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THE FIRM This premier New Hampshire firm offers a stellar labor and employment service which is consistent with its across-the-board business strengths. The group handles day-to-day employment issues encompassing immigration advice, contractual matters and seminars for employers. The team also handles litigation cases on behalf of companies in cases of harassment and other lawsuits.

Sources say: "A fine group of lawyers."

KEY INDIVIDUALS As cochair of the firm's education and litigation practices, Linda Johnson provides a wealth of experience in labor and employment issues related to the education sector.

John Rich is director of the tax department and provides the team with important crossover knowledge in employee benefits and welfare and compensation.

Jennifer Parent chairs the firm's employment law practice. She is particularly regarded for her prolific activity defending employers in cases of harassment, discrimination, and employee misconduct and dismissals. "There's no question she knows this area of law," peers remark.

Cameron Shilling is another esteemed commercial litigator in the group who has been engaged in a substantial number of employment mandates over the course of his career, and is notable for his expertise in trade secrets.

Charla Stevens has a broad employment practice across a variety of sectors, and has worked in litigious matters as well as advising on labor audits and personnel policies.

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THE FIRM This local powerhouse is home to a market-leading labor and employment team, which represents clients such as Walmart, Cobham Surveillance and several important public institutions. The group is equipped to handle all aspects of the law, from resolving sensitive employee issues to labor audits and collective bargaining agreements. The team has also handled a number of race, sex and disability discrimination suits.

Sources say: "This is a top-tier employment department with senior attorneys experienced in all aspects of the law."

KEY INDIVIDUALS James Reidy is highly valued by clients for his track record in dealing with thorny employer/employee disputes inside or outside the courtroom. Sources single him out as a "well-balanced, dedicated and senior labor and employment lawyer."

Diana Wieland is of counsel at the firm, and has more than 25 years' experience representing management in labor and employment matters. She is highlighted for her counseling and training expertise.

Elizabeth Bailey commands much respect in the market for her work in the prevention and defense of employment disputes. She has represented public and private sector clients before all levels of local regulation.

David McGrath is respected as an astute commercial litigator who has handled a large number of employment-related disputes concerning discrimination and predatory hiring cases.

Alan Cleveland is of counsel at the firm, and is the group's resident expert in ERISA and pension matters.

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THE FIRM This firm has a distinguished reputation in the market for a labor and employment practice which stands out for its day-to-day advisory service in labor relations and general employment policies. The team's offering has also broadened in recent times with the hire of an extra attorney in the litigation side to handle contentious issues. The group continues to represent the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative in an ongoing collective bargaining agreement, and other labor advice.

Sources say: "We have created a really fruitful relationship with this team. Their advice is clear, the responsiveness is incredible and the turnaround time on queries is exceptional."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Terry Shumaker is a highly experienced labor lawyer, known for his effectiveness as a mediator and arbitrator. Clients are effusive in their praise: "I can't speak highly enough of him; he is pragmatic, educative and fair-minded."

Emily Gray Rice recently joined from Orr & Reno and bolsters the team with her strong track record in labor and employment litigation.

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THE FIRM This firm has a robust management-side labor and employment practice which offers a wide complement of services in the area. The group advises its clients on compliance and counseling matters, and handles traditional labor issues such as collective bargaining. The team has also been engaged in a number of litigation and arbitration cases related to sexual harassment, discrimination and dismissals.

Sources say: "An experienced group that provides a fine service."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Patricia McGrath is a key contact.

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THE FIRM The Portsmouth office of this national labor and employment giant has become a key port of call for companies operating in New Hampshire since its inception in 2008. With a client roster including the likes of Zurich and Sig Saeur, the group is adept at handling the employment demands of big business, and is highlighted for its robust defense of company management in labor issues and litigations brought by employees.

Sources say: "This is an excellent litigation shop. The lawyers truly represent the employer's interests and are responsive, supportive and easy to work with."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Debra Weiss Ford is managing partner of the Portsmouth office and a firm client favorite: "A wonderful labor and employment lawyer. Her response rate is perfect - no matter what time of the day or night, she will have responded within five minutes."

Thomas Closson is a highly regarded lawyer who successfully represented the Hollis School Board in a public sector labor case at the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Dan Schwarz has enjoyed recent success defending his clients in longrunning disputes in disability discrimination and other workplace disputes.

Martha Van Oot joined from Orr & Reno in mid-2012 and will add considerable depth to the firm's bench in employment litigation.

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THE FIRM This local stalwart has a compact but solid labor and employment advisory service. The group offers its corporate clients day-to-day advice on risk management, compliance personnel policies and other issues. The team is also on hand to represent clients should any significant dispute arise. 

KEY INDIVIDUALS Andrea Chatfield and Jennifer Shea Moeckel are the firm's resident experts in this practice area, and between them provide significant expertise in workplace investigations and training, payroll compliance and discrimination issues. "Both of them are very well regarded, and particularly shine in counseling and compliance," commentators say.

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THE FIRM This firm provides a comprehensive labor and employment service that is particularly regarded for its experience handling union issues in the education sector. The team is also qualified to advise on the development of employee policies such as ERISA and employee handbooks, and handles a range of employment litigations.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Edward Kaplan commands significant market respect for his experience in all aspects of this practice area, particularly in the education space. One source comments that "he would be my go-to guy for advice in this area - he's a highly regarded trial lawyer and does a great job on collective bargaining."

Jeanine Poole leads the firm's labor and employment practice. For more than 20 years she has supported the firm's clients in every aspect of their employment-related decisions and policies.

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Mark Broth recently left Devine, Millimet & Branch to join Drummond Woodsum. He has built an outstanding presence in this field, achieved over nearly three decades of practice. "He's highly experienced and really knows his stuff," comment peers.

Steven Winer of Orr & Reno PA is a highly experienced employment lawyer who, over the course of his career, has advised companies on matters ranging from HR policies and contractual matters to employee terminations and lawsuits.

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.