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Doughty Street Chambers - London
  • 54 Doughty Street
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC1N 2LS
  • Heads of Chambers Geoffrey Robertson QC, Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC
  • Chambers Director Robin Jackson
  • Senior Criminal Clerk Graham Briggs
  • Senior Civil Clerk Paul Friend
  • Criminal Clerks Richard Goodman, Emily Martin, Chole Gibbs
  • Civil Clerks Richard Bayliss, Paul Read, Sian Wilkins, Eresha Reid, Anthony Ward, Elliott Gardner, Callum Stebbing
  • Junior Clerks Louis Wilkins, Daniel Moore
  • Tenants 119

THE CHAMBERS Doughty Street Chambers is a buoyant and cutting-edge set, renowned for and committed to defending freedom and civil liberties, and has a truly national and international profile across its wide range of practice in criminal law, civil law, administrative and public law, international law and human rights. Since their foundation in 1990, their aim has been and will always be to improve access to justice and to promote human rights and civil liberties through the law. Founded by fewer than 30 barristers,Doughty Street Chambers has grown to become one of the largest sets in the country with over 119 members, of whom 30 are Queen’s Counsel, and they have established chambers in Manchester and Bristol as well as London.

Members List

  • Geoffrey Robertson QC (1973) (QC-1988)
  • Edward Fitzgerald QC (1978) (QC-1995)
  • James Wood QC (1975) (QC-1999) A
  • Gavin Millar QC (1981) (QC-2000)
  • Helena Kennedy QC (1972) (QC-1991)
  • Patrick O’Connor QC (1970) (QC-1993) A
  • Christopher Sallon QC (1973) (QC-1993) A
  • Edward Rees QC (1973) (QC-1998)
  • Andrew Hall QC (1991) (QC-2002)
  • Heather Rogers QC (1983) (QC-2006)
  • Jon Whitfield QC (1985) (QC-2010)
  • Heather Williams QC (1985) (QC-2006)
  • Joel Bennathan QC (1985) (QC-2006)
  • Robin Oppenheim QC (1988) (QC-2006)
  • Nicholas Bowen QC (1984) (QC-2009) A
  • Isabella Forshall QC (1982) (QC-2010)
  • Martin Westgate QC (1985) (QC-2010)
  • Francis FitzGibbon QC (1986) (QC-2010) A
  • David Hislop QC (1979) (NZ bar 1979) (QC-2010) A
  • Ian Wise QC (1992) (QC-2010) A
  • Kirsty Brimelow QC (1991) (QC-2010)
  • Tim Moloney QC (1993) (QC-2011) A
  • Judith Farbey QC (1992) (QC-2011) A
  • Paul Bowen QC (1993) (QC-2012)
  • Rebecca Trowler QC (1995) (QC-2012) A
  • David Bentley QC (1984) (QC-2013) A
  • Stephen Cragg QC (1996) (QC-2013)
  • John RWD Jones QC (1992) A (QC-2013)
  • Kate Markus QC (1981) (QC-2014)A
  • Wayne Jordash QC (1995) (QC-2014)
  • Sarah Elliot QC (1996) (QC-2014)
  • David Carter (1971)
  • Nick Paul (1980)
  • Christopher Hough (1981)
  • Jeannie Mackie (1995) (Solicitor 1982)
  • Aswini Weereratne (1986) A
  • Gerwyn Samuel (1986)
  • Lauren Soertsz (1987)
  • Paul Taylor (1989)
  • Joe Stone (1989) A
  • Nicholas Brown (1990)
  • Quincy Whitaker (1991)
  • Stephen Reeder (1991)
  • Jonathan Cooper OBE (1992)
  • John Walsh (1993)
  • Mark Henderson (1994)
  • Paula Sparks (1994)
  • Richard Fisher (1994) A
  • Paul Draycott (1994)
  • Siobhan Grey (1994)
  • Katy Thorne (1994)
  • Althea Brown (1995)
  • Dominic Preston (1995)
  • Rupert Bowers (1995)
  • Anthony Hudson (1996)
  • Nick Toms (1996)
  • Tublu Mukherjee (1996)
  • Joseph Middleton (1997) A
  • Ulele Burnham (1997)
  • Henrietta Hill (1997) A
  • Steven Powles (1997)
  • Nick Stanage (1997) A
  • Lindsay Johnson (1997) A
  • Jim Shepherd (1998)
  • Farrhat Arshad (1998) A
  • Jamie Burton (1999)
  • Benjamin Narain (1999)
  • Ben Cooper (1999) A
  • Charlotte Kilroy (1999)
  • John Hobson (1999)
  • Guy Vassall-Adams (2000) A
  • Daniel Bennett (2000)
  • Erimnaz Mushtaq (2000) A
  • David Lemer (2000) A
  • Philip Haywood (2001) A
  • Ruth Brander (2001) A
  • Caoilfhionn Gallagher (2001) A
  • Amanda Hart (2001)
  • Susan Sleeman (2001)
  • Piers Marquis (2001)
  • Amos Waldman (2001)
  • Liam Walker (2001) A
  • Laura Dubinsky (2002)
  • David Rhodes (2002)
  • Richard Thomas (2002)
  • Eloise Power (2002)
  • Adam Straw (2004)
  • Alison Gerry (2003)
  • Alasdair Mackenzie (2004)
  • Azeem Suterwalla (2004)
  • Benjamin Newton (2004)
  • David Haines (2005)
  • Nichola Higgins (2005)
  • Gemma Hobcraft (2006)
  • Jude Bunting (2006)
  • Louise Price (2006) A
  • Malcolm Hawkes (2006)
  • Kate Annand (2007)
  • Tunde Okewale (2007)
  • Alison Pickup (2007)
  • Annabel Timan (2007) A
  • Tanya Eatwell (2007)
  • Harry Lambert (2008)
  • Steve Broach (2008)
  • Alex Gask (2008)
  • Catherine Meredith (2008)
  • Tom Stevens (2008)
  • Michelle Knorr (2008)
  • Sarah Steinhardt (2008)
  • Ben Silverstone (2009)
  • Amal Alamuddin (2010)
  • Nikolaus Grubeck (2010)
  • Abigail Bright (2010)
  • Maria Roche (2010)
  • Kate O’Raghallaigh (2011)
  • Sam Jacobs (2011)
  • Martha Spurrier (2010)
  • Graham L Hall (2011)
  • Fiona Murphy (2013)
  • Paul Harris SC (1976) ++
  • Sadakat Kadri (1989) ++
  • Dr Guénaël Mettraux ++
  •  ++ Associate Tenant A Public/Direct Access


Court of Protection - All Circuits


An admired team with a strong human rights background that provides solid counsel and representation on the gamut of Court of Protection health and welfare proceedings. Members have appeared in two significant Supreme Court cases, and are appreciated for their crossover expertise in public and community care law.  


