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Massachusetts : AN INTRODUCTION

Contributed by Keith H. McCown and Robert P. Joy of Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP

Massachusetts businesses are watching several trends and developments in 2013 - 2014. The economy is improving, but to make improvements in education and transportation, the Governor and the legislature are actively considering a slate of new taxes. The health care sector is a major part of the Massachusetts economy, and health care costs are always foremost in the minds of the business community. The legislature recently imposed a regulatory cap on the rate of health care cost growth, a fiat aimed maintaining the viability of Massachusetts 2006 “universal” health care system and at improving conditions for business and consumers generally – but a serious challenge for health care employers.

As the economy slowly improves after the recession there are many favorable signs that Massachusetts business are moving into a healthy rebound. Massachusetts small businesses (fewer than 500 employees) are hiring, adding jobs at an increasing rate since mid-2012. Job creation among small businesses has always been a key part of the American economy and Massachusetts is no exception, with small businesses tending to generate about 65 percent of all new jobs. Favorable trends in housing and retail auto sales are said to be among the prime drivers of job growth in the small business community.

The Massachusetts housing market is also showing signs of recovery after a long and dismal slump. The situation is hardly like the frenzied sellers’ market that Massachusetts saw in the 1990’s -- characteristic of a housing balloon doomed to burst. Some prognosticators say that when demand rises in this fashion it naturally tends to spread into other communities as buyers broaden their searches. This is good news for the many businesses tied to the housing market, such as building supplies, home repairs, landscapers, garden supplies, and so on.

Perhaps sensing that a rising economy presents an opportunity, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed in his January 2013 State of the Commonwealth address a plan for a major “investment” in the state’s education system and transportation infrastructure – a series of tax increases aimed at raising $1.9 billion in new revenue. The Governor has proposed a one per cent increase in the state income tax, from 5.25 to 6.25 percent, and a decrease in the state sales tax, from 6.25 percent down to 4.5 per cent. To fund the initiatives in transportation and education, the Governor proposed dedicating the state sales tax to major transportation projects and repairs across the state, while dedicating the increased income tax revenue to education initiatives from pre-school to college. The Governor’s proposal is far-reaching, but that the legislature might act favorably on more modest tax increases.

Like employers everywhere, Massachusetts businesses are eying and trying to comprehend the looming changes of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), with its individual mandates, individual and employer penalties, “Cadillac Plan” taxes, and so on. Massachusetts’ 2006 state legislation was the model for the ACA, and thus the state has been an incubator for health care reform ideas. Last year the Massachusetts legislature passed Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012, an effort to impose a legislated cap on health care cost growth that was not part of the ACA scheme, but may yet serve as a model for additional legislation outside of Massachusetts.

Governor Patrick hailed Chapter 224 as a “landmark measure that will lower the costs and make quality, affordable care a reality for all Massachusetts residents.” But an essential motive for this new health care reform legislation was the need to control health care cost increases to keep the state’s seven-year old “universal” health care system viable. A principal feature of the law is a requirement for “health care entities” (clinics, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, physician organizations, accountable care organizations and more) to rein in health care costs and hit state-created “benchmarks” for cost growth starting in 2015. A health care entity that exceeds the benchmark may have to file and implement a performance improvement plan, and cooperation is backed by the possibility of large fines. There are complicated new incentives for health care entities to move to alternative payment methodologies and fade away from fee-for-service arrangements and, of course, new filing requirements, record-keeping requirements, and new bureaucratic oversight.

Large parts of the business sector may view Chapter 224 with relief. The health care sector, on the other hand, is at the epicenter of the changes. Planning and cost cutting efforts are well underway to meet the challenge of hitting cost growth benchmarks by 2015. The benchmarks will be tied to the rate of growth in the Massachusetts economy, which may not even cover the fixed cost increase levels within some health care entities. The Boston Business Journal recently documented the huge pension liabilities borne by many of the state’s hospitals, often involving alarming levels of unfunded liability. Unionized hospitals commonly have wage scales that include annual step increases at the five percent level. The new bureaucracy will be issuing regulations throughout 2013, so there is much more to be learned about the impact of the law.

