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20 Essex Street - London
  • 20 Essex Street
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC2R 3AL
  • Head of Chambers Iain Milligan QC
  • Senior Clerks Neil Palmer Home (020) 7842 1201 Mobile (0777) 5713 925
  • Brian Lee Home (020) 8642 5865 Mobile (0797) 7590 220
  • Mathew Kesbey Home (01634) 388 922 Mobile (0794) 169 3666
  • Chambers Manager Daniel Clark
  • Tenants 55

THE CHAMBERS One of the leading sets in commercial law. Members advise on all aspects of international trade, commerce and finance with specialist expertise in banking, competition, shipping, arbitration, insurance, energy, insolvency, human rights, public international law and European Community law. For further information, see chambers website: www.20essexst.com

INTERNATIONAL 20 Essex Street is the only barristers’ chambers set to have a permanently staffed office in Singapore, which is located at Maxwell Chambers, 0-02-09 32 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069115 (Tel: +65 62257230).

Members List

  • Iain Milligan QC (1973) (QC-1991)
  • Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC (1950) (QC-1970)
  • Alexander Layton QC (1976) (QC-1995)
  • Timothy Young QC (1977) (QC-1996)
  • Christopher Hancock QC (1983) (QC-2000)
  • Stephen Morris QC (1981) (QC-2002)
  • Duncan Matthews QC (1986) (QC-2002)
  • Sir David Bethlehem QC (1988) (QC-2003)
  • Michael Tselentis QC (1995) (QC-2003) (SC - South Africa - 1989)
  • David Owen QC (1983) (QC-2006)
  • Andrew Baker QC (1988) (QC-2006)
  • Stephen Atherton QC (1989) (QC-2006)
  • Guy Morpuss QC (1991) (QC-2008)
  • Philip Edey QC (1994) (QC-2009)
  • Michael Coburn QC (1990) (QC-2010)
  • Charles Kimmins QC (1994) (QC-2010)
  • Michael Ashcroft QC (2011)
  • Lawrence Akka QC (1991) (QC-2012)
  • Sara Masters QC (1993) (QC-2012)
  • Michael Collett QC (1995) (QC-2013)
  • Melissa Perry QC (2012) (Australia 1992, QC-2004)
  • Sir Michael Wood KCMG (1968)
  • Edmund Broadbent (1980)
  • Antony Thompson SC (2002) (South Africa 1988)
  • Clare Ambrose (1992)
  • Graham Charkham (1993)
  • Julie Anderson (1993)
  • Sudhanshu Swaroop (1997)
  • Julian Kenny (1997)
  • Malcolm Jarvis (1998)
  • David Lewis (1999)
  • Susannah Jones (1999)
  • Thomas Raphael (1999)
  • Andrew Fulton (1999)
  • Zannis Mavrogordato (1999)
  • Sean Snook (2000)
  • Henry Byam-Cook (2000)
  • Socrates Papadopoulos (2001)
  • Blair Leahy (2001)
  • Angharad Parry (2002)
  • Colleen Hanley (2003)
  • Ben Olbourne (2003)
  • Christopher Newman (2003)
  • Simon Milnes (2005)
  • Guglielmo Verdirame (2006)
  • Daniel Bovensiepen (2004)
  • Josephine Davies (2006)
  • Prof Stefan Talmon (2007)
  • Patricia Edwards (2006)
  • Charlotte Tan (2008)
  • Sarah Tresman (2008)
  • Luke Pearce (2007)
  • Prof David Caron (2009)
  • Edward Ho (2009)
  • Penelope Nevill (2010)
  • Rupert Hamilton (2010)
  • Thomas Corby (2011)
  • Mahnaz Malik (2012) (New York 2002)
  • Sir Brian Neill +
  • Sir Philip Otton +
  • The Honorable Charles Brower +
  • Michael Lee +
  • David Sutton +
  • J William Rowley QC +
  • Malcolm Holmes QC +
  • Michael Pryles +
  • Gil Carlos
  • Rodriguez Iglesias +
  • Anthony Hallgarten QC +
  • Francisco Orrego Vicuña +
  • Julian D M Lew QC +
  • Sir Simon Tuckey +
  • Dr Michael J Moser +
  • Murray Pickering QC +
  • Sir Bernard Rix +
  • Yves Fortier +
  • Lord Neill of Bladen +
  • + Arbitrator


