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While the US federal procurement budget remains at nearly $500 billion, the contracting community continues to struggle with the "new normal" of budget cuts and uncertainty. Contractors must seek out new opportunities, many of which grow out of evolving threats in cyber-security and terrorism. In adjusting to this new marketplace, contractors must navigate changing rules and should expect increased oversight and enforcement as the federal government, itself under political pressure, becomes more aggressive. At the same time, the US procurement community is rapidly globalizing. Traditional US contractors (including leading defense contractors) hope to replace a shrinking domestic market with larger sales abroad. When selling abroad, however, contractors face new corruption, payment and performance risks. These overall trends – new opportunities, changing regulations, increased enforcement, and globalization – all require that contractors act proactively to stay ahead of a shifting public procurement landscape.

New Opportunities 

Government agencies' budgetary constraints mean that contractors should review appropriations carefully for potential new growth areas. These include:

• Information technology services
• Cyber-security
• Healthcare
• Intelligence capabilities
• Homeland security

Mergers and Acquisitions 

The uncertainty in federal budgets has sped restructuring in the defense industry, with companies spinning off non-core assets and creating opportunities for both strategic and financial buyers. Last year saw a significant increase in M&A activity, and 2015 shows no sign of slowing down. Acquisition activity tends to follow likely growth areas, especially in defense and intelligence, with expanding work in the cyber-security, cloud computing, and healthcare IT arenas.

Small Business Contracting 

Despite recent budget cuts, contracting opportunities remain lucrative for small businesses, and federal law requires that 23% of all procurement be reserved for small firms. While European firms want broader access to this reserved marketplace, and the EU negotiators are likely to press for that access in ongoing trade negotiations with the United States, political support for small businesses is quite strong, and it is unlikely that foreign firms will crack this trade barrier.

Fighting to Stay in the Game 

In recent years, decreased federal spending has spurred more competition for awards, bid challenges, and delayed contract awards. High-dollar, long-term contracts tend to be vigorously protested. While there are similarities between US protests and remedies proceedings abroad, there are also important differences, and savvy firms prepare for possible bid protests as a normal part of competing in the US market.

New Regulations and Acquisition Reform 

Contractors face a number of new regulatory demands, and comprehensive legislative reform is increasingly likely. As new rules and requirements emerge, given the culture of compliance in the United States, contractors should take action to ensure conformance through internal controls.

Human Trafficking Regulations 

New requirements call for contractors to combat human trafficking, both internally and in their supply chains. The European Union has also taken up measures against human trafficking, and these new provisions are likely to have far-reaching consequences for contractors, both in the United States and abroad.

A New Cyber-Security Regime 

Contractors face a patchwork of new cyber-security requirements with which they must comply. December 2014 saw the passage of five cyber-related bills, and the Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2015 now requires cyber breach reporting for certain Department of Defense (DoD) contractors. Because cyber-security remains a top federal priority, defense contractors and technology companies will need to focus on these new requirements.

GSA's Proposed Change to Pricing Rules 

In a move that could affect thousands of contractors, the US General Services Administration (GSA) recently proposed softening the "most favored customer" (Price Reduction) clause, which guides GSA's $30 billion-plus Multiple Award Schedules contracts (perhaps the world's largest "frameworks" agreements). Rather than relying heavily on the clause to contain prices, GSA instead would require contractors to report transactional data in order to help the government negotiate better pricing. The contractor community has balked, in part because it is unclear whether inadvertent gaps in contractors' reported data could spawn new fraud claims. The agency has responded cautiously, by slowing the rule-writing process.

Enforcement and Investigations 

Increased Risk of Debarment 

The federal government recently reported a dramatic rise in suspensions and debarments, continuing a trend that began in 2009. This trend signals that contractors, to contain risk, must put robust compliance controls in place. As a parallel effort to exclude corrupt and failing contractors gains momentum under the new EU procurement directives, contractors will need to coordinate their compliance efforts internationally.

False Claims Act Remains a Concern for Contractors 

The United States remains a leader in charging fraud in public procurement, and the federal False Claims Act (FCA), which now has "sister" anti-fraud legislation in many states, continues to be an important enforcement tool. Many US observers argue that the government is now alleging fraud (for millions in penalties and damages) for matters that traditionally would have constituted simple contract disputes. In 2014, the government reported a record-setting $5.7 billion in FCA recoveries, and 2015 is likely to be an equally active year, as the Justice Department has announced new efforts in fraud enforcement.

