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2 Hare Court - London
  • 2 Hare Court
  • Temple
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • EC4Y 7BH
  • Head of Chambers Orlando Pownall QC
  • Director of Clerking Julian Campbell
  • Director of Business Development Maurice MacSweeney
  • Tenants 56

The Chambers 2 Hare Court is consistently recognised as one of the UK’s leading sets of expert barristers specialising in crime, fraud, professional discipline, health and safety and other areas of regulatory law. Their individual and corporate clients instruct them via solicitors, other professional advisers, or on a direct access basis. The set’s 16 silks and 40 juniors provide early and strategic analysis and advice, as well as advocacy of the highest quality where cases cannot be resolved at an early stage and need to progress to court or other tribunal. According to the leading industry directories, 2 Hare Court “provides a blue-chip service to professional and lay clients alike”, whilst sources “are keen to highlight the set’s commitment to providing exemplary client care.” More information on their barristers and work can be found at www.2harecourt.com

Work Undertaken
The strength and depth of experience amongst 2 Hare Court’s specialist advocates sees them advising, defending and prosecuting in all forms of criminal work, particularly in serious and complex cases of terrorism (including Special Advocate work), murder, honour killings, international drug and human trafficking, serious organised crime and sexual offences (especially historic). Recent cases include Brooks (phone hacking), Huhne & Pryce, Stock Exchange terrorist bombing plot, Bridger (murder of Welsh girl April Jones), Gnango (Supreme Court decision on law of murder), McCormick (fake bomb detectors sold in Iraq), Ali Dizaei (corrupt Met Police commissioner), PC Blakelock/Broadwater Farm riots, and the Derby Hate Crime case, amongst others.
Fraud & Financial Services Regulation: Members of Chambers are routinely instructed the largest and most complex financial crime cases. Our experience includes all forms of fraud, MTIC/VAT tribunal hearings, market abuse (insider dealing, LIBOR, etc), sanctions, asset recovery and forfeiture, and restraint / confiscation proceedings. Recent cases include BA price fixing, “Blue Index”, SFO v Tchenguiz, Innospec, Turks and Caicos corruption cases, MOBILX, Torex Retail, and MP/Lords Expenses. Half the defence advocates instructed in Op Tabernula (FCA’s largest ever insider dealing investigation) are from 2 Hare Court. Members also defend financial services professionals in regulatory proceedings, and advise on potential liability under the criminal law in parallel with regulatory breaches (FSMA/Financial Services Act).
Professional Discipline: Members have extensive expertise in this field, appearing in particular before all healthcare regulators primarily defending members of all the major MDOs as well as other professionals. Members of the set also appear in proceedings involving the police, accountants and actuaries, tax advisers, solicitors, sports professionals, telecommunications, and other industry sectors.
Regulatory Crime: 2 Hare Court is now one of the leading sets in this field, and its members are regularly instructed in a wide variety of cases brought under the HSWA 1974 and related regulations and legislation, including advising companies and directors on corporate and gross negligence manslaughter, deaths at work, falls from height, mechanical injuries, poisoning, inhalation of gases, and so on. Recent and current instructions include the Hillsborough disaster, Lion Steel, the Armenas gas project terrorist attack, and several cases arising from major incidents on gas and oil platforms. The set also advises on environmental cases (e.g. spillages, high toxicity gas releases). Members are also regularly instructed on behalf of claimants and defendants in civil litigation following workplace accidents and HSE prosecutions. Dovetailing their healthcare, regulatory and health and safety experience, the set’s barristers also specialises in cases involving care homes (inquests, HSE prosecutions, CQC proceedings or other regulatory breaches, professional discipline proceedings, etc).
Inquests: 2 Hare Court has a team of specialists with extensive experience of advocacy before the Coroner’s Court, particularly in cases involving health and safety, healthcare and military service issues. Recent and current cases include 7/7 terrorist bombing, and Litvinenko.

