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Doughty Street Chambers - London
  • 54 Doughty Street
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC1N 2LS
  • Heads of Chambers Geoffrey Robertson QC, Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC
  • Chambers Director Robin Jackson
  • Senior Criminal Clerk Graham Briggs
  • Senior Civil Clerk Paul Friend
  • Criminal Clerks Richard Goodman, Emily Martin, Chole Gibbs
  • Civil Clerks Richard Bayliss, Paul Read, Sian Wilkins, Eresha Reid, Anthony Ward, Rachel Finch, Callum Stebbing
  • Junior Clerks Elliott Garcher, John Cooper
  • Tenants 119

THE CHAMBERS Doughty Street Chambers is a buoyant and cutting-edge set, renowned for and committed to defending freedom and civil liberties, and has a truly national and international profile across its wide range of practice in criminal law, civil law, administrative and public law, international law and human rights. Since their foundation in 1990, their aim has been and will always be to improve access to justice and to promote human rights and civil liberties through the law. Founded by fewer than 30 barristers,Doughty Street Chambers has grown to become one of the largest sets in the country with over 119 members, of whom 30 are Queen’s Counsel, and they have established chambers in Manchester and Bristol as well as London.

Members List

  • Geoffrey Robertson QC (1973) (QC-1988)
  • Edward Fitzgerald QC (1978) (QC-1995)
  • James Wood QC (1975) (QC-1999) A
  • Gavin Millar QC (1981) (QC-2000)
  • Helena Kennedy QC (1972) (QC-1991)
  • Patrick O’Connor QC (1970) (QC-1993) A
  • Christopher Sallon QC (1973) (QC-1993) A
  • Edward Rees QC (1973) (QC-1998)
  • Andrew Hall QC (1991) (QC- 2002)
  • Heather Rogers QC (1983) (QC-2006)
  • Jon Whitfield QC (1985) (QC-2010)
  • Heather Williams QC (1985) (QC-2006)
  • Joel Bennathan QC (1985) (QC-2006)
  • Robin Oppenheim QC (1988) (QC-2006)
  • Nicholas Bowen QC (1984) (QC-2009) A
  • Isabella Forshall QC (1982) (QC-2010)
  • Martin Westgate QC (1985) (QC-2010)
  • Francis FitzGibbon QC (1986) (QC-2010) A
  • David Hislop QC (1979) (NZ bar 1979) (QC-2010) A
  • Ian Wise QC (1992) (QC-2010) A
  • Kirsty Brimelow QC (1991)
  • Tim Moloney QC (1993) (QC-2010) (QC-2011) A
  • Phillippa Kaufmann QC (1991) (QC-2011)
  • Judith Farbey QC (1992) (QC-2011) A
  • Paul Bowen QC (1993) (QC-2012)
  • Rebecca Trowler QC (1995) (QC-2012) A
  • David Bentley QC (1984) (QC-2013) A
  • Stephen Cragg QC (1996) (QC-2013)
  • John RWD Jones QC (1992) A (QC-2013)
  • David Carter (1971)
  • Nick Paul (1980)
  • Kate Markus (1981) A
  • Christopher Hough (1981)
  • Jeannie Mackie (1995) (Solicitor 1982)
  • Tracey Bloom (1984)
  • Aswini Weereratne (1986) A
  • Gerwyn Samuel (1986)
  • Lauren Soertsz (1987)
  • Paul Taylor (1989)
  • Joe Stone (1989) A
  • Nicholas Brown (1990)
  • Quincy Whitaker (1991)
  • Stephen Reeder (1991)
  • Jonathan Cooper OBE (1992)
  • John Walsh (1993)
  • Mark Henderson (1994)
  • Paula Sparks (1994)
  • Richard Fisher (1994) A
  • Paul Draycott (1994)
  • Siobhan Grey (1994)
  • Katy Thorne (1994)
  • Althea Brown (1995)
  • Wayne Jordash (1995)
  • Dominic Preston (1995)
  • Rupert Bowers (1995)
  • Anthony Hudson (1996)
  • Nick Toms (1996)
  • Sarah Elliot (1996)
  • Tublu Mukherjee (1996)
  • Joseph Middleton (1997) A
  • Ulele Burnham (1997)
  • Henrietta Hill (1997) A
  • Steven Powles (1997)
  • Nick Stanage (1997) A
  • Lindsay Johnson (1997) A
  • Alex Durance (1997)
  • Jim Shepherd (1998)
  • Farrhat Arshad (1998) A
  • Jamie Burton (1999)
  • Benjamin Narain (1999)
  • Ben Cooper (1999) A
  • Charlotte Kilroy (1999)
  • John Hobson (1999)
  • Guy Vassall-Adams (2000) A
  • Daniel Bennett (2000)
  • Erimnaz Mushtaq (2000) A
  • David Lemer (2000) A
  • Philip Haywood (2001) A
  • Ruth Brander (2001) A
  • Caoilfhionn Gallagher (2001) A
  • Amanda Hart (2001)
  • Susan Sleeman (2001)
  • Piers Marquis (2001)
  • Amos Waldman (2001)
  • Liam Walker (2001) A
  • Laura Dubinsky (2002)
  • David Rhodes (2002)
  • Richard Thomas (2002)
  • Eloise Power (2002)
  • Alison Gerry (2003)
  • Alasdair Mackenzie (2004)
  • Azeem Suterwalla (2004)
  • Benjamin Newton (2004)
  • David Haines (2005)
  • Nichola Higgins (2005)
  • Gemma Hobcraft (2006)
  • Louise Price (2006) A
  • Malcolm Hawkes (2006)
  • Kate Annand (2007)
  • Tunde Okewale (2007)
  • Alison Pickup (2007)
  • Annabel Timan (2007) A
  • Tanya Eatwell (2007)
  • Harry Lambert (2008)
  • Steve Broach (2008)
  • Alex Gask (2008)
  • Catherine Meredith (2008)
  • Tom Stevens (2008)
  • Michelle Knorr (2008)
  • Sarah Steinhardt (2008)
  • Ben Silverstone (2009)
  • Amal Alamuddin (2010)
  • Nikolaus Grubeck (2010)
  • Abigail Bright (2010)
  • Maria Roche (2010)
  • Fiona Murphy (2013)
  • Paul Harris SC (1976) ++
  • Sadakat Kadri (1989) ++
  • Dr Guénaël Mettraux ++
  • ++ Associate Tenant A Public/Direct Access


