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The Year of the Vigilant Contractor 

Where are the opportunities? What are the compliance requirements? When do you protest? With enforcement escalating and funding constricted, vigilance is critical in today’s federal marketplace. Contractors must position themselves to strike at what opportunities do exist, where they present themselves — and focus on how to protect against increasing risks and liability exposure.

Opportunities: What 

With the squeeze on government budgets, contractors continue to review appropriations carefully for expected growth areas, which appear likely to include:

• information technology,  

• cyber-security,  

• advanced technologies,  

• intelligence capabilities &  

• counter-terrorism. 

The ever-increasing threat of sophisticated cyber attacks will compel Federal agencies to allocate significant funding to protect their IT systems and sensitive data. Contractors with capabilities relating to cloud analytics, data storage, classified programs, and information security should find steady, and probably growing, demand for their services.

Handle with Care: Handling sensitive government information comes with new obligations and risks. For instance, contractors supporting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) must implement adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, use, or release of controlled technical information, and must also be sure to report cyber incidents affecting unclassified controlled technical information, in accordance with new criteria and requirements in the DFARS.

Opportunities: Where 

Retrenching and Refocusing: Spending declines motivate the search for efficiencies and a focus on core business strengths, which has produced more spinoffs of lower margin business divisions and strategic acquisitions adding depth and capabilities in growth areas. Such moves can be a tremendous boost, but it is imperative that advance due diligence match the rigor of the current enforcement environment. Too many contractors have found themselves unwittingly saddled with an enforcement problem or other liability exposure when these transactions were not properly vetted or structured.

International Procurement: Many U.S. defense articles and services are in great demand internationally, particularly in non-NATO countries. Contractors can expect increased opportunities for both foreign military sales (FMS) and direct commercial sales (DCS) as regional tensions and conflicts persist in the Middle East and Asia, and as many developing countries modernize their military. The associated regulatory environment is complex, and sometimes subtle nuances in the rules can be unforgiving. The international marketplace demands great care so as not to overstep the bounds of export controls (like ITAR), trade sanction regimes (especially in the Middle East), and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). In addition, the U.S. Government is holding contractors responsible for guarding against human trafficking, which can be difficult to police with far-flung international supply chains or services operations.

International Competition and Risks: While U.S. companies set their sights abroad, foreign companies look to break into the U.S. federal market and bring with them even more competition. However, foreign vendors confront special challenges entering the U.S. market. In addition to the usual compliance concerns, foreign firms must also clear hurdles created by domestic preference laws and Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) considerations in the national security arena.

Opportunities: How 

Fighting to Stay in the Game: Declining budgets can turn procurements into high-stakes bidding wars, marked by crowded "industry days" and all-out competition, with victories won by slim margins. As more contractors pursue fewer opportunities, the stigma surrounding bid protests is declining. Both agencies and contractors appear to recognize protests as routine in the existing budget and contracting climate. Many companies pursue bid protests to retain important business or to complete a vigorous fight for valuable new work amidst limited opportunities. Savvy contractors prepare for protests well in advance, by schooling their outside counsel on particularly complex procurements and lining up potential expert witnesses.

Watch Out For “The Death Penalty”: The Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee reports a dramatic rise in suspensions and debarments the past two years. This increase is likely attributable, at least in part, to Congressional pressure on agencies to impose suspension and debarment with greater frequency. Referrals to agency Suspension and Debarment Officers (SDOs) have increased year after year, and show no signs of slowing.

The contracting community is becoming concerned about whether agencies are using suspension and debarment as a form of punishment, or as an alternative to basic contractual remedies. The traditionally wide scope of SDO discretion has come under scrutiny, with calls for SDOs to document and make available their rationales for entering into administrative agreements in lieu of imposing suspension or debarment in particular cases. Some agencies have demonstrated a particular willingness to pursue fact-based, nondiscretionary debarments.

Special Challenges 

Counterfeit Parts: Counterfeits have flooded the marketplace, particularly small, ubiquitous electronic components. New DoD regulations dramatically shift the burden to contractors to guard against these parts in major systems — and impose liabilities to make corrections and pay for consequences.

