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Albion Chambers


Albion Chambers - Bristol
  • Broad St
  • Bristol
  • Bristol
  • UK
  • BS1 1DR
  • Head of Chambers Michael Fitton QC
  • Chambers’ Director Paul Fletcher
  • Senior Clerk (Criminal) Bonnie Colbeck
  • Senior Clerk (Civil/Family) Michael Harding
  • Junior Clerk (Criminal) Nicholas Jeanes
  • Junior Clerk (Civil/Family) Julie Hathway
  • Junior Clerk Ken Duthie
  • Tenants 56

THE CHAMBERS Albion Chambers is a long-established set with an excellent reputation for integrity, approachability and the highest standards of advice and advocacy. The set’s principal areas of expertise are within crime, regulatory (including Health and Safety), matrimonial finance, children, employment and disciplinary, inquests, probate and personal injury.

Members List

  • Michael Fitton QC (1991) (QC-2006) +
  • Ignatius Hughes QC (1986) (QC-2009) + A
  • Christopher Jervis (1966)
  • Timothy Hills (1968) A
  • Nicholas O’Brien (1968)
  • Louise Price (1972) A
  • Paul Grumbar (1974) +
  • Nicholas Fridd (1975) A
  • Martin Steen (1976)
  • Robert Duval (1979)
  • John Geraint Norris (1980)
  • Stephen Mooney (1987) A
  • Adam Vaitilingam QC (1987) (QC-2010) + A
  • Don Tait (1987)
  • Claire Wills-Goldingham QC (1988) (QC-2012) A
  • Fiona Elder (1988) A
  • Deborah Dinan-Hayward (1988) A
  • John Livesey (1990) A
  • Nkumbe Ekaney QC (1990) (QC-2011)
  • Virginia Cornwall (1990) A
  • Claire Rowsell (1991)
  • Simon Burns (1992)
  • Nicholas Sproull (1992) A
  • Paul Cook (1992) A
  • Alan Fuller (1993) A
  • Edward Burgess (1993) +
  • Jonathan Stanniland (1993)
  • Elizabeth Cunningham (1995) A
  • Jason Taylor (1995) A
  • Giles Nelson (1995)
  • Adrian Posta (1996) A
  • Daniel Leafe (1996)
  • Kirsty Real (1996) A
  • Kannan Siva (1996)
  • Kate Brunner (1997) A
  • Hannah Wiltshire (1998)
  • Charlotte Pitts (1999) A
  • Marie Leslie (2000) A
  • Sarah Regan (2000)
  • David Chidgey (2000) A
  • Linsey Knowles (2000) A
  • Richard Shepherd (2001) A
  • David Cotterell (2001) A
  • James Cranfield (2002)
  • Carla Flexman (2002)
  • Kate Goldie (2004) A
  • Benjamin Jenkins (2004)
  • Gemma Borkowski (2005) A
  • Anna Midgley (2005) A
  • Monisha Khandker (2005)
  • William Heckscher (2006)
  • Derek Perry (2006)
  • Stuart Fuller (2007)
  • Simon Emslie (2007) A
  • Philip Baggley (2009)
  • Emily Brazenall (2009)
  • Andrew Thornhill QC (1969) (QC-1985) *
  • Paul Dunkels QC (1972) (QC-1993) *
  • Simon Mehigan QC (1980) (QC-1998) *
  • Kate Branigan (1985) (QC-2006) *
  • Erinna Foley-Fisher (2011)
  • Kevin Farquharson (2011)


Crime - Western (Bar)

This strong set is a popular choice for both representation and advice in relation to complex criminal cases. One of the largest sets on the Western Circuit, its members regularly appear for both for the defence and prosecution.

Client service: "They have really good-quality individuals, and a real culture of excellence."


Michael Fitton QC 
Is highly recommended for both his fantastic judgement skills and his dexterity in managing complex cases. He is recognised for his expertise in cases involving significant forensic issues.
Expertise: "He is excellent; very understated, thorough and always calm. He also has very good jury skills and a very nice presentation manner."
Recent work: He successfully defended Lee McGinty against a murder charge in Bristol Crown Court.

Ignatius Hughes QC 
He is praised for all-round expertise in criminal law. He has been instructed in a number of complex cases, including ones relating to murder, 'shaken baby syndrome' and serious sexual offences.
Expertise: "He is a natural advocate; if I had my back to the wall, he's the guy I'd instruct."


Kate Brunner
Commentators are fulsome in their praise for her dedication, impressive case management and advocacy skills. Her expertise encompasses serious crime, regulatory crime and fraud.
Expertise: "She has a terrific eye for detail and a great presence in court."
Recent work: She defended a client in the Winterbourne View Care Home case, relating to alleged abuses of residents of a care home.

Edward Burgess 
He is a very strong and persuasive advocate who manages a mixed defence and prosecution practice. He is a CPS Grade 4 prosecutor and is on the CPS specialist rape panel.
Expertise: "He is very good advocate, very slick in court."
Recent work: He prosecuted Stephen Farrow in Bristol Crown Court, a much-publicised case concerning the murder of a vicar and a retired teacher.

Robert Duval 
Described by sources as one of the most able and inspirational juniors at the Bar, Robert Duval prosecutes and defends in a wide range of serious criminal cases, particularly those involving individuals with mental health problems.
Expertise: "He is extremely good, a wonderful advocate who is always highly prepared and very committed to his cases."