Court of Protection - All Circuits

Specialising in health and welfare work, the set advises clients on a diverse range of issues including deprivation of liberty, violation of the right to family life and serious medical treatment cases. It frequently represents family members, local authorities, NHS trusts and the Official Solicitor. Recent highlights for the set have included A Local Authority v DL, a leading case on inherent jurisdiction protecting vulnerable adults from abuse. Sources refer to chambers as "a very active Court of Protection set."


Paul Bowen QC
An established public law and human rights lawyer who handles a good deal of health and welfare work.
Expertise: “A very thorough lawyer who has a good appreciation of the ECHR.” “He benefits from an imaginative style and will take on difficult cases, bringing a new angle.”
Recent work: He has recently acted on a string of high-profile matters in the fields of capacity to consent to marriage, deprivation of liberty and anorexia cases. He recently acted on A Local Authority v DL, relating to inherent jurisdiction protecting vulnerable adults from abuse.

Stephen Cragg QC
A newly appointed silk who acts for the Official Solicitor, local authorities and family members. He is also a part-time judge in the mental health area.
Expertise: “He is a very intelligent advocate whose opinions are clear, concise and straight to the point.”  

Kate Markus QC
Has a Court of Protection practice encompassing complex medical treatment cases, deprivation of liberty and a host of other personal welfare matters.
Expertise: “She is good outside court when negotiating with parties, incredibly knowledgeable and excellent on her feet.”  


Aswini Weereratne
She is the consultant editor to Halsbury's Laws, Mental Health and Capacity volume, published in 2013, and has notable expertise in cases concerning the overlap between the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act.
Expertise: “She is thoroughly dependable, balanced and sensible.” “An extremely thorough, unflappable barrister who produces excellent written work, she is a delight to work with.”

Stephen Reeder
Experienced in 'best interests' cases relating to welfare, healthcare, residence contact and deprivation of liberty.
Expertise: “He is an assured, meticulously prepared speaker who is easy to deal with.”
Recent work: He acted on Cardiff City Council v Peggy Ross & Norman Davies, a case concerning the deprivation of liberty regime under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.  

Ulele Burnham
Has acted on a string of hotly contested residence dispute cases.  She has a solid reputation among peers for her work in this arena.
Expertise: "She is able to pick up issues at short notice, and proves thorough and clear on the discrimination angle in cases."  

Since publication, Paul Bowen has joined Brick Court Chambers

Police Law - All Circuits

Doughty Street Chambers is unanimously recognised as the market leader in actions against the police and, being claimant-focused, is "one of the few sets that doesn't swing both ways on the claimant and defendant side." The 33-strong team has the strength and depth to cover a wide range of work including judicial review of police powers and death in custody inquests. Its recent work has included claims relating to the high-profile undercover police officer scandal. One client explains the appeal of the set by saying: "It provides a very high standard of barristers and has no dead wood. The breadth of knowledge and experience of the members is immense. They are great with clients and their heart is in the right place."

Client service: "The clerks offer such a range of amazing talent to cover any angle. Every barrister knows each other so there is a cross-pollination of ideas. If someone can't make a hearing there will be someone else to cover for them."


Heather Williams QC
One of the pre-eminent barristers in actions against the police, who impresses on the civil liberties front.
Expertise: "She is stealthy in court and wrong-foots a lot of opponents." "Her encyclopaedic knowledge of facts and the law is fantastic. She's an incredibly clear advocate who deals with questions in a very straightforward and helpful way."
Recent work: She acted on the landmark ruling that found the police guilty of unlawful disability discrimination in their treatment of a member of the public.

Nicholas Bowen QC 
A top-rate general civil practitioner who handles numerous public law and tort claims against miscellaneous public bodies. He has a particular focus on cases involving preventable homicide.
Expertise: "He is strong on the really complex Article 2 cases and is massively persistent." 
Recent work: Acted on a test case relating to the extent of police liability under the Human Rights Act. The matter concerned a negligent response to a 999 call by a victim of domestic violence.

Patrick O'Connor QC 
Vastly experienced in police law as part of a broad criminal and civil practice. Other high-profile work includes inquests into deaths in custody and advising on public inquiry panels.
Expertise: "A brilliant lawyer who is fearless and independent in his thinking."

Paul Bowen QC 
Specialises in actions against the police, prisons and other criminal justice agencies. Regular work includes inquests and civil actions with a particular focus on mental health and disability discrimination issues.
Expertise: "He is persistent on judicial review work and is great both on his feet and on paper." "On discrimination work he is the person to go to at a senior level." 
Recent work: Advised the claimant on R (Bankole) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, a case concerning the retention by police of unproven allegations of criminal conduct.

Stephen Cragg QC 
Negotiates a strong claimant practice in police and prison law and is a gifted human rights lawyer.
Expertise: "Very good on the law and develops complex legal arguments. His cross-examination is really impressive."
One solicitor said: "He is a leading expert in administrative challenges and police misconduct. He can turn things around extremely quickly."
Recent work: Acted on a Supreme Court case against the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis that found the policy of retention of DNA samples and fingerprints to be unlawful.


Henrietta Hill 
Expertise in civil actions against the police, inquests and discrimination matters. Her regular work involves cases on behalf of informants and protected witnesses and the victims of sexual misconduct by police officers.
Expertise: "She's impressive, shows great attention to detail, is exceptionally knowledgeable and is prepared to take on the difficult cases." "One of the leading experts in the country in inquests, she is go-to counsel here and is extremely bright, organised and blessed with a great attitude." 