An Aggressive Focus on Fighting Corruption 

Anti-corruption actions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) are on the rise, and cross-border enforcement cooperation is clearly an emerging trend for 2015. Taken together with new anti-corruption laws in other nations, including Brazil and the United Kingdom, these emerging initiatives mean that multinational corporations will have to build robust compliance systems wherever they do business.

Government: Government Contracts - Nationwide


第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A major player in the government contracting arena. Continues to command the respect of the market and operates at the highest level. Represents premier contractors in the areas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, professional services and IT. Has niche expertise from a national security perspective. Handles litigation pertaining to false claims, contract disputes and bid protests.  

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The work product is really excellent and they are really brilliant as a team."

"The firm has outstanding expertise in various areas of importance to us. The key partners understand our business and budgetary constraints, and the associates are well managed and are allowed to work directly with our in-house team."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of L-3 Services in a bid protest brought by Lockheed Martin. The team successfully defended the contract award valued at $362 million. It was argued before the Government Accountability Office and decided that L-3 Services would provide the best value for the government.

Handled a bid protest on behalf of Motorola in relation to a Land Mobile Radio contract which was awarded to Harris Corporation by the Army. This was a high-profile case attracting a lot of press attention. The matter concerned the rule of timeliness and the GAO's decision was an exception to this.  

Notable practitioners  

Craig Holman is described by the market as "an outstanding practitioner" in the government contracts arena. He litigates high-profile matters in the area and is praised by clients for his ability to think outside of the box.

Kara Daniels is said to be "an excellent attorney" in the field. She is praised by clients for her "very well-written" briefs and the manner in which she conveys "strong arguments."  She also has strong litigation capabilities, handling significant bid protests, False Claims Act issues and contract disputes. Sectors in which she has particular expertise include construction and healthcare.

Kristen Ittig is a highly recommended government contracts lawyer. She is recognized for her breadth of knowledge in the area and her ability to navigate through the nuances and current issues facing the government contracting world. Clients say: "She knows the law and how to balance it against the client's business priorities."

Paul Pompeo is noted for his expertise in bid protest litigation and cost-accounting issues. Clients say: "He is very easy to work with, he is responsive and puts complex issues into simple terms to enable understanding and resolution."

Mark Colley has a strong reputation in the government contracts field and offers particular strength in bid protest litigation and False Claims Act matters. "He is able to very quickly size up a situation and provide counsel on his feet," reports one impressed source. 

Ronald Schechter is held in high regard for his expertise in suspension and debarment issues. His practice extends to the areas of False Claims Act litigation, bid protests and fraud investigations. Peers say: "He is very smart, very capable and has very good judgment."

Significant clients Raytheon, Airbus, Booz Allen Hamilton, Computer Sciences Corporation, Mission Essential Personnel.

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Continues to be held in high esteem by the government contracts sector and handles an array of matters including cost accounting issues, claims, bid protests, government investigations, and suspension and debarment cases.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They're excellent: they have experienced lawyers who are at the forefront of the law and deeply immersed in it."

"The firm offers exceptional government contracting guidance on a range of matters as they arise." 

Work highlights Handled a suspension matter on behalf of McCourt Construction. The Federal Aviation Administration had suspended its client from receiving federal grant funds and contracting which was successfully lifted.

Successfully defended HP Enterprise Services against a bid protest for the IT contract awarded to it by the Navy and Marine Corps. The case concerned a challenge to the Navy's price evaluation which the Government Accountability Office dismissed as a mere disagreement and found the regulations of the bid protests had not been met by the claimants.  

Notable practitioners  

Terry Albertson is a highly regarded government contracts lawyer who is especially valued for his "truly encyclopedic memory." He is noted for his handling of particularly complex matters in the area, not least in issues concerning cost accounting, and for the practical advice he gives to clients.

David Bodenheimer is an impressive government contracts practitioner and is developing a strong practice in the cyber security area. Clients say: "It is fun to work with him because he loves what he is doing." He is also singled out as "a fabulous writer who can condense very complex principles of law and government contracting into very simple, digestible sentences."

Peter Eyre is an experienced lawyer in the field of government contracting. Clients say: "Peter is articulate when conveying findings to his clients and understands how to prioritize his work to focus on the most critical of issues while being efficient with his time."

Rising star Daniel Forman is recognized by the market for his work in the bid arena. He also offers expertise in False Claims Act litigation and government ethics and compliance matters.

Thomas Humphrey is a bid protests expert. He offers clients a wealth of experience and is respected and admired by the market. He represents an impressive roster of clients across a number of different industries.