Dealing nimbly with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA): Contractors face an on-going challenge from the DCAA’s asserted authority to access contractor internal audit reports in order to evaluate and test internal controls and business systems. DCAA could potentially consider internal audit reports relevant to all audits that DCAA performs, because generally accepted government auditing standards require a risk assessment, including evaluation of internal controls.

In addition, contractors should remain attentive to the Contract Disputes Act (CDA)’s six-year statute of limitations, particularly given DCAA’s significant audit backlog. Contractors have had increased success securing dismissal of high-dollar government claims based on the CDA’s limitations period. By the same token, that clock is also running on contractors’ unasserted claims against the Government; it is a two-way street .

Government: Government Contracts - Nationwide


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Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for At the forefront of cutting-edge, precedent-setting cases. Advises on government contracts at state, federal, local and international levels. Has a diverse client base, representing contractors across a range of sectors including defense, IT, healthcare and professional services.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They are a good firm. You can go to them to solve complicated problems."

"We utilize them exclusively for our important, high-end, critical cases."

Work highlights Represented Raytheon in three statute of limitations cases relating to cost accounting and allowability issues. Successfully challenged $28 million worth of government claims which were deemed invalid under the six-year statute of limitations.

Acted on behalf of Systems Application & Technologies on a bid protest case, defending the original contract awarded to them. Successfully challenged corrective action.

Notable practitioners  

Mark Colley is a leading government contracts lawyer in Washington, DC, with a wealth of experience and expertise bolstered by his involvement in a number of high-profile cases. Clients variously describe him as "incredibly smart," and "an exceptional bid protest attorney." He has also had significant involvement in False Claims Act matters in the past year.

Craig Holman has a stellar reputation in the government contracts field. He is also highly skilled within the area of bid protests and has handled a number of multibillion-dollar protests. Clients say that "he is exceptionally creative in terms of structuring settlements and extremely aggressive when it comes to litigation."

Paul Pompeo is highly regarded in the arena of cost accounting and has been incredibly successful in cases against the US government. He has handled multimillion-dollar issues in which he has been praised for his strategic ability. Sources say he is a "brilliant lawyer who is breaking new ground in the number of the cases he has won."

Ronald Schechter has a broad government contracts practice with particular strength in False Claims Act cases, bid protests and investigations of fraud. Interviewees say: "He is a strong advocate, and an experienced and knowledgeable adviser providing excellent client service."

Jeffrey Smith offers government contracting expertise within the aerospace and media industries. Due to his experience as a former general counsel for the CIA he is able to offer a deep understanding of the international security sphere, heading the firm's national and homeland security practice.   

Significant clients Computer Sciences Corporation, QinetiQ, Mission Essential Personnel, Corning, Harris.

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Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A leading practice group in the government contracts sector which is highly regarded by both peers and clients. Adept in handling compliance issues, cost accounting, bid protests and issues involving suspension and debarment.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They are a standout firm. They have some of the premier experts in specific areas of government contracts."

"The gold standard in this area."  

Work highlights Acted for CBY Design Builders on a $675 million matter which saw the firm challenge a decision by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that had resulted in a contract award being taken away from CBY. The firm successfully argued the implementation of corrective action before the Court of Federal Claims.

Represented Spectrum Healthcare Resources in two-year litigation and successfully protected an award of $220 million in value.

Notable practitioners  

Terry Albertson is considered a cost accounting expert by peers and clients across the board. "He has been doing this for many years. He is widely recognized as the best government cost accounting expert in the city. He is very practical, has seen it all before, and can analyze very complex issues and communicate them in a very understandable way," reports one enthusiastic commentator.

David Bodenheimer is a leading lawyer within the cybersecurity space who is described by one source as "the top expert on defective pricing. We haven't found anyone more knowledgeable than David."

Peter Eyre offers expertise in bid protests, suspension and debarment law and government investigations. Clients say he is "a younger partner who is practical and very well versed in the government contracts practice. He has a very action-oriented approach to providing legal advice."

Thomas Humphrey is highly regarded within the bid protests field. Sources state: "He has been practicing for many, many years. One of the reasons we picked him is that he is one of the best government protest lawyers in the city. He is strategic, well known and well respected. His years of experience help make him more effective in terms of figuring out what is going to work and what is not."

Daniel Forman has a broad practice with extensive knowledge in areas including bid protests, compliance and False Claims Act matters. Clients say he is a "tremendous expert," and that "he understands our business, and is very responsive and well versed in government contracting."