Ruth Brander 
Regularly acts on police actions, inquests, public law cases and criminal appeals. She has a particular specialism in protestor cases. 
Expertise: "She cuts to the chase and is able to advise clients in a way that enables them to understand the issues. A great communicator." "She is very clever and she is now the person to go to for protests work. She really puts the time in, is very easy to work with and pays attention to everything." 
Recent work: She is representing 18 claimants bringing judicial review proceedings in respect of pre-emptive arrests and the execution of search warrants by the Metropolitan Police during the royal wedding.

Alison Gerry 
Has a practice strong on prison work, mental health law and inquests. Public and international human rights law cases are also undertaken.
Expertise: "Incredibly industrious, very generous with her time and someone with a good instinct, who can grasp the facts in a short space of time." "She cuts away the red herrings and gets to the nub of the issue. She pursues the novel points of law in an absolutely fearless way."

Nick Stanage
Negotiates a thriving practice and takes on a broad range of civil actions against the police. Has extensive experience of inquests, immigration, criminal and public law matters.
Expertise: "He is an outstanding natural orator and has a great rapport with clients." "The fact that he also sits as a deputy coroner in Manchester really helps. Happy to give initial advice off the record, he is a junior really going places and can be trusted implicitly."

Caoilfhionn Gallagher
Advises on judicial reviews and inquests where individual police forces are involved. Her expertise extends to public law, prison law, children’s rights and inquests.
Expertise: "She is very quick to pick up the issues and thinks strategically. With her you get the result you wanted." "She impresses with her drafting and input into a case."
Recent work: Acted on a high-profile judicial review concerning the legality of deeming a 17-year-old retained in police custody as holding the status of an adult.

Nick Brown 
Regularly acts on civil actions against the police for claimants accused of murder, kidnapping and rape, as well as those suffering severe psychiatric injuries. Other work includes claims relating to the disclosure of confidential information.
Expertise: "Amazingly good with the families in inquests and civil rights actions. He is exceptionally detailed and not afraid to put up a fight, both very important qualities in this area." "He isn't scared of running difficult cases yet provides very realistic advice."
Recent work: He advised the de Menezes family on civil claims arising out of the Metropolitan Police shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Underground.

Adam Straw  
Works primarily for claimants in police actions and has expertise in judicial review and human rights matters. Also covers inquests and inquiries and has a strong knowledge of issues relating to vulnerable people. 
Expertise: "Everyone rates him. He is a fast worker, who is extremely clever and just what you want." "Focused, to the point and an excellent communicator. He can explain very complex issues and get to the nub of the matter." 
Recent work:  He represented the family of Captain O’Reilly in a high-value civil damages claim, after the Captain died following an assault by a police officer.

Jude Bunting 
Expert at claims against the police dealing with novel points of law. Has a particular focus on judicial review, discrimination cases and human rights claims. 
Expertise: "Great at drafting, helpful and easy to contact. He is exceptionally bright and has a strong intellectual grasp of issues." "He is very comfortable in a court setting and impressive before a judge. He's a personable guy, who is good with clients and has a quick turnaround time." 
Recent work: He acted on R (SM) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, which challenged a police decision to caution a young man with serious mental health difficulties.

Alex Gask 
Displays a high level of skill when advising on human rights challenges to public authorities. His work spans a wide range of practice areas, from actions against the police to prison law and children's rights.
Expertise: "He is very conscientious, approachable and good with clients. He can really think on his feet." "Advises and drafts really well. He's smart with an academic approach."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of a Lithuanian woman who was wrongly arrested for being in possession of a false passport and held on remand for two months in violation of Article 5 of the Human Rights Act.

Since publication, Paul Bowen has joined Brick Court Chambers

Administrative & Public Law - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers offers an unparalleled concentration of expertise in claimant-based public law. The barristers here routinely act in non-commercial cases of the most innovative and controversial kind, and are admired for the commitment with which they are prepared to assert the rights of those who have suffered as a result of the decisions of public authorities. Areas of particular strength include immigration and asylum, prison law and criminal justice, healthcare, education and freedom of information. 

Client service: "The service is good, intelligent, timely and efficient. I would not hesitate before using the set again."


Edward Fitzgerald QC
Maintains an exceptional public law practice, handling cases involving mental health, prisoners' rights and refugee law. 
Expertise: "He will come up with very novel ideas. He is just brilliant. There is no one like him and he is amazing to work with." "He is terrific. I have never seen him involved in a poorly argued case."
Recent work: Acted for Mr Othman (Abu Qatada) in a successful challenge to the Home Secretary's decision to order his deportation to Jordan.

Martin Westgate QC
Offers advice and representation to claimants who wish to challenge the actions of public bodies. He frequently handles cases arising in the field of labour relations and employment law.
Expertise: "The court has a lot of respect for his understated and persuasive style." "He is a passionate fighter for his clients."
Recent work: Acted in an appeal to the Police Appeals Tribunal contesting a decision that had required a police officer to resign.  

Paul Bowen QC
Specialises in cases involving mental health, deaths in custody, detainees, community care, social care and disability.
Expertise:  "A very skilled and competent barrister and a good team player." "He is phenomenally hard-working and makes meticulous, careful and thorough submissions."
Recent work: Acted for a quadriplegic individual who had expressed a competent wish to end his life but required assistance to do so. The case involved challenging the law that criminalises doctors who offer such assistance.

Stephen Cragg QC
Handles public law cases involving human rights and social welfare. He also has an interest in claims against the police.
Expertise: "He has a very fluent and eloquent courtroom presence. He can handle difficult positions with extreme professionalism and magnanimity." "He is very bright and extremely tenacious, and has good judgement."
Recent work: Acted in a Supreme Court case challenging the legality of the police policy of retaining DNA and fingerprint samples.