Members List

  • Orlando Pownall QC (1975) (QC-2002) A
  • Malcolm Swift QC (1970) (QC-1988)
  • Martin Heslop QC (1972) (QC-1995) A *
  • David Waters QC (1973) (QC-1999) A
  • Andrew Edis QC (1980) (QC-1997) + •
  • Peter Wright QC (1981) (QC – 1999) *
  • Andrew Radcliffe QC (1975) (QC-2000) A
  • James Pickup QC (1976) (QC-2000) A *
  • David Howker QC (1982) (QC-2002)
  • Martin Hicks QC (1977) (QC-2003)
  • Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC (1984) (QC-2006) A *
  • Jonathan Laidlaw QC (1982) (QC-2008) *
  • Brendan Kelly (1988) (QC-2008) A *
  • Jonathan Rees QC (1987) (QC-2010) A
  • Brian O’Neill QC (1987) (QC-2010) A *
  • Parmjit-Kaur (Bobbie)
  • Cheema QC (1989) (QC-2013) A + •
  • Jacqueline Samuel (1971)
  • W. John Jones (1972) A *
  • Andrew Colman (1980) A
  • Tyrone Belger (1984)
  • James Dawson (1984) A *
  • David Whittaker (1986) *
  • Michael Logsdon (1988)
  • Kenneth Millett (1988) A
  • Marios Lambis (1989) A *
  • Alex Lewis (1990) A
  • Christopher Gillespie (1991) A
  • Craig Ferguson (1992) A *
  • Kate Bex (1992) A
  • Andrew Hurst (1992) A
  • James Buchanan (1993) A
  • Christopher Foulkes (1994) A
  • Stephen Brassington (1994) A
  • Zubair Ahmad (1995) A
  • Oliver Glasgow (1995) A ++
  • Scott Ivill (1997) A
  • Narita Bahra (1997) A
  • Christopher Coltart (1998) A
  • Peter Lownds (1998)
  • Quinn Hawkins (1999)
  • Angus Bunyan (1999) A
  • Gudrun Young (2001)
  • Robert Rinder (2001) A
  • Rebekah Hummerstone (2002) A
  • Naeem Mian (2002) A
  • Julia Faure Walker (2004) A
  • Vivienne Tanchel (2005) A
  • Sarah Przybylska (2006) A
  • Emily Dummett (2006) A
  • Harry Bentley (2007)
  • Alexandra Tampakopoulos (2007)
  • Christopher Ware (2007)
  • Thomas Day (2008) A
  • Fiona Robertson (2008)
  • Christopher Geering (2009) A
  • Ben Rich (2010)
  • * Recorder of the Crown Court +Deputy High Court Judge • Senior Treasury Counsel ++ Junior Treasury Counsel A Public/Direct Access


Crime - London (Bar)

Although once known for being more weighted towards prosecution work, 2 Hare Court has repositioned itself such that the majority of its work is now in fact on the defence side. Sources enthuse about the exceptional quality of the individuals here, and it is noted that the set has the greatest number of QCs appointed over the last ten years. These members busy themselves in major criminal cases of all hues, including major murder, fraud and sexual cases, and recently had a role in the phone hacking scandal. 

Client service: "The clerks are always available to cover hearings. They have very high standards, and are always willing and able to assist us. No corners are cut. They are outstanding." Senior practice clerk Ben Heaviside is the first point of contact for all criminal work.


Jonathan Laidlaw QC
A former senior Treasury counsel, who is highly praised for his great courtroom manner and is widely respected by his opponents.
Expertise: "He is a very, very hard worker. Juries lap it up as he kills his opponents softly." Recent work: He represented a defendant who allegedly made a substantial amount of profit by producing fake bomb detectors used in numerous countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Orlando Pownall QC
One of the most highly sought-after criminal silks, he is head of chambers and is an extremely persuasive and impressive jury advocate.
Expertise: "He is a supreme performer and an artist of the courtroom."
Recent work: He handled a complex murder appeal involving new forensic evidence and failures on the part of the defence during the trial.

Andrew Edis QC 
Considered one of the top crime silks, he handles very high-profile cases both defending and prosecuting.
Expertise: "He is ferociously efficient and a devastating cross-examiner."
Recent work: He prosecuted former Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce on charges of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Peter Wright QC
Has a very strong prosecution practice, and has dealt with a number of matters concerning the serious misconduct of individuals in public office. 
Expertise: "He is absolutely fantastic. He prosecutes a lot, often in terrorist cases."
Recent work: He recently prosecuted numerous MPs accused of making fraudulent expense claims.

