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Albion Chambers


Albion Chambers - Bristol
  • Broad St
  • Bristol
  • Bristol
  • UK
  • BS1 1DR
  • Head of Chambers Michael Fitton QC
  • Chambers’ Director Paul Fletcher
  • Senior Clerk (Criminal) Bonnie Colbeck
  • Senior Clerk (Civil/Family) Michael Harding
  • Junior Clerk (Criminal) Nicholas Jeanes
  • Junior Clerk (Civil/Family) Julie Hathway
  • Junior Clerk Ken Duthie
  • Tenants 61

The Chambers Albion Chambers is a long-established set with an excellent reputation for integrity, approachability and the highest standards of advice and advocacy.

The set’s principal areas of expertise are within crime, regulatory (including Health and Safety), matrimonial finance, children, employment and disciplinary, inquests, probate and personal injury.

Members List

  • Michael Fitton QC (1991) (QC-2006) +
  • Ignatius Hughes QC (1986) (QC-2009) + A
  • Adam Vaitilingam QC (1987) (QC-2010) + A
  • Nkumbe Ekaney QC (1990) (QC-2011)
  • Claire Wills-Goldingham QC (1988) (QC-2012) A
  • Charles Hyde QC (1998) (QC-2006) +
  • Christopher Jervis (1966)
  • Timothy Hills (1968) A
  • Nicholas O’Brien (1968)
  • Louise Price (1972) A
  • Paul Grumbar (1974) +
  • Nicholas Fridd (1975) A
  • Martin Steen (1976)
  • Robert Duval (1979)
  • John Geraint Norris (1980)
  • Stephen Mooney (1987) A
  • Don Tait (1987)
  • Fiona Elder (1988) A
  • Deborah Dinan-Hayward (1988) A
  • Virginia Cornwall (1990) A
  • Claire Rowsell (1991)
  • Simon Burns (1992)
  • Nicholas Sproull (1992) A
  • Paul Cook (1992) A
  • Alan Fuller (1993) A
  • Edward Burgess (1993) +
  • Jonathan Stanniland (1993)
  • Elizabeth Cunningham (1995) A
  • Jason Taylor (1995) A
  • Giles Nelson (1995)
  • Adrian Posta (1996) A
  • Daniel Leafe (1996)
  • Kirsty Real (1996) A
  • Kannan Siva (1996)
  • Kate Brunner (1997) A
  • Hannah Wiltshire (1998)
  • Charlotte Pitts (1999) A
  • Sarah Regan (2000)
  • David Chidgey (2000) A
  • Linsey Knowles (2000) A
  • Richard Shepherd (2001) A
  • David Cotterell (2001) A
  • James Cranfield (2002)
  • Stephen Roberts (2002)
  • Fiona Farquhar (2002) K
  • ate Goldie (2004) A
  • Benjamin Jenkins (2004)
  • Joanna Lucas (2004)
  • Gemma Borkowski (2005) A
  • Anna Midgley (2005) A
  • Monisha Khandker (2005)
  • William Heckscher (2006)
  • Derek Perry (2006)
  • Alice Darian (2006)
  • Edward Hetherington (2006)
  • Stuart Fuller (2007)
  • Simon Emslie (2007) A
  • Philip Baggley (2009)
  • Emily Brazenall (2009)
  • Andrew Thornhill QC (1969) (QC-1985) *
  • Paul Dunkels QC (1972) (QC-1993) *
  • Simon Mehigan QC (1980) (QC-1998) *
  • Kate Branigan (1985) (QC-2006) *
  • Erinna Foley-Fisher (2011)
  • Kevin Farquharson (2011)
  • + Recorder * Door Tenant A Public/ Direct Access


Crime - Western (Bar)


One of the largest sets on the Western Circuit, Albion Chambers has assembled an experienced team of criminal advocates. Its Bristol base allows it to prosecute and defend across the circuit on the full range of criminal matters.

Client service: 

"They have a breadth of good-quality practitioners, at all levels of experience, who score very highly across the board in terms of their user-friendly approach. Their internal structure allows them to provide a great service." 


Michael Fitton QC 
The head of Albion Chambers and a vastly experienced defender, who prosecutes in the most serious homicide and rape cases.
Expertise: "He really is great with the jury; he is hard-working and is unfazed by anything."

Ignatius Hughes QC 
Has a broad criminal practice focused on the most serious and complex cases, such as multi-handed murders, serious sexual offences, and drugs and firearms conspiracies.


Kate Brunner 
Maintains a wide-ranging practice covering serious crime, regulatory work and inquests.
Expertise: "She's just extremely efficient, and she's a tough practitioner - you don't want to be against her if you can help it."

