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Andrade & Fichtner Advogados

Firm Profile

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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  • Avenida Almirante Barroso, 139
  • 4º andar
  • Centro
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil
  • 20031-005

Firm profile submitted by Andrade & Fichtner Advogados

Main Partner: José Antonio Fichtner
Partners: Sergio Mannheimer, Vivianne Fichtner, Julio Rebello Horta, Pedro Henrique Perez, Tomaz Tavares de Lyra, Karina Stern de Siqueira, Marcela Levy and Marcelo Dickstein
Number of members of the firm: 36
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Founded in 1983, Andrade & Fichtner has a well established practice, acting fundamentally in the prevention and resolution of highly complex disputes. The firm has successfully represented clients in the largest corporate disputes in the country, both before the Brazilian Judiciary and in arbitrations, domestic and international. With offices strategically located in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília; Andrade & Fichtner invests in the intellectual and professional development of its partners and associates - amongst which are doctors and masters of law in Brazil and abroad, and authors of books and articles published in specialised magazines - in order to provide clients with a customised and distinguished service of the highest level.


The law firm has vast experience in the resolution of conflicts through arbitration, both with proceedings seated in Brazil and abroad. Andrade & Fichtner represents clients in arbitrations before several national and international institutions – ICC, AAA, UNCITRAL, FGV, FIESP, the CBMA and the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC), among others –, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations, frequently working alongside the most renowned law firms in the world. Founding partner José Antonio Fichtner was a member of the Commission of Jurists responsible for drafting the bills for the new Brazilian Arbitration Act and the new Brazilian Mediation Act.
Among the matters submitted to arbitration handled by the firm are civil, commercial and corporate conflicts related to areas such as infrastructure, oil and gas, energy, construction, public-private partnerships, among others, having acted in the dispute over the control of the largest retailer in the country. Andrade & Fichtner also has ample experience with requests for the recognition of foreign court and arbitral awards before the Superior Court of Justice, as well as with proceedings in aid of arbitration, both before the constitution of the panel and incidental to the arbitral proceeding. The law firm also assists its clients in the drafting and negotiation of arbitration agreements.

Andrade & Fichtner is involved in the most significant disputes in the country, in different strategic segments of the economy. The law firm represented multiple institutional investors in what was considered the largest corporate dispute in Brazilian history, regaining control of private equity funds which operated important domestic companies in the areas of telecommunications, sanitation, transportation and logistics. More recently, the firm successfully represented the biggest individual shareholder of a relevant Brazilian telephone services provider in judicial and arbitral proceedings related to a corporate dispute involving the referred company, which is currently undergoing the largest judicial reorganisation procedure in Brazil up to date.
The partners and associates of Andrade & Fichtner also have vast knowledge on public law, dominating complex regulatory environments. The firm has acted in disputes arising from sophisticated civil and commercial agreements, especially those involving financing, loans, leasing, sale and purchase supply, as well as commercial representation, guaranties and letters of credit and options; disputes related to the exploration, production and distribution of energy, oil and gas; disputes related to corporate restructuring and bankruptcy; disputes associated with election issues and representation of candidates and parties in court; disputes concerning family law; and, also, disputes related to inheritance and probate matters; disputes connected with intellectual rights, copyrights, patents and trademarks. The firm has been involved in a series of cross-border disputes and also cooperated on many occasions with foreign law firms in litigation and pre-litigation proceedings.

Environment & Infrastructure:
Andrade & Fichtner provides unique assistance to clients in environmental law, mainly due to the firm’s experience in the implementation of some of the largest and most relevant infrastructure projects in Brazil, such as steel mills, seaports, thermoelectric plants, pipelines and shipyards. The firm works with the client and technical experts, to provide ample assistance regarding all necessary legal work, including the application for all necessary permits and licenses. The firm also designs pre-litigation and litigation strategies for its clients, representing them, if needed, in administrative and judicial proceedings related to the project.

Insurance & Reinsurance:
The law firm of Andrade & Fichtner has vast experience in assisting Brazilian and international insurers, reinsurers and insured companies in the adjustment of complex claims. The firm has a significant role in preventing litigation by drafting and revising contracts, providing advice to clients on coverage issues and other legal matters involving insurance and representing insurers, reinsurers and insured companies in administrative proceedings of regulatory nature. The firm has been involved in some of the largest and most complex judicial disputes and arbitrations pertaining to insurance and reinsurance matters.

International Work:
Andrade & Fichtner has been engaged in several international arbitration proceedings before major organisations, under the rules of the ICC, AAA, UNCITRAL, FGV, FIESP, the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association and the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC), among others. The firm has been involved in a series of cross-border disputes and also cooperated on many occasions with foreign law firms in international arbitration, litigation and pre-litigation processings.

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  • Avenida Almirante Barroso, 139,
  • 4º andar,
  • Centro,
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil
  • 20031-005
  • Tel +55 21 2215 1733
  • Fax +55 21 2215 1740
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :
  • Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek,
  • 1.455 – 5° andar,
  • São Paulo - SP,
  • Sao Paulo
  • Brazil
  • 04543-011
  • Tel +55 11 3541 3306
  • Fax +55 11 3541 3781
  • SHS,
  • Quadra 06, Cj A,
  • Bloco C – Grupo 315/318, Complexo Brasil XXI,
  • Ed. Business Center Towers,
  • Brasília - DF,
  • Distrito Federal
  • Brazil
  • 70.316-109
  • Tel +55 61 3964 8015
  • Fax +55 61 3964 0083