Finally, the innovation sector of the Commonwealth's economy, primarily biotechnology and technology, which has remained relatively healthy, has seen a surge in legal activity associated with covenants not to compete as creative talent is in constant demand. This has triggered legislative initiatives aimed at limiting the enforceability of such covenants although as yet none have become law.

Labor & Employment - Massachusetts


第一等 |

THE FIRM This highly regarded group offers a leading labor and employment practice with a strong reputation in counseling and transactional advice. The team also handles high-stakes litigation and investigations conducted by the DOL. Its client base is diverse and spans a wide range of sectors, demonstrating the breadth of the team's expertise. Its recent work includes representing Hewlett-Packard in noncompete litigation.

Sources say: "The attorneys I work with are smart, thoughtful and analytical, while at the same time practical and considerate of business imperatives."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Robert Hale is an expert in employment litigation, and offers particular experience in matters involving the Family and Medical Leave Act. Clients say he is "very articulate and really understands the issues," while highlighting his "extraordinary attention to detail and client needs."

Wilfred Benoit is highly experienced in representing clients in a wide range of disputes, including claims of employment discrimination and unfair practice. His recent work includes acting for clients in whistle-blower claims arising from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

James Nagle maintains his leading reputation in the field, and has a particular focus on defending clients against claims of discrimination. His expertise also extends to disputes involving senior executive termination. Clients praise his approach, stating: "He knows just the right balance between being an effective, strong advocate without being overly aggressive."

Bradford Smith is a respected practitioner with experience in a range of litigation and counseling matters. His recent work includes successfully defending Henley Enterprises in response to various claims of discrimination.

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THE FIRM This highly respected Boston-based boutique has a very deep and well-developed bench, and handles an impressive range of disputes and advisory matters for clients. Its practice is truly national in scope, and its recent work has seen the team handle cases for clients such as Walgreens, General Dynamics and Macy's across the country. Clients admire and appreciate the firm's dedication to top-quality service and legal advice at competitive rates.

Sources say: "They give a great deal of attention to us and are very thorough and value oriented."

KEY INDIVIDUALS "Excellent litigator" Robert Joy is a highly regarded labor and employment lawyer in Massachusetts. His recent work includes handling the negotiations for a labor contract for over 14,000 employees across New England.

"Outstanding lawyer" William Joy is a respected practitioner in the labor space, with a strong reputation for representing management in that area. His recent work includes working with clients such as Bloomingdale's on contract negotiation.

Jaclyn Kugell is a recognized expert in FMLA and ADA matters, and is viewed by clients as a go-to attorney for advice in these areas.

Laurence Donoghue is a popular choice with clients in the labor and employment space, and has a broad-based practice. His recent work includes forming part of the team which represented Verizon Wireless in labor actions stemming from a strike.

Philip Boyle is an experienced practitioner in this space, and works with private and public sector clients in a range of disputes. He recently acted for Phoenix Light Rail Transit in negotiating its new labor contract.

Nathan Kaitz has a nationwide practice which is broad in scope. He offers experience in a wide range of litigation and arbitration matters on behalf of employers.

第一等 |

THE FIRM This highly regarded group undertakes an impressive range of labor and employment work for its clients, including compliance counseling, high-stakes negotiations and discrimination litigation. The team has extensive experience of collective bargaining, and has recently represented both Wellesley College and Jordan Hospital in significant union negotiations.

Sources say: "When I know they're on the case I'm relieved - I know I'll get the right answers. They are so incredibly responsive, and their client service is a cut above."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Diane Patrick is highly a regarded labor and employment practitioner whose extensive expertise in representing nonprofit clients is particularly highlighted. She is described as "practical and solution oriented" by one client, and is praised for her ability to "put complex issues in understandable terms."

Peter Ebb heads the firm's labor and employment practice, and has established a broad practice with a particular emphasis on working with education and healthcare clients. He is characterized as "knowledgeable, responsive and problem solving."

"Outstanding litigator" David Mandel handles a wide range of matters related to unions, and offers significant experience in acting for healthcare clients.

