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Brick Court Chambers - London
  • 7-8 Essex Street
  • London
  • Greater London
  • UK
  • WC2R 3LD
  • Head of Chambers Jonathan Hirst QC Helen Davies QC
  • Senior Clerks Julian Hawes Ian Moyler
  • Tenants 81

The Chambers There are 81 members who practise full-time, including 36 QCs. Chambers specialises in commercial, EU/competition and public law, maintaining a strong reputation in all areas.

Work Undertaken Commercial work includes international trade, finance and commerce, with particular emphasis on banking, insurance, reinsurance, shipping and ‘city’ work, and private international law, as well as fields as diverse as professional negligence, media and entertainment law, takeovers and mergers, sports law and public international law. Chambers have an outstanding team of EU and competition litigation specialists. Practitioners appear in the full range of English courts and tribunals, before the OFT, Competition Commission and CAT, as well as in the Court of Justice and General Court and other international courts and arbitral tribunals.
Considerable expertise in human rights and in commercial and regulatory judicial review enables chambers to combine its strengths in public, commercial and EU law. Recent key cases include: Constantin Medien v Bernie Ecclestone & Bambino Holdings, Noor Khan v FCO (Drones Litigation), Excalibur v Gulf Keystone, Unitech v UBS, Benedetti v Sawaris (Supreme Court), VTB v Nutritek (Supreme Court), FIFA & UEFA v European Commission (“crown jewels” broadcasting case), WM Morrison Supermarkets v Mastercard Inc, (Leyton Orient & Tottenham Hotspur) v OLPC & The Mayor of London (Olympic Stadium JR); FIA –v- Mercedes McLaren (Tyregate dispute).

Members List

  • Jonathan Hirst QC (1975) (QC-1990)
  • Helen Davies QC (1991) (QC-2008)
  • David Vaughan QC (1963) (QC-1981)
  • Hilary Heilbron QC (1971) (QC-1987)
  • Timothy Charlton QC (1974) (QC-1993)
  • Richard Gordon QC (1972) (QC-1994)
  • Mark Hapgood QC (1979) (QC-1994)
  • Mark Howard QC (1980) (QC-1996)
  • William Wood QC (1980) (QC-1998)
  • Stephen Ruttle QC (1976) (QC-1997)
  • Charles Hollander QC (1978) (QC-1999)
  • David Anderson QC (1985) (QC-1999)
  • Catharine Otton-Goulder QC (1983) (QC-2000)
  • Richard Lord QC (1981)(QC-2002)
  • Mark Brealey QC (1984) (QC-2002)
  • Michael Swainston QC (1985) (QC-2002)
  • James Flynn QC (1978) (QC-2003)
  • Andrew Lydiard QC (1980) (QC-2003)
  • Neil Calver QC (1987) (QC-2006)
  • Tom Adam QC (1991) (QC-2008)
  • Tim Lord QC (1992) (QC-2008)
  • Fergus Randolph QC (1985) (QC-2009)
  • Mark Hoskins QC (1991) (QC-2009)
  • Aidan Robertson QC (1995) (QC-2009)
  • Richard Slade QC (1987) (QC-2010)
  • Harry Matovu QC (1988) (QC-2010)
  • Jemima Stratford QC (1993) (QC-2010)
  • Daniel Jowell QC (1995) (QC-2011)
  • Simon Salzedo QC (1995) (QC-2011)
  • Michael Bools QC (1991) (QC-2012)
  • Marie Demetriou QC (1995) (QC 2012)
  • Andrew Henshaw QC (2000) (QC-2013)
  • Roger Masefield QC (1994) (QC-2013)
  • Jasbir Dhillon QC (1996) (QC-2013)
  • Martin Chamberlain QC (1997) (QC-2013)
  • Kelyn Bacon QC (1998) (QC-2014)
  • Peter Irvin (1972) A
  • Peter Brunner (1971) A
  • Sarah Lee (1990)
  • Paul Wright (1990)
  • Alan Roxburgh (1992)
  • Alec Haydon (1993)
  • Jeremy Gauntlett SC (1993) (SC-1989 SA)
  • Andrew Thomas (1996)
  • Robert O’Donoghue (1996)
  • Klaus Reichert SC (1996 E&W) (1992 IRL) (SC-2010 IRL)
  • Margaret Gray (1998)
  • Simon Birt (1998)
  • Colin West (1999)
  • Maya Lester (2000)
  • Nicholas Saunders (2001)
  • Fionn Pilbrow (2001)
  • Stephen Midwinter (2002)
  • Sarah Ford (2002)
  • Tony Willis (2004)
  • Victoria Wakefield (2003)
  • David Scannell (2003)
  • Gerard Rothschild (2005)
  • Jonathan Dawid (2005)
  • Fred Hobson (2005)
  • Sarah Abram (2006)
  • Sarah Love (2006)
  • Tony Singla (2007)
  • Richard Blakeley (2007)
  • Richard Eschwege (2008)
  • Edward Harrison (2008)
  • Thomas Plewman (2009)
  • Oliver Jones (2009)
  • Craig Morrison (2008)
  • Max Schaefer (2010)
  • Daniel Piccinin (2010)
  • Michael Bolding (2010)
  • Tim Johnston (2011)
  • Malcolm Birdling (2011)
  • Andrew McInytre (2011)
  • David Bailey (2012)
  • Geoffrey Kuehne (2012)
  • Emily MacKenzie (2012)
  • Joanne Box (2012)
  • Kyle Lawson (2012)
  • Zahra Al-Rikabi (2012)
  • Lord Phillips (1962) (QC-1978) * HH
  • Nicholas Chambers QC (1966) (QC-1985) *
  • Derrick Wyatt QC (1972) (QC-1993) *
  • Mark Cran QC (1973) (QC-1988) *
  • Richard Macrory (1974) *
  • Sir Sydney Kentridge QC (1977) (QC-1984) *
  • Andrew Le Sueur (1987) *
  • Mads Andenas (1997) *
  • Sir Roger Buckley (1962) *
  • Peter Muchlinski (1981) *
  • Sir Oliver Popplewell (1951) *
  • Jan Woloniecki (1983) *
  • Lord Hoffmann (1964) (QC-1977) *
  • Alastair Sutton (1972) *
  • Johnny Mok SC (1986) Hong Kong *
  • Prof. Robert McCorquodale (2011)* J
  • udge Fidelma Macken SC (1987) *
  • Lord Hope (1965 Scotland) (QC-1989 Scotland) *
  • John Sturrock QC (1986 Scotland) (QC-1999 Scotland) *
  • James Wolffe QC (1992 Scotland) (QC-2007 Scotland)*
  • Geoff Sharp (1992 NZ)*
  • * Door Tenant A Public/Direct Access


Administrative & Public Law - London (Bar)

The excellent reputation of Brick Court Chambers is founded in part on its deep expertise in public law matters in the context of EU and competition law. Its members appear with equal acuity on behalf of both claimants and defendants, and attract particularly strong praise for their advocacy in commercial public law proceedings. They are especially accomplished in challenges to the imposition of economic sanctions and in regulatory matters.

Client service: "Its members and the clerks are brilliant - when my favourite counsel aren't available, the clerks recommend someone different and then I have a new favourite." 


Martin Chamberlain QC
Exceptionally talented counsel whose practice has gone from strength to strength since he took silk. His measured and expert advocacy is particularly well respected in relation to issues of human rights, torture, sanctions and freedom of expression.
Expertise: "He's very impressive - he's charming, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with." "He is exceptionally intelligent and impressive in the clarity of his advice. He is also very user-friendly and hard-working."
Recent work: Acted as leading counsel for the Foreign Secretary in the high-profile case of Sandiford, resisting an appeal for legal expenses on behalf of a British woman on death row in Bali.

David Anderson QC
Enjoys an excellent reputation for his domestic public law practice, which focuses strongly on the interface with EU law. He regularly appears in the ECJ, as well as the High Court.
Expertise: "A terrific, well-judged court advocate who is intelligent and commercial." "The top barrister for EU-related public law. A very good advocate who always makes his submissions appear reasonable."
Recent work: Acted for Betfair, an interested party, in the challenge by William Hill of the decision by the Horseracing Levy Board to classify betting exchange customers as not being subject to betting levy.

Marie Demetriou QC
Acts for both claimants and defendants in a broad range of public law issues, many of them EU law-related. She is also expert in competition issues.
Expertise: "She is hugely clever and a very logical thinker who is very easy to work with." "She is very legally astute and knowledgeable, particularly in EU and human rights law, where she adds a lot of value."
Recent work: Acted as lead counsel for the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in a case determining whether the new housing benefit rules discriminate against those with mental health issues.

Richard Gordon QC
Specialises in handling judicial review proceedings in the context of constitutional and regulatory matters. He is also highly accomplished in representing clients in cases dealing with local authority and environmental points.
Expertise: "He is highly inventive, and can find an argument where some others can't." "With him you get the right answer and the best advice - you know where you are, both with him and the case."
Recent work: Represented the Press Standards Board of Finance in a judicial review application to the Court of Appeal challenging a Privy Council decision to reject a petition for a Royal Charter for a self-regulatory body for the press industry. 