Banking & Finance - London (Bar)

This strong commercial set is renowned for its arbitration expertise and has lately seen an increased number of instructions on banking disputes. Members specialising in the field have notable experience of handling cases involving derivatives and complex structured financial products. Both silks and juniors at the set have been involved in topical cases, including appearing in cases arising out of the Lehman Brothers insolvency. The banking litigation offering here is significantly bolstered by the international experience of its practitioners, many of whom have the ability to take on complex multi-jurisdictional matters with ease.


Iain Milligan QC
Focuses his practice on financial services and international arbitration. He has handled a significant amount of Lehman Brothers litigation and is widely acknowledged as a leader at the Commercial Bar.
Expertise: "One of the leading QCs at the London Bar, particularly in financial services and complex disputes."
"He's strategically astute."
Recent work: Involved in VTB Capital v Nutritek International, which concerned a challenge to jurisdiction and a worldwide freezing order in relation to a claim for repayment of a substantial bank loan.

Andrew Baker QC
Primarily focuses his practice on shipping law and international sale of goods, but also handles matters with significant banking elements and is praised for his ability to take on complex derivatives issues.  
Recent work: Acting for the claimant in Euro-Asian SA v Abilo (UK), a significant action in respect of fraud allegations under Sale Contracts.

Charles Kimmins QC
A well-regarded commercial specialist, who has notable experience in banking, financial services and company law. He has particular expertise in matters relating to the interpretation of ISDA.
Expertise: "Has an agile mind and adopts a ferociously determined approach."
Recent work: Involved in Lomas v Firth Rixson, the leading case on the construction of the ISDA Master Agreement.


Julian Kenny
Has a strong reputation and is singled out by peers and instructing solicitors for his intelligence and approach. He is particularly active in litigation arising out of the Lehman Brothers insolvency.
Expertise: "He has a first-class mind, and is very easy to work with."
Recent work: Led by Iain Milligan QC acting on behalf of the administrators of Lehman Brothers in a USD1 billion dispute.

Thomas Raphael
A rising star at the Bar, who has a busy commercial practice with a focus on banking and financial services in addition to experience in shipping, commodities, insurance and reinsurance.
Expertise: "Technically excellent and ferociously intelligent."
"Really impressive, he's very hard-working and an excellent draftsman."
Recent work: Led by Andrew Baker QC in CRSM v Barclays, a significant banking case relating to CDOs.

Luke Pearce
Has acted in a number of significant banking litigation matters and continues to go from strength to strength in the area.
Expertise: "An outstanding success in the Court of Appeal in the ISDA Master Agreement litigation."
Recent work: Acted in Pioneer v Cosco, a significant Court of Appeal case relating to interpretation of the ISDA Master Agreement.

Commercial Dispute Resolution - London (Bar)

20 Essex Street continues to command respect for the quality of counsel it houses at all levels. Its well-known expertise in insurance, shipping and commodities has provided an excellent springboard for its increasingly well-developed commercial practice, and its barristers are frequently instructed on high-value briefs. Sources are quick to point to the "fantastic grasp of legal issues" displayed by its "fabulous" clerking team, and note that the set as a whole is "particularly strong in terms of commercial awareness." It hosts an enviable list of leading barristers whose ability to take on some of the most high-profile disputes in both litigation and arbitration remains a key selling point. 

Client service: “The clerks, and particularly Brian Lee, Mathew Kesbey and Neil Palmer, are exceptionally helpful, user-friendly and prompt at responding.” “They are unstintingly helpful.”