第一等 |

THE FIRM This leading group is highly praised for its superior wage and hour class actions and audit work. Its practice is nationwide in scope, and includes a well-developed trial team able to handle a range of employment disputes. It is also highly experienced in workplace compliance and counseling, and works with clients such as Verizon, Target and Staples.

Sources say: "I feel really comfortable with them, and if there is a pressing issue there is definitely the quick response that is needed."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Richard Alfred is a leading attorney in Massachusetts for high-stakes wage and hour class action work, and is well versed in handling a range of other disputes for clients. He is held in high esteem by peers and clients for his expertise in the field.

Lisa Damon chairs the firm's national practice, and offers extensive experience in both multiple and single plaintiff claims litigation on behalf of management. She is highly regarded by commentators for her strong labor and employment capabilities, and is praised by one client as being "exceptionally good at delivering value."

Arthur Telegen is a highly respected attorney in the labor and employment space, and has recently served as lead counsel to Verizon in a case dealing with unlawful activities during a strike.

Ariel Cudkowicz is carving out a niche specialty in wage and hour tips cases within the hospitality sector. He is also highly respected for his litigation capabilities.

Patrick Bannon recently joined the Seyfarth team, and brings with him notable strength in complex wage and hour cases. His practice is national in scope, and he is highly regarded by both peers and clients.

Band 2 | Foley Hoag LLP

第二等 |

THE FIRM This full-service firm continues to impress with the depth of resources it can deploy when working with its diverse client base. The team is held to be particularly strong in labor relations, but also covers traditional employment issues. The group is also noted for its proven capacity for trial and litigation success. The team regularly represents clients such as CVS Caremark, Starbucks and Dominion Energy.

Sources say: "They deliver on what they say they are going to do - the work product is done well and on time."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Michael Rosen is particularly well versed in issues facing technology companies, and is a specialist in noncompete and nondisclosure litigation. Sources say: "He's so easy to work with - he's always accessible, and gives very clear and good advice in terms of how to handle and navigate certain situations."

Michele Whitham combines a strong traditional employment practice with her expertise in data security and privacy in the workplace. She has impressive litigation experience, and is described as "a tough negotiator and a real savvy litigator."

Chair of the firm's labor and employment group James Bucking is respected by both peers and clients. He handles a wide range of matters across the country, and has a particular focus on union-related issues. He is praised for his "straightforward and practical" approach, as well as his "good business sense."

第二等 |

THE FIRM This firm fields an impressive team of 24 lawyers from its Boston office, and is well placed to offer comprehensive labor and employment advice to a broad range of clients. It was recently engaged by Patheon Pharmaceutical to assist with its global employment matters, undertaking audits in several international jurisdictions.

Sources say: "It is a national firm with offices everywhere, and has the ability to provide you with detailed, concise advice in a short timeframe and cost effectively."

KEY INDIVIDUALS David Casey is highly regarded as a "preeminent trial lawyer" in this space. His recent work includes the representation of CIGNA in a nationwide gender discrimination class action.

Anthony Rizzotti handles both labor and employment matters, and is widely admired in the field. "He's very efficient, very smart, and has a good way with people - he always maintains good relationships," say clients.

Adam Forman is well versed in employment law on both a national and international scale. His recent work includes leading the global representation of Patheon Pharmaceutical referred to above.

Gregory Keating has a robust whistle-blower and retaliation practice. He is characterized by one source as someone who "is very good at explaining options and weighing risks. He can look at all sides of an issue and present several solutions."

第三等 |

THE FIRM This local firm offers notable strength in employment litigation and labor management relations. The firm has a nationwide reach, with the team handling litigation matters across various states. The team also provides training and affirmative action programs for clients spanning a range of industries, including publishing and biotech.

Sources say: "They have a seasoned team of partners who have been doing this a long time with all the judgment, perspective and knowledge base that brings."

KEY INDIVIDUALS John Welsh is a talented litigator, and has notable experience in state, federal and appellate courts. He impresses commentators with his practical approach, and "gets sensible solutions in a straightforward manner."

