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11 Stone Buildings - London
  • 11 Stone Buildings
  • Lincoln's Inn
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC2A 3TG
  • Head of Chambers Edward Cohen
  • Chambers Director Michael Couling
  • Clerks Matthew Curness, Richard Powell, Gary Collins, Harrison Killick, Lee Wright, Charlotte Temple, Sue Harding, Justin Yoong, Giovanna Scozzaro, Frank Fenton
  • Tenants 42 

The Chambers 11 Stone Buildings is a leading set of 42 commercial and chancery barristers based in London, with a recognised expertise in commercial litigation, insolvency, company, banking/finance, civil fraud, professional negligence and real estate matters. Chambers acts as advocates, advisers, arbitrators and mediators for law firms across the country and internationally, for in-house legal departments and for direct and public access clients. The set has fully equipped ADR/arbitration facilities available. Chambers’ instructing solicitors appreciate that the set offers a multi-disciplinary advantage as a large number of our barristers possess expertise across several disciplines. It is the depth and strength of the interplay between general commercial litigation and areas such as banking, fraud, IP, insolvency, real estate and pensions, which is at the heart of their expertise. It is also the reason why people go to them with complex matters. Besides offering excellent expert advice, clients appreciate that a number of its members are multi-lingual and are commercially minded through their experience gained outside the Bar, such as in investment banking, in management consultancy, as solicitors or running their own business. Barristers speak French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Spanish.

Work Undertaken Chambers’ expertise is grouped around four pillars of law: commercial, company/ insolvency, real estate and private client work. In each area they have specialist teams which can assist you with the following:
Commercial: Banking and finance, employment, fraud, IP, professional negligence, media and entertainment, sports, technology.
Company/Insolvency: Company, insolvency (personal and corporate), partnership and LLPs.
Real Estate: Real property, landlord and tenant.
Private Clients: Succession and trusts and related tax issues. For more information please visit www.11sb.com or contact the clerks on 020 7831 6381 or clerks@11sb.com. 


  • 11 Stone Buildings,
  • Lincoln's Inn,
  • London,
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC2A 3TG
  • Tel (020) 7831 6381
  • Fax (020) 7831 2575
  • DX 1022 London
  • Email : clerks@11sb.com
  • Website : www.11sb.com

Chancery - London (Bar)


This set has a long history of appearing in high-end commercial disputes in the Chancery courts and is home to large number of specialists in this area. Praised for their accessibility, members exhibit enviable prowess in insolvency, company and civil fraud matters.

Client service: "The clerks are brilliant, from the junior clerks to the seniors. They always look at the dynamics to work out which barrister will best fit the case. The turnaround time is also excellent."


Alan Gourgey QC 
Boasts significant expertise in numerous areas, including civil fraud and contractual disputes. He is a highly regarded silk who frequently appears in some of the largest cases in the Chancery Division.
Expertise: "A very impressive cross-examiner who is completely on the ball and has all the facts at his fingertips." "He is very user-friendly and supportive, and displays a fine approach to dealing with both the people and the issues in a case."
Recent work: Acted in Sharma v Sharma, a high-profile matter in the High Court involving an alleged breach of fiduciary duty.

Jeremy Cousins QC
"A favourite for heavyweight litigation" who appears in the Chancery courts in complex cases. He is well renowned for his expertise in banking and finance disputes.
Expertise: "A quite exceptional performer who is very intuitive and has a touch of genius about him." "Remarkably versatile and client-friendly. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and thorough preparation make him unbeatable." 

Lexa Hilliard QC 
A well-known figure at the Chancery Bar whose commercial chancery practice centres on complex company, insolvency and civil fraud cases.
Expertise: "She is practical and excellent with clients." "An extremely good lawyer, she is very well prepared and doesn't back down easily."
Recent work: She appeared in E-Clear v Elia, a case regarding breaches of fiduciary duty and property claims.


Tim Penny 
A large proportion of his work consists of matters with substantial elements of international fraud. He is a deeply experienced junior who acts in heavyweight commercial litigation.
Expertise: "An extremely good advocate, he is imaginative and willing to be creative. The standard of what he does is consistently high." "He is extremely good on paper. He likes to knock ideas around, and generally gets good results."
Recent work: He acted for the FCA in the High Court in a dispute alleging breaches of the Financial Services and Markets Act.