Aswini Weereratne 
Draws from a background in mental health to offer expert counsel on cases that touch on the overlap between the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act.
Expertise: "She is a thoughtful, dynamic lawyer and a formidable advocate. Her attention to the detail of a case is second to none." "As astute as they come. Her ability to cut through the issues to the heart of complex and difficult cases is remarkable, as is her ability to turn around large volumes of work in sometimes the very shortest periods of time. The safest of safe hands."

Ulele Burnham 
Popular Court of Protection junior who regularly appears in high-profile and controversial medical treatment cases.
Expertise: "Extremely impressive. She is quick to identify and grasp the issues in a case, and is able to rapidly absorb large amounts of material. She is highly respected by clients, who swiftly warm to her and trust her." "The quality of her written work is nothing short of tremendous and she has the all too rare ability to explain the most complex issues with perfect, penetrable clarity."

Stephen Reeder
A talented practitioner with a focus on issues relating to dementia, who regularly advises the media on Court of Protection cases. Instructing solicitors appreciate his excellent client relationship skills and his ADR capabilities.
Expertise: "He's got very good client care skills and has the ability to calm people down and get them focused. A lot of cases have a housing component to them, and because he sits on a housing tribunal he has that experience as well. He's very highly rated." "He has real empathy and a warmth of personality." 
Recent work: Acted for the successful local authority in a case determining where a mentally incapacitated individual should reside on reaching adulthood.

Police Law - All Circuits


A consistently excellent police law set, undertaking the full range of actions against the police, including public law challenges, private law claims and inquests. Interviewees commented that "Doughty Street Chambers stands out as a leader in actions against the police and human rights work." "Its barristers are all very approachable and give extremely detailed advice. They show dedication, commitment and professionalism." With 41 barristers in the team, it is no surprise that market commentators refer to Doughty Street as "one of the strongest claimant sets."

Client service: "They are still at the forefront in terms of their ethos and the level of service they give to solicitors and clients." The civil clerking team is led by Richard Bayliss.


Heather Williams QC 
Regarded as "a forerunner in actions against the police," she undertakes the most contentious and high-profile cases in the field.
Expertise: "She is a masterful advocate, who has fantastic judgement." "She is completely measured, thorough and amazing in cross-examination."
Recent work: Acted in ZH v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, a matter concerning a severely autistic claimant who had been handcuffed, arrested and detained in a police van after becoming transfixed by the water of a swimming pool. The case has ground-breaking implications for disability discrimination in police interaction with the public. She is also engaged in the Hillsborough inquiry.

Stephen Cragg QC
A human rights specialist with significant experience in judicial reviews and inquest work.
Expertise: "He is great at the very technical cases." "He continues to be extremely innovative, and has a niche in data retention work."
Recent work: Acted in R (Ali) v Justice Secretary in a case seeking compensation for three claimants who had suffered miscarriages of justice.

Nicholas Bowen QC 
A vastly experienced public law practitioner who is particularly adept at cases challenging the police over failures to protect those to whom they may owe a duty.
Expertise: "He has a fantastic breadth of knowledge of the liability of the police and public authorities, and one is always confident that he leaves no stone unturned."
Recent work: Acted in Williams v Chief Constable of Gwent Police, a Human Rights Act and negligence claim arising out of police failures to arrest a known perpetrator of domestic violence who went on to kill his estranged wife.


Ruth Brander 
Receives regular instructions in cases where miscarriages of justice have occurred, and where police officers have acted ultra vires. She has linked prison law, criminal law and public law knowledge.
Expertise: "She is absolutely brilliant. She develops novel legal arguments and is incredibly bright and hard-working." "You have absolute confidence that she won't miss anything and will do everything in the best possible way."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of protesters arrested in the G20 protests of 2009 in the case of Walpole v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

Henrietta Hill 
Undertakes a wide range of actions against the police, and has extensive discrimination and general public law experience. She has also acted in inquests and public inquiries.
Expertise: "Very bright, very quick and really hard-working, she has a phenomenal grasp of the facts." "She is very persuasive and manages to win over everyone's confidence."
Recent work: Acting on behalf of 22 families of victims at the new Hillsborough inquest, and has recently handled numerous cases concerning deaths in custody.

Nick Brown 
Regularly handles allegations of miscarriages of justice, where claimants have often spent long periods in prison, and other cases concerning police misconduct.
Expertise: "He is relentless in his cross-examination and questioning."
Recent work: Acted in AKJ v Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis in a case where police officers are alleged to have deceived women into sexual relationships.

Jude Bunting 
Particularly skilled in the areas of civil liberties and discrimination law, and handles claims against the police when rights are violated.
Expertise: "He is extremely erudite, and strong on the less mainstream aspects of human rights law and their application to unusual situations." "He has great strategic knowledge, is very personable and methodical, and will strive to get the right result for the client."
Recent work: Handled the case of Michael v Chief Constables of South Wales and Gwent Police, which featured a clarification of the duty of care owed to those who call the emergency services.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher 
A human rights specialist, who regularly challenges the actions of police authorities via judicial review. She further acts in cases where child rights and prison law matters are engaged. 
Expertise: "She is very industrious and very thorough in going through documents."
Recent work: Acts for families involved in a new inquest into the Hillsborough disaster.

Alison Gerry 
Acts in significant civil claims against the police where allegations are made of malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office and unlawful detention. She often handles inquests relating to death in custody.
Expertise: "She is very good at explaining what are often complex legal matters in a way that puts the clients at ease."
Recent work: Acted in R (Miller and Others) v Justice Secretary, a judicial review into the decision not to launch a public inquiry following the collapse of a large-scale police corruption trial.

Nick Stanage 
An assistant coroner, who in private practice is particularly effective in inquests following deaths in custody. He is also regularly instructed in cases of misfeasance and false imprisonment, and undertakes judicial reviews challenging the decisions of the Independent Police Complaints Commission and police authorities.

Adam Straw 
He is particularly proficient at utilising the judicial review mechanism to challenge police and public authorities in cases where they are found to have acted unlawfully or used practices that violate human rights. He is further experienced in areas including miscarriages of justice and inquest work.
Expertise: "He is a good technical lawyer." "He is able to advise on the real make-or-break questions to ask the experts."
Recent work: Acted in the inquiry into the death of Azelle Rodney and the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan.

Alex Gask 
Conducts cases across the full range of civil actions against police and other public bodies. Areas of expertise include the law relating to protesters and data protection breaches.
Expertise: "He is incredibly bright and hard-working."
Recent work: Instructed in Taylor Myers v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, in a case where officers were alleged to have intentionally knocked the claimant from his bicycle.