Kenneth Bello handles a wide range of labor and employment matters, and is highly experienced in this field. He works with clients from a broad spread of industries across the nation.

第三等 |

THE FIRM This versatile nationwide firm is highly praised by sources, who admire the strength of the Boston office and its dedicated approach to client service. The team handles the full range of employment and labor matters, and counts among its specialties discrimination and harassment claims and class action litigations. Its broad client base includes Hyatt Hotels, Aspen Technology and Liberty Mutual.

Sources say: "They are a good group of attorneys, and provide really strong client service."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Managing partner of the Boston office Andrew Pickett is highly regarded by sources. He offers notable expertise in counseling and litigating employment law matters.

第三等 |

THE FIRM This team is identified as a particularly strong group for labor and employment litigation. The team draws on the strengths of the firm to provide robust coverage to employers in the biotech and life sciences space. It handles a range of matters for its clients, and has a particular expertise in noncompete cases and the effects of state healthcare legislation on employers

Sources say: "They are agile, responsive, creative and flexible - they have accommodated 100% of our needs."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Robert Gault has significant expertise in executive employment agreements, in particular those pertaining to foreign companies establishing themselves in the USA. Clients comment: "You really want him on your side - he's tough, but also very thorough and realistic. He did a great job at being my advocate."

Bret Cohen is praised for his skills as a "great litigator," and offers significant expertise in handling disputes related to matters such as executive compensation, wrongful termination and noncompetition agreements. 

Donald Schroeder has proven strength in matters involving labor relations, and also offers broader expertise in the employment arena. His recent highlights include leading negotiations for Cooley Dickinson Hospital in complex union contract discussions. He is praised as being a "very good, practical guy," and is highly valued by clients for his commitment to cases.

第三等 |

THE FIRM This robust team is well placed to cover a broad range of labor and employment matters. It houses an experienced group of litigators, and recently handled numerous wage and hour class actions and whistle-blower cases. Clients span a wide range of industries, and are quick to highlight the firm's nationwide capabilities and experience.

Sources say: "I have a great confidence in their knowledge of the law and their experience working within it - they understand the challenges that are unique to us. Their national scope is also very helpful."

KEY INDIVIDUALS David Rosenthal is a renowned employment litigator who is praised for his track record of trial success and pragmatic advice. Clients describe him as "a counselor rather than just an adviser."

Gary Oberstein heads the national wage and hour practice at Nixon, and is very active in assisting clients in affirmative action educational programs. He garners praise for his broad-based expertise in employment law matters.  

第三等 |

THE FIRM This national labor and employment boutique attracts praise within the Massachusetts market for its deep resources and expertise. The firm's scope is global, and clients value its ability to handle their international employment needs. Its client base is diverse, with seasoned attorneys representing employers in the transport, retail and pharmaceutical industries. The team also has experience in representing government bodies such as the City of Boston.

Sources say: "They have excellent subject matter experts in all areas of labor and employment law. They are one of the few firms in the country that can offer one-stop shopping for all HR issues."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Michael Clarkson heads the labor and employment department, and is also the managing partner of the Boston office.

第三等 |

THE FIRM This team's practice is truly national in scope and continues to expand throughout the USA, and is highly skilled in litigation work. It also offers notable expertise in collective bargaining and employee benefits matters. Clients include Steward Health Care System, The Boston Globe and the Hearst Corporation. Recent work highlights include representing RBS Americas in a number of lawsuits concerning alleged violations of overtime payment agreements.  

KEY INDIVIDUALS Mark Batten is a seasoned litigator with impressive experience in a wide range of employment law disputes. He has a nationwide class and collective action practice, and leads the RBS work referred to above. Peers praise his ability to "get great results," and characterize him as "a consummate negotiator."

Scott Faust is an authority on the representation of unionized employers in traditional labor and employment matters. He has particular experience in representing industrial and manufacturing clients on a nationwide basis. He is highly praised for his practical approach, with one interviewee stating: "He knows how to convey issues and guide us through the more complex ones. He is very approachable and available, and understands our business."