Angela Styles offers clients a unique insight into the government contracts sector having served in the Office of Management and Budget in the White House. Her federal government experience and connections have proven an asset to her practice and she is highly sought after as outside counsel.

Significant clients United Technologies, Madison Dearborn, BAE Systems, Supreme Foodservice.

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is in Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Top-tier government contracts practice with broad-ranging capabilities across a number of different industries and sectors. Operates a strong bid protests and False Claims Act practice, attracting new, high-profile clients such as Northrop Grumman.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"A 'go-to' firm with a deep bench who are quick to provide practical advice and counsel."

"The group is very responsive, cost-conscious and client-focused."

Work highlights Represented General Dynamics in one of the most significant and longest-running government contracts disputes, which has been valued at more than $4 billion. A settlement was reached which was favorable to the clients in comparison to the original amount sought by the government.

Handled a bid protest on behalf of IAP Worldwide Services. The Navy contract which was initially awarded to a joint venture was successfully protested before the Government Accountability Office on a number of grounds. The proposals were re-assessed and the contract was awarded to IAP.

Notable practitioners  

David Churchill is a seasoned practitioner in the government contracts field. He is described as "a dean of the Bar" and "a standout not only in terms of his knowledge of the law but also the industry in question." 

Rising star Damien Specht offers particular expertise from a M&A perspective and handles the related government contracts issues that result. Clients praise him for his thorough and diligent approach to matters.

Jay DeVecchio is regarded as "a very strong government contracts attorney" and "an excellent litigator." He operates a broad practice and is well versed in handling bid protests and qui tam actions, having secured some notable victories in both areas.

Kevin Mullen is a highly regarded government contracts lawyer who draws praise for his fine judgment on matters. He has a strong bid protests practice and regularly appears before the GAO. He also offers experience litigating before the Court of Federal Claims. 

Significant clients L-3 Communications, United Technologies, National Air Cargo, Honeywell, Booz Allen Hamilton.  

Band 1 | Wiley Rein LLP

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is in Washington, DC. 

What the team is known for Offers a deep bench of supremely talented government contracts lawyers. Areas of expertise include IP, export controls, healthcare, aerospace, defense and communications, among others. The team is well versed in handling bid protests and cost-accounting issues as they pertain to these industries.  

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The Wiley Rein team provides top-notch legal advice. It keeps current with the government contracting rules and regulations. The team is very responsive to our needs and always has someone available to assist us."

"They exhibit superior judgment and provide practical advice; their written advocacy is brilliant and the work product is terrific."

Work highlights Handled a False Claims Act matter for Bollinger Shipyards. The DOJ alleged that Bollinger Shipyards had made false engineering calculations. Wiley Rein successfully secured the dismissal of all the complaints made by the government.

Acted on behalf of Tyco Integrated Security in a bid protest case. The team successfully defended the award challenged by Sentrillion. This was a subsequent protest at the Court of Federal Claims and the Court ruled in favor of the defendants.

Notable practitioners  

Paul Khoury is a leading light in the area of government contracts and also has particular expertise in handling significant bid protests. Sources reserve particular praise for his "hard-working and extremely diligent" approach to matters.

"Rising star" Daniel Graham is building a strong government contracts practice. He maintains particular strength in protest matters and regularly litigates before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims.

Nicole Owren-Wiest has a broad-based government contracts practice. She is particularly recognized for her skills in the area of cost accounting. "Everyone has complete trust in the advice she gives - she is fantastic," a satisfied client notes. 

Rand Allen is a heavyweight practitioner in the field of government contracts, with clients describing him as "extraordinary in terms of knowledge, wisdom and approach." He has wide ranging industry knowledge in areas including aerospace and defense, IT and professional services.

Scott McCaleb is described by peers as "an excellent advocate and litigator" in the government contracts sphere. "He is responsive and smart; he is fully aware of all the legal regulations and statutes that govern our business and he is easy to work with," notes one satisfied client. He offers extensive expertise and experience in areas such as IT, aerospace and defense and construction.

The "smart and extremely efficient" John Prairie is an up and coming associate in the government contracts practice. He is particularly praised for his bid protests work.

Significant clients Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, General Dynamics, AECOM Technology, Orbital Sciences.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Continues to develop and expand its highly renowned government contracts practice. Offers clients a wealth of experience in a range of industries including aerospace and defense. Represents some of the major companies in these industries in high-stakes, high-profile contracting disputes and litigation matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"We rely on Gibson to provide us with a well-considered 'best path forward.' They have universally proven to be extremely responsive to our inquiries and provide us with consistently timely answers. It's a true pleasure to work with them."