Edward Burgess 
Prosecutes and defends across the full range of serious criminal cases. He is a Grade 4 CPS prosecutor, and is also a member of the CPS' specialist rape panel.
Expertise: "He would rate amongst the top barristers in the region." "He is a very measured, very well-prepared, and very reassuring advocate."

Robert Duval 
Specialist criminal advocate whose caseload covers the full breadth of serious crime. He both prosecutes and defends, and undertakes cases relating to homicides, serious sexual offences and conspiracies to supply drugs.

Stephen Mooney 
A specialist in heavyweight criminal cases who also defends and prosecutes in regulatory crime matters.
Expertise: "He is a robust advocate who clients know is really fighting for them."

Giles Nelson 
Handles a range of criminal cases for both prosecution and defence. His practice is notable for its breadth, covering areas ranging from serious violent and sexual crimes to drugs conspiracies. 

Employment - Western (Bar)


Albion Chambers' employment team provide its clients with the full range of advisory and advocacy assistance. Members of the set work with both employers and employees, and receive instructions from clients such as insurers, trade unions and local authorities.

Client service: "They have very accommodating clerks - they are responsive and customer-focused."


Liz Cunningham 
One of only a small number of dedicated employment specialists on the Western Circuit. She offers both claimant and respondent clients expertise in areas such as unfair and constructive dismissal, and sex, race and disability discrimination.
Expertise: "She is an approachable, practical advocate with an eye for detail." "She builds a very good rapport with clients, grasps facts and issues quickly, and is concise and robust in cross-examination."

Stephen Roberts 
Former employment and family law solicitor whose broad barristerial experience covers a range of employment law issues, including unfair dismissal, equal pay and pension claims. Interviewees appreciate the experience and gravitas he brings to complex, high-value employment disputes.
Expertise: "He's good at dealing with clients because of his experience - he's very reassuring. He is also quite humble and toned down in his style of cross-examination, making him naturally persuasive and appealing to judges."

Family/Matrimonial - Western (Bar)


Bristol's Albion Chambers maintains its strong family law presence on the Western Circuit. The set's particular strengths lie in matrimonial finance cases; however, its members provide experience across the board in family proceedings and deserve recognition for their extensive Court of Protection work.


Nkumbe Ekaney QC 
Renowned for his work in sensitive and complex child welfare law, notably infanticide cases and those involving serious allegations of abuse and neglect. In addition to his expertise in children law, he is equally proficient in dealing with the legalities that arise after breakdowns in marriages and civil partnerships.
Expertise: "He is a very polished performer in court."

Claire Wills-Goldingham QC 
Broadly practises within family law on financial disputes and public and private children's proceedings. She is widely respected for her experience of particularly tough child welfare issues, especially those including sexual abuse, non-accidental injury and infant death.
Expertise: "She is a robust and tenacious advocate who fights hard for her clients." "She is smart, very capable, and very helpful with vulnerable and anxious clients."


Deborah Dinan-Hayward 
Attracts a great deal of praise for her specialist practice in family law finance matters. Her client care skills and courtroom manner are widely acclaimed.
Expertise: "She is very experienced and knows exactly what she is talking about." "She gives calm, thorough and effective advice to a range of clients and she is very easy to deal with."

Daniel Leafe 
Focuses his practice on cohabitation and ancillary relief matters. He is praised for his depth of knowledge in matrimonial cases and for his forthright style of advocacy.
Expertise: "He is a tenacious advocate with thorough analytical skills, who thinks outside of the box." "He has an excellent intellect. He's quite hard-hitting but still very professional and extremely well prepared."

Nicholas Sproull 
Exclusively works on high net worth ancillary relief cases for privately funded clients. He is renowned for his financial insight and his sound judgement.
Expertise: "He is charming and eloquent, and delivers excellent results." "He is impressive on his feet, very calm and he fills you with confidence."

Fiona Farquhar
Specialises in children law, practising in both the public and private arenas for a broad client base. She is often instructed on cases with medical aspects, including sexual abuse, non-accidental injuries and fabricated illness.

Stephen Roberts 
Demonstrates aptitude in both public children law matters and high-value financial remedy cases. He draws on his previous experience as a family solicitor when dealing with particularly sensitive cases involving sexual abuse and allegations of harm.

Alice Darian 
Practises predominantly in sensitive care proceedings involving intentional harm and sexual abuse. She represents a broad client base, including parents, local authorities and children. 
Expertise: "She is clear and concise, and articulates her case in a very appropriate and sensible fashion."