Paul Dunkels QC 

Stephen Mooney
Prosecutes and defends in a wide range of criminal cases, from supply of drugs to murders. He is highlighted for his strong advocacy skills.  
Expertise: "He is a robust and a fearless advocate. He will put his head above the parapet if the case demands it. He is not afraid of taking on other big hitters in court."
Recent work: He recently acted as junior in the defence of R v Restivo, involving novel legal points relating to bad character evidence.

Fiona Elder 
Admired for her adroit handling of vulnerable clients, in particular minors. She both defends and prosecutes in serious criminal matters, and is a CPS Grade 4 prosecutor.
Expertise: "She is very tenacious, she handles cases very well and is always exactingly prepared."

Giles Nelson 
Sources endorse him for his smooth and effective advocacy style. He both prosecutes and defends across a broad range of criminal matters ranging from sexual offences to serious violent offences.
Recent work: He represented Diane Gibson, grandmother of Big Brother 'star' Josie Gibson, convicted of possession of 3 kg of cocaine with intent to supply.

Employment - Western (Bar)

This set is best recognised for its respondent work, and has many clients in the public sector, including in the health sector and local authorities. The set also undertakes complex claimant work concerning TUPE, discrimination and whistle-blowing. One recent case involved an intricate disability discrimination claim that was put forward by a social worker. The claim was heard over a number of days in Tribunal but was unsuccessful, and was subsequently dismissed upon appeal. 

Client service: "They are always courteous and responsive, and the clerking team is particularly good."


Elizabeth Cunningham 
Specialises in complex discrimination cases and TUPE matters. She acts for both claimants and respondents alike, and has developed a strong practice in the education and health sectors. 
Expertise: "She grasps facts and issues quickly, and is concise and robust in her cross-examination."
Recent work: She acted for the respondent against a claim by multiple workers concerning blacklisting and trade union discrimination. This was a complex and technical matter, including numerous documents and understanding how the large-scale recruitment of temporary workers took place.

Stephen Roberts 
Due in part to his prior career as a solicitor, Roberts has a wealth of experience and knowledge in employment law. He is regularly instructed to represent clients in the ET, EAT, High Court and the Court of Appeal.
Expertise: "He is a good advocate and a superb employment lawyer."

Family/Matrimonial - Western (Bar)

Albion Chambers continue to forge an impressive reputation in Bristol and further afield for its highly experienced family practitioners. Members of chambers are highly commended, and are particularly sought out by instructing solicitors for their considerable capability with regard to high-end, complex financial matters.

Client service: "The clerks here are very good and will move heaven and earth to accommodate you."


Claire Wills-Goldingham QC 
A highly respected member of chambers for her expertise in family law across the board, ably handling the most complex of cases. She maintains an active practice in family finances, and public and private law children matters.
Expertise: "An excellent QC dealing with more complex matrimonial matters. She is used regularly by us because she is extremely thorough and very well prepared in her advice."
Recent work: She has handled significant financial disputes, including cohabitation disputes, and notable children's cases, encompassing sensitive care matters and private law children issues.

Nkumbe Ekaney QC 
Continues to draw praise for his work in family matters. Remains a popular choice for instructing solicitors, particularly for his specialism in public law children matters. He is noted for his advocacy skills and sensitive approach with lay clients.
Expertise: "He is very good and always impresses me."
Recent work: He has recently been involved in a number of significant care cases investigating allegations of neglect and serious abuse, physical, mental and sexual.


Deborah Dinan-Hayward 
A figure of some renown in the Western Circuit, particularly in relation to her specialism in matrimonial finance proceedings. She remains popular with instructing solicitors and is lauded for her wonderful manner with lay clients.
Expertise: "She is calm, thorough and extremely pleasant to deal with."
Recent work: She continues to act on high net worth and large complex financial remedy cases, cohabitation disputes and financial applications relating to children.

Daniel Leafe 
Recommended for his family work throughout the region, and particularly praised for his expertise in financial and cohabitation disputes. He is extremely popular and is seen as a "growing star" in the area, able to take on some of the toughest opponents. 
Expertise: "He is extremely bright and instils real confidence in his clients."
Recent work: He handles high-value, complex financial disputes and cohabitation cases.

Nicholas Sproull 
A favourite in the circuit for his family finance practice, and praised for his meticulous preparation and reassuring manner with clients. 
Expertise: "He cuts to the heart of the matter with ease and speed, taking the client along with him every step of the way."
Recent work: Routinely instructed on high net worth, complex financial disputes, often involving further external issues.

Stephen Roberts  
Widely regarded to be a solid performer in family law, and is commended for his bedside manner particularly.
Expertise: "I know that my clients will receive quality advice whilst also being represented robustly and to great effect. He is always meticulously prepared, and he manages to be liked and respected by his opponents as well as his clients."
Recent work: Recently he has been in a number of complex care proceedings involving allegations of serious abuse, and numerous cases concerning contact and residence issues.

Fiona Farquhar  
Acclaimed as a sensible and strong barrister with an impressive expertise in family law. She is praised for her advocacy skills and approachability. She focuses her practice on children matters.
Expertise: "Fiona has a sharp legal mind and is quickly able to grasp the salient points of a case, delivering quality advice to the client in a language that they can understand."
Recent work: She has recently been instructed on a number of significant and sensitive care cases involving serious allegations of sexual abuse and non-accidental injury.

Alice Darian
Possessed of a solid family law practice, with a particular focus on care proceedings. She is widely praised by peers and instructing solicitors for her dedication, calm approach and sensitive manner with the clients.
Expertise: "Alice is very diligent and approachable. She is good with clients and works really hard."
Recent work: Recently handled various complicated and sensitive care cases, involving non-accidental injury, allegations of rape and sexual abuse, and concerns about contact and residence.