Kate Markus QC
Handles a broad range of public law cases, including those concerning housing, mental health, community care, local service provision and local government cuts. She is also experienced in matters involving national security.
Expertise: "She is excellent to work with. She has a well-rounded knowledge of public law and a sure-footed style of advocacy." "She is very thorough and committed to the cases she fights in."
Recent work: Acted in a judicial review of London Borough of Lambeth's decision to cease to fund a voluntary organisation providing services to learning-disabled adults.


Caoilfhionn Gallagher
Specialises in public law cases involving community care, prison law and the rights of children. 
Expertise: "She is exceptionally thorough and very committed." "She is always available for formal or informal advice, and is very good at getting work turned around quickly. She has a good handle on how to pursue a case strategically."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of several claimants in a case concerning legislation requiring the disclosure for CRB checks of all convictions and cautions. It was argued that the legislation might be in breach of the right to life. 

Henrietta Hill
Specialises in public law matters relating to discrimination, actions against the police and inquests. She is experienced in handling judicial reviews.
Expertise: "An extremely diligent practitioner who really gets on top of a case." "She is very committed, very hard-working and very bright."
Recent work: Represented a disabled man in a judicial review of the decision to prosecute him for allegedly assaulting his wife. It was argued that the claimant's behaviour was a consequence of his disability and for that reason could not be criminalised.  

Adam Straw
Acts predominantly for claimants, focusing on cases involving discrimination and the welfare of vulnerable members of society. Demonstrates particular proficiency in handling judicial reviews, and in work involving human rights. 
Expertise: "Exceptionally bright and in high demand. He pushes boundaries and uses the law imaginatively to secure the best results for clients." 
Recent work: Successfully represented a group of minors in a case concerning the rights of the children of prisoners. The High Court found unlawful the Secretary of State's policy on granting parents leave to visit their children.

Jamie Burton
Specialises in cases concerning cuts to legal aid and a range of other public services, including healthcare and community care. He demonstrates considerable experience in the handling of judicial reviews.
Expertise: "Very creative in his approach."
Recent work: Acted in a challenge against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions' decision to cut housing benefits.  

Since publication, Paul Bowen has joined Brick Court Chambers

Civil Liberties & Human Rights - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers is held in the highest regard due to the quality of representation it offers to claimants in the most challenging and politically sensitive human rights matters. Its accomplished members are equipped to handle, with an unusual level of distinction, cases in the fields of healthcare, crime, extradition, prisoners' rights, immigration, social welfare, discrimination, employment and police misconduct. They also demonstrate considerable expertise in cases concerning financial crime.

Client service: "The clerking there is great. The team will always find the right person for the job."


Edward Fitzgerald QC
Enjoys a phenomenal reputation due to the expertise, experience and acuity he brings to a variety of human rights matters. He is a recognised authority on cases concerning immigration, extradition and international law.
Expertise: "One of those rare people who can make an argument sound like the only reasonable position, and one of the best advocates I have ever come across." "Fantastic in so many ways. He is always outstanding."
Recent work: Successfully represented Abu Qatada in a challenge to the Home Secretary's decision to order his deportation to Jordan.

Heather Williams QC
Commands considerable admiration for her handling of human rights matters concerning discrimination and the powers of the police. She is also proficient in cases involving prison law and employment.
Expertise: "She is excellent with clients and great on her feet." "She has so much expertise and adds massive amounts of value. She is incredibly impressive."
Recent work: Acted for the claimants in a case concerning undercover police officers. The claims were brought on the grounds that the officers had posed as fellow activists in order to form close and sexual relationships with the claimants, thereby breaching several articles of the ECHR.  

Paul Bowen QC
Specialises in human rights matters involving deaths in custody, mental health, disability and community care. He is a recognised authority on the Mental Heath Act 2007.
Expertise: "He is not afraid to address issues that may look unpromising. He really has a very good feel for his areas of law."
Recent work: Acted for several NGOs in a case addressing whether psychiatric hospitals have a duty to take steps to protect patients from risk of self-inflicted death.

Judith Farbey QC
Focuses on human rights matters relating to nationality, immigration and asylum. She also handles cases involving prisoners who have been sentenced to death.
Expertise: "She is extremely thorough and exceptionally clever."
Recent work: Acted for the National Union of Students in a case concerning the interests of students subsequent to London Metropolitan University's loss of its Tier 4 sponsor licence.

Martin Westgate QC 
Handles a wide range of human rights matters, including those concerning the right to life, free speech, freedom from arbitrary detention, and rights to property. He is experienced in cases involving international law.
Expertise: "He has great attention to detail and is a very solid advocate."

Geoffrey Robertson QC
Handles a diverse range of human rights matters. His areas of expertise include torture, freedom of information and immigration.
Expertise: "A phenomenal man. He is prepared to stick his neck out." "A luminary of the Bar."
Recent work: Acted for the Equality & Human Rights Commission in a test case to determine the meaning of the right to dignity under the Lisbon Treaty.

Stephen Cragg QC 
Handles human rights matters arising in the areas of public law and criminal justice. He is renowned for his expertise in prison law and actions against the police.
Expertise: "He is very good with clients, great with detail, and great on the law." "He is very authoritative and just has a wealth of experience. You can have real confidence in him."
Recent work: Acted successfully against the Metropolitan Police in a case challenging the legality of its policy of retaining suspects' DNA samples and fingerprints.

Kate Markus QC
Instructed in civil liberties matters arising in the field of public law. She demonstrates particular expertise in cases concerning control orders, national security, mental health, terrorism and deportation.
Expertise: "She is intimidatingly bright and provides the most comprehensive advice." "She is extremely talented, very dedicated, and always very clever and forward thinking with the advice she gives."
Recent work: Acted in a judicial review concerning the state's policy of imposing a levy on the earnings of prisoners.  


