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2 Hare Court - London
  • 2 Hare Court
  • Temple
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • EC4Y 7BH
  • Head of Chambers Jonathan Laidlaw QC
  • Director of Clerking Julian Campbell
  • Director of Business Development Maurice MacSweeney  
  • Tenants 57

The Chambers 2 Hare Court is consistently recognised as one of the UK’s leading sets of expert barristers specialising in crime, fraud, professional discipline, health and safety and other areas of regulatory law. Their individual and corporate clients instruct them via solicitors, other professional advisers, or on a direct access basis. The set’s barristers provide early and strategic analysis and advice, as well as advocacy of the highest quality where cases cannot be resolved at an early stage and need to progress to court or other tribunal. According to the leading industry directories, 2 Hare Court “provides a blue-chip service to professional and lay clients alike”, whilst sources “are keen to highlight the set’s commitment to providing exemplary client care.” More information on their barristers and work can be found at www.2harecourt.com

Work Undertaken
The strength and depth of experience amongst 2 Hare Court’s specialist advocates sees them advising, defending and prosecuting in all forms of criminal work, particularly in serious and complex cases of terrorism (including Special Advocate work), murder, honour killings, international drug and human trafficking, serious organised crime and sexual offences (especially historic). Recent cases include Brooks (phone hacking), Huhne & Pryce, Stock Exchange terrorist bombing plot, Bridger (murder of Welsh girl April Jones), Gnango (Supreme Court decision on law of murder), McCormick (fake bomb detectors sold in Iraq), Ali Dizaei (corrupt Met Police commissioner), PC Blakelock/Broadwater Farm riots, the Derby Hate Crime case, Lee Rigby murder, Victoria Station stabbing case, and Nigel Evans, MP amongst others.
Fraud & Financial Services Regulation: Members of Chambers are routinely instructed the largest and most complex financial crime cases. Their experience includes all forms of fraud, MTIC/VAT tribunal hearings, market abuse (insider dealing, LIBOR and other benchmark rates), asset recovery and forfeiture, and restraint/confiscation proceedings. Recent cases include BA price fixing, “Blue Index”, SFO v Tchenguiz, Innospec, Operation Tabernula, Turks and Caicos corruption cases, MOBILX, Torex Retail, and MP/Lords Expenses. Members also defend financial services professionals in regulatory proceedings, and advise on potential liability under the criminal law in parallel with regulatory breaches (FSMA/Financial Services Act).
Professional Discipline: Members have extensive expertise in this field, appearing in particular before all healthcare regulators primarily defending members of all the major MDOs as well as other professionals. Members of the set also appear in proceedings involving the police, accountants and actuaries, tax advisers, solicitors, sports professionals, telecommunications, and other industry sectors.
Regulatory Crime: 2 Hare Court is now one of the leading sets in this field, and its members are regularly instructed in a wide variety of cases brought under the HSWA 1974 and related regulations and legislation, including advising companies and directors on corporate and gross negligence manslaughter, deaths at work, falls from height, mechanical injuries, poisoning, inhalation of gases, and so on. Recent and current instructions include the Hillsborough disaster, Lion Steel, the Armenas gas project terrorist attack, and several cases arising from major incidents on gas and oil platforms. The set also advises on environmental cases (e.g. spillages, high toxicity gas releases). Members are also regularly instructed on behalf of claimants and defendants in civil litigation following workplace accidents and HSE prosecutions. Dovetailing their healthcare, regulatory and health and safety experience, the set’s barristers also specialises in cases involving care homes (inquests, HSE prosecutions, CQC proceedings or other regulatory breaches, professional discipline proceedings, etc).
Inquests: 2 Hare Court has a team of specialists with extensive experience of advocacy before the Coroner’s Court, particularly in cases involving health and safety, healthcare and military service issues.

