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Rentsch Partner AG

Firm Profile


  • Profile
  • Bellerivestrasse 203
  • P.O. Box
  • Zürich
  • Zurich
  • Switzerland
  • 8034

Firm profile submitted by Rentsch Partner AG

Rentsch Partner is a leading Swiss patent attorney and law firm, founded in 2001 and based in the centre of Zurich, with specialists in all areas of intellectual property. Rentsch Partner advises national and international clients on all areas of IP law and related legal areas, including the registration and enforcement of legal rights in Switzerland and abroad. Thanks to its highest quality standards, industry and technical expertise, entrepreneurial thinking in an interdisciplinary team and worldwide network of correspondents, Rentsch Partner creates significant benefits for its clients.
From the very beginning it was the firm’s aim to overcome the traditional separation in Switzerland between applications and prosecution of industrial property rights on the one hand and judicial and legal enforcement of industrial property rights on the other.
As the first law firm of its kind in Switzerland, Rentsch Partner has combined since its inception the entire spectrum of industrial property services provided by attorneys at law and patent attorneys in one legal firm and using one common infrastructure.
Today, Rentsch Partner employs over 50 employees, including 24 attorneys at law and patent attorneys, all specialists in today’s most important fields of technology. Five partners of Rentsch Partner have been elected as non-permanent judges at the Swiss Federal Patent Court, the Commercial Court of Zurich and the Federal Arbitration Board for Exploitation of Authors’ and Neighbouring Rights. One of the founding partners is the president of the Association of Swiss Patent and Trade-mark Attorneys. Rentsch Partner is among the few specialised law firms in Switzerland focused on IP rights that handle not only legal disputes in the field of intellectual property, but also the entire range of issues involving industrial property rights – including prosecution of national, European and international patents, designs and trademarks.
Chairman: Matthias J Staedeli
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 24
Languages: German, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Rentsch Partner offers consulting services, legal representation and handling of court cases for copyright and neighbouring rights, regularly involving the preparation of expert opinions. In addition, Rentsch Partner works on protection issues concerning ancillary copyright and software law. The firm’s core activities cover legal issues concerning the exploitation of works, licensing and publishing. Professional synergies within their law firm allows Rentsch Partner to take copyright into account when it arises in connection with aspects of trademark, advertising or design law.
Contact: Gregor Wild; Matthias J Staedeli

Trademark, Unfair Competion:
Rentsch Partner offers comprehensive services spanning the entire field of trademark law and related areas. As in the case of patent law, their professional support extends from filing national and international registration applications to trademark administration and the defence of trademark rights through court proceedings. The consulting services of Rentsch Partner cover issues arising in connection with trademarks and brands, declarations of origin, company names, and personal and domain names. Rentsch Partner provides support for national, international and European registrations, and for managing trademark portfolios. Rentsch Partner also has extensive experience in trademark exploitation, including licensing and franchise agreements.
Contact: Matthias J. Staedeli, Gregor Wild, Christian Hilti

The patent attorneys and attorneys at law at Rentsch Partner provide support for technical innovations from the initial research stage to national and international registration and legal enforcement. Apart from non-litigious application and prosecution of industrial property rights, Rentsch Partner handles and coordinates patent litigations both in Switzerland and abroad, and has represented clients before the European Patent Office for many years. Furthermore, Rentsch Partner provides support to national and international clients in establishing or dissolving cooperative development ventures, as well as in the field of technology transfer. Their services extend to expert opinions on the legal validity and market value of patents, and on the risks of industrial property rights infringements.
Contact: Christian Hilti, Demien Stauber (attorneys at law), Alfred Koepf, Dany Vogel, Louis Lagler (patent attorneys)

Design law, as a sub-area of industrial property law, is a major focus of Rentsch Partner’s activities. Similar to the firm’s services covering trademark and patent law, Rentsch Partner handles both national and international design filings, and manages court cases. Rentsch Partner brings solid practical experience to the table, particularly regarding the EU design protection law, and in the licensing field. Issues involving design law frequently exhibit aspects of copyright and competition law. In these cases, as well as for technical questions arising in connection with designs, the attorneys at law and patent attorneys of Rentsch Partner work closely together to develop model solutions.
Contact: Matthias J Staedeli, Alfred Koepf

Rentsch Partner’s expertise in ICT law extends to consulting services and litigation in connection with the manufacture, servicing and maintenance of IT systems of all kinds (including related contractual issues), as well as to aspects of liability for online services, telecommunication services, hardware and software providers. Rentsch Partner also deals with the legal issues of data transmission and protection, data backup and data management. The scope of the firm’s professional approach allows it to take technical and legal aspects equally into account when advising and developing concepts for ICT projects.
Contact: Dany Vogel, Demian Stauber

Various products addressed with the services of Rentsch Partner fall under the definition of food, cosmetics, chemicals, consumer products or drugs. Rentsch Partner assists in legal questions concerning authorisation procedures, labelling, claims and advertisement for these products. The legal knowledge of their experienced attorneys at law can be combined with the technical knowledge of their patent attorneys. Rentsch Partner also advises their clients in risk evaluation and liability, and they assist their clients in quality safety management, after-sale surveillance and traceability. Food for health is a trend in food business, but causes the delicate borderline question if drug or food law applies. Food safety comes first, but also the consumer influences whether new technologies like bio- or nanotechnology will become acceptable methods for safe food production in Switzerland or not. The increasing demand for OTC drugs bares new risks and responsibilities for industries. The challenge in the marketing of chemicals consists of the right mixture of admitted ingredients and the allowed environmental and health risks.
Contact: Matthias J. Staedeli