Iain Pester 
A highly rated junior who acts in a wide range of company and civil fraud disputes. He is frequently instructed in matters involving companies with a strong connection to the CIS.
Expertise: "He is very bright and is someone that listens."
Recent work: He was instructed as junior counsel in VTB Capital v Nutritek International, a USD200 million claim over alleged fraud regarding a Russian dairy business.

Edward Cohen 
Has a wealth of experience in the Chancery courts, and regularly handles partnership, company and insolvency disputes.
Expertise: "He has good analytical skills and brings strong commercial understanding to a case." "He is very thorough, bright and quite formidable."
Recent work: He was involved in a claim against former directors of ES Group, alleging breaches of duty relating to ventures connected with the Delhi Commonwealth Games and 2022 World Cup bid by Qatar. 

Max Mallin 
Frequently instructed in commercial disputes with significant banking and finance elements. He also possesses company law expertise, and handles claims against directors and partnership disputes.
Expertise: "He is brilliant at cutting through jargon."
Recent work: Acted in a dispute over an alleged breach of joint venture relating to a restaurant business.

Jamie Riley 
He regularly acts in and advises on insolvency and banking disputes, and receives particular praise for his work on cases concerning breaches of fiduciary duty.
Expertise: "He is proportionate, sendible, reassuring and calm."
Recent work: Appeared in the High Court acting for the claimant in obtaining an emergency freezing order relating to a fraud and breach of trust claim.  

Peter Head 
Has appeared in a wide range of matters ranging from contractual disputes to banking litigation.
Expertise: "Exceptionally confident in court." "A rising star who is very commercial and turns round work well. He's a real team player."
Recent work: Acted as junior counsel in Bank of Moscow v JFC Group, a matter concerning a director's liability for failing to comply with an international freezing order.

Marcia Shekerdemian 
A highly experienced practitioner who is well known for her prowess in company, insolvency and property related litigation.
Expertise: "She is a very competent junior who has a good command of the detail." "She will always deliver good practical advice and tackle problems with vigour."
Recent work: Acted in Brookwood Park v Guney and others, a large shareholder dispute alleging breaches of fiduciary duty and misapplication of company funds.

Christopher Boardman 
Has experience in a range of commercial chancery matters, but is best known for handling insolvency and company disputes.
Expertise: "He is exceptional at advocacy as his cross-examination is fantastic and he identifies the pressure points in a case very early on." "He is very clear in his thinking and strategy."
Recent work: Represented the defendants in a dispute arising from a failed joint venture.

Company - London (Bar)

11 Stone Buildings houses a number of highly capable company practitioners able to undertake the gamut of work, both advisory and litigious. Its barristers are regularly sighted in the senior courts, including on significant appeals.

Client service: "The clerks were very friendly and approachable. They were helpful in trying to arrange conferences and very flexible in arranging them outside working hours."


Lexa Hilliard QC
A highly rated silk who is particularly known for her abilities in company and insolvency cases. Sources comment favourably on her client-handling skills.
Expertise: "I was massively impressed by her advocacy skills. She certainly put her arguments across eloquently." "She gave very clear advice and was very approachable and very pragmatic in her approach to a problem."
Recent work: Represented the appellant in a Court of Appeal case concerning the interpretation of part of the Companies Act 2006.


Marcia Shekerdemian 
A seasoned junior who undertakes a significant amount of company and insolvency litigation. She is often instructed on matters including shareholder disputes and cases involving company liquidation.
Expertise: "A straightforward and punchy advocate." "She's brilliant, and gives robust, first-class advice. A quality professional."
Recent work: Acted for the shareholders and directors of a dissolved company in a dispute concerning a petition for restoration.

Tina Kyriakides 
An experienced junior known for her professionalism and knowledge of company matters. She also acts on matters involving insolvency.
Expertise: "Diligent, calm and thorough, she always seems to find an answer to a difficult position."

