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Firm Profile


  • Profile
  • Almagro, 3,
  • 6th floor.
  • Barcelona
  • Catalonia
  • Spain
  • 28010

Firm profile submitted by Jausas

Number of partners worldwide: 14
Number of lawyers worldwide: 100

Over 50 years after the firm’s foundation, JAUSAS is one of the 30 largest legal firms with a solid reputation in Spain and abroad. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid and a strong international coverage, JAUSAS advises a wide variety of national and international companies and assets, which in some cases have been working with the firm for decades. Clients trust JAUSAS and appreciate the personalisation of the advice, taking into account that JAUSAS taps the most suitable subject matter expert from among its 80 professionals forming the core of JAUSAS’ value proposition. Trust, confidentiality, partnership, reasonable fees, specialisation and the quality of the advice are values that motivate the firm’s work.

Corporate & Business:

The firm offers its business clients full and continuing legal assistance in complying with all the corporate, accountancy, tax, criminal and other legal mandates in relation to public authorities, business partners and/or third parties.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
A merger or acquisition process generally entails a high degree of uncertainty which, at Jausas, they strive to delimit in order to reap the greatest benefit from the transaction. The firm has participated in all types of processes, including joint ventures, group restructurings, venture capital investments and LBO, MBI and MBO transactions.
Contact: Nieves Briz
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Compliance:
JAUSAS provides innovative services that anticipate future legislative requirements. JAUSAS has accumulated vast experience on advising on directors’ remuneration and businesses’ liability for criminal offences.
Contact: Nieves Briz
Email: [email protected]

Restructuring & Insolvency:
Jausas is one of the leading firms in insolvency proceedings and business reorganisations. Its business reorganisation group is one of the most important of its kind in Spain. It gives advice in legal, labour and tax matters related to critical situations with an interdisciplinary approach, aiming to achieve the best outcome for all parties concerned.
Contact: Agustín Bou
Email: [email protected]

Life Sciences:
Jausas is one of the leading law firms offering legal advice on matters related to pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. Its team of lawyers has a high grade of specialisation and specific knowledge in this practice area, with an extensive experience regarding the special features of the health legislation and the pharmaceutical sector in general.
Contact: Héctor Jausàs
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Arbitration:
Jausas has distinguished litigation and arbitration practices. Its litigation team also assists its clients in the enforcement of foreign judgements in Spain, as well as in the preparation and follow-up of lawsuits arising under other countries’ jurisdictions. It is also experienced in issuing opinions on Spanish law to be used in foreign courts.
Contact: Joan Vidal de Llobatera
Email: [email protected]

Intellectual & Industrial Property:
The IP department provides legal assistance in all matters related to intellectual and industrial property rights. Advising on creation, acquisition, sales, maintaining and licensing of rights. The team of professionals working at IP are dedicated to find the best way to protect registration of intangible assets for each client, using trademarks, patents, utility models, designs and also copyright.
Contact: Josep Carbonell
Email: [email protected]

Jausas has a team of experts on national and international tax regulations which advise scompanies and private individuals on tax issues related to any kind of operations and transactions. The firm also has a team of experts on Spanish tax regulations which advises companies and private individuals on tax issues related to all kinds of transactions.
Contact: Jordi Capelleras
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mariano Gomariz
Email: [email protected]

Employment Law:
The JAUSAS Employment Law department provides services to national and foreign companies on contracting, labour counselling and legal defence, due diligence, counselling on collective bargaining processes and company restructuring.
Contact: Talmac Bel
Email: [email protected]

Distribution & Franchising:
Jausas has extensive experience in providing legal and tax assistance regarding all aspects of distribution and franchising. The firm can effectively draft and negotiate every type of distribution and franchise contract, and offers its clients expert counselling, litigation and dispute resolution advice on the conflicts that may arise as they establish, operate and grow their businesses.
Contact: Jordi Ruiz de Villa
Email: [email protected]

TMT Law:
The JAUSAS IT law department has extensive experience in providing outsourcing services, products and platforms, software development and distribution contracts with national and international clients and suppliers. The team also advises on connectivity contracts, hosting, support and service level agreements. The department has an extensive experience in SaaS contract with suppliers and customers, cloud recruitment, digital business, e-commerce, cybersecurity and data protection matters.
Contact: Manuel Alonso
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Law:
JAUSAS provides public procurement on regulated sectors and counselling on soil management, as well as legal advise on the litigation phase.
José Vida
Email: [email protected]

International Vision:
JAUSAS’ vast international network has been built over the last 50 years with contacts and alliances at the firm and the individual level. The most complex international problems can be solved by a phone through one of its approximately 100 “best friends” spread across five continents. JAUSAS is one of the few Spanish law firms offering specialised services to Chinese investors in Spain, and has a designated China-centric team headed by a Chinese professional. The China desk has created channels through which the firm maintains a presence in Asia, offering increasing investment opportunities in Spain covering various sectors from real estate to textiles to agriculture and more

JAUSAS has differentiated itself by dedicating maximum resources into training and developing specialised client teams in economic sectors with complex legal and tax atmospheres. Under those conditions, the firm has acquired an excellent reputation as an adviser and trusted partner in the life sciences, advertising, automotive, chemical, agriculture, ICT, and tourism industries. Org ID:


  • C/ Alcalá 85, Planta 6ª,
  • Madrid,
  • Spain
  • 28009
  • Tel +34 91 575 70 53
  • Fax +34 91 781 08 41
  • Email : [email protected]