Financial Services Regulation

Due to the number of tables in this section, the editorial is in alphabetical order by firm name.

Financial Services Regulation - Nationwide


Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Recognized for its strength in broker-dealer regulation. Particular strength in advising on regulatory compliance, and well placed to advise international clients on US regulation and US clients on global regulation.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The Allen & Overy people are very practical. They get that they are business lawyers and this is about the law being applied to business. They understand that at the end of the day it is about business and business success."

Work highlights Appointed as independent consultant to David Lerner Associates in reviewing its approach to REITs and to increases and decreases in the price of municipal bonds and CMOs.

Notable practitioners  

Christopher Salter counsels broker-dealer clients in connection with regulatory compliance. One interviewee attests: "He's probably one of the smartest attorneys I've ever met. He's hard-working, diligent and he takes clients' interests almost personally."

Sources describe Barbara Stettner as "very bright" and "very entrepreneurial." She counsels financial institutions with respect to broker-dealer regulations, including the implications of Dodd-Frank.

Heath Tarbert heads the firm's US bank regulatory practice and has an extensive understanding of finance law compliance, including the Basel capital standards and the Dodd-Frank Act. Sources describe him as "very cerebral and very thoughtful."

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Strong activity in the regulatory sphere driven by a bench of former officers of the regulatory agencies. Adept in advising leading financial institutions on complex regulatory matters, including implementing innovative compliance structures and defending high-stakes enforcement actions.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They've got a good bank practice in this area on a wide-ranging set of issues, and also understand regulation and how the regulators think."

"They've been helpful getting me up to speed with compliance issues. They've got good attorneys with enforcement backgrounds who are particularly insightful on working with the regulators."

Work highlights Advised State Farm on the implementation and implications of regulatory reforms including Dodd-Frank and Basel III.

Acted as lead counsel in defense of credit card issuer Visa in a variety of class actions in relation to the client's interchange rate setting practices.

Notable practitioners  

Richard Alexander, an alumnus of the OCC, has become a go-to adviser for financial institutions on their enforcement and investigatory matters. Sources say he is "wonderful, had great training at the OCC and has been doing this stuff for a generation."

Kevin Barnard recently led the team advising TIAA-CREF on the expansion of its banking operations, as well as on the implementation of Basel III and Dodd-Frank. Clients say: "He is extremely experienced and respected by all the regulators. He is a person of tremendous integrity and they have a lot of confidence in knowing what he says is correct."

Patrick Doyle was formerly at the OCC and the Treasury Department and enjoys a fine reputation in the compliance space. Clients say: "He has a thorough understanding of banking law and regulations and the inside workings of the banking agencies and how they think. This assists in his strategic approach on regulation."

Brian McCormally is recognized for his handling of enforcement matters on behalf of financial institutions. Sources draw attention to his background as former director of enforcement and compliance at the OCC, saying: "He really is extremely effective, he knows the regulators and knows what positions they're going to take and knows all the issues. He also has a great memory; he can remember everything in great detail."

Michael Mierzewski is highly regarded across the financial services regulatory field particularly in the consumer sphere, combining expertise in both compliance advice and litigation. Peers hold him in high regard, noting that "he's done this a number of years. He has the expertise of being a former examiner at the OCC. He has a granular view of compliance and enforcement, which is valuable. He's a quality guy and really experienced."

Michael Mancusi can draw upon his experience in the enforcement division of the OCC when defending foreign and domestic banks from regulatory enforcement actions. Peers name him as "a great technician. He's very knowledgeable because of his background. He knows how the regulatory machines work."

Howard Cayne is highly regarded for his prowess in the banking enforcement arena. Aside from interfacing with regulatory bodies during enforcement proceedings, Cayne is also recognized by observers for his litigation skills, both at trial and appellate level, in a financial services context.

David Freeman is known to be well versed in Dodd-Frank and is adept at advising financial institutions on compliance necessities. Clients say: "I think the things that make him stand out are really his availability, his individualized attention and that he's good at defusing contentious situations."

Senior statesman John Hawke draws upon his deep experience when advising banking clients on enforcement matters. "He knows an extraordinary number of people around the world involved in the regulatory environment. He's extraordinarily well respected," say market observers. 

Significant clients Aurora Bank, FSB, Banco do Brasil, Hudson City Bancorp, Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Enjoys a significant reputation in consumer finance, handling both regulatory compliance and litigation matters. Possesses expertise in matters governed by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), with notable skill in the areas of credit card and auto finance.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They give definitive answers and I trust their advice. The people are responsive and plugged in."

"That is the only firm that I will go to for guidance because I can get an answer quickly and I'm confident it's right. They are also sensitive to the billing concerns."

Work highlights Continued to advise the Mortgage Bankers Association in connection with any new rules implemented by the CFPB.

Guided national banks and major credit card issuers in the prevention of Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims by assessing requirements and providing compliance advice.

Notable practitioners  

Peers commend consumer financial services practice group leader Alan Kaplinsky on his "energetic and active" approach. Clients are also highly complimentary of his abilities, declaring him to be "one of if not the top consumer expert in the United States." Kaplinsky is particularly noted for his provision of regulatory compliance advice in the consumer finance sphere.

Christopher Willis enjoys a great reputation in the market for his expertise in consumer finance litigation and his ancillary knowledge of privacy law. Clients describe him as "a nice guy and an incredibly hard worker. He's professional and always there for his clients."

Up-and-coming partner Mark Furletti is known for his growing expertise in Telephone Consumer Protection Act matters, laws governing electronic payments and other state and federal consumer lending laws.

Richard Andreano is highlighted for his proficiency relating to regulatory compliance within the mortgage industry. Clients describe him as "extremely responsive," and note that he is "an encyclopedia - he has a wealth of knowledge on mortgage rules."

Jeremy Rosenblum's expertise lies in consumer finance compliance, most notably with respect to state and federal lending laws. Peers describe him as "a very good, talented lawyer. He's got a lot of experience."

John Culhane is noted for his knowledge of consumer lending laws and residential mortgage loan programs. Sources regard him as "a very talented lawyer."

Significant clients Bank of America, Discover Financial Services, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo Financial, TD Bank.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Dallas, Houston and New York.

What the team is known for Skilled Texas-based offering well versed in compliance and enforcement matters for broker-dealers and alternative trading systems. Also highly proficient in representing community and thrift banks in connection with capital raises, debt and equity offerings and regulatory advice surrounding M&A transactions.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"A great firm with a great regulatory practice relating to financial institutions. I use them on a regular basis. The partners I predominantly work with are very bright."

"Each of the partners we use are highly technically competent, very well informed with respect to both the law itself as well as to the industry and business realities within which we operate."

Work highlights Represented VB Texas, the parent company of Vista Bank, in its merger with CommunityBank of Texas which resulted in a $2.3 billion asset financial institution.

Served as regulatory counsel to Industrial & Commercial Bank of China with regard to the establishment of its clearing business.

Notable practitioners  

Sanford Brown is noted for his work for major national financial institutions and community banks involved in transactions and recapitalizations. He has complementary expertise in banking compliance and is also noted for his knowledge of executive compensation and golden parachute regulations.

William Luedke is recognized for his knowledge of the regulatory landscape surrounding M&A transactions involving financial services companies. He has additional expertise in corporate governance and risk exposure including with regards to Dodd-Frank.

Julian Rainero leads the firm's broker-dealer practice and is well versed in advising broker-dealers and alternative trading systems in SEC, Federal Reserve and self-regulatory organization compliance practices. Clients say: "He has a good combination of theoretical and practical application skills."

Significant clients Prosperity Bancshares, Allegiance Bancshares, MetroCorp Bancshares, BOH Holdings, Bank of Brenham.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A firm of preeminent repute in the consumer finance and fair lending space with complementary excellence in regulatory enforcement particularly with respect to the CFPB.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"For compliance and mortgage servicing they do a very good job and they're in the thick of where directionally the CFPB and other regulators are going. They've been very helpful and good to work with."