Angela Styles has particular strength in disclosure matters and issues arising from the False Claims Act. Clients say: "She has superb judgment and knowledge of the clients' culture, as well as being well connected within the US government." She is also accomplished in the area of procurement ethics and compliance.

Significant clients UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services, Academi, SUFI Network Services, National Government Services, Arctic Slope Consulting Services.

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Recognized for its ability to handle highly sophisticated, multimillion-dollar matters relating to national security. A leader in the bid protest and civil False Claims Act arenas.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"The caliber of the work performed by the firm is second to none. The firm has consistently achieved our objectives and is always highly responsive to our needs."

"A high-end firm capable of solving sophisticated problems."

Work highlights Successfully fought an allegation of defective pricing brought against client Lockheed Martin, which could have seen the value of a US Air Force contract reduced by $17 million.

Acted on behalf of Q2 Administrators on a civil false claims qui tam action filed against the company in excess of $10 million.

Notable practitioners  

David Churchill is described as "a subject matter expert, who has many years of experience and is a businessman's lawyer, as he understands the context in which we have to make legal decisions." He is highly regarded for his industry knowledge, which is bolstered by his extensive experience in the field. Sources also admire his ability to think strategically, and the fact that he looks at contracts "at a very integrated, comprehensive level, which enables him to provide really sound advice."

Jay DeVecchio is noted by one source as "the best litigator in the country on government contracts and related matters." He has particular strength within the area of intellectual property and is noted for his technical expertise in this field.

Kevin Mullen is a highly respected litigator. He appears before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims, among other forums, and one client praised his "strong and well-rounded practice and understanding of government contracts."

Significant clients General Dynamics, Honeywell, Booz Allen Hamilton, L-3 Communications, IAP Worldwide.

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Handles cutting-edge issues arising in connection with government contracts, particularly in the areas of healthcare reform and cybersecurity, and in matters involving concerns surrounding the federal budget. Also represents many of the top contractors.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"The lawyers we have worked with have provided prompt, excellent legal service, and are extremely knowledgeable about the law and contract claim process."

"McKenna has great depth, experience and expertise in several niche areas within its government practice group."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of KBR on a dispute relating to a contract for performance of dining facility services in Iraq and the reimbursement of incurred costs.

Has represented VSE in its defense of a claim by the Municipality of Anchorage relating to a negligently performed contract by a previously owned company of VSE.

Notable practitioners  

Clients are quick to highlight that James Gallagher is "terrific to work with and very experienced." He has extensive knowledge of financial issues within government contracting, and is adept at handling both civil and criminal fraud investigations and litigation. His expertise also extends to breach of contract, cost accounting and defective pricing matters.  

An expert in government contractor defense, among other areas, Ray Biagini has handled cutting-edge issues, proving his technical strength and ability. Clients variously note that he is "good at understanding global issues and putting together appropriate teams," and that he is "a high-level expert who is very intelligent."

Frederic Levy is a suspension and debarment expert with substantial experience in contractor eligibility and responsibility requirements. Clients respect his calm approach to potentially volatile situations, saying: "When you speak with him you feel like he has been there before."

Jason Carey has handled some of the most high-profile protest cases in the industry. One client enthused: "I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and a tireless hard worker."

Significant clients Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Parsons, Rockwell Collins, IBM.

Band 1 | Wiley Rein LLP

第一等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A leading practice group with a broad and impressive client base. Offers expertise across all government contracting areas, with particular strength in False Claims Act litigation, bid protests, and suspension and debarment matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They are very well known for their congressional work, their government contracts contacts and their involvement with our legislature."

"They really stand out for their depth. I feel like they really understand our business and they make technical concepts understandable for everyone."

Work highlights Continues to represent Cubic Defense Applications in a wide variety of government contract matters. Successfully defended Cubic in a bid protest before the GAO.  

Acted on behalf of Orbital Sciences and successfully dismissed a challenge to a high-value contract award.

Notable practitioners  

Head of department Rand Allen is considered by sources to be a "dean in the area of government contracts work." One impressed client notes that "he is excellent – a very good problem solver who understands the business aspect of an issue." Allen is a long-established practitioner with an extensive and impressive track record, and his areas of expertise include government investigations and white-collar defense.