Mark Hoskins QC
Handles public law proceedings on behalf of both private claimants and governmental bodies, typically in relation to EU law. He is also a noted authority in the field of competition law.  
Expertise: "He is obviously very good indeed."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of Heathrow Airport in defending a judicial review challenge to the charges it levies on airlines.

Jemima Stratford QC
Maintains a diverse public law practice, with particular recent experience in matters relating to competition, regulation, data protection and the free movement of persons.
Expertise: "She is excellent, and charming with it." "She's impressive, thorough and down to earth - a good team player."
Recent work: Represented the Gambling Commission in a judicial review challenging its decision to classify the primary business activity on the claimant's property as being 'electronic gaming', rather than gambling.

Kelyn Bacon QC
Focuses her practice in administrative and public law on issues relating to state aid, regulation and antitrust law. Her regulatory experience is particularly pronounced in the pharmaceutical sector.
Expertise: "She is highly intelligent and grasps the key points quickly, while her advice is pragmatic and often takes account of the bigger picture." "She adds intellectual value without being difficult to work with."
Recent work: Represented Aer Lingus in the judicial review of airline charges at Heathrow Airport.

Paul Bowen QC  
Centres his public law practice on matters relating to mental health, deaths in custody, and human rights obligations incumbent on public bodies. He is also expert in the rights of disabled people.
Expertise: "He is very clever and effective, and a good tactician." "He's a very good advocate who's hard-working and bold. He can take cases which others would consider inarguable, and make good progress."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a judicial review examining whether the current system of a Coroner's investigation following the death of a detained psychiatric patient is sufficient to discharge the duty for an independent investigation under Article 2 of the ECHR.


Maya Lester
Specialises in proceedings relating to targeted sanctions, competition and EU law, in which areas she enjoys a growing reputation. She has further strength in human rights and national security matters.  
Expertise: "She is fantastic, very bright and very hard-working. She's up there with the best juniors, and doesn't need to be led." "She is formidably bright, and is particularly good in EU public law cases."
Recent work: Acted in a judicial review concerning the imposition by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of a Marine Protection Zone around the Chagos Islands. The case raises a novel point of European law, addressing the meaning of provisions of the EC Treaty. 

Victoria Wakefield
Offers advice and representation in public law matters in the areas of competition, EU and commercial judicial review. She has further interest in immigration and healthcare matters.
Expertise: "She is a delight to work with. She is extremely thorough and diligent in the advice she prepares, is extremely proactive and her advice is very solid." "She's clever, but accessible and happy to roll her sleeves up."
Recent work: Acted for Eurostar in a regulatory appeals hearing before the Channel Tunnel Intergovernmental Commission seeking transparency in the charges levied by Eurotunnel for access to the tunnel.

Sarah Love
Specialises in the commercial and competition elements of public law, her legal expertise being bolstered by a background as a professional economist. She represents individuals and charities as well as government bodies.
Expertise: "She is very bright, very personable, commercially aware and responsive to client needs." "She is extremely clever."
Recent work: Represented Transport for London in defending a judicial review challenging the policy to allow black cabs, but not minicabs, to use London's bus lanes.

Oliver Jones  
Handles a range of public law matters, and is particularly noted for his expertise in cases concerning infrastructure and gambling.
Expertise: "He's absolutely excellent, very thorough, very approachable, incredibly bright but with absolutely no airs and graces. He's very much one to muck in and get involved in the bones of a case."
Recent work: He was led by David Anderson QC for Betfair in the challenge by William Hill to the decision of the Horseracing Levy Board that better exchange customers are not subject to the betting levy.

Aviation - London (Bar)


Acknowledged for its commercial focus, this set has a strong reputation for producing high-quality work in aviation insurance litigation. Commentators hail the chambers as a "quality all-rounder" in the aviation market. It is also recognised by sources for its work in financial leasing matters and the application of EU and competition law to the allocation of airport landing slots.


Neil Calver QC
Well regarded by peers, Calver maintains a reputation for his expertise in aviation insurance matters. He is frequently involved in international arbitrations representing the interests of insurers.
Expertise: "A brilliant lawyer who is an automatic choice for insurance work."

Andrew Lydiard QC 
A strong presence in the market, who is strong on liability insurance and leasing disputes. His superior cross-examination skills were highlighted to researchers. 
Expertise: "He could probably handle anything, he is so bright. On insurance disputes he is first class." "He has been in aviation man and boy, and definitely knows his stuff."

Banking & Finance - London (Bar)


A set with a strong reputation, that has been involved in numerous complex banking cases arising out of the global financial crisis. Its members deal with matters at the forefront of the market such as Deutsche Bank v Unitech, the Guardian Care Homes case, J.P. Morgan's dispute with the Berlin transport authority and UBS's case against the Leipzig waterworks. As well as gaining instructions from international retail and investment banks, many of its practitioners also act for claimants against major financial institutions. Solicitors regard the set highly for its "superb depth and breadth" and say "everyone there is very bright - you know you'll be getting an exceptionally good lawyer whoever you instruct."

Client service: "They're great to deal with. The clerks, led by Julian Hawes and Ian Moyler, are charming and effective. They're absolutely supportive and highly professional."


Mark Hapgood QC 
A unanimously respected silk with laudable experience and great industry knowledge. He is described by numerous sources as a "banking litigation doyen" and "a go-to lead counsel" for banking, commercial fraud and professional negligence disputes.
Expertise: "He is adept at cutting to the heart of complicated issues and presenting them simply and clearly. He provides practical, commercial and strategic advice and is a very persuasive advocate." "He is a widely respected advocate who shows incisive judgement in the most complex cases."
Recent work: Represented Deutsche Bank in its significant case against Unitech regarding interest rate swaps and alleged LIBOR manipulation.

Mark Howard QC 
Maintains a strong commercial practice and has a reputation for being the man to instruct in complex cases. He has a wide-practice and often appears in cases with a fraud or professional negligence element.
Expertise: "He is undoubtedly one of the leaders of the commercial Bar. He is absolutely excellent and has very good court skills." "Has the gravitas to command respect when handling large conferences."
Recent work: Represented Andrew Caldwell, the independent valuer for Northern Rock, in his dispute with Harbinger Capital partners, following his decision not to award compensation to shareholders in Northern Rock.

Tim Lord QC 
Demonstrates particular strength when acting for claimants against investment banks in cases arising out of the financial crisis. He wins praise from instructing solicitors for his advocacy and relentless optimism.
Expertise: "Without a doubt, a top choice for any party involved in a significant dispute with an investment bank. He's intelligent, tenacious and innovative. He handles teams brilliantly and inspires confidence in clients." "He has charisma, strategic nous and vision, and is a consummate cross-examiner."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of the claimants in the widely reported LIBOR test case of Graiseley Properties v Barclays Bank.

Neil Calver QC 
A barrister praised by sources for the quality of his cross-examination, who is a great team player and "a challenging opponent for anyone." He has a broad practice with particular strengths in insurance, banking and aviation.
Expertise: "He has a good rapport with the court. He is respectful and formal but conversational as well. He's always commercially minded and sensible."

Jasbir Dhillon QC 
A deeply experienced silk and former advocate at the New York Bar who was once with a top-quality Wall Street firm. He is highly regarded, particularly for his expertise in cases concerning complex financial products and derivatives.
Expertise: "He's a safe pair of hands, who is commercial in his thinking and very friendly." "He's really confident and well-versed in ISDA documentation."
Recent work: Acted for SNCB, the Belgian state railway, in a claim against UBS relating to a complex structured product.

Andrew Henshaw QC 
A former solicitor with a robust banking and commercial practice who has ancillary strength in regulatory matters.
Expertise: "He's a brilliant man. He's clever and has really good judgement. When he speaks, he always says something intelligent. You get a first-class service from him - no point will be missed."
Recent work: Defended HM Treasury against over 350 claimants seeking Francovich damages. The case concerned the failure of the (as was) FSA to prevent a firm from conducting unauthorised business at the expense of the claimants.


Simon Birt 
A junior with a thriving reputation. Many sources draw attention to his intellectual prowess and he is lauded by peers for his written work and the quality of his analysis.
Expertise: "He has an inner drive and confidence and provides superb technical analysis of legal issues." "He's extremely hardworking and incisive."
Recent work: Led by Tim Lord QC, he acted for BVG, the Berlin transport authority, in bringing a counter claim against J.P. Morgan regarding the sale and alleged misrepresentation of CDO products.

Stephen Midwinter 
Continues to act in a range of areas including insurance, energy and fraud. He is experienced at acting on the claimant-side of proceedings against banks.
Expertise: "He's exceptionally bright, efficient and a very good advocate. A first-class junior counsel, particularly for complex, civil fraud matters." "He is clever, incisive and gets to the point in a very concise way."
Recent work: Acted for Leipzig-based water board KWL in its highly publicised dispute with UBS concerning the alleged fraudulent misrepresentation of debt-based derivatives.

Fionn Pilbrow 
The architect of a wide-reaching practice that takes in fraud and insurance cases amongst others. He acts both for and against banks.
Expertise: "He's a very good lawyer and a good draftsman. He works well in a team, and is a very strong performer." "He's approachable, user-friendly and thorough."
Recent work: Acted for the Co-operative Bank in four separate cases regarding the termination of hedging arrangements.