Iain Milligan QC 
Consistently recommended as a leading light at the Bar, and frequently instructed on the most complex of commercial briefs. He is particularly noted for his expertise in financial services, and handles big-ticket international arbitrations.
Expertise: "He is a very skilled silk who brings considerable talent and insight to every case. He is very hard-working and good with clients and judges, as well as being a pleasure to work with." "He's hugely effective, fiercely clever, and clear and concise in court." 
Recent work: He recently appeared in the Court of Appeal on behalf of the fourth defendant in VTB Capital v Nutritek International. This case concerned both jurisdictional issues and circumstances under which the corporate veil could be pierced.

Philip Edey QC 
Maintains a strong reputation for his commercial dispute resolution practice, and is regularly sought after for both litigation and arbitration across a range of industries and sectors.
Expertise: "He is highly efficient, and very good at analysing issues and putting them in order of relative importance. Incredibly smooth too."
Recent work: He advised IPCO with regards to the complex enforcement of a multimillion-dollar arbitration award issued in Nigeria.

Andrew Baker QC 
Rapidly moving up through the rankings following strong praise for his experience in a wide range of commercial disputes. Sources are quick to attest to his notable cross-examination capabilities.
Expertise: “He is a fantastic advocate and one I would not want to be against.”
Recent work: He represented the claimant in Euro-Asian SA v Abilo (UK) Limited and Others. This case involved a claim of over USD15 million and allegations of fraud involving sulphur sale contracts. 

Duncan Matthews QC 
Rapidly becoming a key fixture at the Commercial Bar, he handles a broad spread of cases and has particular experience in oil and gas-related matters. Sources particularly applaud his cross-examination prowess.
Expertise: "He's the next 'super silk'. When he speaks in court, everyone listens. He's never stuck for words and has a very hard-hitting advocacy style."
Recent work: He acted as lead defence counsel in the high-profile litigation brought by BTA against Muhktar Ablyazov which involved multibillion-dollar fraud claims.

Timothy Young QC 
Frequently instructed on cross-border disputes, he has deep experience in international trade matters, and is well versed in insurance, banking and shipping cases.
Expertise: “A superb cross-examiner, who is very inventive – he sees points others don't.”
Recent work: He was instructed by the claimants in a USD54 million claim related to a long-term charter party and its guarantee. This involved a jurisdictional challenge which went to the Court of Appeal.

Charles Kimmins QC 
Held in high regard by instructing solicitors due to his excellent advocacy skills and highly practical approach. His commercial practice spans key areas such as shipping, insurance, banking and commodities.
Expertise: “He is outstanding – he's an extremely pleasant opponent who is very popular with instructing solicitors, and never loses his cool.”
Recent work: He acted for the second appellants in Golden Ocean v Salgaocar, a case originally concerning breach of warranty of authority.

David Owen QC
His versatility in commercial dispute resolution sees him regularly instructed in litigation, mediation and arbitration, often of a cross-border nature.
Expertise: "He's a very calm and reassuring presence."
Recent work: He led on a Court of Appeal case raising questions of both shipping and commodities law related to vessels being presented and ready for loading.

David Lewis QC 
Remains respected for his extensive commercial practice. His pragmatic and commercial approach is particularly commended by instructing solicitors. 
Expertise: “He has always been a very strong advocate, and is a very impressive performer.”
Recent work: He successfully appeared as lead counsel in a Commercial Court trial involving a USD4 million claim relating to services provided to a container vessel by a port.


Thomas Raphael 
Covers an impressive breadth of commercial disputes in his practice, and is highlighted by commentators for his noteworthy advocacy skills. He also has particular strength in anti-suit injunctions.
Expertise: “He is an outstanding performer who punches way above his weight, and does a terrific range of high-quality commercial litigation.”
Recent work: He appeared in the Court of Appeal in a case concerning arbitration within the coffee trade arena, and how the Coffee Trade Federation rules should be applied. 

Insurance - London (Bar)

20 Essex Street has a strong reputation in insurance and reinsurance matters, particularly those with an international aspect, and looks at disputes with a keen commercial eye. The set covers a wide range of cases but is especially good on financial, marine and commodities-related insurance matters. It advises an impressive number of insurers, reinsurers and Lloyd's syndicates.