Members List

  • Jonathan Laidlaw QC (1982) (QC-2008) *
  • Orlando Pownall QC (1975) (QC-2002) A
  • Malcolm Swift QC (1970) (QC-1988)
  • Martin Heslop QC (1972) (QC-1995) A *
  • David Waters QC (1973) (QC-1999) A
  • Andrew Edis QC (1980) (QC-1997) + •
  • Peter Wright QC (1981) (QC – 1999) *
  • Andrew Radcliffe QC (1975) (QC-2000) A
  • James Pickup QC (1976) (QC-2000) A *
  • David Howker QC (1982) (QC-2002)
  • Martin Hicks QC (1977) (QC-2003)
  • Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC (1984) (QC-2006) A *
  • Brendan Kelly QC (1988) (QC-2008) A *
  • Jonathan Rees QC (1987) (QC-2010) A •
  • Brian O’Neill QC (1987) (QC-2010) A *
  • Parmjit-Kaur (Bobbie) Cheema QC (1989) (QC-2013) A + •
  • Christopher Coltart QC (1998) (QC-2014)A
  • Jacqueline Samuel (1971)
  • W. John Jones (1972) A *
  • Andrew Colman (1980) A
  • Tyrone Belger (1984)
  • James Dawson (1984) A *
  • David Whittaker (1986) *
  • Michael Logsdon (1988)
  • Kenneth Millett (1988) A
  • Marios Lambis (1989) A *
  • Alex Lewis (1990) A
  • Christopher Gillespie (1991) A
  • Craig Ferguson (1992) A *
  • Kate Bex (1992) A
  • Andrew Hurst (1992) A
  • James Buchanan (1993) A
  • Christopher Foulkes (1994) A
  • Stephen Brassington (1994) A
  • Zubair Ahmad (1995) A
  • Oliver Glasgow (1995) A ++
  • Scott Ivill (1997) A
  • Narita Bahra (1997) A
  • Peter Lownds (1998)
  • Quinn Hawkins (1999)
  • Angus Bunyan (1999) A
  • Gudrun Young (2001)
  • Robert Rinder (2001) A
  • Rebekah Hummerstone (2002) A
  • Naeem Mian (2002) A
  • Julia Faure Walker (2004) A
  • Vivienne Tanchel (2005) A
  • Sarah Przybylska (2006) A
  • Emily Dummett (2006) A
  • Harry Bentley (2007)
  • Alexandra Tampakopoulos (2007)
  • Christopher Ware (2007)
  • Thomas Day (2008) A
  • Fiona Robertson (2008)
  • Christopher Geering (2009) A
  • Ben Rich (2010)
  • Nikita McNeill (2010)
  • * Recorder of the Crown Court +Deputy High Court Judge • Senior Treasury Counsel ++ Junior Treasury Counsel A Public/Direct Access


Crime - London (Bar)


2 Hare Court has an outstanding reputation for prosecuting and defending the most serious criminal cases. It receives high-profile instructions in a broad range of matters, including murder, terrorism and sex cases. The chambers is increasingly instructed by professional clients, in cases such as the News International phone hacking trial and the prosecution of Christopher Huhne and Vicky Pryce for perverting the course of justice. Instructing solicitors describe it as "a real blue-chip set," and admire the consistently high quality of its members, from silk to junior level.

Client service: Julian Campbell is director of clerking at the set and is said to lead a "fantastic" team, which "understands customer service and is really progressive." Ben Heaviside is the senior practice clerk and a popular figure amongst instructing solicitors.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC
An outstanding advocate, who is regularly instructed in headline-grabbing cases. He is also eminently well equipped to advise significant individuals on sensitive matters involving reputational issues. 
Expertise: "He is fantastic. He's the hardest-working individual I have ever come across. The work he does is phenomenal. He is top drawer."
Recent work: Successfully defended Rebekah Brooks in the News International phone hacking trial.

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC 
Acts for defendants in heavyweight criminal trials, including gang murder and sexual offences cases. She has additional experience of securing privacy injunctions for clients subject to media attention.
Expertise: "She is very good at cross-examining in any case where there is expert evidence, and she has stunning ability in the cross-examination of pathologists." "She is great to work with. She just gets on with it and doesn't take any nonsense from judges."
Recent work: Secured the acquittal of a defendant alleged to have been involved in a gang-related murder, in which the victim was selected at random.