Craig Morrison 
Experienced in derivatives disputes and litigation relating to loan facilities. He impresses solicitors and peers alike with his analytical skill.
Expertise: "He combines brilliant legal analysis with an easy manner, and is a pleasure to work with." "A good all-round barrister. He's good on the written side and he gets to the heart of problems."
Recent work: Led by Tim Lord QC, he acted for KWL, the German water authority, in its dispute with UBS regarding the alleged fraudulent misrepresentation of CDOs by UBS.

Jonathan Dawid 
Has a practice heavy on banking, professional negligence and commercial fraud cases. Numerous sources draw attention to his technical skill.
Expertise: "He is phenomenally bright and extremely hardworking. He's fantastic at drafting and putting complex concepts into words." "A real asset to the team and very good on tricky technical points of both law and fact."
Recent work: Acted for UBS in a high-profile dispute with the German water authority KWL seeking the recovery of monies owed from CDO transactions.

Civil Liberties & Human Rights - London (Bar)

Brick Court Chambers maintains its reputation as a set accomplished in providing representation to claimants and defendants across a wide span of issues in the field of human rights. Its members are experienced in handling matters arising in the context of deprivation of liberty, alleged state complicity in torture, economic sanctions, the transfer of asylum seekers between states where their rights might be infringed, and the rights of detained patients. They are well versed in acting in both domestic and international courts on behalf of their clients.

Client service: "The clerking at Brick Court is very good as it's flexible, friendly and responsive."


Martin Chamberlain QC 
Enjoys an excellent reputation among peers and clients for his measured and accomplished advocacy in human rights matters. He has expertise in a diverse range of issues within human rights and acts on behalf of clients ranging from individuals and NGOs to defendant governments.
Expertise: "He is fabulous. He has the court eating out of his hand, and can manage to make anything sound reasonable." "A very polite and succinct advocate."
Recent work: Acted as leading Special Advocate for Bank Mellat in the first ever closed hearing in the Supreme Court, in which financial restrictions imposed on the bank for the purpose of limiting Iranian nuclear proliferation were overturned.

Marie Demetriou QC 
Centres her civil liberties practice on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, particularly in relation to discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, as well as the asset freezing of suspected terrorists. She is frequently instructed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
Expertise: "She is excellent and extremely easy to work with. She is very approachable, and pragmatic in coming to a solution that will make everybody happy." "Very easy-going and relaxed, but also very efficient in the way she goes about her work, and very sharp when it comes to European law."
Recent work: Acted for the UNHCR in a hearing before the Supreme Court addressing whether the removal of asylum seekers to Italy under the Dublin II regulation would be in contravention of their human rights due to the risk of ill-treatment in the destination country.

Richard Gordon QC 
A noted authority in broader constitutional and public law principles, which expertise informs his work in civil liberties. His recent experience in this area includes issues of liberty in the context of incapacity, and of press freedom.
Expertise: "He is quick to respond and collaborative, and his drafting is of the highest quality." "He has definitely got the ear of the court, and if you are instructing him, they will listen to what you have to say."
Recent work: Acted for the Press Standards Board of Finance in a claim for judicial review challenging an order of the Privy Council rejecting the application for a Royal Charter for a recognition body for press self-regulators.

Jemima Stratford QC 
Incorporates expertise in EU law into her human rights practice, which is itself broad in nature. She has acted in significant cases concerning topics such as state immunity, child trafficking and control order hearings.
Expertise: "She has very strong, clear and accessible ideas, and the ability to boil things down to the nub without making you feel stupid."
Recent work: Acted on behalf of the Foreign Office in proceedings before the ECHR addressing the issue of immunity of foreign state agents against civil or criminal actions alleging torture.

Paul Bowen QC  
Maintains a strong reputation for his work in a diverse range of human rights issues. He is a noted expert in the areas of mental health, particularly in the context of detention in prison and under the Mental Health Act, and in protestor rights.
Expertise: "He is extremely good, particularly in relation to mental health cases."
Recent work: Intervened on behalf of the Equality & Human Rights Commission in a leading case on the meaning of deprivation of liberty in Article 5 ECHR in the context of two learning-disabled adults in restrictive care.


Maya Lester
Focuses on targeted sanctions, particularly those imposed on the basis of allegations of terrorism. She also has experience in the interface between political activity and the designation of charitable status.
Expertise: "She combines being incredibly clever with being modest, engaging and responsive."
Recent work: Acted for Liberty in a test case challenging provisions in the Equality Act that prevented same-sex civil partners from benefiting from pensions that had accrued before the Act came into force.

Commercial Dispute Resolution - London (Bar)


Brick Court has long been regarded as a heavyweight chambers in commercial litigation work and remains a firm favourite with instructing solicitors. The instructions it receives are wide-ranging in nature, and include natural resources, banking, property and company disputes, as well as disputes originating in Russia and the CIS. The set is well stocked with leading silks and highly regarded juniors, and its members are consistently praised for their robust and intelligent advocacy. Sources say: "The barristers exhibit strong technical expertise and commercial awareness, and will always go the extra mile for the client."

Client service: "Superb on clerking. They are fantastically responsive. They are always transparent about diaries and what can be done, and you don't get problems with double-bookings." Ian Moyler and Julian Hawes serve as joint heads of a clerking team that is praised for its modern and commercial approach.


Mark Howard QC
A titan of the Commercial Bar, Howard is praised by instructing solicitors as "nothing short of superb" and by peers as "the person one would least like to find oneself against." His practice spans the commercial spectrum and features regular appearances in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the Privy Council on some of the most high-profile cases of recent years.
Expertise: "Delivers decisive, clear commercial advice and is formidable in the courtroom." "A brilliant trial lawyer who combines an astute legal mind with an eye for strategy, and is a great team player."
Recent work: Acted for the appellant in Benedetti v Sawiris, a dispute relating to the quantum meruit basis of remuneration.

Mark Hapgood QC 
A leading light in commercial litigation and regarded by instructing solicitors as an "outstanding commercial advocate" who "works like stink." He is a go-to silk for heavyweight and high-stakes disputes, and his recent cases have included fraud claims, insolvency-related disputes and professional negligence matters. 
Expertise: "Provides top-drawer oral advocacy and runs rings around the opposition." "He is particularly adept at cutting to the heart of complicated issues and presenting them simply and clearly. He provides practical commercial and strategic advice and is a very persuasive advocate."
Recent work: Represented Cattles Group in its USD1.6 billion professional negligence claim against PwC, arising out of the collapse of the Welcome Financial Services group.

Charles Hollander QC 
A silk held in high esteem by solicitors, who has significant courtroom presence and intellectual ability and a reputation for being easy to work with. He is an acknowledged expert on questions of legal privilege.
Expertise: "He is very good on his feet and very articulate. He always has the ear of the judge and is someone with an enormous amount of courtroom presence." "Highly intelligent, yet unassuming and very client-friendly."
Recent work: Acted for FG Wilson (now Caterpillar NI) on two claims against John Holt relating to international sale of goods and retention of title clauses.

Helen Davies QC
Joint head of chambers and an experienced silk, with an international practice spanning arbitration, energy and competition. She is held in high regard by instructing solicitors and is an established name at the Commercial Bar.
Expertise: "Highly intelligent and a pleasure to work with." "A very good commercial advocate."
Recent work: Represented telecom operator BMIC in its high-profile shareholder dispute with former investment partner Siva and Siva's chairman, Chinnakannan Sivasankaran.

Jonathan Hirst QC
Joint head of chambers alongside Helen Davies QC. He is a seasoned advocate with experience in a range of commercial matters, including financial services disputes, shipping cases and arbitration. Sources name him as a "heavyweight" who "truly understands appellate courts."
Expertise: "A leader in his field. Gives very clear advice and instils real confidence in the client." "He's excellent in every way."
Recent work: Acted for International Oil and Gas Technology Fund in relation to a high-value contractual dispute with, and counterclaim against, QOGT.

Tim Lord QC 
Held in high regard by instructing solicitors for his engaging advocacy skills, as well as his user-friendliness. He handles heavyweight commercial matters, and has a particular focus on complex and high-profile banking and finance disputes.
Expertise: "A genuine fighter who is capable of standing up to difficult points. He has a great rapport with the judge and is a very entertaining advocate. He's super-jolly and fun to work with." "His cross-examination was superb: it was very thorough, very carefully put and very thoughtful. He's a great strategist and he really understands client management."
Recent work: Acted for CF Partners in its £75 million claim against Barclays Bank, alleging breach of confidence in relation to the Tricorona M&A deal.

Simon Salzedo QC 
An impressive recent silk who attracts praise from peers and instructing parties for his sound advice and high-calibre advocacy. His practice spans general commercial, financial services and professional negligence disputes as well as arbitration. 
Expertise: "A superb advocate who is very nimble on his feet and very easy to get on with." "A consummate performer and a brilliant advocate."
Recent work: Acted for Erste on a conspiracy and tortious interference claim against Russian state entity Red October.

Neil Calver QC 
A bright and user-friendly advocate whom sources praise as a "strong all-rounder." His expertise encompasses insurance and reinsurance, banking and finance, and aviation law, and he also has a strong arbitration practice.
Expertise: "Super-good with clients, he wins their confidence very quickly." "He has always been very much a hands-on silk, and he gives very good commercial, strategic advice."
Recent work: Acted for Aspen on a Court of Appeal case relating to product liability under a product liability insurance policy.