Administrative & Public Law - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers enjoys an outstanding reputation for the quality of representation it offers to claimants in public law proceedings. Its incredibly strong counsel are renowned experts in pursuing actions on behalf of those who seek redress for having suffered injustice at the hands of the state and its agents, particularly in relation to fundamental issues of human rights. They are especially accomplished in handling matters in the context of immigration and asylum, terrorism, criminal justice, prison law, freedom of expression and mental health.

Client service: "They have incredible depth and some of the best barristers in the field. They can draw on resources to tackle any type of matter."


Edward Fitzgerald QC
Revered advocate who enjoys significant recognition for his public law work in relation to criminal justice, and is particularly well known for bringing constitutional challenges to the death penalty. He is also highly expert in mental health, prisoner rights and extradition matters.  
Expertise: "He is irrepressible - he has an enormous energy, and he channels all that energy into every case he does." "He is an absolute gentleman, and very good for high-level constitutional law matters."
Recent work: Represented Abu Qatada in the appeal by the Home Secretary against the Special Immigration Appeal Commission's decision that to deport him to Jordan would be a violation of his rights under Article 6 of the ECHR.  

Martin Westgate QC
Well respected for his expertise in a range of issues, including the rights of disabled people, social security and prisoners' rights. He is also notably expert in handling judicial reviews in relation to employment matters.
Expertise: "He's a very committed and experienced public lawyer who's analytically very strong." "He is exceptionally gifted and very bright."
Recent work: Acted for the claimants in a Divisional Court challenge to the 'bedroom tax,' on the grounds that it is discriminatory to disabled people and not in compliance with the public sector equality duty.

Stephen Cragg QC
Acts on behalf of claimants in matters relating to prison law, mental health and the conduct of the police. He has a further interest in freedom of information.
Expertise: "He is absolutely excellent, and has enormous amounts of knowledge. He really educates in his arguments, and reading them you feel completely outgunned." "The court are sympathetic to his low-key approach to deserving cases."
Recent work: Represented the claimant in a test case addressing the issue of access to compensation for miscarriages of justice. 


Adam Straw
Commands considerable respect for his practice in public law, which focuses on the interface with the criminal justice system. He is notably accomplished in inquests and the judicial review proceedings arising from them.
Expertise: "He is very approachable, knowledgeable, extremely thorough and reliable, and a delight to work with." "He has an incredible legal mind - he really knows the law and has a sixth sense about what arguments will run in the Administrative Court."
Recent work: Acted for Lindsay Sandiford in the challenge to the government's policy not to provide legal funding for British nationals held on death row abroad.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher
Specialises in representing the interests of claimants in public law proceedings founded on human rights arguments. She is particularly proficient in prison law, community care and the rights of children.
Expertise: "Her written work is impressive, clear and incisive." "She is tenacious, and a tireless worker."
Recent work: Acted for the Media Lawyers' Association as an intervener in an appeal by the Metropolitan Police against the ruling that they were not entitled to rely on secret evidence or closed proceedings when applying for a Production Order against media organisations.

Alison Pickup
Enjoys a growing reputation for her work in the areas of immigration and asylum and community care. She is also proficient in issues arising in the context of prison law.
Expertise: "She is charming to work with, has good judgement and is increasingly instructed in test case litigation." "She's phenomenally hard-working and has superb judgement. Her confidence in her arguments is remarkable."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a complex challenge to prison conditions, in which abuse of power was alleged due to the use of solitary confinement as a punishment, rather than as a security measure.

Jude Bunting
Has a burgeoning practice in the field, which focuses particularly on prison law, open justice and challenging the conduct of the police. He is also proficient in terrorism matters.
Expertise: "He's very bright, keen, approachable and willing to take on challenging and difficult cases." "He is a very strong advocate who is very inventive and creative."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a judicial review appeal to the Supreme Court addressing the correct standard of procedural fairness to be applied for prisoners seeking to challenge their categorisation in detention of the highest security.

Henrietta Hill
Experienced junior with a practice focusing on discrimination and bringing actions against the police. She is also expert at appearing in inquests.
Expertise: "She is particularly strong on discrimination law, and is equally at home running points in that area in both public and private law contexts." "She is a very effective advocate, and a prodigious worker."
Recent work: Represented Marina Litvinenko in her judicial review challenge to the decision of the Home Secretary not to order a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband.

Jamie Burton
Tackles judicial reviews on behalf of claimants in the areas of community and healthcare, the rights of children and social housing. Further experience includes bringing actions challenging cuts to the provision of public services.
Expertise: "He is a tenacious advocate."
Recent work: Appeared for the claimant in a judicial review concerning the rights of unwell residents of the European Economic Area to receive healthcare and housing in the UK.

Civil Liberties & Human Rights - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers is held in the highest regard as a set offering an outstanding quality of representation to claimants. Its accomplished members have acted in a significant number of landmark cases in the civil liberties field over the past decade, and are unafraid of pursuing actions of the greatest importance and political sensitivity. Claimants benefit from deep expertise and prowess in such areas as discrimination, freedom of sexual orientation, religious rights, mental health, immigration and prison detention, freedom of information and actions against the police.

Client service: "Their clerking is reliable and helpful, and they get back to me very quickly."


Edward Fitzgerald QC
A human rights advocate of significant renown, who has acted in a large number of landmark and pioneering cases over the past three decades. His exceptional reputation is founded particularly in the areas of extradition, prisoners' rights and international challenges to the death penalty.
Expertise: "In cases with a strong moral argument, he'll give you one of the best, most passionate submissions you could hope for." "A charming and delightful person, he has an intellect that is second to none."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in an application to the ECHR that contended state immunity afforded to Saudi Arabia against civil actions alleging torture was in violation of Article 6 ECHR.

Heather Williams QC
Commands considerable respect for her work in the field of civil liberties. She focuses in particular on judicial review challenges to the conduct of the police, discrimination cases and employment matters.
Expertise: "She combines an exceptional intellect with a down-to-earth approach, and is involved with every aspect of the case down to the smallest detail." "She is so skilled as an advocate at trial - her advocacy is masterful, and she is brilliant to watch."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a landmark case in which the Metropolitan Police were found liable for the first time for unlawful disability discrimination and a breach of Article 3 ECHR in respect of their treatment of a member of the public. The prolonged restraint of a severely autistic boy who had become fixated by the water at a swimming pool was found to constitute inhuman or degrading treatment.