Jonathan Rees QC
Regularly prosecutes complex and sensitive criminal cases as Senior Treasury Counsel. He has expertise in trials involving a scientific element such as DNA evidence. 
Expertise: "He is a real star and quite outstanding. He has the most wonderful courtroom manner."
Recent work: Prosecuted a defendant alleged to have murdered his girlfriend in 1995 and concealed her body.

Orlando Pownall QC 
Frequently called upon to appear for defendants in highly publicised criminal trials. His recent caseload includes significant terrorism and murder cases. 
Expertise: "He's a very able advocate and a star performer." 
Recent work: Secured the acquittal of an individual charged with two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, possession of a firearm with intent and assisting an offender. The case concerned the shooting of two soldiers in Antrim in 2009.

Andrew Edis QC 
A go-to prosecutor for the CPS and SFO, appearing in their biggest cases. He has an excellent practice, befitting a barrister of his standing. 
Recent work: Prosecuted Stuart Hazell, the murderer of his partner's 12-year-old granddaughter, Tia Sharp.

Peter Wright QC 
Defends and prosecutes serious criminal cases, often involving offences such as murder, financial crime and terrorism.
Recent work: Prosecuted former Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei for misconduct in public office.

Brendan Kelly QC 
His broad criminal defence expertise includes significant experience in handling murder cases involving terrorist activity. He is regularly instructed to appear in trials in Northern Ireland.
Recent work: Acted for the defendant in the much-publicised trial of Mark Bridger, who was found guilty of abducting and murdering five-year-old April Jones in Wales in 2012.

Martin Hicks QC 
Acts for defendants on a wide range of criminal cases, including those involving homicide, serious violence, blackmail and money laundering.
Expertise: "He is very robust in advocating his case, but he never takes a bad point."
Recent work: Instructed in R v Ahmed Shah, an extremely high-profile drug importation and money laundering case.

Brian O'Neill QC
Prosecutes and defends in cases involving serious and organised crime. His recent instructions include murder, terrorism and sexual assault trials, in addition to a number of financial crime cases.            
Recent work: Acted for one of nine defendants accused of conspiring to cause explosions at multiple locations, including the London Stock Exchange.

Craig Ferguson 
Acts for defendants on complex criminal matters, including attempted murder, blackmail and drugs cases. He is experienced in handling sensitive trials involving extensive psychiatric evidence.
Expertise: "Juries just like him. They sit up and listen because they know he is a good advocate. He is an absolute class act."
Recent work: Defended a businesswoman charged with blackmail, who was alleged to have used false personae to threaten her lesbian lover with revealing her sexuality.

David Whittaker 
Has an impressive breadth of experience in handling all manner of criminal matters, whether it be motoring offences or complex drugs trials.
Recent work: Represented music teacher Michael Crombie, who was accused of committing a series of sexual offences against young girls over a period of 30 years.

Oliver Glasgow
Handles criminal cases of a serious nature, as well as related regulatory matters. He is Junior Treasury Counsel.
Expertise: "He is a brilliant prosecutor and unbelievably hard-working." 
Recent work: Acted for the Ministry of Defence in relation to the alleged battlefield murder of an Afghan insurgent at the hands of three Royal Marine Commandos.  

Martin S Heslop QC 

Malcolm Swift QC 

Bobbie Cheema QC 

Christopher Coltart QC 

Zubair Ahmad 

James Buchanan 

Peter Lownds 

Kate Bex 

Kenneth Millett 

Scott Ivill 

Sarah Przybylska 

Vivienne Tanchel 

Angus Bunyan 

Naeem Mian 

Financial Crime - London (Bar)


2 Hare Court garners extensive praise in this space, with sources saying it is "top-tier for financial crime. The set has very strong juniors in the area and heavyweight silks." Members are experienced at prosecuting and defending the full range of serious fraud cases including those relating to carbon credit trading, tax evasion and boiler room fraud. Barristers at the set are well placed to advise on cases with an international dimension and are further recognised for their advice in relation to the Bribery Act. One interviewee notes: "Everyone from 2 Hare Court that I have encountered has had an impressive grasp of both facts and law."

Client service: "The standard of clerking there is fantastic. They place a significant emphasis on client care." Julian Campbell is the director of clerking at the set.