Client service: "We are particular fans of 20 Essex Street. We have dealt with the clerks - the same individuals - for many years. They are unstintingly helpful. Its members are very impressive. The set scores ten out of ten in all respects."


Philip Edey QC 
Frequently appears in arbitrations under the LCIA and LMAA. 
Expertise: "A smooth and reliable advocate. He's sensible and knows what to do."
Recent work: He recently acted in a marine insurance claim regarding the piracy of the 'Chemstar Venus'.

Christopher Hancock QC 
Highly proficient in insurance law, he is an expert arbitrator and mediator. He has particular expertise in the marine, energy and finance sectors.
Expertise: "A delight to work with, he's incisive and extremely bright. Extremely capable, he's exceptional value for money."
Recent work: Recently acted for Martem in a Commercial Court claim against its insurers QBE.

Iain Milligan QC 
Head of chambers Ian Milligan QC brings his commercial litigation experience to bear in insurance and reinsurance matters, and is described by sources as "a class act."
Expertise: "Absolutely superb. He's a fabulous advocate."

International Arbitration - London (Bar)

20 Essex Street maintains an impressive foothold in the international arbitration arena. Its members have real pedigree in commercial dispute resolution, and as such are well placed to tackle arbitrations held under a wide range of institutional and ad hoc rules. The set also houses a wealth of advocates and arbitrators capable of handling the most complex of investment treaty disputes, and has notable strength in public international law. Its commitment to international arbitration can be evidenced not just by its caseload; its role in developing Maxwell Chambers in Singapore has also secured its position in this space. Instructing solicitors are full of praise for the whole team at 20 Essex Street, stating that "from top to bottom they are first-class and together they represent a happy ship."

Client service: "The clerks are unstintingly helpful and the members are very, very impressive." "20 Essex Street is fabulous, full stop. That goes for the barristers but just as equally for the clerks."


Iain Milligan QC
One of the International Arbitration Bar's biggest names whose top-drawer commercial dispute practice sees him instructed on some of the biggest arbitrations in the market. He both serves as counsel and sits as arbitrator under the rules of multiple institutions.
Expertise: "He provides perceptive and valued strategic advice." "His presentation and the way he handles everything is masterful." "I have never seen anything done better and have nothing but praise for his skills."

Charles Kimmins QC 
Rapidly rising through the rankings due to his impressive commercial arbitration practice. There is no shortage of praise for his ability to advocate across a range of arbitral disputes and play a key role in every team.
Expertise: "He is a very intelligent, smooth and measured advocate who is very persuasive and has just the right touch with witnesses." "He is always a joy to work with and is generally streets ahead of any opponent."

Philip Edey QC 
Provides excellent advocacy in high-value commercial arbitrations. He has appeared in disputes held under the rules of the LMAA, ICC and LCIA, among others.
Expertise: "He is very responsive, very clear-thinking and easy to work with." "He is exquisite. He has such a wonderful gauge for measuring the tribunal, and instinctively understands the psychology of any situation."
Recent work: He acted in Enercon GmbH v Enercon (India) Ltd, in proceedings held before the Commercial Court concerning matters such as how to decide the seat of arbitration.

Duncan Matthews QC 
Highly recommended by instructing solicitors for his international arbitration practice, he has broad-based commercial dispute resolution expertise.
Expertise: "He is one of the smoothest operators you'd ever see in this world, and very commercially minded. He always gets the argument and delivers it far more beautifully than you ever could yourself." 

Andrew Baker QC 
Handles a varied commercial arbitration caseload, and is described as a highly skilled advocate and arbitrator. His practice is enhanced by interlinking experience in insurance, shipping and commodities work.
Expertise: "He is very smart and impressive."
Recent work: He played a key role in PT Thiess Indonesia v Kaltim Prima Coal, an English High Court case concerning an agreement that held a Singapore arbitration clause.

David Owen QC 
Identified as a key figure in the international arbitration arena whose long-standing expertise has seen him appear before a wide range of arbitral bodies.
Expertise: "He is fantastic. He gets completely immersed in a case and really does the hard work."