Judith Farbey QC
Focuses on human rights matters relating to immigration, asylum and nationality status. She also has experience of challenging decisions affecting the rights of prisoners.  
Expertise: "She is a very clever and competent lawyer." "Judith is very good at working out what is worth arguing. She is extremely sensible and reliable."
Recent work: Acted in a judicial review challenge to the scope of the Home Office Destitution Domestic Violence Concession, a welfare benefit available to migrant victims of domestic violence.

Martin Westgate QC
Offers expertise in a wide range of human rights issues, including right to life, freedom from arbitrary detention and disability rights. He is also experienced in matters arising from protest rights and the conduct of the police.  
Expertise: "He has taken well to silk. I was impressed by the way he selected the right points and ran with them in a tremendously complicated case." "He is a very clever and thorough man."
Recent work: Represented Liberty as an intervener in an important case addressing the retention of data by the police on unproven allegations against an elderly protestor, in which it was found that such a practice was in contravention of his rights under Article 8 ECHR.

Stephen Cragg QC 
Centres his human rights practice on challenging the actions of the police, notably in terms of the retention and disclosure of information on members of the public. He is also noted for his expertise in prison law and mental health.
Expertise: "He is very good with clients, and has good attention to detail in terms of the paperwork. Everything in his oral advocacy is well argued, too."
Recent work: Acted for a Northern Irish teenager and her mother as litigation friend in a High Court case challenging the decision of the NHS not to provide free abortion services in England, after they had been denied those services under the stricter laws of Northern Ireland.

Geoffrey Robertson QC 
A significant figure in the field of domestic and international human rights, who has acted in many important cases in the area over the course of his career. He is particularly expert in issues of freedom of expression, torture and national security.  
Expertise: "He is an inspiration as a lawyer, and a figurehead in international law." "He thinks about the law in a novel and ingenious way."
Recent work: Acted successfully on behalf of five students of the University of Sussex at a disciplinary hearing at which they were threatened with expulsion for taking part in a peaceful protest.


Ruth Brander 
Enjoys a growing reputation for her work in the areas of protest law, and the rights of children and vulnerable adults. She is also experienced in representing bereaved families in inquests arising out of deaths in custody.
Expertise: "She is brilliant - her written work is incredibly clear, and she is very good on her feet." "She is very down to earth, very experienced, and a legal expert on protest cases."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a judicial review challenging the process by which the Metropolitan Police retain information on individuals who are charged but not prosecuted for an offence.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher 
Acts in a number of areas in the field of civil liberties and human rights. She is particularly expert in prison law and data protection, and in representing bereaved families at inquests.
Expertise: "She has a phenomenal grasp of the law, is remarkably intelligent, and her preparation is extremely detailed." "She was excellent - she knew all the facts of the case, presented it very well and was very articulate."
Recent work: Successfully challenged the policy of the Home Secretary to treat 17-year-olds in custody as adults in a landmark judicial review in the Divisional Court. Following a ruling that this approach was incompatible with Article 8 ECHR, the Home Secretary amended her policy.

Alison Gerry
Focuses her human rights practice on bringing actions against the police and the prison service by way of judicial review and in civil proceedings. She also often acts in cases with a prominent mental health element, particularly on behalf of those detained under the Mental Health Act.  
Expertise: "She's brilliant with clients, since she's very good at explaining what are often complex legal matters in a way that puts them at ease." "She's approachable and has good instincts. She is noted for her fine drafting skills and for being good on her feet."
Recent work: Acted for a claimant who had been kept as a domestic servant against her will in a case contending that the police had failed to meet their positive obligation to protect against slavery under Article 4 ECHR. As a result of the case, the investigation into the perpetrators was reopened, and they were convicted.

Henrietta Hill 
Frequently instructed in cases brought against the police and prison service, and has a particular specialism in matters arising from deaths in police shootings. She also has notable experience of acting on behalf of those who have suffered sexual orientation or race discrimination.
Expertise: "She is very persuasive, and while being firm and strong in her arguments, she also manages to win over everyone's confidence." "She's not one to flinch from a battle - a real fighter."
Recent work: Acted for the claimants in a high-profile case concerning a gay couple who had been turned away from a Christian-run hotel, which considered the tension between the right to freedom of religion and the right to freedom of sexual orientation.

Adam Straw
Specialises in representing bereaved families at inquests and public inquiries, and in bringing actions against the police. He is also experienced in issues arising in the contexts of freedom of information and national security.
Expertise: "He's excellent at sniffing out new arguments, and finding a path through a case - he has an incredible legal brain." "He always delivers fantastic written work that is very forensic and expresses the key points succinctly."
Recent work: Represented the claimants in a judicial review into the failure of the Secretary of State for Justice to establish an inquiry into the high rate of deaths of people in custody aged 18–24.

Laura Dubinsky 
Offers representation in actions against the police and prison service, and in relation to the prohibition of torture. She is an exceptionally accomplished junior in the field of immigration law.
Expertise: "She is innovative in the way she approaches the law, and leaves no stone unturned." "She is really cutting-edge - a class act."
Recent work: Brought a judicial review challenge on behalf of the claimant to the Ministry of Justice's policy concerning Home Detention Curfews for prisoners and their compatibility with the ECHR.

Jude Bunting 
Focuses on pursuing actions arising from issues in the prison service and from the conduct of the police. He is also experienced in handling discrimination matters, and those arising from privacy and national security.
Expertise: "He is very bright and very enthusiastic, and is creative in finding a way of arguing cases." "He writes beautifully and is brilliant on his feet for someone so young - he has an infectious enthusiasm that whips up the whole court."
Recent work: Represented the claimants in a Supreme Court case that is the leading authority on the correct interpretation of the offence of aggravated trespass.

Charlotte Kilroy 
Specialises in handling cases relating to immigration, asylum and trafficking. She is also well versed in bringing human rights actions against the police and in connection with the security services.
Expertise: "Her attention to detail is second to none." "She is excellent on the immigration side of civil liberties."
Recent work: Acted for the appellants in a case addressing whether their Convention rights had been breached by officers engaging in sexual relationships with them for the purposes of gathering covert intelligence. 

Alison Pickup 
Maintains a diverse practice that includes immigration, prison law and actions for unlawful detention. She is also accomplished in broader public law actions with human rights implications.
Expertise: "She's firm but very pleasant to work with, and has a meticulous attention to detail."
Recent work: Acted as junior counsel on a challenge to the proposed residence test for eligibility to civil legal aid. The challenge is founded on arguments of rights to equality of treatment and access to justice.

Aswini Weereratne 
Centres her human rights practice on questions of mental capacity and mental health, particularly in the context of the deprivation of liberty. She also has an interest in matters relating to torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.

