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Sive Paget & Riesel PC

New York

  • 460 Park Avenue
  • 10th Floor
  • New York
  • New York
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  • Founding Partner: David Sive
  • Number of principals: 15
  • Number of other lawyers: 9

Firm Overview:
Since its inception in 1962, Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C. has focused on environmental law and litigation. It has been instrumental in the formulation of many important precedents now comprising the body of environmental law. Today, the firm’s extensive experience allows it to bring comprehensive cost-effective solutions to emerging development, business, real estate and litigation problems that involve almost all aspects of environmental law. Environmental Law Network: The firm is a member of the Environmental Law Network, consisting of 45 affiliated environmental law firms throughout the United States.

Main Areas of Practice:  

General Environmental:
Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C. solves environmental problems in a broad array of different economic and enforcement situations. Its professional work ranges from advice on future development to the defense of criminal enforcement actions. A significant aspect of the firm’s practice involves facilitating financial and real estate transactions, including the performance of due diligence, negotiation of environmental provisions in contractual documents, and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage. The firm is engaged in Superfund and Brownfield remediations, development of commercial, residential and industrial projects, electrical generating facilities and public infrastructure. The firm also represents industrial facilities seeking to obtain or renew air, water and hazardous waste permits. The firm provides advice to its institutional clients on their environmental compliance programs, analyzing a company’s ability to meet present and ongoing environmental regulations. The firm’s Environmental Litigation Practice involves all of the above described aspects of environmental law.

Development & Land Use:
Large-scale development now faces myriad regulatory hurdles, which range from complex environmental impact studies to the remediation of hazardous waste. Often these issues become enmeshed in political disputes that further obstruct development. The firm evaluates the requirements for development and guides clients through this process by utilizing its knowledge to formulate a time-sensitive course of action, assuring that the project successfully emerges from the process in the minimum period of time with a record that will withstand litigation.

Environmental Litigation:
The firm is engaged in extensive environmental litigation, which ranges from cost recovery actions under CERCLA to the defense of toxic tort actions. The firm is often called upon to litigate contract disputes involving environmental liabilities. The firm has been active in litigating decisions made by state and federal regulatory agencies. The firm is also frequently called upon to defend local governments’ land use and environmental actions. Usually, the attorney handling the administrative process is the attorney that is fully prepared to litigate any judicial challenge.

Hazardous & Solid Waste:
The firm’s practice involves development and enforcement problems arising from hazardous and solid waste. The firm has developed approaches and techniques to minimize the costs and time involved in the remediation of hazardous substance sites. It has also been active in the reduction, transfer and treatment of solid waste, often representing municipalities as well as private parties.

General Litigation:
The firm has a robust Civil Litigation Practice and represents clients in matters ranging from employment and real estate litigation to construction disputes. It has also developed a speciality in representing not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions.

Brownfield Remediation:
The firm has deep experience in all stages of brownfield cleanups, and has steered dozens of industrial, commercial and residential properties through the State and City brownfield cleanup programs. The firm’s counseling starts with advising clients as to the regulatory options for brownfield cleanups and the criteria applicable to entry and participation in the various programs. Once a site has been accepted into a program, the firm coordinates oversight of the site remediation to ensure compliance and maximize available benefits for the client. The firm ensures achievement of the complicated closure process, including preparing environmental easements, needed to satisfy the final programmatic completion requirements.

Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C. represents a unique range of clients. In addition to a broad array of corporate, development and manufacturing clients, it has and continues to represent government agencies ranging from small townships to state agencies such as the Empire State Development Corporation. It represents domestic and international clients in environmental litigation and in administrative matters involving large-scale development, particularly within the New York Metropolitan area.

International Work:
Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C.’s extensive experience in representing the interest of the regulated community allows the firm to represent both domestic and international clients with respect to environmental problems in the United States.