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Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

New York

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP - New York
  • One World Financial Center
  • New York
  • New York
  • USA
  • NY 10281
  • Chairman: W Christopher White
  • Deputy Chairman: James C Woolery
  • Number of partners: 104
  • Number of lawyers: 363
  • Additional US locations: Charlotte, NC; Washington, DC; Houston, TX
  • International: London, Brussels, Beijing and Hong Kong

Firm Overview:
Established in New York in 1792, Cadwalader is a leading global advisor to corporations and financial institutions, offering innovative solutions to complex legal issues.

Main Areas of Practice:
Represents clients in merger, monopolization and price-fixing matters before the DOJ, FTC, state attorneys general, foreign antitrust authorities, trial and appellate courts in the US, and before European courts. Knowledgeable in merger review, including HSR, commercial arrangements, antitrust compliance programs, joint ventures, distribution arrangements, pricing policies, standard-setting organizations, trade associations, joint purchasing alliances, R&D collaborations and IP.
Contact: Charles (Rick) Rule
Tel: +1 202 862 2420
Email: rick.rule@cwt.com

Business Fraud:
Handles significant civil, criminal and administrative disputes, and enforcement actions in federal and state proceedings and litigation, as well as in congressional investigations and hearings for financial institutions, major corporations, their boards, audit committees, directors and officers. Advises on corporate compliance, governance, internal investigations, and audits of US and foreign operations.
Contact: Kenneth L Wainstein
Tel: +1 202 862 2474
Email: ken.wainstein@cwt.com

Capital Markets:
Experienced in traditional fixed income and equity capital markets, structured finance, synthetic products, hybrid products and derivatives. Develops new products and structures; devises cross-border structures and assist in managing risks caused by subperforming securitized loans and troubled financial products.
Contact: Michael S Gambro
Tel: +1 212 504 6825
Email: michael.gambro@cwt.com
Contact: Stuart N Goldstein
Tel: +1 704 348 5258
Email: stuart.goldstein@cwt.com

Advises on IPOs, exchange and secondary offerings, private placements, workouts, convertible debt and equity, hybrid securities and distressed M&A. Broad experience with mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, spin-offs, dispositions and governance matters. Counsels clients on LBO and structured equity, mezzanine, real estate, venture growth capital and funds’ investments. Addresses all areas of debt finance, including secured and unsecured commercial lending, mortgage banking and real estate investment, acquisitions, sales, exchanges, development and workouts.
Contact: Steven N Cohen
Tel: 212 504 6276
Email: steven.cohen@cwt.com
Contact: Christopher T Cox
Tel: 212 504 6888
Email: chris.cox@cwt.com
Contact: William P McInerney
Tel: 212 504 6118
Email: william.mcinerney@cwt.com
Contact: James C Woolery
Tel: 212 504 6200
Email: james.woolery@cwt.com

Energy & Commodities:
Experienced in complex transactional, litigation, regulatory and compliance matters. Counsel to financial institutions and investors; oil, power and gas companies, producers and developers; industrial and commercial customers; trade associations; hedge funds; commodity marketers; exchanges; and clearing organizations.
Contact: Paul J Pantano Jr
Tel: +1 202 862 2410
Email: paul.pantano@cwt.com

Financial Restructuring:
Represents debtors, secured and unsecured lenders, bondholders, creditors’ committees, borrowers, asset purchasers and other distressed entities. Broad capabilities in transactions and litigation, developing bankruptcy sensitive products, and structuring deals to preserve and enhance value.
Contact: Mark C Ellenberg
Tel: +1 202 862 2238
Email: mark.ellenberg@cwt.com
Contact: Gregory M Petrick
Tel: +44 20 7170 8688
Email: gregory.petrick@cwt.com

Financial Services:
Expertise in financial law related statutory and regulatory requirements, including those governing broker-dealers, securities and futures exchanges, banks, investment advisers and funds. Advises clients on OTC derivatives, structured products, hedge fund derivatives and hybrid transactions. Structures and develops investment products, funds and services for and with domestic and offshore hedge funds; funds of funds; commodity pools; acquisition, venture capital, real estate and structured product funds; and investment advisers and management firms. Counsels clients on issues affecting ERISA, executive compensation and benefits.
Contact: Steven D Lofchie
Tel: +1 212 504 6700
Email: steven.lofchie@cwt.com
Contact: Richard M Schetman
Tel: +1 212 504 6906
Email: richard.schetman@cwt.com

Health Care/Not-for-Profit:
Counsels on corporate governance, corporate finance, government regulation, Medicare/Medicaid, restructuring, labor relations, litigation, risk manage-ment, securities, capital markets and tax. Represents charitable and tax-exempt entities, including religious organizations, educational institutions, museums, social service agencies, foundations and trade associations.
Contact: Kathy Hirata Chin
Tel: +1 212 504 6542
Email: kathy.chin@cwt.com
Contact: Paul Mourning
Tel: +1 212 504 6216
Email: paul.mourning@cwt.com

Intellectual Property:
The IP team handles trials and litigation in complex patent and trade secret matters in federal courts, and in ITC and WIPO proceedings. The team also enforces and defends claims; provides expert opinions; secures rights; evaluates, sells, or licenses IP; and conducts due diligence.
Contact: Christopher Hughes
Tel: +1 212 504 6891
Email: christopher.hughes@cwt.com

Litigators handle disputes for financial institutions, major corporations, and their officers and directors in state and federal courts throughout the US and in the UK, as well as in proceedings before administrative and regulatory agencies and international tribunals. In addition to antitrust, business fraud and intellectual property, the practice focuses on commercial, complex financial products, insurance, international and securities disputes.
Contact: Gregory A Markel
Tel: +1 212 504 6112
Email: greg.markel@cwt.com
Contact: Louis M Solomon
Tel: +1 212 504 6600
Email: louis.solomon@cwt.com

Tax & Private Wealth:
The Tax Group pioneers innovative tax structures that drive complex deals and maintains a tax controversy practice for US and non-US corporations and financial institutions. The Private Wealth team provides personal, financial, charitable and tax planning for individuals and closely-held family companies.
Contact: Linda Z Swartz
Tel: +1 212 504 6062
Email: linda.swartz@cwt.com
Contact: Dean C Berry
Tel: +1 212 504 6944
Email: dean.berry@cwt.com