Alex Gask 
Enjoys a growing reputation for his human rights practice, which focuses on public law challenges to the police and the prison service, and on behalf of vulnerable people. He also has noted experience in pursuing damages claims for historic abuse. 
Expertise: "Very bright and talented, he is easy to work with and spot-on in his analysis of legal issues." "He is a really hard-working, bright and incisive junior who is a pleasure to work with."
Recent work: Acted for four claimants in the Mau Mau civil litigation against the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for torture and abuse suffered during an uprising in Kenya in the 1950s. The case resulted in compensation, and an apology being read in the House of Commons for the first time.

Clinical Negligence - London (Bar)


A well-respected chambers with a strong claimant-focused practice that takes in a range of healthcare law matters, including regulatory work and Human Rights Act cases. Members handle cases of every value and complexity, and have notable experience in claims concerning hospital-acquired infection, adult and child abuse, and product liability. 


Robin Oppenheim QC 
Specialises in high-value catastrophic brain and spinal injury claims, as well as meningococcal disease litigation. Commentators praise him for his far-reaching knowledge of the law and his expertise on questions of quantum.
Expertise: "He's compassionate and astute, and his analysis of difficult causation arguments is almost unsurpassed. He presents a calm and confident air which gives clients great confidence in his ability."  


Christopher Hough 
Highly regarded claimant barrister who concentrates on high-value matters. Generally speaking his cases are complex in terms of questions of liability, causation and quantum.
Expertise: "He's brilliant on the medicine side and very good at dealing with matters proactively and constructively." One client commented: "He is a really nice gentleman. I met him in my home and he was very professional and didn't make me feel inferior. I am glad I had him on my side."
Recent work: Instructed in relation to a cerebral palsy claim arising from the mismanaged delivery of a child against North East Strategic Health Authority.

Gerwyn Samuel 
A highly knowledgeable claimant practitioner who is appreciated for his expert knowledge of quantum issues and noted for his inquest work. A large proportion of his cases concern brain and spinal cord injuries resulting from negligent surgery.
Expertise: "An excellent senior junior who's thorough, tenacious and very accessible."
Recent work: Assisted on a claim by a 68-year-old man who was left an incomplete paraplegic after undergoing negligent spinal surgery at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.

Paula Sparks 
Acts for claimants on a wide range of high-value, complex clinical negligence matters. She is very strong on human rights issues, inquests and fatality claims.
Expertise: "Paula has an excellent practical understanding of the medical issues. She gets to grips with the issues very quickly and is compassionate and understanding with clients."

Crime - London (Bar)


Doughty Street Chambers is known for offering "an extensive range of astute and experienced counsel in criminal, human rights and international law," and is consequently called upon to handle numerous terrorism cases, including the territorial army barracks bomb plot trial and a case involving an alleged member of a Jihadi group who was charged with the kidnap and false imprisonment of two journalists in Syria. Its members have wide-ranging criminal defence experience, and regularly handle murder, sexual offences and drugs cases. They are often instructed to appear in appellate cases.

Client service: Graham Briggs runs the set's highly efficient clerking team.

Tim Moloney QC 
Recognised for his achievements in high-profile and legally complex cases, often at appellate level. He has notable expertise in cases involving terrorism, murder and sexual offences.
Expertise: "He's one of the foremost terrorist lawyers in the country and is highly respected internationally."
Recent work: Represented a defendant in a murder case involving the alleged shooting of a teenager in gang-related circumstances.

Joel Bennathan QC 
Has extensive experience of representing defendants in murder and terrorism trials. He is also noted for his appellate practice.
Expertise: "Joel is a first-class lawyer and advocate, who commands immense respect from the senior judiciary."
Recent work: Acted for a defendant in a joint enterprise murder trial involving complex evidence and legal issues.

Edward Fitzgerald QC
Well placed to advise on serious criminal cases involving international law and human rights elements. He has significant experience of challenging sentences. 
Expertise: "He is one of the most brilliant appellate advocates in the business." 
Recent work: Represented a convicted murderer in a challenge to the whole-life tariff that had been imposed on him.

Christopher Sallon QC
Has a broad practice, which ranges from heavyweight murder trials to sensitive corruption cases. He has particular experience of handling cases with international aspects. 
Recent work: Defended a woman accused of planning and executing the murder of a garage owner with a number of accomplices.

James Wood QC
Instructed at trial and appellate level in cases pertaining to murder, rape and terrorism offences. He is known for handling cases involving miscarriages of justice.
Expertise: "He is experienced, thorough and reliable." "I recommend him for his ability to hold the attention of a court."
Recent work: He defended the former defence editor of the Sun newspaper, who was charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office as a result of the findings of Operation Elveden. 

Edward Rees QC 
Highly skilled at handling cases concerning public order, homicide and fraud offences. He has considerable experience of appearing in matters involving mental health issues and vulnerable defendants.
Expertise: "He is a brilliant trial advocate and one of the most tenacious and robust cross-examiners, especially when taking on police officers and those in the establishment." "He has a superb analytical mind."
Recent work: Secured the acquittal of a client accused of carrying out a gang-related stabbing in North London.

John Jones QC 
Regularly called upon to appear in cases involving war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as extradition hearings and challenges to INTERPOL red notices. 
Recent work: Instructed to act for Saif Gaddafi, son of the former Libyan dictator, in admissibility proceedings in the International Criminal Court, relating to allegations that he committed crimes against humanity.  

Isabella Forshall QC 

Rebecca Trowler QC 

Andrew Hall QC 

Francis FitzGibbon QC 

David Hislop QC 

Kirsty Brimelow QC 

Patrick O'Connor QC 

David Bentley QC 

Jonathan Whitfield QC 

Adrian Waterman QC 

Sarah Elliott QC 

Paul Taylor 

Jonathan Mann 

Benjamin Newton 

Lauren Soertsz 

Richard Thomas 

Richard Fisher 

Nichola Higgins 

David Rhodes 

Defamation/Privacy - London (Bar)


Doughty Street Chambers is home to two of the market's most experienced and renowned silks practising in privacy and defamation law. Recent matters dealt with include libel trials on behalf of the defendant, and cases concerning the refutation of malicious falsehood claims. Members have also been engaged on providing a good deal of pre-publication advice. They often act in cases where human rights and media law meet.


Gavin Millar QC 
A distinguished barrister who is "going from strength to strength." Solicitors instruct him due to his extensive knowledge of the field and his ability to connect with a judge and jury.
Expertise: "A driving force at the Defamation Bar, who has a punchy style and an encyclopaedic knowledge of police procedures." "Offers great analysis and is trusted by the Bench."
Recent work: Acted in the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan. He represented the BBC in resisting a summons requiring the corporation to lift the anonymity of a witness of the shooting. 