Daniel Jowell QC 
A relatively recent silk who has notable experience in so-called 'oligarch' litigation arising in Russia and the CIS. Instructing solicitors hold him in high regard, praising him as a "brilliant up-and-coming all-rounder."
Expertise: "Very bright and detailed, and a useful cross-examiner." "A real star in the making."
Recent work: Instructed by Enyo Law to seek a conflict of interest injunction against White & Case, as a result of which the defendant was debarred from acting for Victor Pinchuk in his high-profile dispute with Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky.

Harry Matovu QC
Comes strongly recommended by instructing solicitors, who consistently highlight his charm and his ability in cross-examination. He maintains a diverse commercial practice which encompasses civil fraud, natural resources disputes, jurisdictional challenges and arbitration.
Expertise: "Absolutely charming to work with and very good with clients. He produces really first-rate written work and is a very good cross-examiner. He works hard, is sensible and doesn't pursue duff arguments." "Some advocates bamboozle, bully or fight; he charms them all, and mauls witnesses with a smile." 
Recent work: Represented two of the three principal defendants to a USD1.1 billion fraud claim brought by Alliance Bank.

Michael Bools QC 
Has a strong commercial practice covering both arbitration and litigation, and regularly handles appellate work. He has notable experience in natural resources, energy and insurance cases.
Expertise: "He is meticulous in his attention to detail, and is incredibly bright, fantastically user-friendly and highly accessible." 
Recent work: Acted with Mark Hapgood QC for Bambino Holdings, Bernie Ecclestone's family trust company, in relation to a USD140 million fraud claim brought by Constantin Medien.

Tom Adam QC
Highly regarded by instructing parties and peers alike, with one source naming him as "undoubtedly one of the most brilliant legal minds of his generation." His practice covers a range of commercial matters, and he has particular expertise in insurance and professional negligence matters.
Expertise: "Commercial, user-friendly and a delight to work with. He has terrific judgement and is an accomplished advocate." "Clearly had a grasp of the detail that was second to none. A very good advocate who was very good on cross-examination; he knew where he was going tactically."
Recent work: Acted for a syndicate of investors bringing high-value claims of fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duties against Dr Balwinder Sidhu and others. The case concerned a Bulgarian land investment venture.

Richard Slade QC
A well-liked silk with a broad commercial practice. His recent cases include disputes in the banking, financial services and international trade sectors.
Expertise: "Excellent at cutting to the heart of the matter and very user-friendly." "He was very accessible to the client, which was great."
Recent work: Acted for UBS in relation to its USD100 million claim against the Leipzig water authority, Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig.

Michael Swainston QC 
Held in high regard by instructing solicitors, and has a high-profile, international caseload. He is particularly well regarded in respect of civil fraud matters and 'oligarch' litigation arising in Russia and the CIS.
Expertise: "Exceptionally bright. A leader that you would not want to see appearing for the other side. Devastatingly effective in cross-examination, he's strongly recommended for civil fraud and CIS disputes." 
Recent work: Acted for JKX Oil & Gas on a dispute with Eclairs Group and Glengary over the validity of voting and transfer restriction notices.

Jasbir Dhillon QC
A silk with a strong reputation in the commercial market, particularly for complex banking and finance disputes.
Expertise: "He is very good with the client, and will do all he can to work with the material he is given." "Impressive in the more complex disputes, particularly banking and company law matters."
Recent work: Acted for FG Wilson (now Caterpillar NI) on its USD13 million claim against Holt for generators, other goods and services, as well as in defence of a USD50 million claim brought against FG Wilson by Holt.

Andrew Henshaw QC 
Negotiates a broad commercial litigation and arbitration practice, and has particular experience in oligarch disputes. He's also noted for his handling of jurisdictional challenges, and for his expertise in European and public law.
Expertise: "Very good on the paperwork, and a real brain."
Recent work: Acted for Linton Capital in relation to claims brought by QOGT over the management of an investment fund.

Roger Masefield QC 
A junior silk with a strong reputation in the commercial market, who acts on complex and high-stakes litigation and arbitrations. He has a practice covering civil fraud, energy and insurance, and has particular experience in banking and finance matters. 
Expertise: "A very creative, lateral thinker who has a tremendous depth of legal knowledge that he has acquired through his involvement in massively complex cases. He is a very clear-thinking lawyer in terms of strategy and has a very good manner with clients, whose commercial objectives he understands." 
Recent work: Acted for Standard Bank on the defence of a claim by Sabre relating to the sale of an oil company investing in an offshore oil field.


Simon Birt 
Receives consistently high praise from instructing solicitors and has a strong reputation at the Commercial Bar. His practice is wide-ranging, and he tackles financial services, insurance, professional negligence and shipping cases, to name but a few.
Expertise: "An extraordinarily thoughtful, bright barrister whose drafting is excellent. A very, very smart guy who has great advocacy skills." "Unbelievably hard-working, he was a pleasure to work with on a super-stressful case." 
Recent work: Acted alongside Tim Lord QC and Simon Salzedo QC for J.P. Morgan on a complex CDO claim against the Berlin transport authority.

Fionn Pilbrow 
An active junior who attracts a range of high-end instructions, and has particular experience in energy and natural resources disputes. Instructing solicitors consider him to be "very good on his feet," and he often acts as sole advocate.
Expertise: "His advice is clear and logical." "Incisive and commercial in his approach, he's a force for the future."
Recent work: Represented Energy Venture Partners, with Mark Howard QC, in its successful recovery of an approximately USD110 million commission payment from Malabu Oil & Gas following the sale of a Nigerian oil licence.

Stephen Midwinter
A darling of the junior Bar who attracts praise from peers and instructing solicitors alike. He appears, led and unled, in both general commercial disputes and international arbitrations.
Expertise: "Exceptionally bright, efficient and also a very good advocate. He is a first-choice junior counsel, particularly on complex civil fraud matters." "A very, very able advocate, he really did wipe the floor with the opposition."
Recent work: Led by Mark Howard QC in Goldman Sachs' defence of a EUR200 million professional negligence claim brought by Pensionenfonds Vervoer.

Jonathan Dawid 
Has a strong reputation for representing major financial institutions, accountancy firms and investment managers. He has particular expertise in the application of EU law to the financial services sector.
Expertise: "A real asset to the team and very good with tricky technical points of both law and fact."
Recent work: Represented UBS in a claim against the Leipzig water authority for sums owed under a CDO. He also acted for UBS Global Asset Management in defence of professional negligence claims relating to the management of the CDO portfolio.

Alec Haydon 
Senior junior with a broad commercial practice that covers shareholder, professional negligence, insurance and banking disputes. He is particularly valued by instructing solicitors for his strategic input.
Expertise: "Incredibly good at devising strategy, getting to the key issues and finding a way through them that meets clients' commercial objectives." "He's very good on fraud and careful to find a proportionate strategy."
Recent work: Led by Mark Howard QC for Gennadiy Bogolyubov in relation to his high-profile dispute with Victor Pinchuk.

Tony Singla 
An impressive and active junior, with a broad practice encompassing insurance, energy, civil fraud and professional negligence cases. Solicitors appreciate his user-friendliness and strong work ethic.
Expertise: "Tony is very approachable, good on his feet, and excellent if you require practical and commercial advice." "He has a very good grasp of the issues and puts a lot of effort into knowing everything about the case. Very easy to work with, he has no airs and graces."
Recent work: Led by Mark Howard QC on the Alexandros T Supreme Court case, regarding the operation of Articles 27 and 28 of the Brussels Regulation.

Colin West 
A bright and reliable junior, with a practice spanning a range of commercial litigation and arbitration cases. Insurance, civil fraud and shipping cases are a particular focus, and he is strong on contractual disputes.
Expertise: "Very bright, good on the detail and excellent tactically." "Really calm, really sound and obviously going places."
Recent work: Acted for African Minerals in defence of a significant fee claim by Renaissance Capital.

Oliver Jones 
A dynamic junior who has impressed with his work rate and intellectual ability. He appears in a number of heavyweight commercial cases.
Expertise: "He has a fantastically rigorous intellect." "A total glutton for work and someone who is wise beyond his years."
Recent work: Led by Tom Linden QC for Group Lotus in relation to an unfair dismissal claim by its former CEO and a counterclaim concerning the same's conduct during his tenure as CEO.

Thomas Plewman SC 
A well-regarded advocate with particular experience in financial services, banking, professional negligence, intellectual property and mining law. His heavyweight presence in the London market follows on from his success as a commercial silk in South Africa.
Expertise: "Extraordinarily good." "Pugnacious, straightforward and straight-talking."
Recent work: Appeared in Cattles v Pricewaterhouse, a USD1.6 billion professional negligence dispute over the collapse of the Welcome Financial Services group. 

Sarah Abram 
Has a strong commercial litigation and arbitration practice, and has expertise in EU and competition law. 
Recent work: Appeared unled for BAE Systems in defence of a fee claim by two former agents.

Richard Blakeley 
A well-regarded junior with an enviable and high-profile recent caseload. 
Expertise: "Incredibly hard-working and very smart, he punches above his weight. On his feet, he is very confident and very effective, and he shows good judgement."
Recent work: Led by Michael Swainston QC for API in defending claims for declaration of liability to indemnify British American Tobacco for the cost of the Fox River cleanup.