"They have excellent lawyers."  

Work highlights Successfully represented Casals & Associates in a bid protest before the GAO. The case concerned a challenge to awards given by the US Agency of International Development in relation to international rule of law and human rights services. Corrective action was taken.

Handled significant government investigations on behalf of Fluor Corporation. The investigations concern the disallowance of costs by the government in relation to the leasing of armored vehicles in Iraq. Successfully recovered full disallowed costs plus interest and fees after arguing for the DOJ to drop its threatened False Claims Act case.

Notable practitioners  

Karen Manos is a preeminent figure in the cost-accounting arena and noted for her wealth of experience and expertise in this area. Clients say: "We rely on her to provide sage advice at every important turn our business takes."

The well-respected Joseph West offers particular expertise in the areas of contractor responsibility, suspension and debarment, and investigations and enforcement matters. "His practical knowledge of how to get things done has proven to be extremely useful and has likely saved vast amounts of money," reports one impressed client. 

Significant clients Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman, Leidos, AECOM Technology, Microsemi.  

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Strong government contracts practice with a multidisciplinary approach. Developing a significant cybersecurity practice in which the team is handling a number of high-profile cases. Has a particularly successful bid protests practice. Clients also benefit from the firm's global reach and capabilities.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They are expert in the world of federal protests and we are very grateful we chose them as our outside counsel."

"The team is very knowledgeable about the subjects we are advised on; the people are easy to deal with and provide value in terms of billing."

Work highlights Acted for Google and Thermopylae, protesting a $5 billion strategic sourcing program that the GSA limited to Microsoft brand name products and services.

Defended Stryker in a False Claims Act case brought by a former sales and account manager at the company. All alleged wrongdoing was denied and the case was settled with the relator and DOJ.

Notable practitioners  

Agnes Dover is recognized for her expertise in the energy sector and experience in dealing with the DOE. She is well versed in both contractual and regulatory issues that affect this industry. Clients say: "She has a lot of practical tools and experience and very good, practical knowledge."  

"Very strong lawyer" Michael McGill is a rising star in the bid protests arena. He also has skills in compliance counseling, and claims and investigations. 

Michael Mason is a highly regarded government contracts practitioner and is particularly noted for his security issues expertise. Sources reserve particular praise for his business-oriented approach.

Thomas McGovern is developing a strong reputation in the cyber security field. Clients say: "He is a good litigator and good with dealing with the government." He also receives praise for his very methodical approach to matters.

Significant clients General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Kearney & Company, Accenture Federal Services, IBM.  

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include San Francisco and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Highly regarded boutique firm, operating a strong and successful bid protests group. Handles matters in a broad range of areas including construction, IT and infrastructure.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They are very knowledgeable about the subjects they advise on, their people are easy to deal with, they provide value in terms of billing and their work product has been outstanding."

"It is a firm that understands the nuances of state government politics and policies."

Work highlights Represented Microsoft in relation to various public procurement matters, including high-profile purchases made by the local and state education sector.

Handled a bid protest on behalf of Ortega Family Enterprises before the Court of Federal Claims. Successfully defended against the protest of the client's National Park Service concession contract. The challenge was brought by the former awardee of seven decades.

Notable practitioners  

Sources regard Patricia Meagher as "a very good lawyer and well known for claims and dispute work and terminations." She regularly handles high-profile and high-stakes matters in these areas.

The "wonderful and brilliant" Robert Metzger has a highly respected government contracts practice and receives much praise for his "pragmatic, business-focused advice." He is recognized for his abilities in handling cutting-edge issues in areas such as counterfeit goods and cybersecurity. He also operates a strong bid protests practice.

"Terrific lawyer" Neil O'Donnell is a leading light in the field of government contracts. He enjoys a fine reputation for his termination and bid protests work and is noted for his wide-ranging sector expertise, including the healthcare and construction arenas.

Jeffery Chiow is a highly regarded associate in the government contracts practice. He has handled a number of high-profile matters and clients say "he is articulate, personable and knows the area."

Significant clients CGI, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, Kiewit, McKesson.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Handles complex government contracting issues across a number of different industries. Offers clients a multidisciplinary approach with expertise in both civil and criminal proceedings. Areas of expertise include protests, contract disputes and claims.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The team is pragmatic and practical and, in addition to knowing the law, the group has significant relationships with government attorneys, which means we start out on professional, congenial terms, which is critical."

"They have provided my company with superior legal services and have consistently demonstrated a high level of expertise in the government contracts section."