Heather Rogers QC
Lauded by clients and solicitors for her detailed knowledge of the field and her affable and professional approach to client service. She continues to appear in some of the most contentious and high-profile cases of the day.
Expertise: "She has great tactical nous and is a strong lateral thinker." "Intellectual acumen personified, she is a barrister with superb legal ability." "She has formidable forensic skills, and provides cogent advice."
Recent work: Acted for the defendants and appellants in Cruddas v Times Newspaper, concerning a claim for libel and malicious falsehood.

Immigration - London (Bar)


This immigration powerhouse has a fine reputation within the sector. It handles business, commercial and employment migration cases, as well as asylum and unlawful detention cases. Its barristers also demonstrate particular strength in handling cases concerning the transfer of EU members and those planning to study in the UK. One source says: "The members are efficient, friendly and accommodating. They go the extra mile for their clients."

Client service: "The clerks are very accessible. They are always happy to discuss fees and suggest counsel, and they don't double-book barristers."


Judith Farbey QC 
A strong and adaptable immigration silk at the top of her game. She provides counsel to a wide range of clients on EU and human rights law immigration cases, and offers general migration policy advice to businesses. 
Expertise: "The breadth and depth of her skill set and experience is fantastic. She is my absolute go-to barrister for complex matters. Her analytical approach and thought process in strategising complex situations are nothing short of breathtaking." "Her technical expertise is outstanding, and she's very accessible and great to run ideas by." 


Philip Haywood 
Has an all-encompassing immigration practice and regularly fights cases at all levels of the domestic and European court system, including at the ECJ and ECHR. Demonstrates sophisticated knowledge of difficult refugee and Country Guidance cases, as well as sponsor licences.
Expertise: "Produces excellent written work and has a good eye for detail. He works on asylum, EEA and Article 8 matters, and has a wide range of knowledge and skills." "He is reliable, sensible and immediately responsive."
Recent work: Advised in an appeal at the Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal that determined the Country Guidance for Zimbabwe.

Alasdair MacKenzie
A co-founder of and campaigner for the charity Asylum Aid, and one of the leading juniors at the London Immigration Bar. His civil liberties, family and EEA-related work has earned him significant recognition in the sector. 
Expertise: "His written work and advocacy are excellent; he pushes us as solicitors, which is really great." "He is thorough, provides an immediate response, and has an incredibly wide knowledge of almost every area of immigration law." 
Recent work:
Acted for one of three claimants against the Home Office in a case concerning a backlog in asylum claims that allegedly prevented the claimant from obtaining residence.

Joseph Middleton 
Handles a variety of immigration matters, from legal aid and pro bono cases to larger-value work for business clients. He is a Russian speaker and has significant experience of working on complex extradition and human rights cases.
Expertise: "He is very accessible and flexible, and this makes him easy to work with." "He's very knowledgeable and shows excellent attention to detail." 
Recent work:
Engaged in the judicial review of the Quality Assurance Agency's refusal to grant quality assurance for a sponsor licence to a private college.

John Walsh 
Combines an active practice in corporate immigration with legal aid representation for detained migrants. He is regularly instructed to act on judicial review cases at the First-tier Tribunal as well as in cases brought to the ECJ. 
Expertise: "He is really calm, and he doesn't get flustered. He is very thorough and very reliable." "He is very good at very messy cases as he can cut to the quick on what is relevant, especially in cases where there is lots of immigration history. His written work is fantastic and he is responsive."

Laura Dubinsky 
Has appeared at the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in relation to highly contentious areas of asylum and immigration detention law. She has a spectacular depth of knowledge when it comes to EU and ECHR law, and cases concerning the deportation or detention of convicted terrorists.
Expertise: "She stands out as a result of her complete thoroughness and dedication to the job. She really pushes you as a solicitor to do things that help the case." "Meticulous and very driven, she is innovative in the way she approaches the law."
Recent work: Acted as sole adviser and representative in an application to appeal to the Supreme Court in a case that concerned the imprisonment of EU migrants prior to their removal. 

Alison Pickup 
Previously worked as a legal adviser to individuals wishing to escape their country because of political persecution. She has developed an all-encompassing immigration offering that not only focuses on obtaining asylum, but also helps with the wider needs of migrants such as the provision of community care and economic support.
Expertise: "She is extremely reliable, well organised, calm, focused and able to think strategically." "Phenomenally bright and extremely thorough in terms of her paperwork, she is committed and extremely nice to work with." 
Recent work: Acted in Refugee Action's challenge to the government's decision not to raise the level of social security paid to refugees. 

Catherine Meredith
A dynamic and experienced junior who specialises in asylum and immigration cases before the higher courts. Her practice has a particular emphasis on EU, ECHR and family-related migrant cases.
Expertise: "She has a lot of energy - she works incredibly hard and pushes for the best outcome." "She is an excellent, intellectual lawyer, who grasps cases very well."
Recent work: Instructed in MA v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning the appropriate considerations when dealing with child migrants who are separated from their families. 

Charlotte Kilroy 
Remains an integral player at the junior end of the London Immigration and Public Law Bar. She is noted for her aptitude in all aspects of the ECHR, and works extensively with vulnerable migrants such as the victims of trafficking and unlawful detention.
Expertise: "She stands out due to her sheer effectiveness and brain power. She is a class act."

David Lemer 
A seasoned asylum, employment and civil liberties barrister, who is frequently instructed to act in matters before the High Court, Court of Appeal, ECJ and ECHR. He has a special interest in public authority litigation.
Expertise: "Knowledgeable and responsive, with a solid grasp of the immigration rules." "He is incredibly thorough and really flexible with his time. You can phone and ask him questions and have an in-depth conversation about complex issues. He is also prepared to push parameters."
Recent work: Currently involved in the judicial review of UKBA's withdrawal of a Tier 4 sponsor licence.

Michelle Knorr 
An "enthusiastic and imaginative" immigration and public law junior, whose practice continues to go from strength to strength. She principally fights for individuals seeking refugee status, and cases involving the interface between immigration, civil liberties and EU law. Expertise: "She really gets behind the client, and is very client-focused, communicative and collaborative." "An incredible fighter, she is passionate when arguing her points and she does really well in the tribunal and High Court. She is very good with vulnerable clients such as victims of trafficking and she thinks through absolutely everything."
Recent work: Advised on a public law challenge to the Home Secretary's decision not to grant refugee status to a trafficked migrant.

Mark Henderson 
A long-standing executive member of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association, who impresses with his top-notch courtroom skills and confidence in both national and international courts. His caseload focuses mainly on asylum, human rights and EU law.
Expertise: "He is very enthusiastic and really pushes cases as far as he can. He has lots of experience and gets good results." "Very skilled on complex EEA appeal matters."
Recent work: Appeared in CM (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning the government's duties in Country Guidance cases.