Fred Hobson 
An active junior with a practice spanning energy, banking and civil fraud disputes. His recent work has included high-profile oligarch litigation.
Expertise: "Very easy to deal with and very fair."
Recent work: Appeared with Mark Howard QC and Alec Haydon for Gennadiy Bogolyubov in relation to the high-profile dispute with Victor Pinchuk over an iron ore mining company.

Gerard Rothschild 
A well-regarded junior with a practice that takes in commercial, competition and public law cases.
Recent work: Instructed as sole counsel by Archimedes Pharma in relation to a breach of contract and compensation for loss claim against Recipharm.

Competition/European Law - London (Bar)

Brick Court houses a plethora of top-quality barristers with deep experience, who can offer assistance in all areas of competition law. Offering a uniformity of quality at both silk and junior level, it is able to tackle the majority of the leading cases of the field, however complex or challenging. As commentators note: "There is a benefit to the way that the practitioners work there. The set is a competition litigation hothouse, and members are able to bounce ideas off each other." Acting for a wide array of clients, including the government and the EC, the set has handled a number of recent interesting cases, including the BMI Healthcare litigation, Sainsbury's v MasterCard, and the Lafarge cement case.

Client service: Joint senior clerks Julian Hawes and Ian Moyler lead the team. Clients say: "Their clerking is extremely organised and ensures you get the best out of the chambers."


Mark Brealey QC
A host of loyal clients seek out a silk at the top of his game. He is particularly adept at handling competition damages cases and is noted for his strength in cartel work.
Expertise: "Unflappable, calm and measured in his approach, he just wins cases." "A very user-friendly, down-to-earth and responsive guy."
Recent work: Acted for Sainsbury's in the MasterCard interchange fee litigation.

Helen Davies QC
A first choice for many, she has wide experience of commercial law generally in addition to her specific competition law knowledge. She is a regular in leading competition cases such as FAPL v Ofcom.
Expertise: "Sensationally good with clients and someone with an incredibly incisive mind." "She always gets results."
Recent work: Represented Foundem in a damages claim brought against Google. The case alleged abuse of dominance by the search provider relating to vertical search services.

James Flynn QC
A former solicitor in both Brussels and the City, as well as a référendaire at the ECJ, he is a highly esteemed lawyer who has regularly appeared before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) and the ECJ. He handles all areas of competition law, being an expert in everything from abuse of dominance and market investigations to criminal law cases. 
Expertise: "A highly accomplished advocate and adviser who is very easy to work with and puts clients at ease." "He has one of the finest analytical minds at the Competition Bar."
Recent work: Represented Air Lingus in Ryanair v CC and Aer Lingus, a case concerning the interaction between UK and EU merger control procedures.

Mark Hoskins QC
The toast of many a client due to his excellent legal analysis and accessibility, Hoskins is singled out for his advocacy skills as well as his strong competition law focus. A veteran of more than 80 cases before the ECJ and Court of First Instance, he has also been a regular before the CAT, acting for both public bodies and private clients.
Expertise: "Incredibly clever, quick, user-friendly and accessible. He is light years ahead of virtually everyone else." "He is commercially very sound and produces succinct, forensic paperwork and crystal-clear arguments."
Recent work: Acted for Panasonic in Panasonic v Commission before the General Court. This was an appeal against the largest ever aggregate cartel fine imposed by the EC.

Aidan Robertson QC
Recognised for his role in many ground-breaking cases, he is well regarded for both his litigation and his advisory work. He is particularly strong on cartel claims, and recently acted for a number of firms in the huge OFT investigation into the construction industry.
Expertise: "He is ever willing to discuss a brain teaser with you, even if he is not actually working on an active case on your behalf. He's a very friendly person to work with."
Recent work: Acted for the British Retail Consortium, intervening in MasterCard's appeal to the ECJ regarding interchange fees.

Marie Demetriou QC
A silk with experience of both competition law and wider EU law matters. She has been particularly active of late in private damages claims.
Expertise: "Absolutely outstanding." "She is very easy to work with and very responsive."
Recent work: Represented Morgan Crucible in an appeal to the Supreme Court regarding time limits for bringing a follow-on damages claim in the CAT.

Mark Howard QC 
Noted for his wide commercial experience and portfolio of highly impressive clients, he is "undeniably one of the top silks at the Commercial Bar." He has particular experience in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.
Expertise: "Stunning in his presentation, he can easily turn a loss into a win." "An immensely clever man and a highly able advocate," such is his reputation as a leading commercial silk that "when you put him before the CAT it's like putting a really large shark into a small sea." 
Recent work: Appeared in Lafarge Tarmac v Competition Commission.  

Daniel Jowell QC
As well as being a highly regarded competition law silk, he is a noted commercial litigator who has recently been working on Russian oligarch cases. On the competition law front he has handled a number of precedent-setting cartel damages actions involving the likes of ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical. 
Expertise: "A super-bright barrister with an excellent level of responsiveness." "Daniel Jowell is very thorough and very forensic in his approach. He leaves no stone unturned."
Recent work: Represented Visa Europe in defending a damages action brought by major retailers in relation to interchange fees.

Kelyn Bacon QC
A new silk, who has recently been involved in numerous high-profile cases relating to cartels, abuse of dominance and private damages. 
Expertise: "A very effective operator. She has the ability to arrive at the correct result and has excellent forensic skills." One peer commented: "She's a devastatingly effective advocate – I don't like being on the opposite side to her." 
Recent work: Acted as lead counsel for Teva in a follow-on damages claim brought against Reckitt Benckiser concerning abuse of dominance.

Jemima Stratford QC
Has a broad practice that encompasses EU law, competition law, public law and human rights. She has been active of late on several cases concerning the interplay between patents and competition law.
Expertise: "Impressive, thorough and down to earth. She's a good team player."
Recent work: Appeared as lead counsel for Nokia in Nokia v HTC. 

David Vaughan QC 
An immediately recognisable name within this field, with extensive experience of appearing before both national and EU courts. He regularly appears for private enterprises seeking to challenge EU decisions.
Expertise: "Terrifically good at what he does," he is "tenacious and hard-working."
Recent work: Advised Cathay Pacific Airways in relation to the air cargo cartel investigation.


Maya Lester
A hugely gifted public and competition law expert who receives consistent praise for both her advocacy skills and her thoughtful and creative approach to cases. Over the years she has acted in a number of headline cases, including the dairy cartel affair and the Premier League pay-TV affair. 
Expertise: "She is very measured and persuasive on her feet, managing to clearly cut through a case to its core issues." "A real team player who rolls up her sleeves."
Recent work: Represented Foundem in the High Court in a case concerning alleged anti-competitive practices with regard to internet search results.

Sarah Ford 
A strong junior barrister who continues to advance her reputation and standing in this area. She handles a broad range of competition law work and has lately been busy working on a number of damages claims.
Expertise: "One of the calmest and technically most able lawyers, who is a pleasure to work with." "Excellent – she's hard-working and efficient." 
Recent work: Led by Mark Brealey QC, she represented the bank in the high-profile case of Dahabshiil Transfer Services Ltd v Barclays Bank Plc, concerning abuse of dominance claims.  

Robert O'Donoghue 
Praised for his excellent advocacy skills, and singled out by many as one to watch. He has previous experience as a solicitor in Brussels and also worked at DG Competition. His clients have included the likes of Samsung, British Airways, Google and Glencore.
Expertise:  "A really top-class litigator." "He was so involved that it felt as if he was part of the team, and was just working in the office next to us." 
Recent work: Acted for Google in the widely reported damages action Foundem v Google.

Daniel Piccinin 
A man on the march at the Bar, who receives excellent commendation from peers and clients alike. A former solicitor, he is noted for his ability to understand the commercial perspective of those that instruct him.
Expertise: "Commercially and legally extremely sound, he is a pleasure to have on the team." "Intellectually very gifted, he is going to be a huge success."
Recent work: Led by Kelyn Bacon QC, he is representing Teva in a follow-on damages claim against Reckitt Benckiser following the OFT's decision that Reckitt Benckiser abused its dominant position.

Tony Singla
Tipped as a future star, he is already gaining significant recognition from top clients. In addition to competition law, he has wider experience in commercial litigation.
Expertise: "Frustratingly brilliant," "he is also a very nice man" who is "very highly thought of by many people senior to him."
Recent work: Defended MasterCard in a private damages claim for over £1 billion.  

Sarah Lee 
A well-regarded practitioner who has experience in wider EU and public law, as well as the competition sphere. She is singled out as having particular expertise in the telecoms sector.
Expertise: "Incredibly hard-working and conscientious."
Recent work: Represented BT in the CAT, appealing a decision made by Ofcom. 

Sarah Love
Her background in economics is a real asset to those that instruct her. Over the years she has built up a strong reputation, having been part of the OFT’s counsel team in the 'bank charges' test case, and having appeared in the headline-grabbing Ryanair litigation. 
Expertise: "She grasps the issues very quickly, and is also very user-friendly and excellent to work with." "A sensible practitioner, who is very clever."

Victoria Wakefield 
Receives significant praise from clients and peers alike. In addition to competition law, her practice spans commercial, public and European law.
Expertise: "She has inexhaustible supplies of energy and is very, very good." 
Recent work: Represented Electrical Waste Recycling Group in a private damages action against Recolight in the High Court. 