Brendan Kelly QC 
A charismatic criminal silk with a reputation for his jury advocacy skills.
Expertise: "He is very hard-working, and very intelligent. He quickly gets to grips with the case. He never aggressively cross-examines someone, he just charms them, gets them into a corner and then trips them up."
Recent work: He acted on behalf of Mark Bridger, in the headline-grabbing case concerning the murder and abduction of five-year-old April Jones, whose body has never been found.

Brian O'Neill QC 
A recent silk who has a very strong practice, and particular expertise in handling terrorism cases.
Expertise: "He is very level-headed, and very cool."
Recent work: He represented a man accused with eight others of plotting a terrorist attack on the LSE.  

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC
A brilliant advocate, who defends a variety of serious criminal cases, especially murders and sex offences.
Expertise: "She is hard-working, fearless, clever and highly strategic in her approach."
Recent work: She appeared as defence counsel before the Supreme Court in the leading case of R v Gnango. This concerned the concept of transferred malice.

Jonathan Rees QC
Senior Treasury counsel. He is a highly esteemed silk who regularly handles high-profile murder cases.
Expertise: "Juries love him. He has a really good style of advocacy."
Recent work: He prosecuted a black-cab driver in a historic case relating to the killing of his mistress.

Christopher Coltart QC
A top-quality junior practitioner, whom solicitors feel confident instructing in extremely serious and complex crime cases.
Expertise: "He inspires the complete confidence of everyone involved in a case."
Recent work: He represented a woman who had broken into television personality Simon Cowell's home in the belief he had been stalking her online.


Craig Ferguson 
Incredibly bright junior who handles a variety of serious criminal matters, from drugs offences to fraud.
Expertise: "He has a tremendous grasp of detail, is hard-working and gets straight to the point."
Recent work: He prosecuted a businesswoman accused of blackmailing her lesbian lover with the threat that she would disclose her sexual orientation.

David Whittaker 
A very strong and highly experienced junior, who has recently joined the chambers from 9 Bedford Row.
Expertise: "He is a fantastic acquisition for the set." "He is charming and extremely able."
Recent work: He acted on behalf of a man charged with conspiracy to rob several Argos stores.

Oliver Glasgow 
A highly recommended criminal practitioner, who is experienced in dealing with very serious cases and vulnerable individuals. He is a senior Treasury counsel.
Expertise: "He deals with extremely difficult clients very well."
Recent work: He prosecuted in a highly publicised trial of two individuals who tortured and killed a boy believing him to be possessed by witchcraft.

James Buchanan 

Angus Bunyan 

Naeem Mian 

Zubair Ahmad 

Parmjit-Kaur Cheema QC 

Malcolm Swift QC 

Martin Heslop QC 

Martin Hicks QC 

Peter Lownds 

Kenneth Millett 

Kate Bex 

Scott Ivill 

Sarah Przybylska 

Vivienne Tanchel 

Fraud - London (Bar)

2 Hare Court is recognised as a "set of highly skilled barristers with talented advocates and lawyers" who offer a "real breadth of experience." Its members receive instructions in a wide array of fraud cases and are particularly sought after for their advocacy prowess. They are supported by "proactive and efficient" clerking from a "friendly and helpful" management team.

Client service: "The clerks are responsive and commercial. They instil confidence in both solicitors and clients."


Andrew Radcliffe QC 
A highly regarded silk who is sought after to defend in high-value fraud cases with international elements. He receives glowing praise for his masterful handling of cross-examination and his impressive grasp of detail.
Expertise: "A real tactician, he's very intelligent, smooth and relaxed. He knows his stuff." "Very understated, but very impressive."
Recent work: He was instructed for a defendant in a major cross-border insider trading case prosecuted by the former FSA.