Caoilfhionn Gallagher 
Frequently handles human rights-related judicial reviews. Her areas of expertise include national security, prison law and trafficking.
Expertise: "Exceptionally thorough and very committed. Her work is extraordinarily good." "She is really committed to clients and very approachable."
Recent work: Represented a mother and her two disabled children in a challenge to the London Borough of Lambeth's eligibility criteria for access to children's services.

Alison Gerry 
Specialises in human rights matters involving prison law, mental health and public law. She also handles actions against the police.
Expertise: "She conducts her advocacy in a skilled and thoughtful way, and it is based on a high level of preparation and a real engagement with the case and the clients." 

Adam Straw
Acts on behalf of claimants in human rights matters involving discrimination, detention and vulnerable members of society. He regularly appears for bereaved families in high-profile inquests, and is regarded as an authority on coronial law. 
Expertise: "He is coveted by solicitors, and he deserves it. He will always come up with creative and brilliant solutions to whatever problems you throw at him. He is the complete package." One rival barrister commented: "I would be proud to have him at my chambers, and I would be happy to have him as a junior on any case. He is just amazing."
Recent work: Successfully represented an immigration detainee who had been handcuffed in order to transport him to hospital, and was refused the right to privacy during his visit. It was argued that the detainee's right not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment had been violated.

Henrietta Hill 
Focuses on human rights matters involving discrimination, actions against the police, and actions against the prison service. She is particularly experienced in handling cases concerning deaths in custody.
Expertise: "She has incredibly detailed legal knowledge. She is impressive in court and very impressive in writing." "She is excellent: bright, meticulous and approachable."
Recent work: Successfully represented a homosexual couple who were denied accommodation in a bed and breakfast establishment by its Christian owner.

Jude Bunting
Specialises in the human rights aspects of cases in the field of prison law. He offers additional expertise in the fields of criminal justice, terrorism and actions against police. 
Expertise: "He is very conscientious and very enthusiastic. The advice he provides is brilliant." "He offers very good legal analysis and is very impressive on his feet." 
Recent work: Acted in R (Richardson and others) v Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, a leading Divisional Court authority on the correct interpretation of the offence of aggravated trespass. 

Ruth Brander 
Handles a variety of human rights matters, including actions against the police and criminal appeals. She has particular expertise in cases involving prisoners' rights.
Expertise: "Extremely bright and innovative, and also someone with fantastic attention to detail." "Incredibly hard-working, she gets very good results, and has very good judgement."
Recent work: Acted in a judicial review of the process employed by the Metropolitan Police for retaining and issuing harassment warning notices.

Charlotte Kilroy
Has established a human rights practice characterised by an interest in cases involving immigration and trafficking. She is also proficient in matters relating to the obligations of the state, prisoners' rights and national security.
Expertise: "She is incredibly committed and a clear thinker." "She is very able - a very bright and committed woman."
Recent work: Acted successfully for the claimant in a case concerning the mistreatment of a black prisoner while in a UK police custody suite.

Laura Dubinsky
Maintains a civil liberties practice that covers actions against public authorities, prison law challenges, and claims arising from false imprisonment. She is an authority on cases concerning immigration law.
Expertise: "She is one of the most intelligent and hard-working lawyers I have come across."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a challenge to the Ministry of Justice's policy on Home Detention Curfews for prisoners.  

Aswini Weereratne
Focuses on human rights matters arising in the fields of mental capacity and mental health. She also handles damages claims relating to the removal of children from their families by local authorities.
Recent work: Acted in a case concerning a mentally ill prisoner who had been detained without access to psychiatric care. 

Alison Pickup
Specialises in the human rights aspects of cases involving immigration, unlawful detention, prison law and welfare. She is an authority on the law relating to arrest and detention.
Expertise: "She is charming to work with and has good judgement." "She is really thorough, offers very detailed written advice, and is very approachable and happy to talk through cases informally."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of a Somali national in an unlawful detention claim. The claimant had been detained for over a year while attempts were made to deport him to Somalia.

Alex Gask 
Offers advice and representation in connection with human rights challenges against a variety of public authorities. His areas of expertise include prison law, actions against the police, and children's rights.
Expertise: "Very thorough and very conscientious."
Recent work: Acted for the claimants in a civil action against the British government relating to the abuse and torture that was inflicted in Kenya in the 1950s during the Mau Mau rebellion.

Since publication, Paul Bowen has joined Brick Court Chambers

Clinical Negligence - London (Bar)

Widely appreciated for its primarily claimant-focused approach to clinical negligence cases of all values. Interviewees emphasise the broad service the set offers in addition to clinical negligence expertise, pointing to its assistance on inquests and its track record on Human Rights Act cases.

Client service: "A very good chambers that is always up to speed with everything, and is excellent at communicating matters to solicitors and clients."


Robin Oppenheim QC 
Known amongst sources as the set's standout performer in clinical negligence, he is revered for his combination of analytical skill, litigation prowess and kindness to seriously injured clients. He is heavily involved in many multimillion liability and quantum claims.
Expertise: "He is extremely good. He is a real perfectionist in the way that he prepares cases, and I am always confident that he will get the best outcome possible for the client. I know that he is a safe pair of hands as he is clearly very experienced in clinical negligence, and has built up a good knowledge of the medical side of matters as well."


Christopher Hough 
A widely appreciated junior of over 30 years' call, who acts mainly for claimants in medical negligence matters. Impresses interviewees with his compassionate nature and knowledge of quantum issues.
Expertise: "He is accessible to clients while remaining very determined with his legal arguments. He is immensely experienced, which counts for a lot when you are doing things like a round table negotiation."
Recent work: Advised a client on a case concerning gentamicin poisoning, which led to deafness and major behavioural and psychological problems for the claimant. The case was settled for a capitalised value of £4.8 million.

Paula Sparks 
Draws praise from clients for the medical, human rights and inquest expertise that she brings to her clinical negligence cases. Her practice is enhanced by her involvement with AvMA's Advisory Committee on inquests.
Expertise: "She is very good because she is approachable, thorough and has good attention to detail."