Work highlights Successfully defended against a qui tam False Claims Act on behalf of a major pharmaceutical company. The government alleged unlawful dispensation of over-the-counter prescription drugs and incorrect billing. These theories were unfounded and a double declination was obtained.

Acted on behalf of Pacific Ship Repair and Fabrication in a bid protest. The protest was successfully filed and corrective action was taken by the agency.

Notable practitioners  

Jonathan Aronie has an established reputation in the government contracts sector. He is highlighted for his expertise in internal investigations, GSA schedule issues, bid protests and DOJ investigations. Clients particularly appreciate his presentation skills and say "he can make arcane language understandable."

Anne Perry is recognized for her bid protest skills. Clients appreciate her "open, frank, honest, and responsive" approach and feel that she always has their best interests at heart. She has strong problem-solving abilities and offers expert legal advice in relation to government contracting matters.

"Fabulous lawyer" John Chierichella offers a wealth of experience in claims and investigations and represents major clients in high-profile matters.  

Significant clients Urbain Train, Edwards Lifesciences, Sterling Computers, W.W. Grainger, US Investigations Services.

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Tysons Corner.

What the team is known for Adept in handling the whole scope of government contracting issues. Offers experience in compliance and counseling, bid protests and claims, among other areas. Has expanded the team and enhanced the bench strength of its practice.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Holland & Knight's knowledge of federal contracting is top-notch and the team always has the latest information available."

"I have been impressed with the team's knowledge of the law, how they apply that knowledge, and their customer interface style."

What's new? Mary Beth Bosco and Robert Tompkins joined as partners from Patton Boggs.

Work highlights Handled a bid protest on behalf of Global Integrated Security. The team successfully challenged the exclusion of its client from the competitive range and the state took corrective action.  

Acted on behalf of Navigate Affordable Housing Partners in a bid protest matter. Holland & Knight challenged HUD's attempt to exclude Navigate and other contractors from competing for subsequent contracts. Having appeared before the GAO and the Court of Federal Claims, an appeal was filed at the Federal Circuit and an injunction granted. There were eight protestors involved in total.  

Notable practitioners  

The "very professional and responsive" David Black operates a broad practice in the government contracts sector. He offers experience and expertise in False Claims Act investigations, contract disputes, bid protests and compliance.

Significant clients The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Raytheon, Harris Corporation, The S.M. Stoller Corporation, Landstar Express America.

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Washington, DC. 

What the team is known for Represents major contractors and sub-contractors across a wide variety of industries. Offers extensive experience in handling government contracts issues in areas such as IT, engineering, aerospace and defense. Handles high-stakes and legally complex litigation in these areas.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Mayer Brown knows exactly how to approach things in an effective way and understand the issues from top to bottom."

"They bring deep subject matter expertise in the field of government contracts. In addition to this expertise, key members of the firm are familiar with and familiar to, many individuals on the bench, at the GAO and the executive agencies.

Work highlights Successfully handled two rounds of protests on behalf of Consolidated Nuclear Security. Defended both challenges by the National Nuclear Security Administration before the GAO.

Represented General Motors in a cost accounting case. Successfully sought recovery from the government of a pension cost adjustment.

Notable practitioners  

Marcia Madsen has a stellar reputation in the field of government contracting and is noted for her expertise in complex bid protests and litigation. She has experience handling False Claims Act matters, internal investigations and suspension and debarment cases. Peers view her as "a talented attorney" and clients say she "understands the ultimate business objective and is creative in negotiations - so she is very effective."

David Dowd has strong litigation skills in the government contracting arena. Areas of specialty include GSA Schedule issues and cost accounting and pricing matters. He is highly praised by clients who say: "He really digs into the details and understands them; he is very professional and courteous to opposing counsel and well regarded by people in this field."

Significant clients Booz Allen, Lockheed Martin, Bechtel National.

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and Washington, DC. 

What the team is known for Stellar full-service government contracts practice with domestic and international capabilities. Clients benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of the firm and the team's experience in handling matters at both a state and federal level.

Work highlights Handled the defense of a significant bid protest case on behalf of United Launch Alliance. The contract was awarded by the US Air Force and was valued at more than $11 billion. The award was challenged and an injunction was issued. The case concerned the potential violation of US sanctions placed on Russia, as a consequence of the situation in Ukraine. The team successfully argued that no violation had been committed by its client when certain purchases were made from Russia and the injunction was lifted.

Acted on behalf of Lockheed Martin, which was alleged to be in breach of contract. The team successfully argued that the allegations should be dismissed with prejudice as the claimants lacked the necessary standing to make such assertions. 