James Pickup QC 
Has an excellent reputation in London and Manchester, and is particularly active in the defence of tax charges brought by HMRC.
Expertise: "Phenomenal on his feet," "he works very hard and is very tenacious."
Recent work: He acted for a defendant in a complex MTIC trial involving issues concerning abuse of process, disclosure and admissibility of evidence.

Brendan Kelly QC 
Has a varied defence practice and has long experience of handling MTIC frauds and corruption charges. Solicitors admire his tactical approach when cross-examining witnesses.
Expertise: "He's very charismatic and very popular with judges and juries."
Recent work: He was instructed to defend a solicitor who had been charged with carrying out a £12 million legal aid fraud.

Martin Hicks QC 
Noted for his track record of defending a range of fraud charges. His recent caseload encompasses tax, insurance and mortgage frauds.
Expertise: "An extremely able silk and a very accomplished advocate, who has a very pleasant manner with clients." "A fantastic advocate, whom juries love, he fights relentlessly for his clients."
Recent work: He represented a handbag designer who was accused of being involved in an £80 million tax fraud.

Orlando Pownall QC
A pre-eminent criminal barrister who is increasingly prominent in the fraud defence arena.
Expertise: "A formidable advocate with good jury-handling skills." "He's a class act, who is conscientious and approachable."
Recent work: He has been instructed to act for one of the defendants in Operation Tabernula, the FSA’s largest ever insider dealing prosecution.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC
Admired for his ability to relate to clients and judges alike, he handles complex and commercially sensitive cases.
Expertise: "Exceptional at prosecuting and defending," "he's level-headed and sensible."
Recent work: He represented an under-bond dealer in a substantial diversion fraud.

Christopher Coltart QC 
Has an impressive track record of handling white-collar and fraud defence work. Solicitors admire his flawless preparation and ability to handle sensitive cases.
Expertise: "His advocacy and drafting are fantastic and he instils complete confidence in any client."
Recent work: He was instructed to act for a solar panel salesman accused of defrauding vulnerable homeowners by knowingly selling them deficient panels.


Craig Ferguson 
Praised for his attention to detail and incisive approach. His recent experience includes tax fraud, mortgage fraud and money laundering trials.
Expertise: "He is calm, considered and very good at presenting advice to the lay client." "He's pragmatic and proactive, and goes the extra mile."
Recent work: He was instructed to represent a dentist accused of defrauding the NHS by claiming payment for treatments he had not actually provided.

Vivienne Tanchel 
Her previous career as a City trader makes her well suited to handling proceedings brought by the former FSA.
Expertise: "Extremely intelligent and diligent in her preparation."
Recent work: She was instructed as junior counsel in the insider dealing trail arising from Operation Tabernula.

David Whittaker
A much-praised senior junior with a notable fraud practice, he is regularly instructed in multimillion-pound cases. 
Expertise: "A very strong junior who is as good as, and in many cases better than, a number of existing silks."
Recent work: He was sole counsel for a defendant in a multi-handed mortgage fraud trial involving dishonest valuers and solicitors.

Christopher Foulkes 
A new entry to the rankings who wins praise for his work in the areas of fraud and corruption.
Recent work: He was instructed by the SFO in relation to its prosecution of four former directors of Innospec, who are charged with bribery and corruption.

Health & Safety - London (Bar)

The arrival of director of clerking Julian Campbell from Crown Office Chambers has given a massive boost to the profile of this set in the health and safety field. It has a strong reputation for its crime and regulatory work, and maintains a compact team of health and safety lawyers who are perfectly able to handle the finer nuances of health and safety law. It has members who are experienced on both the prosecution and defence sides.

Client service: "The set is full of good advocates and the client service is so smooth and slick." 


Jonathan Laidlaw QC 
A highly regarded former senior Treasury counsel in the Central Criminal Court. He now spends much more of his time leading the defence on high-stakes health and safety cases, often acting for companies and their directors following fatalities.
Expertise: "He brings a sense of great humanity to the table, and is able to talk to people at any level, be it the guy who just killed somebody or the red judge. Level-headed and sensible, he approaches everyone in an equally balanced way and without any pomposity."
Recent work: He was instructed to advise Lion Steel director Richard Williams in one of the earliest corporate manslaughter cases in England and Wales.