第四等 |

THE FIRM This team offers expertise across the full range of employment law matters, and has the capabilities to represent both management and employees. The group is highly experienced in workplace counseling, and also offers expertise in litigating precedent-setting cases before state, federal and appellate courts.

Sources say: "The attorneys are very client oriented, knowledgeable and proactive. They provide excellent representation."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Gary Feldman is a new entry to the rankings, and is an experienced employment litigator. His recent work includes representing a former employee of HEI Hospitality in an age discrimination case. His trial skills are particularly praised by clients, as is his "knowledge of employment law and the pitfalls that need to be avoided."

Tamsin Kaplan is new to the firm, and brings with her notable experience across a broad range of employment matters. Clients particularly value her strength in counseling and management training, praising her as being "very thorough in her work."

第四等 |

THE FIRM This team prides itself on its expertise in noncompete covenants and nondisclosure agreements. It also routinely handles a range of other matters, including discrimination claims and internal investigations. Notable clients include CVS Caremark, Bank of America and Steward Healthcare.

Sources say: "This is a large firm with exceptional personal service. They have the staff to manage a full range of organizational needs, and have offices in multiple locations, so can facilitate the full range of issues that may emerge."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Cochair of the labor and employment group Timothy Van Dyck is a new entry to the rankings. He offers significant experience in employer representation, and is praised for his strong litigation capabilities.

第四等 |

THE FIRM This well-known Boston boutique has a particular focus on litigation within the labor and employment space. The team covers a broad scope of workplace issues in its counseling practice, and also handles a range of union matters. It recently developed a specialist data security team to address the new regulations surrounding protection of personal information.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Jeffrey Hirsch has widespread experience in representing a diverse client base of employers. He has worked on wage and hour litigations, labor relations, and a range of statutory claims.  

Seasoned labor and employment attorney Jerome Weinstein is highly experienced in representing clients from a wide range of industries. His practice focuses on both litigation and counseling.

第四等 |

THE FIRM The expertise of this Boston team is far reaching, and includes civil rights claims, OSHA, whistle-blower cases and noncompete cases. Its attorneys handle labor-related matters and litigation in employment with equal aplomb. The firm has particular expertise in representing clients drawn from the healthcare, technology and education sectors, while still maintaining a broader client base. 

Sources say: "They take the time to really get to know our business. Regardless of how big or small the issue may be, they ask the right questions and get the right results."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Miriam McKendall focuses her practice on the education sector. She has recently worked on cases involving allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and violations of the Family Medical Leave Act. Sources state that she is "responsive, an excellent problem solver, and a partner throughout the process."

第四等 |

THE FIRM This management-side boutique is well positioned in the New England market to cater to employers' needs. The team has a notable strength in labor relations, but is also well versed in the full range of labor and employment issues. The group represents clients drawn from a wide range of industries.

Sources say: "They are patient and have an ability to explain complex legal matters to non-legal individuals, and they have good commercial awareness."

KEY INDIVIDUALS Ralph Abbott is a leading figure in the firm, and is well known in the market. Clients reap the benefits of his extensive experience, with one commentator saying: "He's heard almost every trick and situation before, so he rarely gets surprised - he always gives measured responses." He has significant expertise in matters related to labor relations.

Susan Fentin offers extensive experience in handling employment litigation and counseling. One commentator characterizes her as "extremely talented, and someone who has a great style in relating to people. She has always provided solid advice."

Band 4 | WilmerHale

第四等 |

THE FIRM This national team offers an impressive scope, both geographically and in terms of depth of expertise. It offers significant experience in employment law matters, and provides clients with specifically adapted training programs. It works with clients including the Museum of Science and Bose Corporation.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Jonathan Rosenfeld is a respected practitioner in the employment space, and is a member of the Dodd-Frank whistle-blower working group. His experience extends to labor-related matters, including collective bargaining negotiations.

Neil Jacobs is a senior figure in the labor and employment Bar, and has a wealth of experience in collective bargaining negotiations. He works with clients from a wide range of industries, and is an experienced litigator.