Notable practitioners  

Thomas Lemmer is developing a strong reputation in the government contracts sphere. He is recognized for his abilities in cost accounting and draws praise for his pragmatism and subject matter expertise.

Significant clients KBR, ITT/Exelis, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Leidos, Textron.

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Tysons Corner.  

What the team is known for Boutique firm, representing major clients in industries such as IT, large weapon systems and engineering. Offers experience in counseling, bid protests and major litigation as it pertains to government contracting.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The team is very good at client communication, and the technical work is excellent and judgment terrific."

Notable practitioners  

Gregory Smith offers clients both domestic and international capabilities in relation to government contracting issues and agency negotiations. He has particular expertise in cost accounting matters and contract disputes. He is experienced in representing both prime and subcontractors before the US Court of Appeal, US Court of Federal Claims and the GAO.

John Pachter is described as "a dean in the field." Peers note that he is "very knowledgeable" and "really impressive" when handling government contracting issues. He offers strong litigation skills and is well versed in handling bid protests, debarment and dispute resolution matters.

Band 3 | Venable LLP

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Tysons Corner and Washington, DC. 

What the team is known for Longstanding and established government contracts practice. Developing a strong reputation in the field of cybersecurity. Offers clients a deep bench with broad expertise. Adept in handling related regulatory issues.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"I think the team deserves recognition because in all of my experiences with them they have responded quickly, with the right experts and the right solutions. The substantive experts they have are effective and engaged."

"They have a large number of capable lawyers in a number of areas of expertise. They are thorough in their work, never overstaff matters, and provide a high-quality product. They offer clients a one-stop shop for high-quality legal work at good rates."

Work highlights Represented Crowley Maritime in a bid protest. Appeared before the GAO and successfully defended against the protest being dismissed. Corrective action was taken.

Handled a high-value bid protest matter on behalf of Carlson Wagonlit Government Travel. Successfully protested the one billion dollar contract awarded to GSA. Appeared before the GAO and the Court of Federal Claims. The contract was awarded to Venable's client.

Notable practitioners  

Scott Hommer has a particular focus and strength in representing government contractors in the technology space. Clients reserve particular praise for his customer service-oriented approach and effective communication skills.

Paul Debolt has experience both defending and prosecuting significant bid protests matters. He also has expertise in compliance issues from a regulatory perspective. Clients say: "He responds quickly, provides a well-reasoned game plan on how to handle a particular matter and executes that plan flawlessly."

Significant clients Dell Services Federal Government, SAIC, US Foods, Sodexo, MorganFranklin.  

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Handles a broad spectrum of government contracts work. Areas of expertise include bid protests, compliance and regulatory issues. Sector expertise includes healthcare, energy and defense, among others.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The team has a broad-based skillset, is easy to deal with and very knowledgeable; the team provides good counsel."

"They have never let us down and have always provided expert and timely assistance."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of AM General in the Court of Federal Claims. The case concerned allegations of patent infringements. AM General has filed a motion for summary judgment.

Handled a contract claim against Immigration & Customs Enforcement on behalf of Corrections Corporation of America. The matter tackled cutting-edge issues in relation to compensation connected with the increase in wages stated in the Service Contracts Act and the impact of annual price increases already taken into account by the contract.

Notable practitioners  

Robert Huffman and Scott Heimberg are key contacts in the practice.

Significant clients Raytheon, Pacific Architects & Engineers, Alliant Techsystems, Bechtel, Samsung.  

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Growing practice with an impressive bench of experienced and highly skilled government contracts practitioners, all of whom possess strong litigation abilities. Offers clients a multidisciplinary approach with strengths in related practice areas, and is particularly known for its regulatory strength.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"We chose Covington for its strength in government-facing contract negotiation, and the team has proven to be excellent." 

"Covington's expertise is outstanding as is their client service."

What's new? The team recently acquired Ray Biagini, Jason Carey and Frederic Levy from McKenna Long & Aldridge.

Work highlights Secured a significant bid protest victory on behalf of PAE Government Services. Defended a $1 billion contract award in relation to the maintenance and sustainment of US facilities in Iraq. Challenges were brought by three major protestors and protests were filed at the GAO and the Court of Federal Claims. A favorable outcome was reached at all stages of the case.

Acted in the high-profile SpaceX bid protest before the Court of Federal Claims. The matter concerned a $70 billion contract which Covington argued was illegally awarded to the United Launch Alliance. The protest was based on a lack of public scrutiny resulting in improper decisions being made by the US Air Force in relation to the contract.