Craig Ferguson 
Long renowned for his general criminal practice, he has made health and safety a more recent area of focus for him and now advises some impressive companies.
Expertise: "A savvy criminal barrister," he is "pragmatic, proactive and very helpful - he goes the extra mile."
Recent work: He acted for a household-name company concerning an alleged breach of safety regulations governing petrol filling stations.

James Buchanan 
Regularly acts in cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths at work caused by poor health and safety practices.
Expertise: "An extremely diligent practitioner with meticulous attention to detail, who has a personable manner that endears him to professional and lay clients alike. His experience of inquests and his in-depth knowledge of the Coroner's Rules and procedure allow him to secure good results for clients facing regulatory prosecutions."
Recent work: Has been defending the director of a scaffolding company facing charges arising from a fall from height accident that resulted in death. 

Professional Discipline - London (Bar)

This chambers has followed the lead of so many criminal sets in diversifying its practice to take in regulatory work. It has achieved this better than most, and can now claim that a third of its members have tangible experience in professional discipline cases. Sectors handled include accountancy, financial services, sport, the law, security and telecommunications. Commentators note that the members here are doing particularly well in the health arena: "They are rapidly developing a very strong defence team for health regulation, and are going from strength to strength."

Client service: In the past year the set has acquired a new director of clerking in the form of Julian Campbell. He leads a team that is described as "efficient, obliging and quick."


Andrew Colman 
He regularly defends healthcare professionals in complex and challenging fitness to practise cases.
Expertise: "He is direct and incisive, very methodical, and his submissions are very focused and effective."
Recent work: Successfully acted in a misconduct case on behalf of a doctor alleged of misdiagnosis resulting in a patient's death. 

Craig Ferguson 
He is developing his medical defence practice, having initially represented the GMC on numerous occasions. He is further adept at handling cases involving a criminal crossover.
Expertise: "He provides excellent levels of detail in terms of his preparation and is easy for clients to communicate with. They get a real sense that he is their ally and that he will put across their case effectively."
Recent work: Represented a dentist accused of a large number of performance and conduct issues. The panel found that his fitness to practise was not impaired.

Marios Lambis 
Exclusively practises within medical defence. He regularly acts before the GMC on behalf of doctors, as well as other regulatory bodies including the GDC and NMC, and also has international expertise in advising in foreign jurisdictions.
Expertise: "He has a good criminal background and that is very helpful in this sphere. He is very personable with clients and persuasive in front of a jury."
Recent work: Successfully represented a dentist at the interim orders committee of the GDC in respect of serious allegations of sexual misconduct.

Stephen Brassington 
His practice is exclusively centred around professional discipline. He is highly regarded for his work representing healthcare professionals in coronial inquests, disciplinary hearings and criminal cases.
Expertise: "He puts his former prosecution background to very good use. He is excellent – he leaves no stone unturned and he adopts an approach that gets excellent results."
Recent work: Defended an internationally renowned cardiologist accused of misconduct in his research. 

Andrew Hurst 
Undertakes medical, dental and chiropractic work.
Expertise: "I have instructed him on more senior cases. I'm a huge fan of his; he's very, very skilful indeed. He is very clever but wears it lightly - effective counsel." 
Recent work: Acted on behalf of the NMC in an appeal made by an independent midwife. The case involved issues that arose following the midwife's delivery of a breech baby. 

Kate Bex 
Has extensive experience of prosecuting for the GMC and the General Pharmaceutical Council. She also handles defence work for healthcare professionals.
Expertise: "She is very industrious and very focused, and never hesitates to deal with even the most ignorant of queries. She puts together very good cases in high-profile, difficult and sensitive matters running before the GMC."
Recent work: Successfully presented the GMC’s case against a consultant surgeon who acted beyond his area of expertise.

Sarah Przybylska 
Fast developing her reputation and experience within the professional discipline field.
Expertise: "She has sound knowledge of the law, and shows good judgement when running cases."
Recent work: Advised on aspects of nursing regulatory proceedings in light of the Winterbourne View care homes scandal.