Paul Khoury receives praise for his "phemomenal customer service," and is considered by sources to be an "outstanding government contracts attorney." He has particular expertise in the bid protests arena and is described by one impressed source as "a fierce client advocate who has earned our utmost trust."

Scott McCaleb offers extensive experience across the government contracts field and has strength in industries such as IT and network solutions, aerospace and weapon systems integration, among others. He is well known on the circuits and clients say he is "good at finding solutions and taking a practical approach."

Daniel Graham is a respected practitioner in the government contracting field. One source singles him out for his expertise in the healthcare sector, saying: "Few people know as much about healthcare IT contracting with the government as he does."

Nicole Owren-Wiest is highly regarded within the area of cost accounting and complex investigations. Peers describe her as "very bright, very conscientious and hard-working."

Significant clients Booz Allen Hamilton, The Boeing Company,  AECOM Technology, Cisco Systems, Noridian Healthcare Solutions.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Offers both industry and government experience, and is recognized for its work in the litigation and dispute arenas. Clients come from a broad range of industry sectors, including aerospace, construction and defense contracting.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They handle bet-the-company type matters, and when you need the big guns, they are the big guns."

"They assemble a very strong team, have very good subject matter knowledge and provide a high-quality work product."

Work highlights Represented Raytheon Company in a pension deficit claim against the US government, securing a $59.2 million judgment for the company. 

Advised BlueCross-BlueShield of Tennessee on a termination settlement claim arising in connection with a terminated Medicare contract.

Notable practitioners   

Karen Manos is considered one of the top government contracting lawyers in the country, particularly in the area of cost disputes. Clients say: "She is very knowledgeable in terms of US government cost accounting. We can't find anybody who knows this stuff better than she does. She is extremely responsive, and quick to grasp issues and provide ideas."

Joseph West has acted for contractors as well as government agencies. He is described by peers as "skilled in suspension and debarment," and one impressed client notes that "he listens well and works well with our company to evaluate issues by assessing the strengths and risks, before providing clear guidance as to the way forward."

Significant clients Northrop Grumman, SAIC, AECOM Technology, Beretta USA.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A strong litigation and bid protest practice with a focus on areas such as healthcare, IT, and aerospace and defense, among others. Remains at the forefront of cutting-edge issues concerning these industries, and is adept at handling complex and novel legal matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"Their level of expertise, their considerations and their evaluations are always right on target."

"They are an excellent firm – they are extremely responsive and are on their game."

Work highlights Successfully represented Lockheed Martin in the defense of bid protests filed by Six3 Systems and Raytheon in connection with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s SIA-2 program.

On behalf of General Dynamics, the team successfully achieved the dismissal of a bid protest filed by ManTech and Information Systems.

Notable practitioners  

Michael Mason heads the investigations practice and has expertise in the IT procurement space, with additional capabilities in suspension and debarment matters. He has a significant reputation for high-stakes bid protest work, and one client praises his thoroughness, noting that he offers "the best legal advice I can get based on outcomes."

Clients benefit from practice area leader Thomas McGovern's strong relationships with senior officials and government agencies. He is renowned for his work in bid protests, and sources describe him as "highly respected," with one client explaining that "he gives us a balanced perspective on the risk being taken and how it will be viewed by government officials, and he has a good reputation among the decision-makers." 

Agnes Dover is director of the government regulatory practice group and has a particular focus on the biotechnology, energy, defense and information technology sectors. One client confirmed that "she provides very practical advice, which has allowed us to comply with the law but also made sense for our business."

Significant clients Kearney & Company, Stryker, Accenture Federal Services, CH2M HILL, IBM.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include San Francisco and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A boutique firm with a strong and highly respected government contracts practice. Offers expertise in bid protests and sensitive, internal investigations. 

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"Rogers Joseph O'Donnell has significant depth of experience in working with the State and State officials. State employees know who the members of the firm are and are responsive to their requests."

"They have handled our matter well, are incredibly thorough, and very well versed in both federal and state law."

Work highlights Represented PCCP Constructors in the New Orleans Reconstruction bid protest relating to the post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans reconstruction effort. The award was initially given to CBY Design Builders but was then successfully protested to the GAO and awarded to PCCP.