Sarah Abram 
Enters the table this year on the back of a consistent level of praise from the market. She is particularly singled out for her client service and advocacy skills.
Expertise: "She was very, very good and excellent with the client." "She is beyond where she should be in terms of her litigation skills and decision making for one of her call."
Recent work: Led by Mark Hoskins QC, she represented Panasonic in an appeal being heard at the General Court against the Commission's finding of a cartel in the market for cathode ray tubes. 

David Bailey
A client favourite who has a strong focus on EU and competition law. Before coming to the Bar, he was a senior référendaire at the CAT, and a lawyer at Linklaters. 
Expertise: "He is impressive and is gaining an excellent reputation at the Bar."
Recent work: Led by Nicholas Green QC and Maya Lester, he represented Streetmap in a case against Google in the High Court. Streetmap alleges that Google has engaged in anti-competitive behaviour by favouring its own maps over competitors' in searches. 

David Scannell
Noted for his competition expertise, and his knowledge of European law more generally. He regularly appears before the ECJ and General Court on cases covering all aspects of EU law.
Expertise: "Diligent, professional and responsive – nothing is too much trouble for him."
Recent work: He has had a long-running role in the BSkyB v Ofcom pay-TV case. 

Energy & Natural Resources - London (Bar)


An excellent commercial set with a strong line-up of silks and juniors practising in the energy field. Members of chambers act in a vast array of international and domestic disputes stemming from industries such as oil and gas, mining, carbon trading, and renewable and conventional power generation.

Client service: "The clerks, led by Julian Hawes and Ian Moyler, are very responsive, and keen to know what we need. They are not like the old style of barristers' clerks, but are instead proactive, modern team players."


Helen Davies QC 
A commercial and competition silk who has a good reputation among instructing solicitors for her work in the energy sector. She advises major oil and gas companies in relation to matters such as joint operating agreements and gas purchase and sale agreements. She also acts in energy-related oligarch cases.
Expertise: "She is outstanding, very forceful, very clear and very able."
Recent work: She appeared in a case concerning the purchase and sale of gas from the North Sea.

Mark Howard QC
A heavyweight commercial silk who regularly acts in energy matters, and is noted by sources as a good choice for "the grandest cases in this area." 
Expertise: "He is astonishing and an excellent cross-examiner."
Recent work: Acted for Energy Venture Partners in a claim relating to the sale of a Nigerian oil concession.  

Michael Bools QC 
Acts in litigation and arbitration in commercial matters connected to the energy industry. He has a great deal of experience related to offshore oil and gas disputes and power generation cases.
Expertise: "He gets to grip with things very quickly, is very good with juniors, and is loved by clients. He delivers good advice and is good on his feet." 
Recent work: He appeared in a Commercial Court trial focusing on a USD30 million claim related to gas plants. 

Daniel Jowell QC 
A commercial and competition silk who is noted for his work in oligarch cases. His experience includes acting in oil and gas and renewable energy disputes.
Recent work: He represented National Oil Well in a claim stemming from a defective driller.

Charles Hollander QC 
Advises and appears in connection with commercial matters in the energy field. His practice includes acting on oil and gas and renewable energy matters.
Expertise: "He has an intricate mind and can devise points that few others can think of."
Recent work: Appeared in a Commercial Court trial centring on the termination of a natural gas sales agreement.

Roger Masefield QC 
A new commercial silk who has acted in a number of notable energy disputes. His practice includes acting in cases related to the oil and gas and power sectors.
Recent work: Instructed on behalf of Standard Bank in a dispute connected to the sale of a company that had invested in an oilfield in Ghana. 

Harry Matovu QC 
A well-respected silk with a broad commercial practice.
Expertise: "A very smooth, personable lawyer who provides a very user-friendly service."
Recent work: Involved in the long-running Excalibur and Keystone litigation, which focused on oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Stephen Midwinter 
Appears in arbitration and litigation in a wide range of energy disputes.
Expertise: "He is extremely impressive, and a bit like a thinking machine or a computer. He is an extremely logical and intellectually rigorous character who is destined to go far."
Recent work: He appeared in a British Virgin Islands dispute related to an alleged equity interest in a Georgian oil terminal.

Fionn Pilbrow
A respected junior with a broad commercial practice, who regularly acts in energy disputes.
Expertise: "Very user-friendly and accessible, he's a delight to work with. He really rolls his sleeves up when necessary and produces brilliant work under pressure."

Environment - London (Bar)

Although much better known for its environmental work, Brick Court has a small number of barristers who involve themselves in environmental law matters, some of which make it to Supreme Court level. Matters relating to climate change, aviation policy and emission targets and breaches are all handled.


Richard Gordon QC 
A strong public lawyer with noted environmental expertise, who is an academic authority on the subject. He regularly appears in all the major courts in the UK and has regularly appeared in other common law jurisdictions.
Expertise: "He has definitely got the ear of the court." "He is highly inventive, and can find an argument where others can't."
Recent work: Acted in R (Hood) v Redcar & Cleveland BC; a case about the EU law implications of the development of an abattoir.

Martin Chamberlain QC
Regularly appears in the highest appellate courts and acts for a wide variety of clients. He is one of the finest younger silks of his generation.
Expertise: "He is incredibly dexterous in the way he deals with a court." "He has a fine brain and takes a sensible and pragmatic approach."
Recent work: Appeared in Swiss International Airlines v Energy and Climate Change Secretary; a claim concerning Switzerland's omission from the suspension of the EU emissions trading scheme.


Richard Macrory 
An experienced barrister who combines his practice with a role as a professor of environmental law at University College London. He has acted in cases in the Court of Appeal and House of Lords.
Expertise: "He has a wealth of academic expertise that proves to be invaluable when you instruct him."

Competition/European Law - London (Bar)

Brick Court's reputation in the market is undisputed. It boasts some of the top law firms as regular clients, many of which name the set as their first chambers of choice. It consistently receives praise for its barristers and its clerks, who offer a seamless service on a wide variety of EU matters.

Client service: The clerking team is led by joint senior clerks Ian Moyler and Julian Hawes. One client commented: "I have never had anything but good service from the clerks at Brick Court. They are always accommodating, helpful and responsive."


David Anderson QC 
Praised time and time again for his matchless knowledge of this area. The mention of his name is instantly met with appreciation and approval of his status as a star individual. He has extensive experience of appearing before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights in a wide range of European (EU) law matters.
Expertise: "David Anderson is amazing! He is one of the best barristers around." "The finest practitioner of European [EU] law in the market."
Recent work: Represented AbbVie in a case against EMA concerning issues of transparency and privacy in relation to EU institutions and agencies. 

Jemima Stratford QC
Has a varied practice encompassing EU law, along with public law and human rights. She has particular experience of representing the government and various pharmaceutical companies.
Expertise: "An extremely talented and dedicated lawyer, and a fount of all knowledge on EU law and regulations." 
Recent work: Intervening for Hospira in the case of Novartis v Commission. Hospira is seeking to defend its marketing authorisation for a medicinal product that is used to treat cancer and osteoporosis.

Marie Demetriou QC 
Earns praise from clients for her proactive approach to client service. She is particularly appreciated for her ability to explain complex issues in a concise yet effective manner. Expertise: "I found her EU legal expertise to be second to none." "She was extraordinarily impressive and responsive. She has a high degree of commitment and flexibility, meaning she is ready to comply with tight deadlines."
Recent work: Acted as lead counsel for various pub landlords in FAPL v Berry; BSkyB v Polding. Her clients claim that the FA Premier League and Sky are continuing to unlawfully prevent them from televising premiership matches using Satellite decoder cards from other member states.

Mark Hoskins QC
Rated highly for EU and competition law. He is held in high esteem by peers and clients alike, who praise not only his proficiency, but also his user-friendly attitude. 
Expertise: "When bringing him in on a case that was an intellectual bramble patch, he exhibited a very clear mind and provided razor-sharp advocacy."
Recent work: Acted for AstraZeneca in AstraZeneca v Comptroller General of Patents. The case, concerning medicinal products, was referred to the ECJ by the High Court.

Daniel Jowell QC 
Has expertise in EU, competition and commercial law. He has been involved in numerous EU tax cases of late.
Expertise: "Tenacious and articulate." "A very user-friendly guy, he is generous with his time, and his instructions are clear and easy to follow."
Recent work: Advised HSBC regarding actions for restitution of tax paid contrary to EU legislation. 

Fergus Randolph QC
Has a practice that covers all areas of EU and competition law. He is currently active on a wide range of cases concerning different EU principles, including free movement of trade and public procurement.
Expertise: "He is really forging ahead." "A great all-rounder who is very creative. He's good to have on your side when you are in a tight corner."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Zanza v Kent Pharmaceuticals. The case related to EU law-governed marketing authorisations.

Derrick Wyatt QC
An academic, as well as a practising barrister, who is recognised for his depth of knowledge.
Expertise: "He's up there with the best." "He has been present on a huge number of notable cases."

Aidan Robertson QC 
Has experience in EU and competition law. He handles a number of EU law matters, and is particularly strong in tax and agriculture cases.
Expertise: "He gets on top of large volumes of material quickly and gives definite and pragmatic advice. His turnaround time is impressive."
Recent work: Involved in the case of WHA v HMRC; a successful defence of an appeal by a taxpayer against a VAT avoidance scheme that was deemed to be abusive.