Michael Collett QC 
Enters the rankings this year in recognition of his growing presence at the International Arbitration Bar. Since taking silk in 2013, he has continued to act on a range of commercial arbitrations, including those held under ICC, LCIA and HKIAC rules.
Expertise: "He is extremely well regarded for his brightness and strong analytical skills."

David Lewis QC 
Retains a strong presence in the commercial market and has a notable focus on international arbitration. His experience has seen him act in LCIA, ICC, SIAC and HKIAC arbitrations amongst a range of others, and he has appeared as sole counsel in multiple disputes.
Expertise: "He is very user-friendly and is commercial in his approach."


Julian Kenny 
Displays impressive expertise when handling international arbitrations, and has significant experience in shipping, insurance and banking.
Expertise: "He is a pleasure to work with." "He is a very serious player."
Recent work: He was instructed in Navios International Inc v Sangamon Transportation Group. This was the first time a case questioned the extent of a court's jurisdiction over a tribunal and related to the Arbitration Act 1996.

Henry Byam-Cook 
An experienced junior, who is particularly expert in matters involving shipping and disputes. He has a wide-ranging arbitration practice.
Expertise: "He is extremely good with complex cases, has a great analytical mind, is extremely thorough and has great drafting skills."
Recent work: He appeared opposite stablemate Julian Kenny in the highly significant Navios International Inc v Sangamon Transportation Group.

Luke Pearce 
A strong junior whose practice spans an impressive range of commercial disputes. He has appeared in arbitrations held under a broad spread of rules.
Expertise: "He is one to watch and has a great career ahead of him."

Public International Law - London (Bar)

Market commentators associate this set with "star names" and highlight its "serious academic credentials." Barristers tailor their representation of clients in accordance with the latest developments in the field, and are at the forefront of various strands of PIL, including boundary disputes, law of the sea, sovereignty matters and investment arbitration. The group handles matters in the crossover between PIL and commercial arbitration with great flair, as demonstrated by its recent representation of Kazakhstan in an ICSID arbitration case.

Client service: "They have a very efficient and proactive clerking team."


Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC 
He is widely held to have defined the PIL arena through his academic contributions and his groundbreaking work on a broad array of cases.
Expertise: "He remains the pre-eminent elder statesman in this area."
Recent work: Acted in the Kurts Bat v The Federal Court of Germany case, which involved questions of jurisdictional immunity. 

Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC
Has great breadth and depth of expertise in PIL, and offers not only over 17 years of private practice experience but also five years' recent experience as principal Legal Adviser of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. His excellent track record on government work wins him mandates on some of the most pressing international political issues. Working on both contentious and non-contentious matters, he acts for international, state and non-governmental organisations. He also sits as arbitrator in various international investment cases.
Expertise: "He has both the knowledge of public international law and the commercial touch clients need." "He has the ability to understand public international law in the broad political context, and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the detail." "Both authoritative and very impressive in dealing with clients." "He is responsive and articulate, and has excellent experience and contacts from his time working for the UK government."
Recent work: He has recently been representing the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta in the International Criminal Court on charges of crimes against humanity. 


Sir Michael Wood
Has 35 years' experience as principal Legal Adviser to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and also spent three years at the UK Mission to the UN in New York. Has vast knowledge and experience of working on cases concerning traditional PIL questions, such as land and maritime disputes and cases involving state succession and immunity.
Expertise: "He has immense contacts and knowledge. A man of great ability." "He is very clear and extremely pragmatic in his approach." "He understands the political situation very well."

Guglielmo Verdirame 
Professor of International Law at King's College London, he combines an exemplary academic background with extensive experience of being a barrister in this field. His profile secures him instructions on matters at the forefront of the PIL sphere ranging from traditional boundary dispute cases to investor-state arbitration.
Expertise: "He's really on the ball for investment treaty disputes." "He's very user-friendly and drafts very well." "He's lateral in thinking and is always looking for solutions that may not be obvious in order to advance his clients' cases." "Very astute, he has been a real asset to our team."
Recent work: Represented Kazakhstan in an ICSID arbitration brought by TPAO concerning various contracts for the exploitation of oil resources in Kazakhstan.