Acted on behalf of SRA International and successfully protested to the GAO for a contract awarded to a rival technology company to provide service to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Notable practitioners  

Neil O'Donnell is well versed in government contracting law and is respected for his bid protest work. Sources hold his practical advice in high regard, explaining that he is "a terrific lawyer who has a practical approach to solving problems." He is also singled out by clients as a "tremendous advocate."

Robert Metzger offers expertise in international, federal, state and local government contracting matters. Clients praise him for his depth of knowledge and for "having contacts where he needs them." He also has expertise in supply chain risk management and counterfeit parts avoidance.

Significant clients Kiewit, SAP Americas, McKesson, Northrop Grumman, DRS Technologies.

第二等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Offers a broad range of legal services in the government contracting sector, including government regulations compliance, False Claims Act investigations and bid protests. Recognized for the quality and value of the work it provides.

Work highlights Represented Northrop Grumman in a high-profile matter filed at the Court of Federal Claims relating to a contract with the US Postal Service.    

Notable practitioners  

John Chierichella is a leading expert in the government contracting world whose client base includes Northrop Grumman. He has a good reputation for his strategic and networking skills.

Jonathan Aronie's areas of specialty include internal investigations, bid protests, self-disclosures and DOJ investigations. He is highly respected by sources for his ability to communicate complex matters in a clear manner.

Cochair Anne Perry is recognized for having particular strength in bid protest matters. Sources praise her thorough approach.

Significant clients GovPlace, USIS, DNO, Sterling Computers, Harding Security Associates.

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Tysons Corner.

What the team is known for Offers a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of government contracting and the complex issues that arise from it. Has an impressive track record when appearing before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"The vast experience that a firm the size of Holland & Knight can provide to resolve a legal matter is impressive. Holland & Knight's attorneys are efficient because they have handled similar matters and are experts in their area of law."

They have provided exceptional service. They are very timely in their responses and continue to keep me updated when needed."

Work highlights Represented CAE Healthcare in an initial bid protest of a contract award concerning the supply of training mannequins to US Army training centers. Subsequently, after corrective action which saw the contract being awarded to CAE, the firm advised on the company's defense of a challenge.

Represented Affordable Engineering Services in a bid protest filed at the Court of Federal Claims relating to a US Navy contract for support services.

Notable practitioners  

Government contracts and dispute resolution specialist David Black regularly represents contractors in protests, False Claims Act investigations, government audits and terminations. Clients remark: "David's calm, self-confident style makes him a pleasure to work with."

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Has an impressive roster of clients across a range of industries, including aerospace and defense, IT and engineering. Highly skilled in handling the complex issues and challenges that arise from contracting with federal, state and local government agencies.  

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"We chose Mayer Brown for its sophistication in government practices."

"We have been suitably impressed – they are responsive and good."

Work highlights Acted for Booz Allen Hamilton before the GAO, successfully defending an award valued at $40 million.

Notable practitioners  

Practice group leader Marcia Madsen is an expert at advising clients on bid protests matters, and has impressed one client by being "available when we need to strategize or prepare arguments. She has an excellent reputation in the field and an extensive background and knowledge of this area." Her expertise includes the healthcare, aerospace and defense sectors, among others.

David Dowd is a strong litigator who regularly appears in bid protests and disputes before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims. Observers admire his well-organized and efficiently carried out cross-examinations, noting that "he is terrific."

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Tysons Corner.

What the team is known for A boutique firm with experience in matters pertaining to large weapons systems, IT and engineering services, among others. Offers expertise in areas such as bid protests and cost accounting matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They are a powerhouse in what they do."  

"A small firm with a very high-quality practice."

Notable practitioners

John Pachter is held in high regard by peers and described as "a smart veteran lawyer and a very good guy." He has substantial experience in bid protests, having represented clients before boards of contract appeals, the GAO and the Federal Claims Court.

Gregory Smith is well versed in handling government contracting cases before the GAO. He is recognized and praised for his knowledge and ability to understand the complexities of cost accounting issues, and has represented a broad range of clients in defective pricing and contract performance disputes, among other matters.