Martin Chamberlain QC
A young silk who gains strong praise from an impressive list of clients. Sources single him out for his superior intellectual ability.
Expertise: "Phenomenally intelligent and sharply analytical. He cuts through the issues with speed and precision."
Recent work: Represented Transport for London in the newsworthy case of Eventech v Parking Adjudicator. The case regarded Addison Lee's challenge to the rules on the use of bus lanes in London, which raises free movement and state aid issues.

David Vaughan QC
A revered figure who is one of the founding fathers of this area of the law. His profound list of case highlights is testimony to his great experience.
Expertise: "He is a leading figure in this field, and has really paved the way for European law." "Raising imaginative points is a real strength of his."
Recent work: Acted in the case of Govt of Gibraltar v Commission, in which the government of Gibraltar challenged the Spanish listing of Gibraltar territorial waters under the European Habitats Directive.

Kelyn Bacon QC
A new silk who is widely respected by peers and clients. She has worked on numerous highly publicised cases of late.
Expertise: "Very quick, very thorough and very responsive."
Recent work: Junior counsel for AstraZeneca in a reference to the ECJ concerning the interpretation of EU patent legislation; an area of much controversy and debate.  


Maya Lester 
Has a broad practice which, in addition to EU law, encompasses competition law, public law, human rights and public international law cases. She has created a strong reputation for herself as an excellent junior.
Expertise: "Very impressive; her written work is concise and excellent." "She is fantastic – very bright and very hard-working. She has an excellent knowledge of EU law." 
Recent work: Acted for Chagossians in the case of R (Bancoult) v Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The case was a judicial review of the FCO's decision to impose a Marine Protection Zone around the Chagos Islands.

David Scannell
Recognised for the quality of his EU practice and his competition law expertise. He rises in the rankings this year due to his activity in an impressive list of EU cases.
Expertise: "Diligent, professional and responsive - nothing is too much trouble for him."
Recent work: Acted for AbbVie in the high-profile case of AbbVie v EMA, regarding obligations of transparency on the part of EU agencies and institutions against the rights in property enjoyed by private undertakings. 

Richard Blakeley
Has a broad practice that encompasses EU law. Has been particularly active of late on sanctions cases.
Expertise: "Very confident and very effective. He shows good judgement on the legal issues, and is very succinct in his advice."
Recent work: Acted for the successful first defendant trade union (Sindicato Espanol de Pilotos de Linea Aereas) in a claim brought by BA and IAG alleging that strikes organised by the trade union had violated BA and IAG's freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services. 

Victoria Wakefield 
Practises in European, competition, commercial and public law. Has been active in several high-profile cases of late.
Expertise: "An excellent speaker." "She is able to pick up a case and familiarise herself with it very quickly."
Recent work: Represented Eurostar International before the Channel Tunnel Intergovernmental Commission in a case concerning the transparency of Eurotunnel access charges. 

Fraud - London (Bar)

The set is home to a select team of talented silks and juniors who regularly handle significant fraud matters, many of which are international in nature. Members are frequently instructed on disputes concerning CIS clients. The "incredibly successful set" is backed up by a strong clerking team, with one source commenting: "They've got a superbly well-oiled machine behind them."

Client service: "Their clerking team really stands out. They are very commercial, they understand the relationship between barristers and solicitors very well, and are prepared to have a sensible discussion on fees."


Mark Howard QC
Receives glowing praise from instructing solicitors and peers for his appearances in major fraud disputes. He enjoys a reputation as a "leading super silk at the Bar."
Expertise: "He is renowned across the land for being one of the most in-vogue QCs to have on your case." "Probably the most lethal cross-examiner at the Bar."
Recent work: Acted for VTB Bank in its Supreme Court action against Nutritek concerning a USD200 million fraud on the bank.

Michael Swainston QC
Singled out for his impressive advocacy skills. He has particular experience of litigation connected with Russia and the CIS.
Expertise: "He is a fearless advocate, who is extremely knowledgeable, good on his feet and able to give practical and concise advice on key issues. His advocacy skills are first-rate."

Harry Matovu QC 
Has a broad commercial practice and experience of heavyweight civil fraud disputes. He frequently handles disputes involving offshore jurisdictions and international clients.
Expertise: "A charming and unflappable advocate. He has developed real expertise in complex jurisdictional battles." "He has an incredibly good bedside manner, very intellectual and is very thoughtful about the work that he does."
Recent work: Acted for two of the principal defendants in a USD1.1 billion fraud claim brought by Alliance Bank.


Fionn Pilbrow
Has a wide-ranging commercial practice that takes in notable fraud cases. He has been involved in multimillion-pound disputes, acting for claimants and defendants.
Expertise: "A star of the future. He has a huge capacity to get things done and is brilliant on technical matters." "His advice is clear and logical."
Recent work: Acted for a defendant in a multimillion-pound claim brought by Coca-Cola alleging bribery and corruption perpetrated by an employee of the company.

Alec Haydon 
Handles a range of civil fraud disputes and asset recovery actions. He has been involved in a number of high-profile, big-ticket disputes for clients from Russia and the CIS.
Expertise: "Very good on fraud and careful to find the right strategy." "He has huge experience in heavyweight commercial fraud cases and is great at fighting his corner."
Recent work: Acted in Kazakhstan Kagazy PLC v Zhunus & Arip; a claim against the former shareholders and directors of a company.

Stephen Midwinter 
Frequently appears in disputes involving offshore clients and jurisdictions. He has been called to the Bar of the BVI and has appeared in a number cases there.
Expertise: "He's top-drawer, no doubt. He gives silk-quality advice even though he's a junior." "He has great turnaround times and is user-friendly."
Recent work: Acted in a dispute in the BVI concerning an alleged equity interest in a Georgian oil terminal that was said to have been misappropriated by the defendant.

Insurance - London (Bar)


This hugely strong commercial set focuses its insurance practice on the very top-end work. Indicative of the level of work it undertakes, it has recently been handling multimillion-dollar reinsurance claims arising out of the 2010/2011 New Zealand earthquake. It has also been handling an insurance claim arising from the purchase of Kwikfit. Clients say it is "absolutely first-rate" and a "superb set."

Client service: "The clerks, led by Julian Hawes and Ian Moyler, were very efficient and as helpful as anything." 


Neil Calver QC 
A real authority within the Commercial Bar who is often involved in complex international insurance matters. He frequently appears in arbitrations, either sitting as arbitrator or representing clients.
Expertise: "He is bright and hard-working, and can be relied upon to give advice on complex issues in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner."

Jonathan Hirst QC 
Co-head of chambers and a barrister who has seen every type of commercial case going, having spent the last quarter of a century in silk. He both sits on arbitration panels and litigates the most complex and contentious insurance cases.
Expertise: "He is very confident and intelligent, and has both good relations with, and the respect of, judges." 
Recent work: Acted in a case that determined whether P&I insurance was frustrated as a result of sanctions against Iran.  

Mark Howard QC 
Possesses a very broad practice and is a seasoned commercial barrister well known for his cross-examination skills. Along with insurance and reinsurance work, he is also frequently involved in cases relating to banking, competition, professional negligence, fraud and energy.
Expertise: "He's a brilliant cross-examiner who has the respect of the court." 
Recent work: Instructed on a case concerning alleged fraud in a reinsurance scheme. The case was heard in front of the Privy Council.

Harry Matovu QC
A robust litigator with an extensive insurance and reinsurance practice. He often leverages his expertise in energy, arbitrations and jurisdictional disputes to service large insurance clients.
Expertise: "He is very bright, and is a real team player who produces very high-quality work."
Recent work: Acted as leading counsel in a USD20 million property insurance case related to offshore gas and oil installations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Helen Davies QC
A confident and effective commercial, EU and competition law advocate, who brings her expertise to bear on high-value international insurance and reinsurance cases.
Expertise: "Fantastic. Her written work is sublime, she's proactive, and she really cuts to the meatier issues in a case." 
Recent work: Acted in a reinsurance claim that centred on damage to a road in Mexico caused by Hurricane Juliette.

Andrew Lydiard QC 
Approaches insurance and reinsurance work from a primarily aviation background. He is experienced in both arbitrations and litigation. 
Expertise: "He offered helpful opinions on time and in a very user-friendly manner."

Michael Swainston QC 
Possesses a very broad international commercial practice that is particularly focused on Russian work.
Expertise: "He's dogged and gets his teeth into things." "He is a man with a lot of common sense."

Tom Adam QC 
Focuses on high-level broker D&O work as well as more traditional insurance and reinsurance cases.
Expertise: "He is scarily bright."
Recent work: Advised the insurers in a £30 million property damage claim related to repairs to the undersea Moyle Interconnector Cable that runs between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Simon Salzedo QC 
Talented general commercial silk with a substantial insurance practice. As well as having a top legal practice he is also a qualified chartered accountant.
Expertise: "His advocacy is second to none and you feel he really believes in every point."
Recent work: Represented Standard Life in its successful £100 million claim against its professional indemnity insurers following a mis-selling issue.