Notable practitioners  

Highly respected practitioner Alan Pemberton has a wealth of experience and expertise across the whole gamut of government contracting issues, which enables him to handle some of the most complex and sophisticated matters in the area. "He is an exceptional drafter of contracts, and an adept manager of diverse work-streams and coordinator of various working groups," notes one impressed source. 

Robert Nichols operates a successful government contracts practice with strong international capabilities. Clients say: "Robert Nichols is an outstanding strategist, good communicator, has an excellent bedside manner with executives and boards under stress, and good and timely follow-through." He is praised for his creative and entrepreneurial approach to issues across a broad range of industries.

Ray Biagini handles cutting-edge government contracting issues and has particular expertise in government contract tort defense. He represents a good choice of counsel for major infrastructure providers.

Jason Carey is recognized for his abilities in handling high-profile government contracts matters. He is also highly regarded in the bid protests arena. Sources single out his thoughtfulness, judgment and work ethic as being among his key attributes.

Frederic Levy is an established practitioner in the government contracts arena. He offers particular expertise in compliance and suspension and debarment matters. He is valued by clients for his relationships within government and for his up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in the area.

Significant clients American Express Travel Related Services, MSI, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Development Alternatives. 

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Basic facts about the department
Key office Washington, DC. 

What the team is known for Operates a unique practice in the government contracts arena. Offers clients particular expertise in handling the M&A and private equity aspects of such contracts in sectors such as aerospace and defense.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They're experts in the area of government contracts and very professional. We value their judgment, which is informed by significant experience."

"The quality of the attorneys and advice you get is extremely high; the responsiveness has been extremely high as well."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of SAIC in a bid protest matter concerning a contract valued at $2 billion. Appeared before the GAO and challenged NASA'S award to Wyle Laboratories. Corrective action was taken and the contract was awarded to SAIC.

Advised in the $865 million acquisition of Siemens by AEA Investors. Handled all issues relating to Siemens's government contracts. These issues included the effect of any warranties and the novation of the contracts to AEA Investors.

Notable practitioners  

The highly respected James McCullough offers clients significant experience across a broad spectrum of government contracting issues and has a particularly successful bid protests practice. Market commentators reserve particular praise for his "extraordinary breadth of knowledge."

Significant clients Beechcraft, Elbit Systems, EnPro Industries, FedEx, Leidos.

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Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington DC.

What the team is known for A strong and respected government contracts practice. Well versed in handling bid protests, False Claims Act matters and whistle-blower cases. Represents major defense contractors in relation to these areas.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The firm is very client-focused and responsive to client needs. The firm excels at finding practical solutions." "

"Perkins Coie is good at building teams to address the needs of the client."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of Wyle as co-counsel in a bid protest matter. The award concerned a health and performance contract in relation to NASA. Appeared before the GAO and secured a recommendation favorable to Wyle, that NASA either awards them the contract or reopens the procurement process. Wyle was also awarded its protest costs.

Handled a bid protest on behalf of First Coast Service Options. Acted before the GAO and challenged the exclusion of its client from the procurement process of a health insurance benefit services contract in relation to the Medicare program. Corrective action was taken and protest costs were awarded.  

Notable practitioners  

Jeff Eisenstein offers clients more than 35 years of experience in the government contracting sphere. "He has vast experience in the area, so his substantive knowledge of the law is very sharp and he has excellent legal and business judgment; he is not shy about expressing his views which is a very valued skill of his," reports one impressed commentator. Areas of expertise include complex False Claims Act litigation, internal investigations, and suspension and debarment matters.

Lee Curtis is highlighted by the market for his skills in bid protests. Peers say: "He is very good - he knows protests inside and out." He also offers experience and expertise in internal investigations, GSA Schedule contracts, software licenses and data rights matters.

Significant clients Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Esterline Technologies, T-Mobile. 

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Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and McLean.

What the team is known for Offers a wide-reaching government contracts practice with experience at local, state, federal and international levels. Operates a successful bid protests practice and has strong False Claims Act expertise.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The firm is unusually responsive, and unusually caring, so if I go to that group I know I am going to get advice in a timely fashion."

"The credentials of the attorneys are exceptional and when you have a problem that affects your bottom line you go to these guys."

Work highlights Handled high-profile litigation against the US government on behalf of Entergy. The matter concerned the Department of Energy and comprised six cases which were filed at the Court of Federal Claims.

Acted on behalf of the interests of Dismas as intervenor in a GAO bid protest, challenging a contract awarded to Dismas for halfway house services in Nashville.