Band 3 | Venable LLP

第三等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Tysons Corner and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Offers a breadth of expertise and has the depth of knowledge to handle regulatory issues in diverse areas such as cybersecurity, international trade, and labor and employment. The team is adept at handling multibillion-dollar bid protest cases and commands the respect of the government contracting community.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"I have singled out their federal government contract area for its expertise, very high customer service orientation, and track record of great results."

"They are excellent in terms of responsiveness and bend over backwards to serve your needs as a client."

Work highlights Successfully defended SAIC's contract award against a challenge by Systems Research and Applications Corporation.

Acted on behalf of Dell Federal Systems on a bid protest connected with a $7 billion contract awarded by the Air Force for IT services and products.

Notable practitioners  

Department cochair Paul Debolt has a broad client base, including Kellogg Brown & Root Services. He is praised for his "willingness to discuss and brainstorm an issue before the initiation of an action. More than once he has suggested an alternative course of action that has enabled me to avoid having to incur significant legal fees."

Scott Hommer is cochair of the department and has represented well-known clients including Dell and SAIC. Sources remark on his ability to "stay amazingly current on the latest case law or regulations." He has a particular interest in cybersecurity, as well as substantial experience in handling bid protests.

Significant clients Kellogg Brown & Root, Sallie Mae, US Foods, Sodexo USA.  

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Comprises experienced lawyers with a range of experience in-house and within the government. Handles regulatory, export control and insurance matters, and offers a multidisciplinary practice allowing for crossover between practice groups to provide a full service for clients.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)  
"We experienced outstanding service  and technical knowledge. They are politically savvy and have deep political networks."

Work highlights Represented DAI in relation to the imprisonment of employee Alan Gross in Cuba.

Represented PAE Government Services, successfully defending against multiple bid protests of a contract awarded by the Department of State for the provision of support services at the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Notable practitioners  

Cochair Alan Pemberton has amassed a wealth of experience in representing government contractorsHe has a strong bid protest practice, often appearing before the GAO.

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A strong bid protest practice with capabilities in handling compliance and enforcement as well as suspension and debarment matters. Recognized for its deal work in the area of aerospace defense.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They have a very busy practice. They are a longstanding mainstay in this area."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of Elbit Systems/Kollsman on successfully protesting the Navy's $35 million contract award to L-3 Communications. The GAO, having considered L-3's problems in performing a previous contract, reimbursed Kollsman for its protest filing costs.

Notable practitioners  

James McCullough is a strong litigator and bid protest expert who regularly appears before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims. One admiring client stated: "He was the internet before there was the internet. He has instant recall on every single issue and is able to advise immediately."

Significant clients SAIC, FedEx, Northrop Grumman, EnPro Industries, PASHA.  

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.  

What the team is known for Handles complex litigation matters arising in connection with government investigations and bid protests, as well as a broad range of other government contracts work. Represents an impressive domestic and international client base.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)  
"They handled matters extremely well – they have a deep bench of experts there. They can get the right knowledge to tackle any problem almost immediately."

"They are very responsive and extremely client-friendly. They received kudos from throughout my organization."

Notable practitioners  

Richard Clifford's practice includes handling claims preparation and litigation as well as bid protests and internal investigations. Clients say: "He is both detail-oriented and able to see the bigger picture, which gives him a unique combination of talent with which to approach problems."  

Offering significant expertise in federal government contracting, Lee Curtis is singled out by sources as a "fantastic bid protest attorney with a good, levelheaded investigative mind." He has represented numerous clients across a wide range of industries in bid protests before the GAO, Court of Federal Claims and other federal and state agencies. Clients say: "He is a walking encyclopedia of government contracting – he knows the regulations inside-out."

Jeff Eisenstein has a wealth of experience representing clients in a wide range of government contracting matters. Clients say: "He has a great combination of knowledge of the relevant law as well as having worked in-house for the Department of Defense for some years, so he has great insight into contractors' dealings with the government, which lends a unique perspective." 

 Significant clients Esterline Technologies, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials, Snap-on Tools, AECOM Government Services, T-Mobile USA.

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Los Angeles and McLean.

What the team is known for A strong bid protests practice, highly skilled in handling False Claims Act-related investigations. Adept at assisting with and advising on international government contracting opportunities.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"This firm does an outstanding job of representing, advocating for, and communicating with the appropriate representatives of our company. They are creative in their approach to issues and skillful in their practice of the law."