Shipping - London (Bar)

This widely respected commercial dispute resolution set harbours a very strong contingent of shipping lawyers. It is particularly well known for its dry shipping and commodities work, and regularly handles charter party and contract of affreightment disputes, whether in court or by way of mediation and arbitration. A wide variety of talent is on offer here, especially at silk level, and the set continues to be "a definite market leader." 

Client service: Sources highlight the efficient administration and attentive clerks at this set. Brian Lee, Neil Palmer and Mathew Kesbey head up one of the best clerking teams anywhere at the Bar, and are known for their flexibility and speed of response. 


Duncan Matthews QC 
Receives considerable market recognition for his adroit handling of shipping disputes, including vessel sale and purchase litigation as well as charter party matters. Highly impressive, he is also an accomplished and respected arbitrator.
Expertise: "A very effective and smooth advocate." "He is very much up to speed and very sharp." "He always has command of his facts, and has a calm and convincing courtroom manner."
Recent work: He was lead counsel on Parbulk II v PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi, a dispute concerning the termination of a charter party agreement. 

Timothy Young QC 
An international trade practitioner who applies his dispute resolution skills effectively to shipping matters. His key areas of practice include vessel sale and purchase disputes as well as charter party work.
Expertise: "He has extremely wide experience, so at the onset he is quite clear about the prospects of the case." "He can guide clients well, and is a good robust litigator and a tenacious cross-examiner."
Recent work: Acted in Golden Ocean v Salgaocar, a Court of Appeal dispute concerning a guarantee and an alleged breach of warranty of authority.

Michael Ashcroft QC 
Praised by sources for the quality of his legal, advocacy and client service skills. His shipping practice takes him all the way to the Supreme Court on occasion, and he has advised on a number of hotly contested shipbuilding disputes in recent times.
Expertise: "He is hard-working, has excellent drafting skills, and is persuasive." "A young QC with a very sharp mind and a good reputation." "He is good under time pressure and very easy to work with."
Recent work: He was instructed on the Rainy Sky litigation before the Supreme Court, concerning contract interpretation and refund guarantees.

Andrew Baker QC 
Regularly advises on dry shipping matters and is an expert on breach of contract cases. He is a popular choice due to his forceful and effective style in court.
Expertise: "He is really thorough, and a testing opponent as he looks into everything." "He is extremely intelligent and lucid in explaining his arguments."
Recent work: He was selected to advise on Bunge v Nidera, an appeal relating to treatment of cargo under Grain & Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) contracts.

Michael Coburn QC 
A user-friendly, bright advocate who is known for deploying his superior strategic skills in dry disputes. His practice has long had a shipping flavour, and he is a popular choice of counsel for specialist maritime solicitors.
Expertise: "Combines intellect, attention to detail and helpfulness." "He is great on his feet, very thorough and very good on complex cases."
Recent work: He acted as lead counsel on Emeraldian v Wellmix Shipping before the High Court, a demurrage and safe berth dispute.

Philip Edey QC 
Noted for his insurance expertise, he handles a number of shipping-related contractual disputes and is an expert on cargo claims. He is respected for his amiability and his eloquence in court. 
Expertise: "He is very savvy, and brings the court or tribunal onside. He can lull a witness into complacency through his charm, before he delivers the killer blow." "A good man to have; he adds intellectual weight to any team."
Recent work: He advised on Bominflot v Petroplus, a High Court claim for cargo loss and deterioration during a voyage.

Charles Kimmins QC 
A popular choice for both arbitration and court work connected with contracts of affreightment, as well as broader charter party disputes. He has also advised banking clients in the associated area of refund guarantees.
Expertise: "He is a very effective young QC." "He is incredibly easy to work with from a practitioner's point of view. He picks up all the issues with lightning speed, and exhibits good judgement."
Recent work: He had a lead role advising Vitol as intermediate sellers in the High Court case of Great Elephant v Trafigura, concerning the allegedly unlawful detention of a vessel and its cargo.