Gerwyn Samuel 
A veteran of numerous high-value, complex clinical negligence claims, especially those involving a crossover with personal injury. A majority of his cases involve brain and spinal injuries.
Expertise: "Frighteningly clever, tenacious and enthusiastic, he is particularly good with clients, and really does add value to claims."
Recent work: Acted for a paraplegic claimant who was operated on unnecessarily and negligently by a spinal surgeon, resulting in further paralysis and infections which rendered the claimant effectively tetraplegic. The case involved a dispute on all areas of quantum, and was settled for a capitalised value of £3.5 million.

Crime - London (Bar)

This set is widely recognised as a leader in the defence of human rights, and this is reflected in its criminal practice. Members often appear in matters of the utmost importance, many of which garner intense media scrutiny. By way of example, individuals from the set have been involved in all of the major terrorist trials of recent times, a number of political protest cases - including the UK Uncut's occupation of Fortnum& Mason - and some highly publicised extradition cases such as that of Gary McKinnon. All aspects of criminal work are taken on and the members are regulars in the appeal courts. 

Client service: "The clerks are very responsive and very straightforward in their dealings."


Edward Fitzgerald QC
A champion in human rights defence, he is instructed to handle the most complex crime appeals. He is particularly praised by sources for his superb technical legal knowledge and his brilliant mind.
Expertise: "He is a maverick, who's brilliant on his feet and has real guts." "He has, over the years, done a lot of the main appellate work."
Recent work: Acted in the high-profile Danilo Restivo appeal against a whole-life sentence specified minimum term for a murder conviction.

Tim Moloney QC
Formerly of Tooks Chambers, he brings to Doughty Street 20 years of experience at the Criminal Bar and a superb reputation.
Expertise: "He is a powerhouse intellectual who has a great deal of terrorism experience."
Recent work: Represented an individual allegedly part of a suicide bombing campaign in Britain.

Christopher Sallon QC
Called to the Bar of the Eastern Caribbean and Trinidad & Tobago and a member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, he heads the set's regulatory and financial crime group.
Expertise: "He is a top-notch advocate, who is very conscientious and hard-working."
Recent work: He acted on behalf of a former bank employee on trial for a USD15 million theft from the bank.

James Wood QC
He has a strong general crime practice, but is particularly noted for handling terrorism and miscarriage of justice cases.
Expertise: "He is bright and he gets the points quickly." "He is fearless as an advocate."
Recent work: He acted on behalf of Christopher Docherty-Puncheon in the high-profile trial concerning the 2004 gunning down on his doorstep of Colonel Riley Workman.

Edward Rees QC
Has a wide criminal practice and has particular expertise in public order offences. Sources describe him as one of the best cross-examiners in the market.
Expertise: "He is a brilliant trial advocate, who knows what to say and how to say it whatever the case."
Recent work: He defended, on the grounds of diminished responsibility, a transgender defendant accused of having pushed a well-known solicitor under a train.

David Bentley QC
He has long-standing experience of handling leading cases, and has acted in complex criminal trials requiring detailed understanding of DNA evidence.
Expertise: "He is very good. DNA evidence is his thing, and he has the ability to understand forensic stuff that is not easy."
Recent work: Represented a client in a complex Diplock terrorism trial and appeal in Northern Ireland.

Joel Bennathan QC 
Formerly a member of Tooks, he recently joined Doughty Street and is highly praised by sources for being a hugely gifted advocate. His practice is heavy on criminal appeals.
Expertise: "He is a very powerful appellate advocate."

Andrew Hall QC 

Isabella Forshall QC 

Rebecca Trowler QC 

Patrick O'Connor QC 

Jonathan Whitfield QC 

Francis FitzGibbon QC 

David Hislop QC 

Kirsty Brimelow QC 

Sarah Elliott QC 

Paul Taylor 

Richard Fisher 

Nichola Higgins 

Lauren Soertsz 

Richard Thomas 

Benjamin Newton 

Defamation/Privacy - London (Bar)

This leading public law set has a strong presence in the defamation market, and its members are particularly well versed on cases where defamation and human rights law intersect. Pre-publication advice is another central plank in this set's practice, and its members are regularly instructed by the leading national newspapers and broadcasters. Of late its members have been advising on the phone hacking affair.


Gavin Millar QC 
Seen by many as the journalist's advocate, he is considered the leading Article 10 lawyer and is particularly lauded for his work in cases invoking contempt or the Reynolds principle.
Expertise: "He has made certain areas of the law his own and is very carefully listened to by judges. He is a stellar advocate, who provides amazing analysis and is trusted by the Bench."
"He's magnificent at cross-examining."
Recent work: Was instructed by Telegraph Media Group to advise and represent the group at the Leveson Inquiry.

Heather Rogers QC 
A formidable silk whose broad defamation and privacy practice sees her representing both claimants and defendants. Sources praise the calm manner with which she approaches a case, and remark upon her exceptional knowledge of the law.
Expertise: "She has formidable forensic skills, provides cogent advice, and is a pleasure to work with." "She's totally reliable, as regards both her advice and the quality of her advocacy."
Recent work: She was successful on appeal in the Supreme Court in Flood v Times Newspapers.

Immigration - London (Bar)

Doughty Street is highly praised for its immigration practice. Barristers at the set are often sought out for their wide-ranging expertise, and handle matters as diverse as legally aided asylum appeals, and Tier 1 applications for high net worth individuals.

Client service: "The clerking team is very professional, efficient and courteous."


Judith Farbey QC
Regularly instructed on all aspects of the PBS and routinely handles Tier 2 and Tier 4 matters for businesses and individuals. She has noted expertise in sponsor licences for foreign students. Also has a strong detention practice, and is praised for her work as a special advocate.
Expertise: "Excellent with both the detail and the bigger picture." "Absolutely excellent, she's very clever and easy to work with. Lots of barristers are lastmin.com but she's hyper-prepared."
Recent work: Instructed by the NUS on an intervention into the judicial review concerning the removal of London Metropolitan University's sponsor licence.


