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Grant & Eisenhofer PA - Wilmington
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  • Managing Partners: Stuart Grant, Jay Eisenhofer
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Firm Overview:
G&E’s continued commitment to excellence is evident through the firm’s unparalleled results (including achieving more securities settlements in excess of $100 million than any other law firm). G&E’s practice offerings include securities, corporate governance, false claims, antitrust, bankruptcy, and consumer claims litigation. For over 15 years G&E has remained a recognized leader in the area of complex litigation. 

Main Areas of Practice:  

Securities Litigation:
G&E has built a national and international reputation as a leader in securities litigation. In both class action and “opt out” cases, the firm has attracted widespread recognition for protecting investors’ rights and recovering damages for investors. The firm has been lead counsel in many of the largest securities class action recoveries in US history, including a $3.2 billion recovery against Tyco International and multi-hundred million dollar recoveries against companies such as General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and Royal Dutch Shell. G&E regularly serves as lead counsel in national securities class actions, and works closely with public and private institutional investors across the globe as lead plaintiffs. G&E was the first law firm in the country to argue the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (“PSLRA”) allowing an institutional investor to be appointed as lead plaintiff in a securities class action. The opinion, Gluck, et al. v. Cellstar, which appointed the State of Wisconsin Investment Board as lead plaintiff and G&E as lead counsel, is considered the landmark on the standards applicable to lead plaintiff/lead counsel practice under the PSLRA, resulting in a class recovery of approximately 56% of the class’ actual losses, which was, at the time, four times the historical average gross recovery for securities fraud litigation. The firm has recovered over $12.5 billion for institutional shareholders in the last five years alone.

Corporate Governance:
G&E’s experience in advising institutional investors with respect to corporate governance matters is second to none. The firm has successfully used shareholder class and derivative litigation to achieve considerable benefits for shareholders in connection with corporate transactions and breach of fiduciary duty claims, including: a $115 million settlement against former executives of AIG, Delaware Chancery Court’s largest derivative shareholder litigation settlement; a $420 million settlement against the directors and majority stockholder of Digex, Inc., the largest reported settlement in Delaware Chancery Court history; and a settlement against the board of Caremark Rx Inc., resulting in an additional $3.19 billion in cash consideration. The firm has achieved many landmark decisions and/or settlements in litigation over companies’ corporate governance practices, including the seminal case enabling proxy access for shareholders to nominate director candidates and the pioneering case that invalidated “dead hand” shareholder rights plans. The firm has also achieved significant victories in the area of back-dated options. G&E is regularly consulted by some of the world’s largest public pension funds and strategic investors, including hedge funds, in connection with general policies and practices that may impact the investor’s entire portfolio. As Delaware law practitioners, G&E has particular expertise in corporate governance matters involving Delaware corporations, and is well prepared to advise its clients regarding the current state of the law, but also recent developments and legislative initiatives on the horizon.

False Claims Litigation:
The impact of corporate wrongdoing is not limited to shareholders and private consumers. When corporate fraud impacts governments, False Claims Acts allow whistleblowers, acting in the name of the government, the right to seek redress against any company, entity or person. G&E counsel work with whistleblowers in all phases of the process, from initial meetings with government officials through the litigation process. Whistleblowers bringing suit under federal and state False Claims Act laws have enabled the government to recover more than $20 billion since 1986. Whistleblowers who initiate false claims cases are entitled to a portion of the money, or a bounty, generally ranging from 15-30% of the government’s total recovery. Since 1986, False Claims Act qui tam whistleblowers have been paid more than $2 billion in bounties.

Antitrust Litigation:
Attorneys in G&E’s antitrust practice group have decades of experience prosecuting complex individual and class actions on behalf of individuals and corporations of all sizes that have suffered from wrongdoing. G&E currently serves as lead or co-lead counsel in several class and individual antitrust actions involving claims against manufacturers and producers of goods and services for monopolization, illegal price fixing, illegal tying arrangements and other violations of antitrust law. In these types of cases, G&E attorneys have obtained settlements on behalf of direct purchasers totaling well over $1 billion. G&E’s antitrust attorneys have been recognized by courts and colleagues across the country, regularly speak at major conferences, and contribute materials to academic and other publications.

Bankruptcy Litigation:
Widely recognized for innovative and aggressive representation of institutional investors, G&E brings that same approach to its bankruptcy litigation practice. With extensive experience in litigation arising out of major US Chapter 11 bankruptcies and other US and offshore insolvency and winding-up proceedings, the firm represents investor clients as creditors in bankruptcy cases, out-of-court workouts and offshore/cross-border insolvency matters. Combining sophisticated complex litigation skills with a practiced understanding of the Bankruptcy Code, G&E’s attorneys seek and obtain substantial client recoveries, both in third party litigation on behalf of debtor trustees to recover estate assets and in reorganization plan challenges and actions aimed at increasing distributions to individual and group creditor clients. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in successfully prosecuting creditor claims in bankruptcy cases of all sizes, defending creditors from debtor “clawback” and other recovery actions.

Areas of Practice

  • Securities Litigation
  • Corporate Governance
  • False Claims Litigation
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Consumer Litigation


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Chancery - Delaware

THE FIRM This longstanding plaintiffs' law firm is renowned for its careful selection of cases, which frequently push and define legal boundaries, and often result in M&A settlements with financial recoveries for the investors. The team recently represented a range of shareholders against El Paso's board of directors, successfully arguing that its merger with Kinder Morgan was disloyal to the shareholders.

Sources say: "They're much more selective in the cases that they bring: they usually have a much better developed theory in what they're trying to get for the plaintiff, and that thinking shows up with some very good results."  

KEY INDIVIDUALS Firm cofounder Jay Eisenhofer splits his time between Wilmington and New York. Described as a "deep thinker" who is both "measured and calm," he is a "great strategist" who recently successfully led the team that secured a $29 million payout from the chairman of Barnes & Noble to settle a shareholder derivative suit.

Stuart Grant is "the best in the business" and "does a terrific job" on any case he is involved with. "Enormously respected by the judges," he is "the reigning king" of plaintiff lawyers in Delaware. In addition to leading the team's efforts in the El Paso matter, he was involved in the Del Monte Foods shareholders' litigation that resulted in an $89.4 million settlement.

Securities - Nationwide

THE FIRM Grant & Eisenhofer is a boutique litigation practice representing institutional investors in nationally significant securities litigation and class actions. It represents the plaintiff class in an ongoing federal court action against Pfizer concerning its drug Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the market in 2004. The team has recently acted for a number of investors in litigation against Citi alleging that the defendant violated UK financial regulations.

Sources say: "They are a very effective group with very capable lawyers. They've developed a good practice, do good work and achieve good results."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Jay Eisenhofer is a "smart and formidable" securities litigator, according to sources. He continues to develop a leading reputation at both a national and international level and is described as a "great strategist."

Stuart Grant is a respected plaintiff attorney who routinely represents major institutional investors in securities litigation claims. He has been closely involved in the Citi litigation.

Litigation - New York

THE FIRM This firm remains a leading choice for its expertise in securities litigation. It is applauded for its ability to represent plaintiffs in large and complex class actions across a range of industries, and has an impressive success rate in terms of recoveries. The firm also offers a deep bench of experienced litigators with notable trial expertise.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Stuart Grant and Jay Eisenhofer are held in high esteem for their in-depth experience of securities litigation. They represent clients in the most complex and high-profile disputes, and are praised for their "smart and formidable" approach. They both also offer expertise in Delaware corporate law.