Iain Milligan QC 
Head of the set, and a market-leading commercial litigation silk who applies his skills to contentious shipping work. The nature of his practice and his seniority mean that he is instructed on the most high-stakes shipping cases around.
Expertise: "He is an outstanding commercial silk, and a first choice for many." "He is enormously impressive as an advocate and rightly regarded as a leader at the Commercial Bar."
Recent work: He had a lead role in the Court of Appeal on Starlight Shipping v Allianz, a dispute concerning the total loss of the vessel 'Alexandros T'.

Christopher Hancock QC 
His adroit command of insurance matters explains in large part the number of quality instructions he receives in the related area of shipping. Particularly strong on shipbuilding arbitrations, he has an impressive grasp of the technical details in a case.
Expertise: "He is a delight to work with, as he's incisive, extremely bright and human in his approach. He is extremely capable and exceptional value for money."

David Owen QC 
An accomplished dry shipping practitioner. He regularly handles shipping-related arbitrations, and frequently sits as a mediator. 
Expertise: "He continues to impress as a mediator, a role for which he is eminently suited."
Recent work: He was instructed as leading counsel in the Court of Appeal case of Soufflet Négoce v Bunge. The matter concerned interpretation of free on board (FOB) contracts.

Sara Masters QC 
One of the newer silks in the market, she has made the adjustment from the junior ranks well. Her shipping work includes, inter alia, arbitrations, jurisdictional disputes and charter party matters.
Expertise: "I can't fault her. She is very feisty and can certainly give as good as she gets." "She's very approachable, efficient and responsive."

Michael Collett QC 
A popular choice of junior due to his analytical approach and confident performance in shipping-related litigation and arbitration, including commodities and cargo disputes. His talents have been recognised at the highest levels, resulting in his taking silk in 2013.
Expertise: "He is extremely able and responds well under pressure." "He has a sound grip of legal principles, and is a calm and efficient advocate."
Recent work: He advised on Asia Golden Rice v PEC, a dispute alleging non-performance of a rice contract governed by GAFTA terms.

David Lewis QC 
Wins plaudits for his pragmatic advice and convincing advocacy. A new silk, he has great experience and frequently acts as lead counsel on dry disputes and shipbuilding cases.
Expertise: "He is one of the rising stars and destined for great things. He is very user-friendly, commercial in his approach and very bright." "Having much more senior people on the opposite side doesn't faze him."
Recent work: He was instructed as leading counsel on Yilport v Buxcliff, a dispute connected with the tariff for discharging damaged containers.


Julian Kenny 
His clear and concise communication skills, allied to his superb command of the law, ensure he is frequently instructed on hotly contested disputes of the day, both in court and in arbitration. He is a noted shipping and insurance expert.
Expertise: "He works very hard and has good arguments which he explains well." "People instruct him when they need somebody smart."
Recent work: He was instructed by the owners of the 'Sea Orchid' in connection with a Section 68 arbitration application.

Henry Byam-Cook 
Has a dry shipping practice and regularly undertakes charter party disputes and refund guarantee cases. He is praised for his smooth and charming advocacy, and his commercially practical approach.
Expertise: "He pays great attention to detail." "In addition to having exceptional technical skills and intellect, he is commercially aware, user-friendly and a pleasure to work with."
Recent work: He advised the respondent in Navios International v Sangamon Transportation, a case looking at the requirement of tribunals to give further reasons for their decisions.

Susannah Jones 
A reliable choice for matters relating to contracts of affreightment and the renunciation of time charters.
Expertise: "She has a good practice for her level of call."
Recent work: She was selected to appear as junior counsel in the high-profile Fiona Trust appeal, where she acted for a former director general of a Russian shipping company.

Luke Pearce 
An up-and-coming barrister, with impressively well-honed skills for someone of his call.
Expertise: "He is so far ahead of his contemporaries that it is too easy to forget that he is a fairly junior barrister."
Recent work: In addition to acting on the Starlight Shipping v Allianz dispute, he was also instructed on Star Reefers v JFC, a case arising from termination of a time charter party.