Notable practitioners  

Clients particularly appreciate Alex Tomaszczuk's "extraordinary gift for writing" which has proven to be a tremendous asset when handling government contracting issues. Clients say: "He is amazing with being able to word things such that they are clear, get all the points across and read incredibly well." He has strong litigation skills and is well versed in handling bid protests and GSA awards.

John Jensen handles significant bid protests and has secured a number of victories for his clients. He is also developing a strong practice focusing on the M&A perspective of government contracting, as well as suspension and debarment matters. "He is knowledgeable, provides sound advice, and can approach a thorny situation in a pragmatic way," notes one impressed observer.

James Gallagher is a highly regarded government contracts practitioner and is sought after for his impressive litigation skills. He is particularly well versed in handling False Claims Act litigation. He recently joined the firm from McKenna Long & Aldridge.

Significant clients Abacus Technology, Applied Materials, Boston Properties, Sterling Global, GKN North America.

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Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Extensive government contracts practice with notable strengths in bid protests and False Claims Act work. Offers the abilities and skills to handle international procurement matters, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. 

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Their expertise and guidance in the areas they practice in is top-notch and achieves results."

"They offer an outstanding and deep bench in the government contracts field."

Notable practitioners  

David Johnson is well versed in suspension and debarment matters. He is also viewed as a strong bid protests and contract claims lawyer. Clients reserve particular praise for his wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the relevant statutes and regulations.

Associate Jamie Tabb is described by the market as "wise beyond his years" and someone who "operates at partner level." He has developed a strong government contracts practice and serves an impressive roster of clients. Commentators note that "he understands the issues quickly and maps out a plan of attack, which is very reassuring."

Michael Charness is highly skilled in the government contracting arena and is noted for his expertise on cross-border matters. Clients describe him as "frank, incisive and someone who provides great client service."

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Jeffrey Belkin of Alston & Bird is sought after by clients in the government contracting space because "he is very strategic and good at giving strategic guidance." His areas of expertise include bid protests and False Claims Act matters. 

Tom Mason of Cooley LLP is held in high esteem by the government contracting community. One client notes: "I trust his advice and guidance implicitly. He is calm, thoughtful, thorough, and responsive." He is highlighted for his trial and appellate litigation skills.

Justin Chiarodo of Dickstein Shapiro LLP is establishing a solid reputation in the government contracting arena. Clients praise him for being "customer service oriented and very diligent."

David Nadler of Dickstein Shapiro LLP is a strong all-around government contracts practitioner. What clients most appreciate is that "he explains things with common sense and in a practical way." Areas of expertise include compliance issues, bid protests and False Claims Act matters. 

The market regards Richard Rector of DLA Piper LLP (US) as "a very good government contracts lawyer." His practice has a local, state and federal reach which clients find particularly useful. He is a highly respected litigator and regularly appears before the GAO, Court of Federal Claims and Court of Appeals.

Carl Lee Vacketta of DLA Piper LLP (US) is a leading figure in the government contracts practice and offers clients over 40 years of experience in the area. Peers note that "he is one of those guys who just loves what he is doing." He is singled out for his expertise in telecommunications and IT matters, among other areas.

The venerable Marshall Doke of Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP is described as "an elder statesman of the Bar," and continues to be held in high esteem by the government contracts market.

Stuart Nibley is establishing a fine reputation for himself in building the government contracts practice at K&L Gates. Clients note that "he is extremely knowledgeable, detailed in his preparation, effective at leveraging relationships and a skillful communicator."

The highly regarded Holly Roth of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP is sought after for her expertise in an array of issues including suspension and debarment, claims, bid protests and investigations. She is described as "a pleasure to work with" and lauded for her responsiveness, dedication to her client's needs, and excellent communication skills.

Clients enthuse that Richard Vacura of Morrison & Foerster LLP is "a terrific resource and knowledgeable, he is very strategic, and has a keen sense of when to be aggressive and when to be more measured." He is particularly noted for his strong litigation skills and is recognized for his representation of major aerospace and defense contractors.

Bradley Wine of Morrison & Foerster LLP "is my most trusted lawyer regardless of the issue; he hits it out of the park every time and gets us the right answer on any question immediately," reports one satisfied client. He comes recommended for his strong regulatory knowledge.

Joelle Laszlo of Reed Smith LLP is noted by sources as a hardworking and responsive attorney. She is an up-and-coming associate in the team and has experience handling both federal and state contracts.

Lorraine Campos heads the government contracts group at Reed Smith LLP. She offers particular expertise in counseling clients in relation to Federal Supply Schedules.

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.

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