Laura Dubinsky 
Highly praised by fellow barristers with one in particular stating that she is in a league above many other juniors. Dubinsky has a wide immigration practice and works at all levels, from tribunals to the Supreme Court.
Expertise: "Utterly tenacious, she's clever and fearless. She takes difficult cases to the very top."
Recent work: Challenged the UK government's policy of indefinite detention for foreign national prisoners pending deportation.

Mark Henderson
Has a complex caseload in the UK and Europe. Praised by his peers, his practice encompasses the full range of immigration and asylum law, and he is regularly instructed on judicial reviews.
Expertise: "He's not afraid to tackle the most complex issues."
Recent work: Acted for Refugee Action in its intervention in a judicial review challenging Home Office policy on the distribution of asylum support.

Alasdair MacKenzie 
Has a wide-ranging immigration practice and is considered an expert on asylum law. He is regularly instructed on cases involving Tamil refugees.
Expertise: Barristers and solicitors alike praise him for his "thorough and detailed" approach. 
Recent work: Appeared in a Sri Lankan country guidance case relating to allegations of widespread torture of Tamils upon repatriation. 

Philip Haywood
Maintains a varied immigration practice. He regularly appears in human rights and asylum cases, and also has a burgeoning business-focused workload.
Expertise: "A barrister who's definitely moving upwards."
Recent work: Acted as junior in a case concerning the standstill clause in the EU-Turkey association agreement and whether this could be relied upon by a claimant who had breached the conditions of his stay.

Joseph Middleton
Mixes a human rights and asylum practice with work for corporate clients and high net worth individuals. He is popular with solicitors, who describe him as "amazing" and someone they would go to for anything.
Expertise: "Can handle a human rights case one day and an entrepreneur matter the next. He does a good job and is liked by his instructing solicitors." "Has an excellent brain and establishes good rapport with the client."
Recent work: Advised in Young v Young, £400m ancillary relief proceedings in the High Court, counselling the wife on opposing an application by her husband for the return of his passport.

John Walsh
Regularly instructed on both private and legally aided matters. He has particular expertise in detention cases and immigration matters with EU law elements.
Expertise: "He's always good if you've got a fight on your hands with a deportation."
Recent work: Represented a Turkish national who was threatened with deportation following redundancy. Successfully argued he ought to be allowed to remain as a self-employed businessman under the EU-Turkey association agreement.

Catherine Meredith
Described as "one to watch" by peers, she punches above her weight and is popular with solicitors and NGOs. Experienced in EU law, she has a particular specialism in cases involving vulnerable individuals such as children and victims of trafficking. 
Recent work: Advised on a reference to the ECJ on the citizenship directive's five-year residency requirement and whether a period in prison could be taken into account.

David Lemer
A very strong junior who is particularly strong on the human rights and immigration crossover.
Expertise: "Provides valuable input," and is noted for his "eager and keen" approach to difficult cases.
Recent work: Undertook a country guidance case concerning Pakistan and the threat of persecution faced by members of the minority Ahmadi religious group.

Alison Pickup 
An immigration and asylum specialist who is tipped to go a long way.
Expertise: "Very imaginative and great with clients." "She's great to work with, thorough and very thoughtful." "She's completely collegiate, and shares her information and knowledge."
Recent work: Appeared as co-counsel for an appellate in the MP Sri Lankan country guidance case concerning the threat of torture faced by returning Tamils.

Charlotte Kilroy 
Has a busy immigration practice and regularly takes on cases with human rights or criminal law elements. As a junior, she is involved in some high-profile and complex matters, including cases in SIAC.
Expertise: "She produces incredibly detailed written work."
Recent work: Led by Dinah Rose QC on a judicial review concerning the fast-tracking of the claim of a Ugandan asylum seeker.

Personal Injury - London (Bar)

Focusing primarily on claimant work, this team handles the gamut of personal injury litigation claims. Its members are noted for their experience in a range of niche areas, and have significant strength in employers' liability and occupational disease work.

Client service: "The clerking's good. It's unusual that they don't get back to you the same day if you raise a query."


Robin Oppenheim QC
Known for his experience in catastrophic injury claims and high-profile group litigation. He is respected by peers and instructing solicitors for his ability to handle complex issues and for his tenacity in court.
Expertise: "He's very meticulous and authoritative, and he really gets into the detail."
"He's a standout performer."
Recent work: Acted in claims arising from the PIP breast implant litigation, brought against clinics under the Sales of Goods Act.


Gerwyn Samuel
Centres his practice on catastrophic brain and spinal injury claims. He acts exclusively for claimants, and is known for his ability in court and in negotiation. He is also highly experienced in claims involving severe psychiatric injury and chronic regional pain disorder.
Expertise: "He's extremely thorough. He's passionate about what he does, and he really thinks outside the box." "He's very good in negotiation; he has a very good presence and a good eye for detail."
Recent work: Acted in a claim for multiple injuries, including a catastrophic brain injury, sustained by an elderly claimant in an RTA.

Daniel Bennett 
Regarded as an authority on claims relating to employers' liability, he edits the leading text 'Munkman on Employer's Liability'. Solicitors single him out for his expertise in cases involving controlled substances, and for his advocacy.
Expertise: "He's eloquent and he'll go the extra mile." "He's very easy to get on with; he has a good client manner and he's efficient."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Williams v Tata Steels UK, a claim concerning kidney cancer arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals at a steel works.

Product Liability - London (Bar)

Well known for its claimant-focused approach, it has members who have played central roles in some of the weightiest group actions. Examples include the PIP breast implant litigation and the hip implant litigation.

Client service: "I can e-mail them whenever I want; they're always very prompt in replying. Added to this, they don't chase us incessantly for fees."