"They have handled significant matters exceptionally. Their expertise was spot on and they handled it in an economical fashion." 

Work highlights Acted for SENTEL on defending against a bid protest filed by Honeywell Technology Solutions on a $150 million Army contract to provide logistics support to forces in Afghanistan.

Provides counsel to Iron Bow in connection with high-risk government contracts matters.

Notable practitioners  

Alex Tomaszczuk is described by sources as an "extremely skillful litigator and trial attorney." He represents major corporations across a wide spectrum of industries and receives praise for his writing skills from one client, who notes that "he comes back with pure gold." 

John Jensen has experience of advising clients on bid protests, regularly appearing before the GAO. Clients say he is "able to objectively look at matters and keep things at a level which allows everybody to focus on the facts and what's important."

Significant clients Imagine One Technology & Management, Xcel Energy, Boston Properties, Entergy, Nationstar Mortgage.

第四等 |

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Well versed in government contracting and bid protest matters. Recognized for its capabilities in cross-border procurement dealings. Offers extensive experience in handling complex litigation.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They know our business very well. They give us very practical and useful advice on navigating government contracts, which helps us make sound business decisions."

"They are very business-oriented, responsive, and attentive to business and political nuances. They provide a thorough and excellent work product which is cost-effective. I can totally rely upon them."

Work highlights Advised The Shaw Group on all government contract regulatory issues arising in its purchase by CB&I.

Acted on behalf of KBR on litigation connected with a contract governing logistical support provided by the client to the US military in Iraq.

Notable practitioners  

Michael Charness receives praise for his relationship handling. Sources comment: "He is smart and he partners with the client." He is recognized for his expertise across government contracting issues arising from either state, local or international matters.

Head of practice David Johnson is described by his clients as "an excellent listener who takes the time to understand the business imperatives. He is an excellent writer and a thorough researcher." 

Associate Jamie Tabb is considered by clients to be "wise beyond his years" and praised for his "outstanding judgment." He is well versed in handling bid protests and litigation before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims.

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Jeffrey Belkin of Alston & Bird regularly handles False Claims Act investigations, bid protests and claims. One client said: "He really learned a lot about our business and he knew our contracts better than anyone. The quality of his legal writing is very high and the drafting is very tight."

David Nadler of Dickstein Shapiro LLP is considered to be very strong in a number of areas, including False Claims Act investigations and government contract-related compliance requirements. Sources affirm that he is "well respected – we sit down and talk about issues with him and he's good at client counseling. He is approachable."  

At DLA Piper LLP (US), Richard Rector has substantial expertise in advising clients on state and local contracting work. Interviewees note that he "is smart, knows his stuff and is able to impart that knowledge." He has appeared before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Court of Federal Claims and the GAO.

Carl Lee Vacketta of DLA Piper LLP (US) is highly regarded in the field of government contracts. He has handled multimillion-dollar claims for clients in the aerospace and telecommunications industries, among others.

Based in the Dallas office of Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, Marshall Doke is a government contracts expert who is considered by clients to be "fantastic." He has substantial experience in advising on government affairs and compliance matters.

K&L Gates partner Stuart Nibley is described by one client as an "outstanding lawyer and advocate," who is "equally effective at explaining resolutions to senior management as well as to the government." He is sought out for his ability to handle complex issues, and his clients include CGI Federal and Petroleum Helicopters. 

Richard Vacura of Morrison & Foerster LLP has a deep and broad knowledge base of government contracts. One client observes: "He is very knowledgeable – he presents very well and he communicates clearly," while another admires his ability to "see the business picture as well as the legal framework. He can give us pros and cons for any maneuver we may pursue."

At Reed Smith LLP, practice group leader Lorraine Campos has extensive experience in advising on government grants and regulations. One impressed client notes her skill in distilling complex information.

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.

Senior Statesman

A 'Senior Statesman' is a lawyer who no longer works hands-on with the same intensity but who, by virtue of close links with major clients, remains pivotal to the firm’s success.

Eminent Practitioners

'Eminent Practitioners' are highly influential lawyers in a particular practice area who, due to managerial or client relationship commitments, are less active in day-to-day work but remain key players in the team.

Other Noted Practitioners

Other Noted Practitioners are individuals who have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.

Other Noted Firms

Other Noted Firms are firms that have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.