"They're constantly in contact with us, letting us know of industry happenings that might have implications for us. The engagement goes far beyond the work - it's a well-rounded, holistic service."

Work highlights Defended National City Bank and PNC Financial Services against allegations made by the CFPB and DOJ that the pricing policies of the mortgage lending business of National City disparately impacted African-American and Hispanic investors. The case settled for $35 million with no civil money penalties or forward-looking injunctive relief.

Represented US Bank in relation to a long-term False Claims Acts investigation by the DOJ and the Office of Inspector General of the HUD of its mortgage lending practices. The investigation ended with a $200 million settlement with no admission of liability.

Notable practitioners  

According to peers, Andrew Sandler is "very bright with very good judgment. In many ways, he's as good as they come." He is regarded as one of the stars of the financial services regulatory space, particularly for his prowess in consumer finance litigation and regulatory compliance. Market observers heap praise on him, noting that "he knows the industry inside and out. He knows everything going on in the financial services sector."

Joseph Kolar enjoys an enviable reputation for his consumer finance regulatory compliance practice, and is described by sources as "one of the go-to guys in this space." Clients also praise his ability to provide a "practical, real-world assessment of the direction the regulators are going."

According to peers Walter Zalenski is a "a very good lawyer and a very talented guy," while clients draw attention to his expertise in fair lending matters. He can draw on a breadth of knowledge on consumer finance subjects, including credit cards, mortgage lending and auto finance.

Richard Gottlieb is highlighted for the additional expertise he brings to the firm in consumer finance litigation. Clients say: "Richard is extraordinarily bright and creative. He's one of the best attorneys I've worked with."

Benjamin Klubes's reputation spans the fields of consumer finance litigation and banking enforcement. Sources say: "He is a very cerebral and thoughtful lawyer. He explores every intricacy to a strategy, and is very adept at coming up with well thought-out, complicated and intricate solutions. He is terrific at solving a problem."

John Kromer is well regarded for his mortgage regulatory compliance advice. Clients report that "he's well respected in the industry - he's a one-stop shop for everything you need to know. He's aware of the pitfalls and brings a very practical perspective."

Jeffrey Naimon is known for his skill in developing regulatory compliance programs and advising on the spectrum of consumer statutes. Clients praise him for his "extremely high intellect regarding compliance matters and negotiation skills. There's none better at negotiating a disputed point."

Consumer finance compliance specialist Clinton Rockwell is head of the firm's Los Angeles office and continues to elicit strong praise. Market observers attest that "from an overall client standpoint he strikes a great balance between customer service and the technical landscape he operates in."

Senior statesman Jeremiah Buckley is one of the founding members of the firm. He is a seasoned practitioner and a recognized dean of the consumer finance Bar.

Up-and-coming partner Jonice Gray Tucker is adept at advising financial institutions in regulatory enforcement actions and investigations, including those involving the CFPB. One client reports: "She's really our go-to person for matters relating to the CFPB. She provides excellent advice for navigating that new agency. She's able to provide practical advice to help us defend ourselves."

Significant clients Bank of America, Citibank, Discover Financial Services, HSBC, Morgan Stanley.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is New York.

What the team is known for Maintains a prominent position in the broker-dealer space, advising on regulatory matters in the wake of Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule and swaps regulation. Represents many of the world's elite financial institutions and cultivates a growing reputation in the compliance market.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They're very very good. They have such good teamwork. Delivery is concise and precise. They're top-notch in regulatory matters."

"They're user-friendly, hands-on, and the partners do the work. They're very responsive and they give you what you're looking for. They know their respective areas."

Work highlights Continued to act as primary outside counsel for JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citibank, among other institutions, in the establishment of its swap dealer compliance procedures, drawing on the team's experience in Dodd-Frank implementation.

Advises the International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA) on revisions to its collateral documentation in the wake of G-20 derivatives market regulations. This required the creation of new templates and amendments to ISDA's current protocols.

Notable practitioners  

Steven Lofchie is widely regarded as "a preeminent expert in the broker-dealer space," and continues to be considered a top choice for advising derivatives clients. Clients say: "He's got a very creative approach and a quick mind, and comes up with novel solutions. He's a good guy to bounce things off. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of broker regulations and takes a holistic and practical view."

Significant clients Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, ISDA, ING, Deutsche Bank.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Sustains a position of excellence in the financial services arena. A peak performer in banking compliance and enforcement with a strong banking M&A practice and renewed strength in the broker-dealer regulatory space.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"In the foreign banking space relating to the regulations changing the banking landscape, Cleary occupies a unique position of really being in the forefront of helping create and shape the regulations."

"They have a very open dialogue with the regulators, which gives them an insight in a way other firms don't have. They understand what the regulators are thinking and where they might be going."

"I think their analysis is very thorough and thoughtful. They really do understand the issues being presented. They understand the business side of it. They speak directly to your business problem and apply the law."

"They're terrific on derivatives, which is really important in the post-Dodd-Frank regulation of the swaps market."

Work highlights Represents numerous US and non-US banks including Barclays, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, HSBC and J.P. Morgan in connection with all aspects of Volcker Rule implementation and compliance.

Acts for a variety of major financial institutions in enforcement investigations in the USA, Europe and Asia relating to trading practices in the foreign exchange market.

Serves as counsel to numerous institutions on market structure issues such as high-frequency trading and compliance with the market access rule of the SEC.

Acted for IMB HoldCo in its $3.4 billion sale of OneWest Bank to CIT Group.

Notable practitioners  

Robert Cook recently returned to the firm from his position as director of the Division of Trading & Markets at the SEC, and brings this experience to his broker-dealer practice. He is highly regarded by market observers, one of whom relates: "He was there at an incredibly important time for the Commission and has been much praised for his technical expertise. He's an incredibly nice guy and has a really high profile in the market."

Robert Tortoriello retains his immense reputation in regulatory compliance and enforcement for financial institutions as well as strong experience in the bank M&A space. Sources describe him as "a marvel," and note that "his knowledge of the law and his creativity are just unsurpassed."

Derek Bush is often sought out by financial institutions to provide counsel on regulatory compliance, including the regulatory implications of M&A in the financial services industry. One client attests: "I think he has excellent judgment. He's very calm and reasonable in his approach. Even though he's very much in demand he tries his best to be responsive and it definitely feels like he's dedicated to us."

David Aman regularly advises broker-dealer clients on regulatory compliance matters. Clients report that he is "extremely knowledgeable," and observe that "not only does he have great knowledge of the law but he deals with all the top dealers and regulators. He has a lot of market experience."

Giovanni Prezioso's broad securities law expertise lends him a strong reputation in the broker-dealer regulatory space, within which he handles both compliance and enforcement matters. Sources draw attention to his background as general counsel of the SEC and say: "He's the kind of person who, if I had a problem, I would feel very comfortable going to."

Sources testify to Michael Krimminger's expertise in banking compliance, regarding him as "one of the best lawyers in resolution planning." Krimminger was formerly general counsel at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and clients convey that "he brings a very long tenure and experience from the FDIC, which is important from a resolution perspective."

Significant clients BNP Paribas, Citi, American Express, HSBC, Mizuho.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Enjoys a formidable bench of some of the foremost practitioners in both compliance and enforcement. Habitually advises financial institutions on the full range of regulatory matters, as well as undertaking high-visibility enforcement matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They have the technical expertise we look for and also have a very nice ability to manage risk. They stay on top of all of the regulations coming down from the courts and keep us aware of what's going on and advise us on how best to implement them."

"They have deep expertise in a number of areas and have good customer service - they're responsive."

Work highlights Represented Invesco and CIBC in connection with Invesco's sale of part of its trust company business. The handling of the transaction involved an application to the OCC for a de novo national trust bank charter and an application to the FDIC for federal deposit insurance.

Represented Credit Suisse in connection with an investigation by the Federal Reserve Board concerning allegations that the client aided US taxpayers in opening foreign accounts to avoid US tax reporting, and related matters.

