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Herrero & Asociados


Herrero & Asociados - Madrid
  • C/ Alcalá 35
  • Plantas 2ª, 3ª, 4ª y 5ª
  • Madrid
  • Madrid
  • Spain
  • 28014
  • Chairman: Andrés Medina
  • Managing Partners: José Antonio Hernández, Agustín R Catarineu, José Luis Flores, Gabriel Camacho, Francisco Carpintero, Mario Carpintero, Jesús González, Alvaro Martínez, María Ángeles Moreno, Andrés Medina, José Miguel Sagnier, Francisco Villalonga
  • Number of partners: 12
  • Number of lawyers: 30
  • Languages: Basque, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Herrero & Asociados offers more wide-ranging services than usually provided by an intellectual property firm, thereby catering for the needs and demands of social and technological progress in a sector with such close links to development and innovation. Today Herrero & Asociados is a law firm, an accredited domain name registrar, a counsel in IT law in general and in data protection in particular.
H&A started with a sole office in Madrid which is still the main one. Currently there are offices in Bilbao, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Reus, Gijón, Alicante, Murcia and Santiago de Compostela. Abroad, H&A has offices in Portugal, Mexico and Brazil.
Currently Herrero & Asociados is one of the leading firms in intellectual property in Spain. Official figures (Spanish trade mark applications) show that H&A was among the major firms in this practice area. It is also a leader in the area of preparing and filing applications of invention patents and utility models with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office. Moreover, Herrero & Asociados is one of the foremost filers of European Patent Applications and PCTs in Spain.
The firm is one of Spain’s three leading companies by number of cases. Herrero & Asociados was the first to have an in-house litigation department (contentious and non-contentious) for intellectual property related matters. From a qualitative and quantitative perspective the legal department is currently one of the most important in Spain in this area. Their top position is primarily due to their eagerness in excelling themselves as well as based on the fact that plenty of companies fully rely on them.
Philosophy: At Herrero & Asociados professionalism blends with a friendly approach and thus the firm is organised based on two concepts:
An individual for every client: Every client deals with a specific person on whom that client relies and who may be contacted at any time. That person shall be the client’s interlocutor and shall have full information on that client.
A professional for every service: At Herrero & Asociados very distinct services are rendered which involve sundry technical areas. That is why the same professional cannot and should not prepare a patent specification, prosecute a trade mark, draw up an agreement or be involved in a trade mark or patent infringement or unfair competition action, counsel in advertising disputes before the Advertising Standards Association, register a domain or issue a report concerning compliance with data protection laws.

Main Areas of Practice:

Herrero & Asociados registers and enforces trademarks worldwide at all organisations and in every country. Herrero & Asociados is one of Spain’s three leading firms by number of cases filed and prosecuted with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office. Lawyers and staff with other university degrees advise and represent clients in many new cases every year. With respect to Latin America, Herrero & Asociados offers a specific service named ‘Latin American Trade Mark Service’ (LTS) targeted at Spanish as well as foreign clients.
Contact: María Ángeles Moreno
Tel: +34 9152274 20
Email: amoreno@herrero.es
Contact: Mario Carpintero
Tel: +34 9152274 20
Email: mcarpintero@herrero.es
Contact: Sergio García
Tel: +34 9152274 20
Email: sergiogarcia@herrero.es

Herrero & Asociados is considered to be one of Spain’s leading patent firms both by number of European Patent and PCT applications and on account of its highly specialised practitioners. Herrero & Asociados has a qualified team of expert patent practitioners (engineers and engineering technicians). The firm’s experience in the patent field, built up over the years, has enabled them to set up their so-called LPS service (Latin American Patent Service) targeted at foreign clients. The Patents Department has the following divisions:
• Mechanics
• Electricity / electronics
• Chemistry
• Pharmaceutics
• Biotechnology
• Telecommunications
The team is constructed as follows:
• 9 European patent attorneys
• 11 engineers
• 1 physicist
• 2 biologists
• 2 chemists
• 1 biochemist
Contact: Jesús González
Tel: +34 915227420
Email: jgonzalez@herrero.es

Herrero & Asociados was the first to have an in-house litigation department (contentious and noncontentious) for industrial property related matters. From a qualitative and quantitative standpoint, the legal department is currently one of the most important in Spain in this field of practice. Lawyers in the legal department cover the following specialist areas:
• Intellectual property
• Copyright
• Unfair competition
• Advertising
• Domain names
• Information technologies (data protection, ecommerce, etc)
• International litigation
• Anticounterfiting (or anti piracy)
Contact: José Luis López
Email: jllopez@herrero.es

Domain Names:
Internet domain names are no longer a purely IT asset, they have become a legal asset matching trademarks in value. That is why Herrero & Asociados applies the same services to domains as to trademarks and provides those services through professionals who render a permanent and professional advisory service.

Areas of Practice

  • Intellectual Property
  • Copyright
  • Unfair Competition
  • Advertising & Information Technologies


  • M. De S. Esteban, 46.,
  • Siero,
  • Asturias
  • Spain
  • 46 33206
  • Tel +34 98 535 32 18
  • Fax +34 98 535 32 18
  • Email : info.bilbao@herrero.es
  • Avda. San Jordi, 27,
  • Entre- Planta, Local 34,,
  • Reus,
  • Terrassa,
  • Catalonia
  • Spain
  • 43201
  • Tel +34 977 34 20 67
  • Fax +34 977 34 25 15
  • Email : info.tarragona@herreroasociados.es
  • Avenida da Liberdade 69- 3º DZ,
  • Lisbon,
  • Portugal
  • 1250-148
  • Tel +351 21 3246340
  • Fax +351 21 3246349
  • Email : info.portugal@herrero.pt
  • Insurgentes Sur 1722,
  • Despacho 701,
  • Col. Florida,
  • Mexico City,
  • Federal District
  • Mexico
  • 01030
  • Tel +52 555661 1744
  • Fax +52 555661 1744
  • Email : info@herrero.com.mx
  • Carvalho Av. Rio Branco, 45 – Sala 1305,
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil
  • 20090-003 RJ
  • Tel +55 21 2516 0763
  • Fax +55 21 2516 0374
  • Email : info@herreroasociados.com.br