Fraud - London (Bar)

A set with experts on all areas of fraud, including asset tracing. Members are frequently instructed to appear in cases involving foreign and private international law, and are highly skilled at obtaining and enforcing interim injunctions. Recent work undertaken by the set includes acting in the Supreme Court in VTB Capital v Nutritek International Corp; a landmark decision on piercing the corporate veil.

Client service: "The clerking services at 11 Stone Buildings are very good. We have a good, open and flexible working relationship and they understand our requirements with regard to recommendations, availability of counsel and fees."


Alan Gourgey QC
Has acted in a range of substantial fraud disputes relating to misappropriation of assets and deceit and bribery claims. Much of his workload has an international flavour.
Expertise: "He's fast to spot the issues, and has great judgement as to how they will play out. He's authoritative in court and a clever cross-examiner." "He's really prepared to get involved in the detail of the case and provide creative solutions."
Recent work: Acted for claimants in the petrochemical industry in an unlawful means conspiracy dispute concerning the alleged bribery of Iraqi officials.

Charles Samek QC
Handles fraud as part of his wider commercial litigation practice. He has particular experience of obtaining and enforcing interim remedies in support of foreign proceedings. 
Expertise: "Shows absolute dedication to the task in hand and is a great lateral thinker." "Displays outstanding professionalism and first-class commercial acumen."
Recent work: Successfully resisted an application to set aside a worldwide freezing order for the claimants in JSC VA Bank v Maksimov.


Tim Penny
In high demand as a "top senior junior, who can run heavy cases against top silks." He has been involved in a number of high-value commercial fraud disputes and has experience of acting without a leader.
Expertise: "Great for cases involving complex detail - he's a very solid performer in court, who provides sensible commercial advice." "He keeps himself well abreast of developments in his specialist areas of the law and uses his knowledge creatively and effectively."
Recent work: Acted for the Financial Conduct Authority in a dispute against Asset Land concerning a £20 million land-banking scheme. This was the FCA's first claim under s235 Financial Services and Markets Act to reach a full trial and be heard in the Court of Appeal.

Max Mallin
Handles a range of commercial fraud and asset recovery claims. His background as an investment banker means he is a good choice for disputes relating to investment products.
Expertise: "A superb cross-examiner who has the ear of the court." "He's very smooth and personable, and has a very quick mind. He gives clear directional guidance."
Recent work: Acted as sole counsel for a number of defendants in a USD450 million fraud claim and breach of contract dispute.

Iain Pester
Frequently acts in disputes involving clients from Russia and the CIS, and is particularly good at obtaining interim remedies.
Expertise: "He's responsive and always makes time available to discuss matters." "He shows excellent judgement, produces first-class paperwork and is a deep thinker who anticipates issues before they arise."
Recent work: Acted as junior counsel in VTB Capital plc v Nutritek International Corp; a USD200 million fraud dispute relating to the financing of a sale of a Russian dairy business.

Ian Smith 
His practice covers all aspects of civil fraud work, including international disputes and asset tracing.
Expertise: "Very capable, especially where there are criminal issues in the case." "He's completely fearless and his tactical skills are first-rate."
Recent work: Acted as sole counsel for a defendant in Otkritie v Urumov; a USD183 million dispute concerning alleged fraudulent trading.

Restructuring/Insolvency - London (Bar)


11 Stone Buildings has a well-deserved reputation as a one-stop shop for handling the full spectrum of insolvency issues. It advises and represents bankrupts, insolvency practitioners, companies and office holders in contentious scenarios, and also handles significant non-contentious restructurings and insolvencies. Sources praise it for being a modern set that has a strong commitment to client service.

Client service: "The clerks are very informative, happy to help, and almost always find a barrister that fits a particular case, even at short notice." Chambers director Michael Couling has over 20 years of experience of working in top commercial chambers.


Lexa Hilliard QC
An experienced adviser and advocate, who is particularly highly praised by sources for the high quality of her written advice. She acts in both corporate and personal insolvency cases, and is recognised as being particularly adept at advising on cross-border issues.
Expertise: "Displays real class and is good with multi-jurisdictional issues."
Recent work: Represented and advised an Israeli trustee in bankruptcy, who is looking to set aside an anti-suit injunction.