Roger Masefield QC 
Joins the rankings this year as a result of the strength of his international insurance work. He earns plaudits from peers for his work ethic and smooth courtroom style.
Expertise: "He gives very clear answers and doesn't sit on the fence. He's a very clever man indeed, and it's great to be able to tap into his intellect."
Recent work: Acted for London Market reinsurers on a multimillion-dollar insurance claim arising out of the flooding of a Zambian copper mine.  

Richard Slade QC 
Possesses a vibrant insurance, reinsurance and banking practice. He has recently been involved in a number of high-profile fire damage matters.
Expertise: "He's very, very good. I've seen him on both sides and he is thorough and very capable."
Recent work: He appeared in Sugar Hut v AJI, a case concerning fire insurance.


Fionn Pilbrow 
Tackles a diverse practice that includes some very high-value insurance work, much of which is international in nature. He is widely held to be an outstanding all-round commercial junior.
Expertise: "A first-rate junior with both a strong analytical mind and the ability to grasp the commercial realities of a case."
Recent work: Acted for Equitas in its USD10 million dispute with The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania.

Stephen Midwinter 
Experienced at handling insurance and reinsurance arbitrations in both London and Bermuda. He also frequently represents his clients in appellate and county courts across the country.
Expertise: "Extremely good and very bright. He is efficient, gets to the point and takes a balanced view of how to apply the law in a commercial setting."
Recent work: Appeared in a reinsurance dispute related to the Thai floods, which raised important questions about the interpretation of 'follow the settlements' clauses.  

Tony Singla 
A gifted junior with a quality commercial practice. One solicitor who regularly instructs him says: "Not only is he an excellent barrister academically, but he is also a pleasure to work with on a practical and personal level."
Expertise: "One of the brightest and most promising juniors around. He drafts documents excellently, and is also a calm, confident and eloquent advocate."
Recent work: Instructed in a successful Supreme Court appeal concerning a marine insurance claim for £150 million damages brought by the owners of the 'Alexandros T' against London Market insurers.

International Arbitration - London (Bar)


The set has been identified by peers as one to watch in the international arbitration world. It consists of "top-calibre people" who make regular appearances before the Commercial Court and in arbitration centres worldwide.

Client service: "Their clerks are user-friendly, and take a helpful approach. They are also very modern in their dealings with solicitors." "Their clerks are very responsive, prompt and approachable. The service there is excellent."


Mark Howard QC 
A commercial silk with a "stellar reputation," who appears before arbitration tribunals in the UK and abroad. He is praised for his skills in cross-examination and for his experience of matters related to injunctions. His recent caseload has featured share disputes in the banking sector and matters related to sovereign immunity.
Expertise: "He's a star performer."

Simon Salzedo QC 
A respected silk with a strong commercial practice who often acts for clients in arbitration matters. He is known for his strength in award challenges, and also handles enforcement, contract disputes and anti-suit injunctions.
Expertise: "Intelligent and tenacious, he's a strong advocate."
Recent work: Acted for Terna in successfully resisting a challenge by Al Shamsi to an AED84 million arbitration award.

Neil Calver QC 
Praised by peers for his impressive knowledge of the arbitration field and his track record in high-value disputes. Recent arbitrations he has handled include a metals dispute, a product liability case and a marine insurance matter. He is instructed as counsel and also sits as arbitrator. 
Expertise: "He is a very commercial and tactical practitioner who wins the confidence of clients very quickly. A very effective advocate." 

Michael Swainston QC 
A well-regarded practitioner with a strong arbitration practice. He is recognised by peers for his knowledge of insurance matters, and for his work for Russian and CIS clients.
Expertise: "The ideal advocate for a complex battle requiring powerful advocacy. He is also very likeable and user-friendly."


Fionn Pilbrow 
Acts for clients in commercial arbitrations and is increasingly appointed as sole counsel. Recent instructions have included a joint venture dispute in the oil and gas industry and a contract matter related to an Indian company.
Expertise: "He turns things around very quickly and is good at getting into the detail."

Stephen Midwinter
Acts on arbitrations in the insurance, banking and shipping sectors. He has handled recent disputes in London, Bermuda and New York. 
Expertise: "He's very flexible, very willing and takes an enormous amount of time and trouble in his preparation. One of the stars of the future." 

Professional Negligence - London (Bar)

An excellent set that is seen in some of the most complex and high-value professional negligence cases. Members are noted for their expertise in commercial cases, particularly financial negligence claims. They frequently act both for and against banks and accountants.
Client service: Julian Hawes and Ian Moyler head a team of clerks who are "excellent because they don't just act as a postbox; they are proactive at making sure any issues are dealt with. Their fees are at the top end, but the clerks are flexible in negotiation when they need to be."


Mark Howard QC
Attracts praise for his knowledge of financial negligence issues and is noted for his deadly cross-examinations.
Expertise: "He is really strong in court and a very strong analyst and examiner. One of the first you would go to if you wanted a heavy hitter." "He is a superb barrister."
Recent work: Defended Goldman Sachs in a claim for negligence arising from advice and investment given to a Dutch pension body. 

Tom Adam QC
Frequently acts in high-profile professional negligence claims. He is noted for his particular strength in insurance and solicitors' cases.  
Expertise: "A superb analyst and excellent to work with." "He is bright, hard-working, lateral thinking, and he has a good sense of what argument will work with a particular judge."
Recent work: Acted for the defence in Metro Baltic Horizon v Ernst & Young. The case involved six separate jurisdictions.

Simon Salzedo QC
Acts for claimants and defendants across a range of issues, and is highly commended for his high-profile accountants' negligence work.
Expertise: "He has good tactical awareness, is calm and unflappable, and is good at balancing the legal issues with human and commercial considerations."
Recent work: Defended Grant Thornton in a complex £20 million claim relating to audit negligence and conflicts of interest.  

Charles Hollander QC
Acts on a number of different professional negligence matters. He is noted for his expertise in cases arising from conflict of interest.
Expertise: "Gets on top of the papers in a really impressive way."
Recent work: Acted in Muirgold v SJ Berwin; a solicitors' negligence action concerning the Paddington Hilton.

Tim Lord QC
Focuses on complex commercial litigation for financial institutions, and a number of his cases involve professional negligence. He is recommended for his handling of high-value and commercially sensitive claims. 
Expertise: "He's in the vanguard when it comes to claims against banks and finance houses." 
Recent work: Acted in J.P. Morgan v BVG v Clifford Chance; a negligence case pertaining to a USD250 million synthetic collateralised debt obligation.


Thomas Plewman SC
Handles a heavy commercial litigation caseload. His strength lies in acting for financial services companies in high-value negligence claims.
Expertise: "His knowledge is excellent, as is his advocacy. He shows good judgement as to how to engage with judges and he is good tactically." "He is fantastically good value because he's really experienced and happy to get involved with the clients."
Recent work: Acted for PwC in defending a £1.6 billion negligence claim brought against it by Cattles plc.

Telecommunications - London (Bar)


Brick Court barristers feature heavily in key cases in the telecoms field, often representing network providers and regulators, both at home and abroad. Telecoms competition cases are regularly handled by the barristers at the set, as well as matters concerning broadcasting and EU law issues. Nicholas Green QC, formerly of this set, and widely acknowledged for his work in the field of telecoms, was appointed to the Queen’s Bench Division at the High Court in late 2013. Despite this the set maintains quality at both silk and junior level, and is a redoubtable player in the field.

Client service: Ian Moyler and Julian Hawes are the senior clerks at the set and are well recognised for their efficiency and open approach.


Marie Demetriou QC 
Widely acknowledged for her expertise in EU and public law, and for her work before the CAT and higher courts. In telecoms, she has represented a variety of clients including consumers and sports authorities.
Expertise: "She's smart and user-friendly, and performs well on telecoms competition matters." 
Recent work: Appeared in the CAT acting for the England & Wales Cricket Board in a case regarding the pay-TV dispute between BSkyB and Ofcom. 

Kelyn Bacon QC
Identified for her work on telecoms cases with a competition law element attached to them. Sources highlight her tenacity in court and recognise that she has established relationships with telecoms operators.
Expertise: "She'll hang on and won't give in. A strong lawyer for telecoms and competition work generally." 


Robert O'Donoghue 
A key barrister for major clients such as Telefónica O2, and someone who also has experience of representing regulators. He frequently acts on competition-related disputes, and has particular expertise in abuse of dominance cases.
Expertise: "A lawyer with a very sharp intellect, who is articulate and clear." "He's extremely responsive and client-aware. There's no ivory tower around him."
Recent work: Acted for Irish regulator Comreg in a case brought by Vodafone challenging a mobile termination rate decision.

Sarah Ford 
Peers particularly applaud her for her work on behalf of BT. She has a strong and varied client base though and has handled numerous judicial review, EU and competition law cases.
Expertise: "She's fantastic at case preparation and has a wonderful understanding of litigation." "She has a really detailed knowledge of the law."
Recent work: Recently represented BT as junior counsel in its appeal from the CAT regarding an Ofcom decision to allow BSkyB to provide sports content to other telecoms providers.

Sarah Lee 
Noted for her extensive work for BT. She has a raft of significant disputes in the higher courts under her belt. 
Expertise: "A phenomenal advocate - she has a fine legal brain and is good on her feet."
Recent work: Acted for long-standing client BT in the CAT on the Ethernet case concerning the Common Regulatory Framework.