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Fraud (Legal Networks) — Global-wide

Fraud - Global-wide

From the Chambers Global guide

Number of member firms: 76

Number of firms ranked in Chambers guides: 46

About this network: ICC FraudNet is a global network of independent lawyers specialising in civil asset recovery and fraud on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis, and comprises invite-only members. Members not only refer cases to one another, but work together to recoup assets transferred across borders. The network brings together asset recovery lawyers, investigators and forensic accountants. ICC FraudNet holds biannual conferences with invited guests, members and a panel of distinguished speakers in order to discuss fraud-related topics. The network was founded in 2004 by the ICC in Paris and works under the ICC's London-based Commercial Crime Services unit. Members of the network in the British Virgin Islands, the UK, the USA, Canada, Guatemala, Colombia and Switzerland worked for the victims of the second largest Ponzi scheme, the Allen Stanford case. Stéphane Bonifassi is a key contact in the network.

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