Inquests & Public Inquiries - London (Bar)

Doughty Street Chambers enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its representation of bereaved families at inquests and inquiries, typically those touching on deaths related, directly and indirectly, to the actions or failings of the state. Its members offer deep experience in such proceedings, including in investigations into deaths from police shootings, and are well versed in cases relating to mental health, prison law and immigration detention. They are also accomplished in handling judicial reviews arising from the findings of inquests.


Patrick O'Connor QC 
A very well-regarded practitioner with a great deal of experience of appearing for bereaved families in both inquests and public inquiries. He is an expert in proceedings relating to the conduct of the military, deaths in custody and prison detention.  
Expertise: "An amazing advocate and adviser. He's incredibly diligent and thorough in his preparation."
Recent work: Acted for the Iraqi citizens in the Al-Sweady Inquiry investigating possible violations of the Geneva Convention by British troops, including allegations of torture and unlawful killing.


Henrietta Hill 
Focuses her inquests practice on representing families of the deceased in cases where it is alleged that state failings have been a contributing factor in their deaths. She enjoys a growing reputation for her appearances in some of the most high-profile inquests of recent years.
Expertise: "She is very, very thorough and her legal knowledge is very impressive."
Recent work: Represented 22 of the bereaved families of individuals who died in the Hillsborough disaster in the fresh inquests into their deaths.

Adam Straw 
Offers representation in highly significant inquests on behalf of bereaved families who seek to challenge perceived failings of state agencies. He has particular expertise in Article 2 right to life issues.
Expertise: "He has a fantastic knowledge of the case law and the current legislative matters decided on by the court." "He is really accessible, and his knowledge of the law is unrivalled."
Recent work: Represented the family of Mark Duggan in the high-profile inquest into his death at the hands of armed police, which sparked days of rioting in London.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher 
Centres her inquests and inquiries practice on addressing the deaths of people following potential failures of the police and various state agencies. She is also known for her expertise in fighting for open justice, and often acts for media organisations in challenges to reporting restrictions.
Expertise: "She put her all into the inquest, in really difficult circumstances. She's a real fighter who presents detailed submissions."
Recent work: Acted for the bereaved family of a 14-year-old boy who took his own life, in an inquest examining potential failings of multiple agencies in preventing his death.

Alison Gerry 
Has over ten years of experience of representing families in inquests into deaths in custody. She has particular expertise in deaths occurring during detention under the Mental Health Act.
Expertise: "She knows her way around the prison system, and her drafting is very good as well." "Alison is really good in front of a jury and in understanding what the client wants, which is so important in inquests since you only have one shot at it."
Recent work: Represented the family of James Herbert in the inquest into his death in custody, following his detention under the Mental Health Act.

Martha Spurrier 
Represents bereaved families in inquests, and has particular experience in proceedings that engage Article 2 of the ECHR. She is proficient in cases dealing with deaths of vulnerable adults and people in psychiatric care.
Expertise: "She worked extremely hard, and gave a better performance than more experienced advocates working on the case." "She is very intelligent. In the inquest she was excellent, and the jury liked her and her approach."

Personal Injury - London (Bar)


Provides a high-calibre offering across the board and is regularly involved in some major national and international personal injury cases. Key areas of specialism include catastrophic injury, quantum and torture/unlawful detention matters. One source says: "The barristers are helpful, very down-to-earth, always very responsive and thoroughly prepared. They are particularly good on very complicated issues."

Client service: "They are absolutely fine when it comes to negotiating fees, as they are very reasonable in their approach. The conference facilities at the set are good too."


Robin Oppenheim QC 
Centres his practice on serious accident claims, including severe brain and spinal injuries arising from RTAs. He is sought after for his knowledge of quantum and periodical payment, and is good on the technical law surrounding mental capacity.
Expertise: "He prepares cases wonderfully and manages to master even the most difficult legal cases." "A supremely intelligent clinical negligence/product liability silk with a great eye for detail." 


Gerwyn Samuel 
Recognised for his skilful handling of complex personal injury claims, Samuel is a true force to be reckoned with at the junior Bar. He is often instructed to handle inquests, RTAs and accident at work matters.
Expertise: "A hard-working, well-prepared and tenacious advocate, who regularly competes against silks." "Thorough and analytical, he's not afraid to push the boundaries to get the best for the client."
Recent work: Instructed in a catastrophic neurological injury claim where the claimant had fallen from a roof. The claim settled for a lump sum and PPO of £3 million.

Daniel Bennett 
Previously worked as a solicitor at a leading claimant-side personal injury firm. He demonstrates great ability in both industrial disease and workplace injury cases, and handles niche areas such as claims arising out of occupational cancer and workplace assault.
Expertise: "Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to disease-type work and at the forefront of hospital-acquired disease issues." "He's immensely hard-working and immensely proactive." 
Recent work: Instructed in Cain v Blackmoor Estate, an employers' liability claim regarding the death of a worker from exposure to a nitrogen cooling system.

Maria Roche 
Specialises in psychiatric injury and extraordinary rendition and torture claims. 
Expertise: "Deals with cases in a way that would suggest she is more senior. She has a fantastic grip on all the detail." "She's very bright, assiduous, thorough and intellectually capable." 
Recent work: Counsel in a high-profile rendition/torture claim brought against members of the UK government and secret services. The case concerned a Libyan politician and his wife, who had allegedly suffered serious physical and psychiatric injuries.

Product Liability - London (Bar)

The strongest claimant set currently in the market. The team has extensive experience of handling cases in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, and its members have been involved in the majority of the largest group litigations over the last decade.   

Client service: "Richard Bayliss and the team are very approachable. They always pick up the phone and make it very easy to organise conferences and court hearings."


Robin Oppenheim QC 
Quite simply the best claimant silk at the Product Liability Bar. When large group litigations come along it is more often than not he who takes the overall lead in these sprawling and hugely complex matters. 
Expertise: "His expertise is a given and his name is on most big cases." "He is supremely intelligent and highly experienced, and has a great eye for detail."
Recent work: Led the six-counsel team on the claimant side of the DePuy Pinnacle Cup metal-on-metal hip replacement group litigation. 


Daniel Bennett 
Undertakes a very strong product liability practice that focuses on medical device and drug cases. He also has a significant personal injury practice.
Expertise: "He is very user-friendly and very helpful, and he presents well to the clients." "Absolutely fantastic. He is good on the limitation issues relating to products from outside the EU."
Recent work: Acts in both individual cases and group litigations for claimants who face metal-on-metal hip injuries. These cases have involved blood metal contamination and early hip revisions.  