Notable practitioners  

Former Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan sustains an incredible reputation in the market for his advice to international banking clients on regulatory implementation. One client says: "Being former Comptroller of the OCC, he is a great asset. He has all of the connections we need, he has tremendous knowledge and he has insight into how the regulators work. He is high caliber."

Stuart Stock is noted for his prominence in the field of banking regulation, with ancillary expertise in enforcement. He recently represented GE Capital Retail Bank in a CFPB investigation in connection to allegations of deceptive marketing practices. Clients view him as "truly incredible."

Regarded as "one of the premier banking and financial regulatory enforcement litigators in the country," Jean Veta enjoys a sterling reputation, gaining vociferous praise from peers and clients alike. Sources say: "She brought a discipline and toughness that was necessary in dealing with private litigants and was very experienced at dealing with government litigants. The level of detail she could go into was pretty amazing."

The multiskilled Mark Plotkin focuses his practice on matters at the intersection of banking compliance and data security law, in addition to undertaking cases before the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Peers regard him as "knowledgeable and businesslike."

Ed Yingling, the former president and CEO of the American Bankers Association, is particularly recognized by the market for his abilities as a lobbyist for financial services clients. Observers regard him as "one of the real thought leaders in Washington, DC on bank legislation, and very good at interpreting it. He's enormously well regarded."

Frank Conner is noted for his representation of financial institutions in M&A transactions. "He's got good business acumen and can overcome whatever obstacles occur, typically in very complex transactions. He's one of the best at navigating those waters," comments one impressed interviewee.

Keith Noreika is an up-and-coming partner who is highly lauded for his work in banking regulation. Clients say: "He's very likable and extremely knowledgeable. He has excellent contacts with the regulator. He's very knowledgeable about the regulatory process and he's responsive and prompt."

Andrew Smith is notably accomplished in consumer finance compliance, with distinct expertise in fair credit reporting and ancillary strength in privacy and data security. Commentators observe that "he's well known in the field and active in the consumer FS bar. He's smart and very well respected."

Significant clients American Bankers Association, Brown Brothers Harriman, Citi, GE Capital, JPMorgan Chase.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Perennially at the forefront of the banking compliance and broker-dealer spheres, complemented by significant enforcement capability and high-quality expertise in financial services M&A. Remains at the cutting edge of regulatory developments, serving as a utility to instill knowledge and advance the industry at large.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"I think the firm has really made a name for itself as the premier go-to firm for Dodd-Frank regulatory issues, particularly in relation to the Volcker Rule and swap dealer registration."

"They're so forward-thinking, they gather the banks together and come up with an industry consensus so that when the regulators come in to examine an institution, when they say 'I've spoken to Davis Polk,' it really helps."

"The Volcker Portal really helped shape industry practices. It's good to have a firm like Davis Polk bringing clarity to that area, helping forge a consensus, an industry standard. While the rule's not yet iron-clad, they've helped banks operate on the presumption of compliance and that's the best way to comply."

"I can say from experience they have some very very talented associates. I think it's a kind of outstanding talent they have on that level."

Work highlights Advised numerous national and international financial institutions on all regulatory compliance aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act including living wills, Volcker Rule and Swaps Pushout Rule compliance and derivatives reform.

Represented two multinational financial institutions in regulatory, civil and criminal investigations into manipulation of foreign exchange rates.

Advised numerous broker-dealer clients on regulatory reforms coming out of the implementation of Dodd-Frank such as the Volcker Rule and OTC derivatives reforms.

Counseled JPMorgan Chase on the $1 billion sale of a loans, securities and related investments portfolio from its Global Special Opportunities Group to Sankaty Advisors.

Notable practitioners  

Randall Guynn enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market, having led his financial institutions group to new heights in the wake of Dodd-Frank. He receives unanimous praise from clients and peers alike, who describe him as "one of the preeminent national leaders in knowledge of Volcker and what it should be. He's terrific, clear, crisp in his delivery and fluent in Volcker."

Former commissioner of the SEC Annette Nazareth is highly commended for her accomplishment in the broker-dealer sphere, often advising on related compliance matters. Clients report: "She does an excellent job representing the industry as a whole. She is a top lawyer. One of the reasons I reached out to them was I felt we needed somebody who understood the right pathway through the SEC."

George Bason is highly regarded for his expertise in M&A. Many comment on his strong transactional expertise, with peers referring to him as an "overarching M&A guru."

Margaret Tahyar has earned a towering reputation for her knowledge of matters pertaining to the Volcker Rule. Clients commend her, noting that "she's very creative, she writes well and she really does what all good senior people do and digs into the detail."

Lanny Schwartz is among the most prominent broker-dealer regulatory compliance attorneys in the country. He is highly regarded by his peers, who report: "He has good industry experience; he's worked in the industry a long time. He has good, practical, in-depth knowledge. He's a real good lawyer.

Luigi De Ghenghi's experience acting on behalf of financial institutions straddles the fields of banking compliance and M&A. Clients say: "He's fantastic. He's attentive and able to advise different elements of our organization and synthesize everything. He can actually transcend those barriers and really understand what the business is doing. He's absolutely tireless."

Significant clients Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, SIFMA, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for An impressive regulatory team distinguished by its prowess in banking compliance and transactional matters in the financial services sector. Frequently acts for major financial institutions, thrift banks and insurance firms drawing on its integrated insurance specialty. Also sustains a growing reputation in banking enforcement as well as known strength in consumer finance matters. 

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They know our industry very well, regardless of whether we're talking about regulatory work or the way you structure acquisitions. They've got industry-specific knowledge and they're very responsive. They put a team together and I never have to wait."

"They are technically skilled, knowledgeable about our industry and great people to work with."

Work highlights Acted for a number of domestic and foreign financial institutions, including American Express and Silicon Valley Bank, in connection with the implementation of compliance programs with respect to the Volcker Rule.

Advised Protective Life Corporation in its sale to Dai-ichi Life. The transaction was valued at $5.7 billion.

Notable practitioners  

Gregory Lyons enjoys a terrific reputation in the market. He is cochair of the firm's financial institutions group and is known for his strong performance in banking compliance and M&A. Sources say: "He is a true expert on regulatory law. He is commercial, very careful and also hyper-responsive."

Paul Lee is noted for his long history and deep experience in the field both in-house and in private practice. He has recently been advising on the implications of Dodd-Frank and the Basel initiatives. Market commentators consider him to be "a very strong technical lawyer."

Chair of the banking group Satish Kini is a prominent figure in banking compliance and is extensively sought for his advice on the Volcker Rule. Peers report: "He's got a tremendous amount of experience with the Federal Reserve. He's a very solid lawyer who everyone knows and respects. He's also got a great relationship with the regulators."

Nicholas Potter is noted for his handling of M&A in the financial services space, most notably with respect to insurance companies. Clients happily praise him for his "very calm demeanor," and note that "he's intellectually very sharp. He has tons of experience in insurance and in the transactional environment. We found it good to have someone who was calm when things were tense."

John Vasily is known for his transactional expertise handling M&A matters for national and international financial institutions. Clients say: "He's constantly thinking through all the possible scenarios. He thinks about points I hadn't thought of. He's also amazingly responsive and he's able to lighten the mood in difficult situations."

Significant clients AIG, AXA, CPPIB, First National Bank of New York, Forethought Financial Group.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Compact team with broad regulatory expertise spanning the areas of compliance, enforcement and M&A. Clients include national and international banks, insurance companies and industry associations.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They were easy to communicate with and the legal work was tailored to the objectives we were trying to achieve. They were nimble, responsive and open-minded to understand the products involved."

Work highlights Advised a group of creditors and senior bondholders including Paulson & Co, Anchorage Advisors, Silver Point Capital, Venor Capital Management, York Capital Management and others in relation to the FDIC receivership of Washington Mutual Bank and the distribution of its $2.7 billion corpus.

Represented the FHLB System including in the filing of comments in relation to Federal Housing Finance Agency regulations regarding executive compensation and golden parachutes.

Represented Taconic Capital Advisors in relation to the restructuring of Certus including a change in board membership following the bank's acquisition as part of an FDIC rescue transaction.

Notable practitioners  

Thomas Vartanian is known for representing financial institutions with equal excellence in compliance and enforcement matters, and is also noted for his skill in the transactional field. Sources agree on his "excellent judgment and wealth of experience" and note that "he is highly regarded by the federal regulators. He's easy to work with and gives very sound and experienced advice."

Robert Ledig is particularly adept at advising substantial investment mangers and financial services companies on enforcement proceedings but is also well regarded for his compliance advice. Interviewees describe him as "terrific, very sound and very experienced."

David Ansell is known for his proficiency in structuring M&A deals and the accompanying regulatory framework for banks and investment managers. Clients appreciate his "good business perspective," and comment that "he's very good at understanding what a project's about and executing at a granular level."

Significant clients Prudential Insurance, American Bankers Association, Citadel, Atlas Merchant Capital.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York, Boston and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Handles consumer finance and banking regulatory compliance matters for a vast array of clients including major banks and thrift banks, financial holding companies, mortgage lenders and consumer lenders. Also active in advising on the regulatory aspects of M&A in the financial services industry.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They have a great business acumen. They really can provide extremely effective legal advice and good business advice as well."

"One thing that makes me stand in awe is that they are super-responsive. I get an answer immediately. From a client perspective, I love it."

Work highlights Acted on behalf of Citizens Bank in connection with the sale of its middle market and retail banking franchise in Illinois to US Bank. The transaction included the transfer of 94 branches and 800 employees.

Represented Bank of America in a multidistrict litigation of 31 class actions which challenge the client's compliance with the Home Affordable Modification Program, relating to breach of contract and state consumer protection act allegations.

Notable practitioners  

Lynne Barr is a prominent figure in consumer finance compliance and is aided by her ancillary expertise in banking regulation. Clients note that she is "very responsive, gives very good strategic advice and thinks about ramifications of her advice on a global basis."

Thomas Hefferon is vastly experienced in advising financial institutions in consumer finance litigation. "He brings a lot of experience to the table, and having him on cases provides us with instant credibility with the other side and the courts," notes one impressed client. 

David Permut is another of the firm's attorneys noted for his expertise when it comes to consumer finance compliance. Sources say: "He's very smart and thoughtful and clearly knows the business. He has a very measured, patient disposition."

William Mayer is highly praised by clients  for his counsel on the regulatory aspects of M&A transactions concerning banking institutions. Clients report: "He is a banking law expert with deep knowledge and relationships with all the bank regulators. He's a terrific business lawyer. He looks at the strategy and also knows the technicalities of securities and their regulatory workings."

Regina Pisa is chairman emeritus of the firm and is known for her performance in the M&A space for financial institution clients. She recently advised RBS Citizens Bank on the sale of its Illinois retail and middle market banking franchise to US Bank.

William Stern frequently advises financial services clients with respect to a broad range of regulatory matters. Clients include banks, thrifts and non-bank financial institutions such as insurance companies.

Significant clients American Express, Bank of New York Mellon, Eastern Bank, RBS Citizens.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Respected offering across the board in the regulatory sphere with notable quality in the handling of M&A transactions for financial institutions such as community banks. Also demonstrates strength in regulatory compliance and matters on behalf of banking clients.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They did excellent work at a reasonable pricing. They know the agency and dealt with all aspects of the matter in a most professional manner."

"Their knowledge of what we ask them to do is very strong. They're always there when we need them and their responses are very timely."

Notable practitioners  

Stuart Stein is highly respected for his expertise across the financial services space, offering an impressive breadth of knowledge concerning regulatory compliance, enforcement and M&A for financial institutions. Clients say he's "very effective and always responsive."

Richard Schaberg co-leads the financial institutions group and is recognized for the quality of advice for financial institutions in regulatory compliance matters. Clients praise him for his "wealth of experience." They continue: "He does a great job managing the team. He earned our respect very quickly. He's a calming presence."

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Hannover, Maryland.

What the team is known for A specialist firm applauded for its strong team of consumer finance technicians. Adept in the full range of matters that face consumer clients including credit cards, auto finance and mortgage lending issues.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"A boutique firm that really specializes in the regulatory area. They have a good deal of knowledge in that space."

"They have a view on the market in the consumer area that allows them to know what's going on in terms of interpreting the regulations."

Notable practitioners  

The "terrific" Robert Cook is seen as one of the country's leading experts on consumer finance regulatory compliance.

Michael Benoit, another of the firm's consumer finance specialists, is particularly known for his expertise in auto finance. Peers say: "He does a good job," and "he acquits himself well."

Senior statesman Thomas Hudson is known for his many years of advising financial services companies on consumer finance regulatory matters, most notably with regard to the creation of compliance programs.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Continues to stand out as a leading firm in the consumer finance space, most notably with respect to mortgage lending regulations. Houses a large and highly esteemed roster of attorneys proficient in advising on compliance with Federal Housing Administration and CFPB regulations. Ready to advise on a broad range of consumer areas spanning auto finance, credit cards and student loans.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They're very very good in consumer credit. They're also very good in the consumer finance litigation area. To do consumer work, you need to be able to do enforcement work."

"We had a very positive experience due to the expertise of the individuals, their understanding of our business and their responsiveness."

Work highlights Counseled Cole Taylor Bank on state licensing and filing requirements for the creation and servicing of residential mortgage loans as well as the obtaining of registrations and permissions to establish loan production offices.

Advised servicing industry clients Bayview Loan Servicing, EverBank, CoreLogic, Hudson Advisors and Stearns Lending on compliance with regulations that have been implemented since the formation of the CFPB.

Notable practitioners  

Mortgage lending expert Laurence Platt maintains his reputation as a stellar practitioner in consumer finance compliance. Industry insiders regard him as "the foremost expert in consumer finance. He has his finger on the pulse of what's going on and is practical in terms of his business advice."

Melanie Brody is highly regarded in consumer finance compliance, and enjoys a particularly fine reputation for fair lending matters. Clients say: "She has excellent insight into the current scope of fair lending enforcement and provides realistic and appropriate guidance to get those issues resolved in the best possible way."

Steven Kaplan, the leader of the firm's financial services practice, is recognized for his counseling of mortgage industry clients and other consumer finance companies, including prepaid card issuers and loan servicers. Clients say: "He's really great. For mortgages he's very reliable. When you send him a piece of work, you know it'll be in good hands."

Market observers draw attention to Phillip Schulman's expertise in giving compliance advice in relation to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, as well as to his background at the HUD. Clients regard him as a "premier lawyer in the country in that area."

Susan Grafton has a solid-standing in the broker-dealer space, handling both regulatory compliance and the enforcement side. Peers say: "Especially in Regulation M issues and distribution type questions, she's very knowledgeable. A go-to attorney."

Costas Avrakotos is well reputed for his knowledge of the housing and mortgage finance industry and has expertise on licensing issues at a state and federal level. Clients regard him as an "expert in the field who is very responsive and takes a practical approach."

Significant clients American Express, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Ocwen Loan Servicing.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Continues to impress market observers for its handling of M&A and other transactional matters in the financial services sector. Particularly recognized for its prominence in midmarket transactions. 

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

They're smart, fast and nice. Very good in all the arenas in which we need them."

Work highlights Advised Cordia Bancorp on raising $15.4 million via the sale of convertible preferred stock.

Acted for Clifton Savings Bank in connection with its transition from a mutual holding company to a stock holding company, as part of which it made a $170.6 million stock offering.

Notable practitioners  

Gary Bronstein is a key contact at the firm.

Significant clients Atlas Bank, Beneficial Bank, Cordia Bancorp, First Financial Holdings, United Financial Bancorp.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Advises exchanges, broker-dealers, investment advisers and funds on the full range of regulatory matters. Up-to-date compliance and enforcement expertise keeps pace with shifts in the regulatory landscape.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

Great and very responsive, an impressive firm.

A one-stop shop that provides advice on a broad range of topics.

Work highlights Assisted with setting up Alphaworks, a crowd funding company that enables members of the public to become investors.

Offered Fantex regulatory counsel in creating a broker-dealer and trading platform that enables fans to invest in securities representing the incomes of athletes.

Notable practitioners  

Dana Fleischman, a prominent figure in broker-dealer and securities regulation, advises clients on transactional regulations and represents them in enforcement proceedings. Sources describe her as "very smart” and “always confident.

Alan Avery focuses on advising banks on state and federal banking regulations, investigations and litigation. He recently advised Rabobank with respect to broker-dealer and securities regulations.

Stephen Wink provides financial institutions with in-depth guidance on the regulations impacting the broker-dealer space. “He just has very deep and extensive knowledge. He immediately understands the relevant issues and provides timely advice,” observes one impressed client. 

Significant clients Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citi, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Offers expertise to banking clients in a broad range of regulatory matters, and has a recognized track record in the handling of both compliance and enforcement issues.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"I was impressed with the depth of knowledge. The whole team was great."

Notable practitioners  

Scott Anenberg cochairs the financial services regulatory and enforcement practice and has experience spanning such matters as anti-money laundering, data privacy and banking compliance. Sources call him an "accomplished regulatory lawyer."  

Thomas Delaney counsels financial services firms on compliance with banking regulations and concentrates especially on economic sanctions and anti-money laundering. He also represents them in connection with enforcement actions by regulators.

Jerome Roche is recognized for his knowledge of regulatory matters affecting the firm's broker-dealer clients. Sources deem him "professional," "thoughtful" and "methodical in his approach."

Marc Cohen advises banking clients in connection with regulatory compliance. Sources note that "analytically, he is very strong."

Significant clients Bank Leumi, CIBC, Israel Discount Bank, TD Bank, UBS.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Albany and New Orleans.

What the team is known for Counsels banks, mortgage companies, consumer finance companies, thrifts and auto finance companies on compliance with consumer financial services law. Strong capabilities in a wide range of areas including licensing, mortgage loan documentation and risk reviews. In addition works closely with the litigation team to defend clients during individual, class or collective actions and state or federal enforcement actions.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They have a detailed understanding and substantive knowledge of the law, the interactions that are necessary to deal with government regulators and how to manage matters that involve a great deal of time and effort. I have a very positive overall impression of the firm."

Work highlights Conducted a licensing review for Springleaf Financial and put in place a new licensing structure to enable securities to be publicly offered in 60 days.

Carried out a licensing review for PennyMac Loan Services, enabling an IPO to proceed.

Notable practitioners  

Bennet Koren cochairs the consumer financial services practice. He advises financial institutions on compliance with banking and consumer finance law, covering a variety of areas including mortgage lending, student lending and e-commerce.

Marc Lifset is noted for his knowledge of the manufactured housing finance space. He recently delivered a series of presentations to the Manufactured Housing Institute on the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, as part of ongoing instruction he provides to the trade association.

Significant clients Bank of America Merrill Lynch, GM, JPMorgan Chase, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Santander.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Impressive broker-dealer compliance and enforcement defense practice with increasing strength in banking compliance. Frequently represents financial institutions and securities firms in front of the SEC or FINRA.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Whenever we put clients in touch with Morgan Lewis they're impressed with how helpful they are."

What's new? Morgan Lewis welcomed much of the partnership of Bingham McCutchen in November 2014, expanding its already impressive offering in the broker-dealer space.

Notable practitioners  

The "very highly regarded" Steven Stone advises investment banks, investment managers and broker-dealers on a broad range of regulatory compliance issues. "He seems to know everything," says one impressed observer. 

John Ayanian is a strong practitioner in broker-dealer compliance and is known for navigating the regulatory waters around securities transactions. Clients say: "I think I'm most impressed by his ability to apply a business solution to the situation. He's good at finding a workable solution and articulating it in a practical way."

Charles Horn offers a profound knowledge of the regulatory landscape, having previously held senior positions at the DOJ, SEC and OCC. Sources say: "He has deep expertise in the intersection between securities laws and banking laws. He can provide really sophisticated advice and counsel in the area where a lot of lawyers don't play. He comes up with very creative solutions to issues and has a very good demeanor with the regulators."

David Boch is equally praised for his expertise in broker-dealer compliance and enforcement aided by his complementary strength in securities regulation. Clients report: "He's very practical and knowledgeable in the securities space for FINRA issues and he's very good to deal with. He stays calm and provides very concise, targeted advice."

Significant clients The Northern Trust Corporation, SEI Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, Wells Fargo.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Continues to be considered among the pace setters in consumer finance, in particular with matters pertaining to the credit card industry. Also possesses noteworthy strength in banking compliance beyond the consumer space.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"A great firm with a very broad practice."

"They're extremely responsive and always very helpful."

Work highlights Defended First California Bank in an enforcement action by the FDIC concerning the bank's prepaid card business. The case concerned allegations of unfair and deceptive acts and practices.

Advised American Airlines and US Airways in restructuring each client's respective credit agreements with Citibank and Barclays.

Notable practitioners  

The "brilliant" and "highly respected" Richard Fischer upholds his position as a star in the consumer finance realm. He is a leading authority on payment systems with expertise in credit cards and mobile payment programs. One fellow attorney comments: "I'd refer to him as the dean of the consumer finance legal world. He's very generous with his time and knowledge. He's actually the kind of attorney we all aspire to be."

The "very good and very smart" Donald Lampe specializes in consumer finance compliance, with a focus on advising mortgage companies. Peers regard him as "a leading lawyer" when it comes to CFPB investigations.

Henry Fields is frequently called upon as a counsel for financial institutions on both compliance and M&A matters. Sources describe him as "very detail-oriented, very personable and easy to work with. He's really good at cultivating relationships with the regulators - not fighting against them but supporting them."

Barbara Mendelson has recently been advising foreign and domestic financial institutions on Dodd-Frank compliance relating to derivatives. Clients say: "She consistently proves to be an able, thoughtful and helpful attorney who appropriately involves subject matter experts as needed."

The San Francisco-based James McGuire is praised for his skill in consumer finance litigation particularly for his experience in consumer class action defense. He is well versed in state and federal statutes including the Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Leonard Chanin has notable expertise in consumer finance regulation, having been assistant director of the CFPB's office of regulations. Sources draw attention to his background at the regulator and describe him as "very smart, thoughtful, rational and has so much knowledge about the consumer finance laws and regulations that he'd be hard to re-create."

Mark Ladner is a highly regarded consumer finance litigator who represents a wide array of clients including retail banks and credit card companies. Market commentators name Ladner as "a very talented litigator," and "a very bright guy."

Oliver Ireland advises banks and consumer finance companies on regulatory compliance matters. Peers say he's "a great lawyer, very strong. There are some areas where his is the definitive word, such as the Regulation D interpretations of the Fed. He is one of the experts in that space."

Managing partner of the San Francisco office Michael Agoglia handles a broad range of disputes on behalf of banks, insurers, auto finance companies and mortgage bankers. When it comes to consumer finance disputes, peers call him "a very fine litigator."

Thomas Noto has a solid reputation in the consumer finance space with relation to compliance and fair lending. He is also known in the enforcement field, having responded to Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and CFPB investigations.

Significant clients Bank of America, Barclays, Citibank, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche First California Bank.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Advises US and international banks on a broad sweep of regulatory issues. Strong showing with respect to payment technology issues.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"I could not be happier - they are the best. I am extraordinarily pleased with the quality of their work. They have excellent client care skills and we have a very close relationship."

Work highlights Advised Visa with respect to rolling out a new international money transfer scheme.

Counseled JPMorgan Chase on complying with new regulations concerning mortgage warehouse lending.

Notable practitioners  

Gerard Comizio heads the global banking and payment systems group and advises clients in connection with a broad array of regulatory matters. Peers term him a "quality lawyer."

Significant clients AIG, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Visa, Wells Fargo.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is New York.

What the team is known for A well-known name in financial circles, most notably with respect to regulatory enforcement matters. Respected track record in protecting leading investment banks in financially and reputationally threatening scenarios. Combines a formidable bench of litigators with a thorough knowledge of the shifts in the regulatory landscape.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They're phenomenally responsive and very, very high-quality."

Work highlights Acted for Citi in the industry-wide investigation by the SEC into the way CDOs are structured, marketed and sold, successfully achieving a favorable settlement.

Notable practitioners  

Chair of the firm Brad Karp earns strong praise from interviewees, one of whom describes him as "extremely well tuned to all sorts of things and a great source for discussion." He is recognized for his work navigating international investment banks through high-stakes SEC enforcement actions and investigations. Peers regard him as "one of the top lawyers in the space," and as a "preeminent litigation lawyer.

Significant clients Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, UBS.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Noted for its representation of clients in connection with banking regulatory compliance. Regularly briefs clients on the application of reforms such as the Volcker Rule.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They do a great job of understanding the needs of the business, which is very valuable. They know the marketplace and know what's going on."

Work highlights Advised Bank of America Merrill Lynch and other financial institutions in relation to complying with various regulatory reforms including the Dodd-Frank Act in the USA and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation in Europe. 

Counseled Citi Securities & Fund Services with respect to acquiring the custody and securities services business of ING in CEE.

Notable practitioners  

Peers hold Bradley Sabel in high regard, describing him as a "wonderful guy" and a "sharp lawyer." He continues to advise international financial institutions on their regulatory needs. 

The "very knowledgeable" Don Lamson draws on three decades of experience at the OCC to advise clients on the intricacies of banking law and such issues as investor and consumer protection, securities and derivatives.

Tim Byrne is named by clients as a "wonderful technical lawyer." As counsel he advises financial institutions such as trust companies, banks and bank holding companies on reconciling corporate objectives with regulatory requirements.

Russell Sacks is recognized for his expertise in broker-dealer regulation. Sources praise him for being "incredibly thorough and detailed." 

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for A strong offering across several areas of financial services regulation, including distinct excellence in broker-dealer compliance and enforcement. Possesses ancillary strength in banking and consumer finance compliance, often advising financial institutions on matters relating to Dodd-Frank and the federal consumer protection statutes.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"I've had a very positive experience. I think it's their professionalism. They're easy to work with and get things done. They have a lot of resources and I feel confident in them. They meet all deadlines."

"They're extremely smart and thoughtful. I think they educate themselves well on whatever it is I need to talk to them about. They're very clear in their advice and responsive."

"I found the Sidley team to be very strong on regulatory advice. They're very client-oriented and flexible. They have 24/7 dedication."

Work highlights Represented Goldman Sachs Bank in relation to regulatory matters connected to its brokered deposit program.

Acted as lead counsel for Morgan Stanley in an investigation by FINRA into the client's part as underwriter in the Facebook IPO.

Counseled MasterCard in a variety of regulatory and public policy issues that relate to electronic payment systems such as credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Notable practitioners  

According to clients James Huizinga is "a terrific counsel with deep expertise in a lot of different areas." He is particularly noted for his excellence in consumer credit. Peers regard him as "a very fine lawyer with a very good reputation."

David Teitelbaum advises on regulatory compliance matters in consumer finance. Clients describe him as "a very pleasant and goal-oriented problem solver." They continue: "His ability to find compromises to complex commercial and regulatory issues that allow the parties to reach an agreement is one of his major skill sets."

James Brigagliano's background as deputy director of the SEC's Division of Trading & Markets puts him in a good position to counsel broker-dealer clients on a broad range of compliance issues. Sources say: "He has a good understanding of how the SEC operates and has strong practical skill in trading practices."

William Eckland is a noted target for referrals by peers and is highly regarded for his advice in banking regulation. In the words of one client, "he's a brilliant lawyer. He understands my business and my style. He's always available, his advice is great and as a project manager he always gets the right people on board."

Connie Friesen provides advice to a wide range of clients including international financial institutions on the implications of Dodd-Frank. Clients regard her as "a consummate professional. She's a very good listener and able to take a good read on what's required. She always delivers a superior product and has impressive analysis and presentation skills."

Hardy Callcott enjoys an outstanding reputation in the broker-dealer space, offering joint expertise in compliance and enforcement. Sources report: "He's one of the smartest people I've ever known; I'm really impressed with his breadth of knowledge. He's been a great resource for particularly thorny questions."

Susan Merrill is highly thought of for her experience in advising broker-dealer clients on regulatory enforcement matters. Peers draw attention to her former position as head of enforcement at FINRA. Clients pay tribute to her "fantastic judgment."

Neal Sullivan is widely considered to be a leading light in broker-dealer enforcement matters. Clients say: "His practice is extremely high-quality and very effective. He's very good at analyzing data and his relationship management with the regulators is excellent."

Kevin Campion is highlighted for the strength of his compliance advice to broker-dealer clients. He advises on a broad range of regulatory matters and shows a distinct proficiency in short sales of securities. Market observers suggest that Campion is "increasingly becoming a household name" in the industry.

Significant clients Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Guggenheim, Prudential Financial.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is New York.

What the team is known for Strong financial institutions practice with noteworthy strength in advising national and international banks on a multitude of M&A and compliance matters. Acts for an enviable roster of clients in providing compliance counsel regarding key regulatory matters such as Dodd-Frank and Basel III.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They've got an amazing team. They can take very complex deals and do miracle work with them."

"They have particular strength in the private equity area and Volcker-related funds."

Work highlights Represented JPMorgan Chase in the $3.5 billion sale of its physical commodities business to Mercuria Energy.

Represented Dillard's in relation to a program agreement with Wells Fargo to provide private label and co-branded credit card services for the client.

Notable practitioners  

Lee Meyerson is known for his transactional expertise both in M&A and in capital markets and for his knowledge of the surrounding regulatory framework. Sources say: "Lee is very experienced and I'd say he's practical. He manages his team well and has a very good sense of what the important issues in the deal are. He has a very good handle on the current regulatory climate and is enjoyable to work with."

Maripat Alpuche is a prominent figure acting for international financial institutions in M&A matters. Clients praise her, noting that "her dedication and deep, deep understanding of how deals get done are impressive. Her creativity also stands out. She deals with complicated, long documents and understands it all better than anyone else."

Elizabeth Cooper is an attorney noted for her transactional work for major financial institutions. She co-led the representation of Cetera's $1.15 billion sale to RCS Capital.

Significant clients AIG, Blackstone, Charles Schwab, First Hawaiian Bank, JPMorgan Chase.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Very highly regarded for its broad offering across the financial services regulatory space, with expertise in the areas of banking compliance and enforcement, consumer finance and M&A. A formidable bench of experienced partners who frequently handle major regulatory investigations and matters of immense complexity.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They are extremely knowledgeable, they understand the ever-evolving regulatory climate, they know what's changing and what's in the pipeline. They understand the regulatory intention so they can tell us the direction we should be going in."

"They have extensive experience in regulatory enforcement, and are incredibly knowledgeable. What we really appreciated about their expertise is that they were able to give the lay of the land of potential enforcement actions and how that might look in terms of different scenarios and the best ways to prepare." 

"A very able, dedicated and loyal team." 

Work highlights Continued to represent International Bancshares Corporation on a variety of regulatory compliance issues including counseling on the Bank Secrecy Act, fair lending matters, the Community Reinvestment Act and unfair or deceptive practices.

Represented several former directors and officers of Tennessee Commerce Bank. Defended the bank's president in a securities fraud class action as well as an FDIC enforcement action.

Represented and advised on the regulatory aspects of client TPG Capital's $1.5 billion acquisition of the Warranty Group.

Notable practitioners  

The hugely well-regarded William Sweet sustains his stellar position in the financial services sphere, routinely excelling in the most cutting-edge of banking compliance and M&A matters. Sources pay tribute to his "exquisitely deep knowledge of the bank regulatory scene," and describe him as "a class act."

Jamie Boucher is known for advising international financial institutions on a plethora of regulatory enforcement matters. Interviewees describe her has as "excellent" and "very strong."

Anand Raman is co-leader of the firm's consumer financial services enforcement and litigation group and is highlighted here for his recognized expertise in a range of matters in that field.

Brian Christiansen is known for advising major financial institutions and thrift banks on regulatory compliance and M&A. One client describes him as "a benefit and an asset," while a second attests to his "great business sense."

Up-and-comer Austin Brown is well versed in advising banking clients on a range of regulations including the Truth in Lending Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and those of the Federal Housing Administration. Clients praise him for having a "really good rapport with whoever he's talking to. He's very good at off-the-cuff answers and answering tough questions. He's very smooth and very polished."

Sven Mickisch is a young partner with a specialty in advising financial institutions on complex M&A matters. Clients call him "extremely intelligent, a very capable lawyer. He's incredibly good to have on a transaction. He's always on call and is extremely detail-oriented."

Joseph Barloon co-leads the firm's consumer financial services enforcement and litigation group. He has been called on to represent financial institutions in litigation related to the consumer space in front of the DOJ, CFPB, Federal Reserve Board and OCC. Clients assert: "He's an expert in his field and also has a great ability to present complex information in a way that's easy to understand. He provides really excellent advice."

Basic facts about the department
Key office is New York.

What the team is known for A dominant bench at the vanguard of the financial services sector, routinely acting for some of the most systemically important financial institutions in the world. Demonstrates equal excellence in advising financial institutions on regulatory developments and defending them in enforcement actions by the SEC or FINRA. Also adept in the transactional realm helping banks maneuver through the regulatory statutes surrounding M&A deals.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The Sullivan & Cromwell guys come up with incredibly creative, but totally appropriate ideas, proposals and options. They tend to stand up above the others."

"They are the 'bet the franchise' firm, the one you go to when you need heavy hitters."

"They have the deepest bench in the bank regulatory space."

Work highlights Successfully defended ING, HSBC and Standard Chartered in multi-agency criminal and regulatory investigations relating to economic compliance and anti-money laundering regulations.

Counseled JPMorgan Chase on its MBS-related $13 billion settlement with the DOJ, FDIC, Federal Housing Finance Agency and National Credit Union Administration, and the attorney generals of several states.

Acted for Bancolombia on its $2.1 billion acquisition of HSBC Panama as well as its brokerage, fiduciary services unit, banking business and insurance company.

Notable practitioners  

Rodgin Cohen is arguably the preeminent financial services regulatory attorney in the industry, and is widely hailed for his "unparalleled experience and unparalleled judgment." Cohen has an astonishing track record in the representation of financial institutions in compliance, enforcement and M&A matters.  He is described by clients as "the man that continually impresses" and "the premier lawyer in the field of finance."

Mitchell Eitel is vastly experienced in advising top investment banks on a full range of compliance matters, including the implementation of Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule, and is also widely lauded for his expertise in the regulatory aspects of M&A deals in the financial sector, particularly for distressed banks in the wake of the financial crisis. Clients say: "He's very creative, he can do anything: M&A, capital markets, private equity, and his judgment is just so good. His approach is very nuanced and so astute. He is great."

Michael Wiseman, the managing partner of the financial services group, is known for his expertise in helping financial institutions in compliance and enforcement matters as well as negotiating regulations in transactions. Peers regard him as "a highly experienced, quality lawyer who knows what he's doing and has done it many times."

Michael Escue is a highly acclaimed banking compliance attorney. Clients report: "Mike's brilliant. He's very thoughtful, with a photographic memory for how the banking regulations work. It's really helpful to have him thinking things through with us."

Mark Menting is accomplished in both compliance advice and in the transactional sphere. Clients appreciate his counsel, and when citing previous transactions peers say: "He's very knowledgeable. It's always good when you have confidence in the person on the other side. You know the other person knows what they're doing and so the transaction will run smoothly."

Co-manager of litigation Karen Patton Seymour can draw on her white-collar defense expertise to represent individuals and financial institutions in enforcement actions regarding allegations of insider trading, securities fraud or FCPA violations. Market observers cite her background as former head of the criminal division for the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, saying: "She's fantastic - she's got a really good perspective and really good judgment."

Donald Toumey is a well-regarded regulatory attorney known for counseling national and international banking clients on their compliance needs. Peers regard him as "excellent," saying: "He's very professional to deal with."

Former general counsel of the FDIC William Kroener is renowned in the industry. He focuses on advising financial institutions on shifts in the regulatory landscape. Sources say he is "a very good lawyer. He is tremendously expert in all things relating to the FDIC. He deserves his reputation."

The "smart," "practical" and "talentedAndrew Gerlach has noteworthy expertise in banking regulation and M&A, making him a strong choice for advising international financial institutions on transactional regulatory compliance.

Samuel Seymour, managing partner of criminal defense and investigations at the firm, benefits from notable expertise in white-collar litigation and has great capability in banking enforcement matters. Sources regard him as "wonderful," and note that "his judgment is impeccable, as is his ability to navigate the thorniest issues."

Whitney Chatterjee has successfully carved a niche in advising private equity clients and hedge fund managers on compliance with the Volcker Rule amongst other matters. Sources say: "What makes her stand out is her business savvy and sensibility."

Camille Orme is another partner who shows a distinct flair for advising national and international banks on Volcker compliance. One impressed client attests: "She's a rockstar. She can navigate through some very difficult personalities. She can right the ship and make sure everyone's working together. I'm very impressed with her ability to satisfy everyone's needs."

Significant clients American Express, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, ICE, Wells Fargo.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Solid representation of financial services clients such as banks, thrifts, bank holding companies and insurance companies. Areas of expertise include banking compliance and enforcement and consumer finance regulation.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Very experienced and very hands-on. I get a consistently good work product."

"They have a strong knowledge of bank regulatory issues and are very helpful in the grey, nuanced areas."

Work highlights Represented investors including RKJS Bank with the regulatory aspects of the purchase and recapitalization of First Mariner Bank.

Acted as primary outside counsel to Cecil Bank with respect to a broad range of regulatory issues.

Notable practitioners  

The "very knowledgeable" Ronald Glancz chairs the financial services group. He advises institutions and individuals in connection with such matters as compliance, enforcement, corporate governance and M&A.

John Beaty is "incredibly good technically and very savvy on regulatory relationships," attests one impressed client. Beaty is recognized for his strength in the banking compliance space.

Ralph Sharpe works with financial services institutions on regulatory compliance and enforcement issues. Sharpe draws fine praise from interviewees, with one client remarking: "He's beyond fabulous. He not only has an incredible knowledge from a legal skills perspective but also in terms of dealing with the board of directors and the management."

Significant clients American Bankers Association, Cecil Bank, First Mariner Bank, USAA Federal Savings Bank, VantageScoreSolutions.

Basic facts about the department
Key office is New York.

What the team is known for Widely known for its supremacy in M&A both inside and outside the banking space. A talented bench of deal lawyers capable of advising financial institutions on complex cross-border transactions. Also known for advising a range of financial clients on regulatory compliance.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"Everyone at Wachtell is extremely capable, and tends to be responsive and pleasant to deal with across the board."

"Wachtell has a preeminent bank M&A practice.

Notable practitioners  

Edward Herlihy is hailed by clients and peers alike as "a consummate deal lawyer in the banking space" and "one of the best M&A banking lawyers in the country." He is proficient in complex bank mergers and recapitalizations.

Nicholas Demmo is a noteworthy deal lawyer in the financial services space, and has an impressive history of advising banks on M&A transactions. Sources describe him as "extremely capable."

Richard Kim is known for representing financial institutions in a range of compliance matters including the regulatory implications of mergers and transactions. Sources report: "I thought he was impressive. He was quietly confident, he knew what he was doing and added value to the transaction."

Patricia Robinson maintains an active practice advising financial institutions on regulatory compliance. Commentators are impressed by her background, reporting: "She knows loads from being in-house at the Federal Reserve."

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Phenomenal reputation in the broker-dealer sphere built by a broad and deep bench of dedicated partners. Additional expertise in consumer finance and banking compliance makes for a very strong offering in the financial services space.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"It's a treat to work with them on anything; they're outstanding. One of the top financial services practices in the country."

"They've got a depth of knowledge and experience that is really impressive. It's not just their understanding of the requirements of a rule or their perspective when dealing with the regulators but it's also their depth of understanding of our business."

Work highlights Acted as defense counsel for JPMorgan Chase against an action brought by the California Attorney General regarding the sworn documents practices in credit card collections disputes.

Represented assorted HSBC entities in appeals of the recent payment card interchange fee litigation.

Notable practitioners  

Yoon-Young Lee chairs the broker-dealer regulation compliance practice group. She is regarded particularly highly for her advice concerning information barriers. Sources report: "She's very highly regarded and very technically proficient. She's one of the top people at Wilmer."

Bruce Newman is also highly regarded for advising broker-dealers on compliance issues. Citing his former positions as branch chief of the division of broker-dealer enforcement at the SEC and in-house at financial institutions, clients happily report: "He's been around for a long time and is well versed in what being a broker-dealer means and what people need. He's clear on the process issues."

Andre Owens advises a wide range of clients including broker-dealers, securities exchanges and investment advisers on trading and markets matters. Peers regard him as "very bright, very thoughtful and very adept at spotting issues. He works well with clients - he's just very intelligent and thoughtful."

Franca Harris Gutierrez is noted for her skill in banking and consumer finance compliance matters. Sources say: "She's just unbelievable. Every word is intended, and she knows everything about what's going on. She's just outstanding. Any time we get to talk directly with her is just a treat."

Stephanie Nicolas is known for advising broker-dealers and financial institutions on their compliance needs. Clients say she is "a very helpful, really responsive broker-dealer attorney. We appreciate her feedback and interpretation of regulatory requirements and how the rest of the industry is dealing with those requirements."

Russell Bruemmer is recognized for his expertise in regulatory compliance matters, enforcement proceedings and investigations. Sources describe him as "really wise and really thoughtful - he knows how to manage a large team and keep people motivated. He knows how to manage regulatory relations."

Significant clients Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, RBS, UBS, Citi.

Basic facts about the department
Key offices include Chicago, New York and Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Advises banks, thrifts and bank holding companies, among other financial institution clients, on a wide range of regulatory matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"It has a deep bench. Another thing I look for and think they do exceptionally well is really try to think creatively about how best to structure their support efficiently. They were most creative and thoughtful."

"Strong firm with a financial industry focus. They are subject matter experts."

Work highlights Advised the Financial Services Roundtable, a forum for the leading US financial institutions, with respect to the impact of new federal oversight of credit markets.

Advised PNC Bank in connection with the impact of the regulatory integration of banks and broker-dealers.

Notable practitioners  

Julius Loeser advises clients in the financial services sector on banking regulatory compliance. One client refers to him as "very knowledgeable, responsive and trustworthy," and notes that he is "a subject matter expert on regulatory issues."

Christine Edwards heads the bank regulatory department and counsels financial services clients with regard to banking and securities legislation and related matters such as data privacy. She is an "incredible lawyer" who is "detail-oriented and thorough," say sources.

Significant clients Bank of Hawaii, Comerica Bank, Discover Financial Services, Fannie Mae, JPMorgan Chase. 

Basic facts about the department
Key office is Washington, DC.

What the team is known for Reputable firm, noted for its representation of individuals and financial institutions in connection with such matters as regulatory enforcement and investigations by government agencies.

Work highlights Defended Patricia Cook, the former chief business officer of Freddie Mac, in connection with two related securities fraud allegations concerning the concealment of the company's subprime exposure.

Notable practitioners  

Steven Salky handles regulatory enforcement matters as part of a broader white-collar criminal practice. Sources say: "He's the kind of guy executives call when they're in trouble, and he's damn good."

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Laura Pruitt of Alston & Bird LLP is noted for her expertise pertaining to broker-dealer regulatory compliance. "She's extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with," remarks one client. 

Steven Gatti of Clifford Chance US LLP represents financial services clients including broker-dealers and asset managers in connection with internal regulatory reviews and external enforcement actions. He recently advised E*Trade, a leading online stockbroker, with respect to selling its securities financing subsidiary.

Darrell Dreher is the managing partner of Dreher Tomkies LLP. He assists with regulatory matters in the consumer finance space, with particular focus on credit card and lending program-related issues.

The "excellent" and "knowledgeable" Christopher Bellini of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP is held in high esteem by peers and clients alike. He advises financial institutions in connection with such matters as the regulation of financial products and investments.

Kathleen Scott of Norton Rose Fulbright advises financial institutions on compliance with banking regulations and represents them before regulatory bodies during supervisory and investigative actions.

Amy Rudnick of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP represents financial institutions in regulatory enforcement actions and anti-money laundering compliance reviews. "She's thoroughly dedicated to her clients and always available. The depth of her knowledge is impressive," says one source.

Robin Maxwell heads Linklaters's New York financial regulation group. She advises financial institutions on regulatory compliance and is noted for her fluency in interpreting American and European legal developments.

Wayne Aaron of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP advises financial services firms on where regulatory boundaries lie and acts for firms and individuals in internal investigations and external federal enforcement actions. Clients admire his "excellent technical expertise and client service."

Douglas Landy of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP offers banking clients guidance in relation to financial services regulation. He recently advised The Clearing House Association, a trade forum for the largest American banks, in connection with setting up a method of assessing central counterparties.

Richard Sharp of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP advises broker-dealers on compliance and enforcement matters. Clients appreciate his "vast experience, superb judgment and deep knowledge." 

The "very smart" Dwight Smith of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP advises banks and consumer finance companies on compliance with regulatory requirements. He also represents them in enforcement actions by the regulators.

Mercedes Kelley Tunstall of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP advises clients with respect to following consumer financial services regulations. She is particularly noted for her knowledge of payment technology issues.

Joseph Vitale of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP represents financial institutions in connection with regulatory compliance, M&A and restructurings. Sources say: "He definitely gives perspective and context. His advice is really valuable."

Julia Strickland of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP is an eminent consumer finance litigator who concentrates on handling class actions, ensuring regulatory compliance and acting for companies during government enforcement proceedings. She has recently been successful in dismissing class actions filed against Citibank, PayPal and Chase in relation to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Holly Smith of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP is singled out by sources as a "really good broker-dealer lawyer." She helps broker-dealers and related organizations to comply with federal regulations concerning such matters as recordkeeping, sales and registration.

Market observers describe Ernest Patrikis of White & Case LLP as a "smart" and "creative" lawyer who "understands policy." He assists financial services clients with regulatory compliance.

Peers praise John Villa of Williams & Connolly LLP as a "strong" lawyer who "knows how to fight all the way to the end." He is experienced at representing financial services firms in civil and criminal investigations.

Elizabeth Gray of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP provides regulatory enforcement expertise to a range of clients including investment companies and advisers, accounting firms and broker-dealers.

Howard Kramer of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP is an expert in securities regulation and concentrates on providing compliance guidance to broker-dealers. Sources mark him out as "outstanding" and "practical, capable and responsive."

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.

Senior Statesman

A 'Senior Statesman' is a lawyer who no longer works hands-on with the same intensity but who, by virtue of close links with major clients, remains pivotal to the firm’s success.

Eminent Practitioners

'Eminent Practitioners' are highly influential lawyers in a particular practice area who, due to managerial or client relationship commitments, are less active in day-to-day work but remain key players in the team.

Other Noted Practitioners

Other Noted Practitioners are individuals who have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.

Other Noted Firms

Other Noted Firms are firms that have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.