Christopher Boardman 
Specialises in both personal and corporate insolvencies, and also has an active practice advising on directors' liabilities and disqualification actions. He is particularly praised by sources for his clear understanding and articulation of legal issues. 
Expertise: "He has an excellent ability to synthesise complex information into a clear line of argument." "Incisive, and he understands the core issues of complex legal problems effortlessly."
Recent work: Acted in a contested administration application on behalf of a petitioning creditor in the High Court.

Philip Hinks
Has a strong corporate and personal insolvency practice, and is also effective in banking cases. He is regarded as a sophisticated and erudite adviser.
Expertise: "He exudes authority, and has the ability to grasp complex issues quickly."
Recent work: Acted for the liquidators in a major wrongful trading claim against the directors of an insolvent construction company.

Tom Shepherd
Has a broad commercial chancery practice, and frequently acts in insolvency and fraud-related disputes. He is highly praised in the market for his commercial good sense and solid advice.
Expertise: "He is extremely clever and his drafting skills are very good." "He has a great deal of commercial acumen and a sharp legal mind." 
Recent work: Acted in an application seeking a winding-up order for a sports and social club.

Marcia Shekerdemian
An excellent senior junior, capable of taking on large-scale corporate and personal insolvency cases. She is highly rated for her intelligent and committed approach. 
Expertise: "Has a very incisive mind and a comprehensive knowledge of insolvency law." "She always delivers good, practical advice and tackles problems with vigour."
Recent work: Represented Bank of Moscow in its challenge to the UK bankruptcy of the Russian 'banana king' Vladimir Kekhman.

Tina Kyriakides
Recognised by sources for her excellent client care skills, and her ability to produce high-quality advice at very short notice. She acts in both corporate and personal insolvency disputes.
Expertise: "She is very good at handling a difficult appointment, and has a very user-friendly approach."
Recent work: Advised and represented 21st Century Lifts in a dispute with HMRC over a winding-up petition regarding a substantial alleged sum of outstanding PAYE and NIC.

Thomas Robinson
A commercially savvy and technically adroit counsel, who primarily works in insolvency and pension-related disputes. He also has experience of acting in offshore jurisdictions.
Expertise: "He combines a surefooted academic approach with a practical slant."
Recent work: Advised and acted for the provisional liquidators of a UK company which possesses major Montenegro hotels.

Birgitta Meyer 
Works extensively in the insolvency sphere, and advises on corporate and personal insolvency issues, as well as directors' disqualifications, and fraud.
Expertise: "She is very approachable, very bright and a very easy person to deal with."
Recent work: Advised Universal Pictures regarding the use of goods supplied prior to an administration which were retained or used without the supplier's permission.

Iain Pester
An experienced and impressive junior, who is a particularly able courtroom advocate. He specialises in corporate and personal insolvency work, and also advises on directors' disqualification proceedings. 
Expertise: "He is a very confident advocate."
Recent work: Acted for Ernst & Young (Canada) in an action brought regarding its conduct as interim receivers of a Canadian company.

Adam Deacock 
Specialises in acting in corporate insolvency situations, and is valued by his clients for his sound judgement and perspicacity.
Expertise: "He gives firm, robust advice, and picks up issues very quickly." "His attention to detail is second to none, and he has an impressive ability to grasp issues immediately."

Jamie Riley 
Has an established reputation as an adviser in commercial and company law, and regularly handles insolvency and fraud cases. He advises on both domestic and cross-border issues.
Expertise: "He is poised and thorough. He's very together, very reassuring and very calm." 
Recent work: Instructed by the liquidators of D&D Wines International on various claims arising from the liquidation.

Dawn McCambley 
Has an active company, commercial and insolvency practice. She acts in both personal and corporate insolvency disputes, and also deals with directors' duties issues.
Expertise: "Impressively practical and commercial." "She is approachable, and her drafting and advice are both very good."
Recent work: Acted for the creditor in an application by a debtor to set aside a statutory demand on the basis that the debtor lacked the capacity to enter into a guaranteed share option agreement.