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Sergio Bermudes Advogados

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Sergio Bermudes Advogados - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Praça XV de Novembro 20
  • 7° e 8° andares
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil
  • 20010-010
  • Senior Partners: Sergio Bermudes, Marcio Vieira Souto Costa Ferreira, Marcelo Fontes, Alexandre Sigmaringa Seixas, Guilhereme Valdetaro, Roberto Sardinha, Marcelo Lamego Carpenter, Fabiano Robalinho Cavalcanti, Bruno Calfat, André Silveira
  • Number of senior partners: 11
  • Number of other lawyers: 88
  • Consultants: 3

THE FIRM: Sergio Bermudes Advogados, founded in 1969, is nationally and internationally acknowledged as the Brazilian leader in litigation, arbitration and insolvency law. Over the past 38 years it has represented companies operating in a broad range of commercial activities, including telecommunications and media, energy, oil and gas, banking and finance, insurance, intellectual property, airline services, rail, road and maritime transport systems, ports, real estate and public service concessionaires. The firm currently has over 90 lawyers in its offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia and works closely with correspondent offices in all other major cities in Brazil.

The firm has, for several years, topped the rankings of specialist law reviews and journals, having, over its 40-year history, handled several major lawsuits with national and transnational significance. The firm’s lawyers provide broad ranging representation before Federal and State courts, Arbitral Tribunals, Regulatory Agencies and Public Authorities, as well as the negotiation of settlements and pre-emptive advice and assistance on dispute avoidance.
Specialist Areas: Corporate and commercial litigation, energy disputes, tort, contracts, tax, administrative and regulatory issues, financial disputes, intellectual property, antitrust.
Alternative Dispute Resolution/Arbitration: The Arbitration Team has extensive experience in arbitration, having handled several commercial arbitration cases in Brazil since the 1980’s, even prior to the enactment of the Arbitration Law (Law nº 9307/96). The firm’s ADR Team has grown significantly in line with increasing demand for arbitration and is well placed to advise and assist on both international and domestic cases. Key team members hold postgraduate qualification from leading universities abroad, with several having undergone training in both common law and civil law systems, particularly in relation to arbitration and transnational dispute settlement. Senior partners regularly sit as arbitrators on domestic and international panels.
Bankruptcy & Reorganisation: The Insolvency Law Team has over 25 years’ experience of representing companies, domestic and foreign, in major judicial recovery and bankruptcy proceedings, both prior to and following the enactment of the Brazilian Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy Law of 2005. Team members have been active in promoting the effective application of the recent legislative provisions, contributing to their interpretation and development via the publication of articles and the giving of lectures at specialist conferences and seminars.
Insurance Law: The office is one of the most active in the Brazilian insurance market and has participated directly in the principal legal disputes in the sector over the last few decades. Since the 1980s Sergio Bermudes Advogados has represented the interests of the leading insurance companies in the Brazilian market in judicial and arbitration proceedings, as well as providing consultancy services to all segments of the insurance business. The firm is widely recognised for its specialist legal services in the field of health insurance. Founding Partner Sergio Bermudes is frequently invited to lecture on insurance-related issues. The firm has been a major presence in disputes arising out of the opening of the Brazilian reinsurance market, advising, assisting and representing both national and foreign companies on issues regarding the insurance business in Brazil.
Energy: Sergio Bermudes Advogados has a specialist team of 12 lawyers and a consultant with vast experience in the market. The firm represents several companies from the electricity sector in regulatory issues (including the filing of administrative appeals) before the National Electric Energy Regulatory Agency (ANEEL), in relation to, for example, tariff revision, the concession/reduction of the energy ballast of hydroelectric and thermal electricity plants and the securing of approval of projects for Small Hydroelectric Plants, as well as disputes before the Electric Energy Chamber of Commerce (Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica (CCEE)). The firm advises, assists and represents its clients in negotiations, lawsuits, administrative procedures and arbitration proceedings involving a broad range of issues relating to the electric energy sector.

INTERNATIONAL WORK: The firm advises and assists several foreign and multinational companies and financial institutions. It represents clients in crossborder and multi-jurisdiction disputes before both national and foreign courts and tribunals. Most of the firm’s arbitration caseload involves an international element, with lawyers active in proceedings before tribunals sitting both in Brazil and abroad under the auspices of major international arbitration institutions

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

CLIENTS The firm’s client base includes leading national and international financial institutions and insurance companies and domestic, foreign and multinational companies operating in the following areas: energy and natural resources (oil and gas, electricity, mining), aviation and transport, shipping, construction, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, the media (TV, cinema and news organisations), charitable foundations and organisations, real estate and others.


  • Praça XV de Novembro 20 ,
  • 7° e 8° andares ,
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil
  • 20010-010
  • Tel +55 21 3221 9000
  • Fax + 55 21 3221 9001
  • Email : rjbermudes@sbadv.com.br
  • Website : www.sbadv.com.br
  • Rua Frei Caneca, nº 1380,
  • 5º and 6º andares,
  • São Paulo - SP,
  • Sao Paulo
  • Brazil
  • 01307-002
  • Tel + 55 11 3549 6900
  • Fax + 55 11 288 1843
  • Email : spbermudes@sbadv.com.br
  • SHIS QL 14,
  • Conjunto 05 ,
  • Casa 1,
  • Brasília - DF,
  • Distrito Federal
  • Brazil
  • 71640-055
  • Tel + 55 61 3212 1200
  • Fax +55 61 3248 0449
  • Email : dfbermudes@sbadv.com.br