Andrew Radcliffe QC
A well-regarded financial crime practitioner, who regularly handles complex and sensitive cases.
Expertise: "He is a real tactician; he is very intelligent, smooth and relaxed. He knows his stuff."

James Pickup QC
A fraud defence specialist with particular expertise in tax cases.
Expertise: "His principal skill lies in assimilating very significant documentation very quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. He is an accomplished advocate and his cross-examination of professional witnesses is very impressive. His mastery of a brief is as good as I have seen." "He is fearless and industrious with an intellect to match. He is a superb tactician and brilliant on paper."
Recent work: Acted for the defence in a major MTIC case, which was brought against the directors of a mobile phone distribution company and linked organisations by the HMRC.

Orlando Pownall QC
Highly sought after to defend clients accused of fraud offences, including insider dealing and tax evasion.
Recent work: Acted for an individual accused of making a sham firm in order to fraudulently claim tax credits and VAT. 

Martin Hicks QC
Regularly instructed in serious fraud matters, including MTIC fraud, mortgage fraud and major boiler room fraud cases.
Expertise: "We instructed him recently in a matter involving lots of complex technology and he straightaway found a way of advocating a case that we thought would be a nightmare to present."
Recent work: Represented the defendant in a revenue fraud case concerning the importation of gold into the eurozone from Dubai and India.

Brendan Kelly QC
Acts in a range of white-collar crime cases including tax fraud and corruption matters, in addition to related confiscation proceedings. Instructing solicitors admire his jury advocacy skills.
Expertise: "He is very engaging, has a terrific sense of humour, and is both a quality advocate and a great personality." "He's an excellent and charming advocate. He is charismatic and persuasive, intelligent and quick to get to the issues."

Jonathan Laidlaw QC
Highly respected for his expertise in criminal fraud and regulatory issues. Often instructed in novel and challenging cases.
Expertise: "He is unbeatable in my opinion. He is amongst the top QCs in the area." "He is phenomenal. He was Treasury Counsel and historically he has done a lot of prosecution."
Recent work: Acted for the defendant in a high-profile fraud case involving the manufacture and sale of fake bomb detectors.

Christopher Coltart QC
Has impressive experience of advising on complex and sophisticated City fraud cases.
Expertise: "He is incredibly organised and accessible. He is very engaged throughout the process, good with clients and trusted by everyone." "He is very good as an advocate and intellectually very bright."
Recent work: Represented the defendant in a six-week trial concerning an alleged conspiracy to defraud Vodafone.


Craig Ferguson
Handles complex fraud work, including mortgage fraud, referral fee fraud and tax fraud cases. He is also instructed in insider trading and NHS fraud cases.
Expertise: "He has developed into one of the finest advocates at the Bar. He is just a real natural talent."

David Whittaker
Prosecutes and defends in serious fraud cases, including MTIC, advance fee and mortgage fraud cases.
Expertise: "He has been consistently excellent over a number of years. He gives very good practical advice and often provides unique insights."
Recent work: Acted for the former director of a significant mobile phone trading company in a multimillion-pound MTIC case, which arose out of Operation Chert.

Vivienne Tanchel
A highly sought-after junior barrister for major FCA matters. She has a background as a trader, which appeals to many prospective clients.
Expertise: "She is very straightforward, highly personable and has a real feel for the subject matter." "She is a very capable and industrious advocate. Her previous background in the financial industry is a great asset when it comes to her commercial perspective on financial cases."

Harry Bentley
An up-and-coming junior with experience of handling an impressive array of serious fraud and money laundering cases.
Expertise: "He really is exceptional for his years of call. His ability to get to the crux of the issue quickly is fantastic, especially when in fraud you have thousands of pages of disclosure." "He is thorough, always on top of all the papers in the case, receives very good client feedback and is very hard-working."
Recent work: Acted for the defendant in a £20 million investment fraud.

Health & Safety - London (Bar)


A traditionally criminal set whose health and safety practice is going from strength to strength. It has expertise in cases emanating from a vast range of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and energy. Practitioners have acted in a number of fatality cases and related inquests, and are experienced in dealing with corporate manslaughter investigations.  

Client service: "The set is proactively promoting itself and its clerking team, headed by Julian Campbell, has proved very successful in reaching out to specialists in the field."


