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Latin America Guide
Firm Profile

Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cía (GQMC)

Firm Profile

Santiago de Chile

  • Magdalena 140, 20th floor
  • Las Condes
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Santiago
  • Chile
  • 7550194

Firm profile submitted by Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cía (GQMC)

Managing Partner: Juan Turner
Number of partners: 11
Number of other lawyers: 23

Michael Grasty, Hugo Prieto, Juan Turner, Franco Acchiardo
Banking & Finance: Franco Acchiardo, Juan Turner
Real Estate: Hugo Prieto
Tax: Mónica Justiniano
Civil Litigation and Arbitration: Eduardo Marchi
Criminal/White Collar: Claudio Feller
Public Law – Regulatory: Jorge Meneses
Employment: Christian Alvarado
Natural Resources, Energy & Mining: Hugo Prieto
Insurance: Alejandro Quintana

GRASTY QUINTANA MAJLIS & CIA. LTDA. ('GQMC') is a full service law firm that specialises in almost all areas of law, both domestically and internationally, with an emphasis on business law, private wealth and conflict resolution. The firm was founded in 1987, with its offices in Santiago, Chile. GQMC is composed of attorneys with distinct expertise, allowing the firm to provide counsel efficiently in diverse areas of law and business, structuring creative and workable solutions, so that the firm's clients can achieve their commercial and strategic objectives or resolve their conflicts satisfactorily. Direct and continuous relations with the firm's clients allows GQMC to provide them with personalised, timely and high quality professional counsel.

GQMC advises its clients in the design, development and negotiation of legal structures necessary to successfully carry out their commercial transactions and in the day-to-day management of their companies. The firm also provides first-rate counsel in commercial/contractual matters, such as agency and distribution contracts, franchises, supply, licenses and the development of strategic plans.
GQMC has represented Chilean and foreign investors in M&A transactions, successfully directing and coordinating the negotiation and execution of simultaneous acquisitions of companies in different countries in Latin America and designing sophisticated and innovative corporate structures for such purpose. The team has streamlined the efficiency of the due diligence process for largescale projects and different industries.
Banking & Finance: GQMC has a specialised team in financial operations, such as issuance of debt and capital, both privately and in the capital market, syndicated or bilateral credit and project financing.
Real Estate: GQMC has participated as an advisor in important real estate development and construction projects. The firm's clients validate GQMC's experience in this area, including the sale and purchase of real estate, land allotment, development of industrial real estate, stores and commercial centers in Santiago and regionally, projects and contracts associated with the development of public works and leases, as well as the structuring of finance and securitisation.
Tax: GQMC's taxation team has a stand out practice for its expertise in taxation planning and the design and optimisation of corporate structures. The firm has also developed expertise in litigation and the defense of administrative claims. In providing taxation counsel to foreign investors, GQMC collaborates in the determination of options for the organisation and project financing and concretely support the implementation of the respective project. The firm's advice in taxation litigation includes the representation of GQMC clients before taxation authorities and the Courts of Justice.
Dispute Resolution Civil Litigation and Arbitration: GQMC has a team specialised in civil and commercial litigation matters with a renowned judicial practice, both in ordinary Courts, as well as in arbitral and mediation processes including before ICSID and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), principally focused on dispute resolution in civil, commercial and insolvency matters. The firm's litigation team is composed of prestigious litigators that have participated in relevant conflicts, who work together with other areas of GQMC and combine their litigation capacities with negotiation skills, to achieve excellent results in the resolution of disputes that affect the firm's clients.
Criminal/White Collar: GQMC’s criminal/white collar area is led by a recognised professional and academic. The team provides specialised counsel in litigation related to criminal matters and economic or property related crimes. GQMC's counsel also covers preventive aspects concerning criminal liability and is known for its relevant experience, litigating as complainants or in defense in the principal processes that have taken place in Chile in the past years.
Public Law – Regulatory: GQMC has a team of lawyers in the public law area that are highly specialised in matters of administrative and constitutional law and regulation. This team assists GQMC clients before public authorities or the Courts of Justice on regulatory matters, such as public tenders, expropriations, real estate among others. Said lawyers have solid experience in litigation in complex matters, including constitutional, contentious administrative, customs and urbanisation, combination which allows GQMC to provide an integral counsel in the distinct phases of relating with the public administration. In recent years, the team has been involved in several of the most well known administrative cases in Chile, such as the cases involving La Polar and Cascadas.
Employment: GQMC’s employment group has vast experience in collective negotiation processes for large companies and highly complex litigation. The firm provides day-to-day counsel to companies on diverse matters, including contracting of national and foreign staff; remuneration structuring; individual and collective employee benefits; internal compliance with current regulations; resolution of disputes with unions; investigative processes initiated before administrative authorities; and the termination of employment relations.
Natural Resources, Energy & Mining: In the mining area, GQMC has advised Chilean and foreign mining companies in the development, exploration, exploitation, financing and sale of mining projects; and in the obtaining of the permits necessary to construct, install and operate these projects, both with respect to the legal aspects, as well as the technical components, through its subsidiary Tecnomin. In the energy sector, GQMC has provided counsel and actively participated in various hydroelectric plants, wind farms, thermo-electric plants and natural gas projects. The firm has represented clients in the construction of such plants, obtaining permits, conducting property title studies, negotiating easements, contracts for the provision and supply of electricity, EPC’s and project financing.
Insurance: GQMC has been involved for many years in the Chilean insurance industry. On matters of coverage, the firm has developed novel policies for individuals and companies. GQMC has represented companies on diverse regulatory matters before the Chilean Securities and Insurance Commission (SVS) and advised insurance companies, as well as Chilean and foreign brokers, on all matters pertaining to the insurance industry, from purely regulatory aspects to the structuring of complex transactions. The firm has broad experience in the judicial representation of insurance companies and the filing of legal subrogation actions, whether destined to recovery or pursuing liability claims against the insured or third parties.

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  • Magdalena 140, 20th floor,
  • Las Condes,
  • Santiago de Chile,
  • Santiago
  • Chile
  • 7550194
  • Tel +56 22 499 0400
  • Fax +56 2 499 0460
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :