ranked lawyers and to substantial clients.

There is no charge for using ChambersConnect. Its purpose is to enhance the Chambers website – promoting our other products and providing a platform for new products when they’re launched.

New Features:Three new features have been launched: ‘RFP (Request for Proposals)’, ‘Ask the Experts’ and ‘ChambersCompare’.

  • ‘Ask the Experts’ lets you send queries to your selected lawyers.
  • ‘Request for Proposals’ lets you send an RFP form to selected lawyers, and compare their responses in a standard format.
  • Both these features are easy to use, and free of charge. They rely on an advanced search function which lets clients find exactly the lawyers they wish to approach.
  • ‘ChambersCompare’ lets you compare law firm departments ranked in Chambers and see how their rankings have changed over the past five years. You can also read our commentaries year by year.


Video about ‘Request for Proposals’

Video about ‘ChambersCompare’

The brochure below explains how to use ‘RFP’ and ‘Ask the Experts’.

Chambers Connect Logo
Chambers Connect

Connects you with the world's
leading lawyers

Introducing two new features:

'Chambers RFP' & 'Ask the Experts'

Putting clients in touch with exactly the lawyers they need.

A new improved search gives you the right law firms wherever you need them - firms with the right combination of skills in
the right locations.

Send your Queries and RFPs to your personal selection of
the world's leading lawyers.

To access these features, please use the 'Register' button
on your invitation email or Contact us.

Request for Proposals

The remarkable new search function provided by Connect is more advanced, more targeted, than the search available on our homepage. It has wider coverage (searching all the guides at once) and the filters offer more advanced selections.

The RFP and Ask the Experts functions utilise this new search, giving clients precise access to the law firms they need - the combined locations they need and the combined areas of practice.

  1. Additional filters let you select a combination of different locations
  2. Additional filters let you choose a combination of practice areas
Request for Proposals

From the search results you select the firms you want to put on your shortlist. Chambers commentary (taken from the

published guides) is shown alongside information from the firms' Department Profiles.

  1. Links take you to the firm profile and department profile
  2. Select departments for your shortlist
Request for Proposals

Clients use the RFP form to describe the work they want done and the range of expertise they require from the law firm.

ask the experts

The search used for Ask the Experts is quicker than the RFP search. It still offers broader coverage (across all guides at once) than the 'search by guide' shown on our homepage.

To access these features, please use the 'Register' button on the email you received.

ask the experts

Clients registered with the secure ChambersConnect website can opt, if they wish, to send their Queries to law firms anonymously.

All the information provided is private, and will not be passed to anyone other than the law firms on your
shortlist. Your email addresses, however, are not passed to anyone.