Jonathan Laidlaw QC 
A barrister who is frequently involved in cases relating to the construction sector, and who receives a large number of instructions from US companies. Market sources speak about his practice in glowing terms, and note his involvement in the leading corporate manslaughter cases of the day. Laidlaw combines his health and safety practice with general criminal work. 
Expertise: "It's useful for a barrister to have a background that isn't just health and safety. It means he brings broad experience and can apply his superior courtroom skills to these cases."
Recent work: Acting for Fluor in the HSE investigation into several deaths resulting from the construction of the Greater Gabbard wind farm.


James Buchanan 
An experienced criminal barrister who also handles heavyweight health and safety work. He is increasingly dealing with cases relating to the construction sector. 
Expertise: "He's good at explaining the picture very clearly and in certain terms. He is very supportive of us, backing the advice we give the client. In that respect he's a real team player." 
Recent work: Acted on a case regarding the death of a young scaffolding labourer who fell from a great height.

Craig Ferguson 
Has a background in pure crime, but has successfully expanded into the health and safety field and gained instructions in some significant cases. He acts for both companies and directors, and also conducts inquest work.
Expertise: "His advocacy is excellent. He's always been very strong and balanced, and he gets to the cut and thrust of the case." 
Recent work: Acted for the director of a scaffolding and construction company on a case arising from the death of an employee who fell from height.

Professional Discipline - London (Bar)


2 Hare Court has "quickly established a reputation for high-quality advocacy in this field" and is frequently complimented for its ability to draw upon its expertise as a pre-eminent criminal set. It has recently won a tender to prosecute on behalf of the National College of Teaching & Leadership in a joint venture with solicitors' firm Nabarro. It is also active in representing healthcare professionals in disciplinary cases.

Client service: Julian Campbell runs a clerking team that is considered to be "efficient, user-friendly and professional."


Andrew Colman 
A highly regarded junior with previous experience of the Criminal Bar, who regularly defends a plethora of medical practitioners in Fitness to Practise tribunals.
Expertise: "He has a reputation for having a very finely tuned sense of procedure." "If you need a person to deal with a vast amount of information, and advise in a client-friendly way, he is the man." 
Recent work: Successfully represented a doctor in Fitness to Practise proceedings who had been accused of misdiagnosing cardiac chest pain as gastroenteritis.

Craig Ferguson
Exclusively defends in professional discipline cases. He is highly regarded for his work on behalf of an array of healthcare professionals including doctors and dentists.  
Expertise: "He is a beautiful, silky smooth and persuasive advocate." "He has skill and judgement, and an attractive way of conducting a case." 

Marios Lambis
Works entirely on behalf of professionals in disciplinary cases and regularly appears before a range of regulatory bodies, including the GMC and the NMC.  
Expertise: "He is a classy advocate who has a very smooth style in front of any tribunal." "He has a good sense of the tribunal he's appearing in front of, and is firm and robust where appropriate."
Recent work: Defended a GP before the GMC who faced allegations that she had deficiently treated a patient who subsequently died. 

Stephen Brassington
Hailed for his representation of healthcare professionals on a range of matters including disciplinary tribunals. He is also highly knowledgeable on sports and teaching disciplinary matters.  
Expertise: "He has a charisma and style about him that is underpinned by hard work." "He can take on the most difficult cases."

Andrew Hurst
Frequently instructed by medical defence organisations to represent medical practitioners before the GMC. He also advises on GDC proceedings.
Expertise: "He is calm, reliable and, when things go wrong, he resolves it."
Recent work: Represented a doctor before the GMC, who was facing allegations relating to sexual misconduct and probity.

Kate Bex
Regularly appears before a range of healthcare regulators, including the GMC and the NMC, on professional discipline matters.
Expertise: "She can deal with very difficult cases and witnesses in a manner that is exemplary."

Sarah Przybylska
Acts on behalf of healthcare regulators and regularly defends practitioners before the GMC. She also prosecutes teachers in disciplinary cases.
Recent work: Appeared in a disciplinary case before the NMC. The tribunal was looking into allegations of dishonesty and misconduct that could have caused death.