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Pedro Raposo & Associados Sociedade de Advogados


Pedro Raposo & Associados Sociedade de Advogados - Lisbon
  • Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 82, 2.º Esq
  • Lisbon
  • Lisbon
  • Portugal
  • 1250-193
  • Managing Partner: Pedro Raposo
  • Senior Partners: Pedro Raposo, Carlos Duque , João Laborinho Lúcio, Catarina Costa Lopes and Susana Santos Valente
  • Number of partners: 5
  • Number of lawyers: 50
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French
  • International Offices:  
  • Angola  
  • Luanda:Tel:Fax:Website: AG&LP Law Firm, Rua Major Marcelino Dias, n.º 17-1.º Esq., Bairro Maculusso +244 222 325 232 +244 222 325 229
  • Cape Verde  
  • Cidade da Praia:Tel:Website: Amado & Medida Lawyers, Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Edifício Santa Maria, 3.º, Piso CP 357 +238 9915349
  • China  
  • Macau:Tel: Noel Rosário Cardoso, Lawyer Rua de Pequim, 126 Edf. Comercial I, Tak 19.º andar B e C +28 78 62 98/ 28 78 62 81
  • Mozambique  
  • Maputo:Tel: Máximo Dias Lawyer, Av 25 de Setembro 1230, 2º andar, salas 224/225, Prédio 33 Andares +258 2132 2781
  • Brazil  
  • Rio de Janeiro: Miguel Neto Lawyers, Av. Treze de Maio, 13
  • São Paulo:Website: Rua Guararape, 1909

Firm Overview:
Founded on October, 23rd, 2001, PRA is a professional multi-disciplinary firm, essentially dedicated to areas related to the needs of companies. Nevertheless, its intervention extends to most law areas, with the exception of non-economic criminal law. The firm believes that progress in its activity is intrinsically related with hard work and “tools” of excellence. There is therefore a long established policy of permanent care and incentive with its collaborators ongoing training and academic evolution always striving to attain excellence.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Litigation & Arbitration:
1 partner, 5 lawyers
This area is directed to consultation and preventive assistance and litigation in the fields of civil and commercial law, namely consumer law, insurance law, maritime law, transportation law and real estate law, environmental law, among others which are not specifically in any of the other departments, as well as infraction procedures.
Contact: Carlos Duque

Corporate & Tax:
1 partner, 6 lawyers
The team’s main activity is legal consultancy in the field of company law and commercial agreements, and also companies’ restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, demergers and transformations, complementary groupings of companies incorporations, consortiums and MoU’s and assistance in licensing processes of regulated activities.
Contact: Pedro Raposo

Commercial & Competition:
5 lawyers
This group is responsible for the consultancy, advice and representation of clients, among others, in commercial and civil agreements. In addition, the group is regularly engaged to carry out due diligences that will allow the clients to assess their level of risk, performance of contracts and commercial responsibility.
Contact: José António Ramalho

Real Estate & Investment Vehicles:
1 partner, 5 lawyers
This practice area is responsible for providing consultation, assistance and legal representation for its clients in the areas of real estate law, property and urban planning, without disregarding the other areas of private law.
Contact: Catarina Costa Lopes

5 lawyers
The firm is devoted to tracking all matters of court work, which includes the labour law and social security law and issues related to foreign labour. It also ensures the most efficient compliance with employment rules and regulations during the daily management of companies.
Contact: Anabela Aguilar Salvado

Intellectual Property:
1 partner, 4 lawyers
This area comprises every branch of intellectual property, copyright and related rights, industrial property rights and also all the rights related to new technologies and information society. Its activity aims for acquisition, protection, maintenance and of intellectual property rights, both national and international, while providing consultancy, negotiation and agreements, litigation, registration of trade signs, patents, models and other intellectual creations.
Contact: João Laborinho Lúcio Email:

Credit Recovery & Insolvency:
1 partner, 9 lawyers
An area specially directed to large scale litigation and to the management of the litigation for the clients’ portfolio and enforced payments.
Contact: Susana Santos Valente

Public Procurement:
3 lawyers
This group is in charge of all public contract matters including consultancy towards bid presentation, contract performance and litigation or construction of tender specifications and managing bidder’s claims when advising public entities.
Contact: David Coelho

Family & Inheritance:
2 lawyers
In the field of private law, the family and inheritance practice area is directed to a personalised assistance of all the matters related with family, children and successions law. This sector acts in a preventive way, with legal assistance and counselling, and in a later phase, of judicial or extra-judicial solution of conflicts.
Contact: Beatriz Paula Valério

International Work:
As a full service law firm, PRA supports its clients both in national and international matters.

Areas of Practice

  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Corporate & Tax
  • Commercial & Competition
  • Real Estate & Investment Vehicles
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Credit Recovery & Insolvency
  • Public Procurement
  • Family & Inheritance


  • Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 82, 2.º Esq,
  • Lisbon,
  • Portugal
  • 1250-193
  • Tel + 351 213 714 940
  • Fax + 351 213 882 635
  • Email :
  • Website :
  • Rua Eng. Deodato Magalhães, nº12, R/C, 9500 - 786,
  • Ponta Delgada,
  • São Miguel Island (Azores)
  • Portugal
  • Tel + 351 296 288 352
  • Fax +351 296 288 352
  • Email :
  • Rua dos Girassóis, Urbanização A Ver o Mar,
  •  n.º 18, 8200 – 786,
  • Albofeira,
  • Braga
  • Portugal
  • Tel + 351 289 100 233
  • Fax + 351 21 388 2635
  • Email :