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Firm Profile

Pen & Paper, Attorneys at Law

Firm Profile

St Petersburg

  • Profile
  • 20A Aptekarskaya Embankment
  • Avenue Business Centre
  • St Petersburg
  • St Petersburg
  • Russia
  • 197022

Firm profile submitted by Pen & Paper, Attorneys at Law

With offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Pen & Paper is perhaps the only national law firm which successfully combines expertise in corporate conflicts, criminal law and white collar crime with commercial dispute resolution, corporate/M&A, insolvency, real estate, construction, investment, anti-monopoly legislation and international law – practices in which it has had almost 15 years of experience. Pen & Paper is a market leader in the area of white collar crime investigations and prosecutions and commercial disputes involving fraud and asset recovery. The firm offers the highest level of professional knowledge and experience and provides assistance to Russian and international companies and private individuals that already operate or just starting operations in the Russian market. The firm regularly deals with matters carrying significant reputational and financial risk, and has a global network of personally known and trusted high level advisors, experts and business connections which allows it to meet the most complex of challenges and succeed for its clients. Lawyers of Pen & Paper are also recognised legal experts who have drafted a considerable number of bills on the reform of criminal law and criminal proceedings. These include the federal law adopted into the Russian legal system in late 2015 which entitles detained persons to place telephone calls, or the Russian equivalent of one of the legal guarantees of the American Miranda rule.

Senior Managing Partner: Valery Zinchenko
Senior Partner: Konstantin Dobrynin
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 26
Languages: English, Russian
Contact Information:
Valery Zinchenko, Senior Managing Partner (email: [email protected])
Anton S. Imennov, Managing Partner, Moscow office (email: [email protected])

Practice Areas
Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure
White Collar Crime
Corporate Law & M&A
Corporate Conflicts
Protection of Property
Dispute Resolution
Arbitration & Mediation
Restructuring & Insolvency
Real Estate & Construction
Anti-Monopoly Legislation
Tax Law
International Tax Planning
Administrative Law
Constitutional Law
International Law
Private Client Services
Reputation Management
Expert Legislative Activity
Government Relations

Criminal Law & White Collar Crime:
4 partners, 6 lawyers
The advocates in criminal law practice have considerable experience working with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Investigative Committee and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as investigating economic crimes and corruption cases. Pen & Paper’s criminal law practice involves such areas as:
■Conducting criminal investigations of business projects — criminal due diligence
■Providing consultancy services and protecting clients’ interests on the initiation of criminal proceedings, preliminary investigations and judicial proceedings
■Protecting clients’ rights during scheduled and unannounced inspections by tax authorities, the Prosecutor’s Office and other authorities
■Recovering debt from unscrupulous parties through the use of criminal law methods
■The legal team carrying out investigations
■Challenging extradition requests and Interpol red notices
Contact: Alexey Dobrynin, Partner
Тel: +7 812 740 5823
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Law & M&A:
6 partners, 4 lawyers
The lawyers at the practice have unique experience in corporate structuring. As such they can provide general legal assistance in corporate law and successfully follow particularly complex instructions from clients. Typical examples include:
■Building corporate management models with multiple foreign elements, containing complex corporate or financial structures with shareholders, requirements as to the degree of transparency and flexibility that meet the expectations of potential investors, and other models that satisfy specific criteria
■Preparation of internal corporate documentation to create additional internal control instruments for shareholders over the activities of management bodies and to make it easier to bring to account (both financially and otherwise) unscrupulous management staff, ensuring that the corporation and its management fulfil the legislative requirements governing the industry, including occupational health and safety, industrial safety, tax and environmental legislation
■Rendering support for the reorganization of corporations under unusual circumstances, including the simultaneous reorganization of multiple connected entities, reorganization when there have been potential breaches of creditors’ rights, and reorganization as part of corporate insolvency
Contact: Stanislav Danilov, Partner
Теl: +7 812 740 5823
Email: [email protected]

Dispute Resolution:
6 partners, 11 lawyers
One particular aspect of the practice is its comprehensive approach to legal assistance in the resolution of judicial disputes. This covers not only the preparation of procedural documentation and representation in court hearings, but also includes predicting how the opposition will act during and after judicial proceedings, formulating appropriate counterclaims, forming a judicial strategy to cover all current and potential judicial disputes to ensure cooperation and developing tactics when involved in particular judicial processes and intensive preparation for them. The practice’s main area of activity is representing clients in courts of arbitration in the following types of cases:
■Corporate disputes
■Insolvency cases
■Disputes related to property and securities
■Disputes which are of considerable financial importance for clients, or are important to them for other subjective reasons
■Disputes relating to industry-specific legislation, including the healthcare, environmental and energy sectors
■Disputes containing a foreign element and disputes requiring research into other country’s legislation;
■Disputes against public authorities, including challenges of non-regulatory acts
Contact: Stanislav Danilov, Partner
Теl: +7 812 740 5823
Email: [email protected]

International Practice & Private Client Services:
1 partner, 1 lawyer
Lawyers are accredited specialists in international private law and render legal assistance to clients in need of legal support when involved in foreign trade activity and foreign investments. Lawyers of this practice also work in other areas such as international trade and maritime law, out-of-court settlements, the conduct of judicial and international arbitration and the execution of decisions by tribunals in foreign jurisdictions, the provision of legal support for current and corporate operations involving Russian and foreign companies and their standalone divisions, and the development and legal support for international contracts, agreements and deals. The practice also renders support to clients in international tax planning, the registration and corporate services of companies abroad, opening foreign bank accounts and other issues relating to strategies for conducting international business and supporting various kinds of foreign trade deals and projects. The practice represents the interests of private clients. This encompasses the private affairs of major shareholders of the practice’s clients, including due diligence, legal consultancy services, examinations and drafting agreements, along with the foreign assets of private clients, providing legal opinions on Russian and foreign laws, and organizing the work of foreign lawyers in key jurisdictions.
Contact: Anton S. Imennov, Managing Partner, Moscow Office
Теl: +7 495 933 0092
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate, Construction, Investment:
1 partner, 5 lawyers
The practice has experience spanning many years in providing legal support with a wide range of issues in the construction industry. They can successfully combine the legal skills of the in-house department of a construction company with the comprehensive approach of an outside counsel. The practice provides the full range of legal services associated with real estate transactions. These include consultancy services to determine and eradicate clients’ risks when acquiring assets (due diligence), legal appraisals of clients’ ability to undertake planned activities involving the use of certain sites and structuring deals with “complex” assets.
Contact: Maria Nikolayeva, Partner
Теl: +7 812 740 5823
E-mail: [email protected]


  • 20A Aptekarskaya Embankment,
  • Avenue Business Centre,
  • St Petersburg,
  • Russia
  • 197022
  • Tel +7 812 740-5823
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :
  • 10 Starokonyushenny Lane,
  • Starokonyushenny Business Centre,
  • 3 Floor,
  • Moscow,
  • Russia
  • 119002
  • Tel +7 495 933 0092
  • Email : [email protected]