Eloise Power
Acts both alone and led on major pieces of litigation. She has particular experience of co-ordinating group litigations for large numbers of claimant clients in both product liability and clinical negligence cases.  
Expertise: "She is a very hard worker who fights the client's corner and maximises the damages. She is prepared to take on the toughest cases." "She gets to grips with matters very quickly and is very approachable and easy to work with."  
Recent work: Acted as first junior on the Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip group litigation case.

Social Housing - London (Bar)

A popular choice for social housing cases and a set that commands real respect for its approach to public law and human rights cases generally. It is praised for its strong commitment to the area and its protection and enforcement of the housing rights of vulnerable individuals. Cases concerning eligibility, community care and mental health issues are a particular speciality.

Client service: "When you instruct someone from there, you are getting a team effort and collective discussion as a bonus." Paul Friend is the senior civil clerk.


Martin Westgate QC
Handles complex social housing matters, dealing with matters such as welfare benefits and disputes against matters of public policy, such as the benefit reforms. His wider understanding of public law issues enables him to "think out of the box on more challenging cases," note impressed sources.
Expertise: "He is a clever man who translates his thoughtfulness into creative and effective legal arguments." "He's bright and destined to be a judge."
Recent work: Represented the claimants in R (MA and others) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, a high-profile challenge to the 'bedroom tax'. He is highlighted for his work on NJ v Wandsworth LBC, a homelessness appeal concerning refuge accommodation.


Jamie Burton
"A rising star within the set," he has handled cases concerning challenges to council tax payment thresholds, refuge accommodation and housing benefit reductions. He also tackled a successful High Court human rights case relating to social welfare, called Almeida.
Expertise: "A persuasive advocate." "His reputation is phenomenal."
Recent work: Advised on R (M) v Haringey Council, a challenge to the government’s changes to council tax benefit. Also represented the claimant in NJ v Wandsworth LBC.

David Carter
Has established a strong social housing practice and is particularly good on judicial review cases relating to allocation and refusal to supply accommodation. He has also handled appeals against breaches of statutory public sector duties.
Recent work: Acted for the claimant, a child, in TS v Croydon LBC, a judicial review seeking interim relief against the authority's refusal to supply accommodation pending a community care assessment.

Dominic Preston
Handles difficult disrepair matters and homelessness proceedings. He is praised for his robust style, strategic handling of cases and excellent manner with vulnerable and challenging clients, and for his wider understanding of property and leasehold matters.
Expertise: "He is a fearless fighter, not afraid of tackling a contentious case." "He is a straight opponent, capable of being robust in the interest of the vulnerable client."
Recent work: He has an excellent appeals practice representing potentially homeless individuals in issues such as rent affordability and the application of the Pereira test to determine vulnerability.

Lindsay Johnson
A popular barrister who specialises in tenants' housing issues. He regularly handles cases involving allocation schemes, possession proceedings and unlawful eviction, and is particularly adept at Article 8 arguments.
Expertise: "Produces first-class drafting."
Recent work: He was recently led by Jan Luba QC in Malik v Fassenfelt, a case stating evicted private tenants are entitled to a determination of proportionality.

Stephen Reeder
A broad-based practitioner whose mandates include homelessness appeals, possession claims and community care cases, including mental health and Court of Protection matters.
Expertise: "He has an excellent reputation, and is utterly charming." 
Recent work: Defended the tenant successfully in Douglas Haig Memorial Homes v Donlevy, a possession claim against a secure tenant.

Jim Shepherd
Has an excellent reputation for his dedication to the client. He advises on a range of housing matters, and receives particular praise for his representation of vulnerable tenants in possession claims and discrimination cases.
Expertise: "He's incredibly easy to work with, helpful and supportive."
Recent work: Represented the tenants in House Owners v Berry, a case which seeks to clarify the position in Malik v Fassenfelt on the application of human rights law to private landlord possession claims.

Ben Chataway
Handles a broad range of housing matters and is noted for his background working as a solicitor in this field prior to joining Doughty Street. Those that instruct him say this gives him "an understanding of the grittier issues in a case." 
Expertise: "Clear, thoughtful and considered."
Recent work: Appeared for the claimants in R (MA) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Administrative & Public Law - Northern (Bar)


Doughty Street Chambers is very well regarded for its work on behalf of claimants through a variety of public law proceedings. Its members on the Northern Circuit share the high reputation of their London colleagues for excellence in prison law matters, as well as demonstrating expertise in issues arising in the context of immigration. 


Paul Draycott 
Focuses his public law practice on issues relating to immigration and asylum, particularly by way of judicial review challenges. He has further experience in employment and equality matters.
Expertise: "Paul Draycott is excellent - so determined, so hard-working."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a judicial review before the Court of Appeal challenging the decision of the Home Secretary to refuse a work permit, despite the fact his asylum appeal had been outstanding for over 18 months. The case addressed the issues of compliance with the EU Reception Directive, and the claimant's right to a private life under Article 8 ECHR.

Farrhat Arshad
Specialises in judicial reviews addressing issues in prison law and the criminal justice system. She is also expert in bringing actions challenging the conduct of the police.
Expertise: "She is a good and sensible advocate."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a successful judicial review challenging a Parole Board decision that had been based in part on a prejudicial statement not disclosed to the prisoner.

Civil Liberties & Human Rights - Northern (Bar)


Doughty Street Chambers acts for claimants on a diverse range of actions contesting points of civil liberties and human rights. Its members on the Northern Circuit offer expertise in protestor rights, prison law, actions questioning the conduct of the police, and human rights issues arising in the context of immigration.


Nick Stanage 
Specialises in pursuing human rights arguments which concern the actions of the police through civil actions. He is also noted for his expertise in inquests into deaths in custody. His peers highlight his experience in cases concerning the policing of political protest and failures to investigate allegations of sexual assault.
Expertise: "He's a brilliant lawyer; a formidable advocate who is great with clients."
Recent work: He acted in a civil trial against the police in which a central question was whether Football Banning Orders violate the right to a private life under the ECHR.

Farrhat Arshad 
Focuses on civil liberties issues arising in a criminal context. She is noted for her expertise in the rights of protestors and of prisoners.
Expertise: "She is extremely bright and one of the most tenacious practitioners in the North West. She has judges singing her praises."

Immigration - Northern (Bar)


Doughty Street Chambers is a big name in immigration law not just on the Northern Circuit but nationally as well. Its barristers cover the full range of personal immigration work, and provide both advice and advocacy on issues relating to asylum, human rights and nationality.


Nick Stanage 
An erudite immigration and public law barrister who is particularly quick on his feet in trial. He has a large judicial review practice and a solid grounding in civil liberties and police-related immigration litigation. 

Paul Draycott 
A meticulous advocate who focuses on challenging legally aided work, particularly cases involving refugees and matters that concern the rights of migrants to housing and social support.