Robin Oppenheim QC 
Remains one of the most revered silks around acting on the claimant side. He is well regarded for the impressive volume and quality of cases he takes on, and has appeared in standout cases including the fetal anticonvulsant litigation, the haemophilia litigation and the oral contraceptive pill litigation, to name a few.
Expertise: "I view him as a once-in-a-generation barrister. He's very blunt and direct, and has a brilliant brain. His analysis is first rate." "Robin by nature is incredibly thorough. He's very much a detail person – no stone gets left unturned."
Recent work: He acted on the claimant side, on behalf of hundreds of women in the momentous PIP breast implant litigation.

Social Housing - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers is renowned for its top-quality work in public law issues; social housing being no exception. It boasts a team of high-profile housing lawyers practising from London and Manchester, most of whom have over a decade's experience. Barristers from Doughty Street usually act for tenants in housing cases. Their recent high-profile cases include Ofogba v LB Southwark and Konodyba v Kensington & Chelsea RLBC. Sources consistently praise them for their diligence and expertise.

Client service: "The clerking is always helpful, responsive and flexible."


Martin Westgate QC
Negotiates a broad practice, and has gained experience acting on a range of housing cases over a distinguished career. He is particularly strong on cases involving complicated asylum and immigration issues.
Expertise: "A barrister with an incredibly powerful legal mind," he is "a thoughtful lawyer who will think everything through."
Recent work: He acted for the tenants in Ofogba v LB Southwark and Konodyba v Kensington & Chelsea.

Kate Markus QC
Has a broad practice in public law which takes in housing law and community care. She is well regarded for her work involving the provision of accommodation to vulnerable adults and children. 
Expertise: "She is incisive and always supports the instructing solicitor. She works in a fully inclusive and approachable way."
Recent work: She was involved on the key test case of R (SL) v LB Westminster, acting for an intervener. 


Jamie Burton 
The "charming and incredibly bright" Burton enters Band 1 of the rankings following unanimous praise from peers in this sector. "At the heart of a lot of progressive cases," he has appeared on a number of key housing cases involving an array of issues.
Expertise: "A tenacious yet sensible barrister," who is particularly well regarded for his ability to work with clients. 
Recent work: He successfully represented the claimant in R (Almeida) v LB Kensington and Chelsea, which dealt with the ability of EEA nationals to claim housing and healthcare in the United Kingdom.

David Carter
Acts for both tenants and social landlords including local authorities. He is particularly noted for his expertise in homelessness. 
Expertise: Sources applaud his intelligence and flexible and approachable manner. "He's very amenable and has great experience of working for local authorities."
Recent work: He recently represented the tenant in Murray v Westminster CC and acted for the local authority in S v Plymouth CC.

Lindsay Johnson
Manages a broad practice in this sector and often handles Article 8 ECHR cases and housing stock transfers.
Expertise: He receives praise for his written work in particular and is considered "bright and knowledgeable."
Recent work: He was recently led by Martin Westgate QC in Konodyba v Kensington & Chelsea RLBC.

Dominic Preston
A recent arrival to Doughty Street, this grounded practitioner is praised for his expertise on a range of housing work, particularly residential leasehold and disrepair matters. Sources say he is "a charming opponent" and "always accessible and happy to advise."
Expertise: He is "succinct, understandable and will fight a corner hard and well." 
Instructing solicitors say he is "engaging, adaptable, appropriate and effective."
Recent work: Highlights include those involving the Equality Act in antisocial behaviour possession orders.

Stephen Reeder
"Charismatic and charming," he has a practice that spans housing law and community care and is particularly noted for his expertise in cases with a mental health element.
Expertise: "He impressed in a joint community care/housing matter where his knowledge and experience were very useful in liaising between the parties and representing the client's best interests."
Recent work: Acted for the defendant in Poplar HARCA v Bitumba.

Jim Shepherd 
Enters the table this year, and is hailed for "doing brilliant work at the coal face." He is best known for his work for law centres and particularly vulnerable tenants.
Expertise: Sources strongly commend his written advocacy and identify him as a "straightforward, responsive and understanding" practitioner.

Administrative & Public Law - Northern (Bar)

This set has an established reputation for its high-quality representation of claimants in non-commercial public law matters. The set is particularly noted for its presence in prison law matters and actions against the police, drawing on the human rights heritage of its London chambers in these spheres. Other areas of excellence include immigration and asylum law, housing and social welfare and community care. 


Farrhat Arshad 
Focuses the public law element of her practice on judicial reviews stemming from criminal and prison law.
Expertise: "She is very good on her feet."

Civil Liberties & Human Rights - Northern (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers offers advice and representation across the entire range of matters relating to civil liberties and human rights. Its members act largely for claimants, and demonstrate particular expertise in cases concerning prisoners' rights, public demonstrations, immigration, asylum, community care, healthcare and mental health. They also handle actions against the police.  


Nick Stanage
Handles human rights matters concerning immigration, asylum and the criminal justice system. He is renowned for his expertise in police law. 
Expertise: "He is outstandingly able and knowledgeable. He is a tenacious and tough-minded advocate, and very personable with clients. A definite silk in the making." "He's really charismatic and a great trial lawyer."

Farrhat Arshad
Focuses her human rights practice on cases concerning prisoners' rights and public demonstrations. She is an authority on criminal law.   
Expertise: "She is a forceful and effective advocate." 

Immigration - Northern (Bar)

Doughty Street has a number of barristers with a significant immigration practice both in the Northern Circuit and nationally. The set is especially strong on human rights issues, and its members are frequently instructed on cases involving difficult asylum claims and unlawful detention.


Nick Stanage 
Has a broad immigration practice but is noted for his expertise in unlawful detention cases.
Expertise: "He is very charismatic and commanding in court; he's really got that charisma."

Paul Draycott 
Regularly carries out immigration work with a human rights or EU slant. He is frequently instructed in complex test cases, where he impresses solicitors who note that "he is always able to add an extra dimension in terms of his knowledge of the law."
Expertise: "He always gives clear advice as to what next steps need to be taken. As a client, I always knew exactly what needed to be done next."