Labor & Employment: Mainly Plaintiffs Representation - Massachusetts


第一等 |

THE FIRM This boutique firm is dedicated to plaintiff-side representation, for which it is generally acknowledged to be a leader in the Massachusetts market. Its practice is particularly focused on executive representation in matters ranging from enforcement of employment contracts to change in control and departure agreements. Clients appreciate the team's personal and dedicated approach.

Sources say: "They are terrific advocates, and are also fair and balanced. They are realistic in setting expectations, and incredibly diligent about following through with them."

KEY INDIVIDUALS James Hartley is a highly respected employment adviser and litigator, whose practice focuses largely on executive representation. He is praised by commentators for his longstanding experience in the field, and for his "calm demeanor" and creative approach to disputes.

Nancy Shilepsky is revered in this space for her expertise in executive representation. Her practice is broad, and covers complex employment disputes as well as high-profile discrimination claims. She is praised for her unwavering dedication to her clients, and has a "very down-to-earth, practical mindset."

Katherine Michon is highly regarded for her prowess in executive transition matters. Clients clearly appreciate her practical approach: "She puts you at ease, and is able to put the situation in clear, logical terms so that you can evaluate your options."

第二等 |

THE FIRM This boutique firm is particularly strong in wage and hour class action work, with a team dedicated to plaintiff and union representation in this space. The firm has considerable arbitration, trial and appellate experience, and is particularly well versed in plaintiff tips cases and employment issues relating to immigrant workers.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Shannon Liss-Riordan is considered a leader of the wage and hour litigation Bar, where she is described by peers as "the reigning plaintiff's champion." She has a nationwide practice, and is highly experienced in cases involving tipped employees.  

Harold Lichten is held in high esteem for his expertise as a seasoned litigator, with a wealth of experience in state, federal and appellate courts. He has particular expertise in representing police and firefighter unions.

第二等 |

THE FIRM This boutique firm retains its position as one of the most prominent plaintiff's firms in Massachusetts. Its three partners are well positioned to handle a broad range of labor and employment matters for clients employed in both the private and public sector.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Ellen Messing is one of the key partners based at the firm.

第二等 |

THE FIRM This talented boutique continues to impress clients with its work in the labor and employment space, which includes discrimination claims, compensation disputes and union representation. Its reputation in labor matters is particularly outstanding, and it regularly represents unions in a wide range of sectors.

KEY INDIVIDUALS Donald Siegel is a key contact at the firm.

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Jenny Cooper is also at Bingham McCutchen LLP, and is a new entry to the rankings. She undertakes significant amounts of counseling work on behalf of her growing client base, and is building up a robust litigation portfolio. Clients praise her impressive approach to handling sensitive matters.

Louis Rodriques of Bingham McCutchen LLP is an experienced litigator who handles a range of labor and employment matters. Clients praise his pragmatic and collaborative approach, highlighting "his depth of knowledge in the employment space." He recently represented CleanNet in a class action suit concerning various violations of the rights of independent contractors.

Ellen Zucker of Burns & Levinson LLP is a highly respected plaintiff-side litigator, whose trial experience includes discrimination, harassment and breach of contract cases. She is singled out by commentators for her strong advocacy skills.

Joshua Davis recently returned to Goulston & Storrs, and is held in high regard by sources for his experience in labor and employment matters. His business-oriented approach impresses clients, with one commenting: "He is very willing to offer pragmatic advice and help the client work out what to do, without just telling them what the law is."

Russell Beck of Beck Reed Riden LLP is respected by commentators for his skills as a litigator. His areas of specialty include noncompete and trade secrets matters.

Jody Newman of Collora LLP is a renowned practitioner at the plaintiff's Bar, who has the skill and expertise to handle a wide variety of matters for employees. She has a specialty in representing clients in government service and national defense.

Thomas Shirley chairs the labor, employment and benefits group at Choate Hall & Stewart LLP. He is respected in the market as a highly experienced litigator in the employment space, and also offers expertise in labor work. He is described by one peer as "effective, sensible and practical" in his approach.

Joseph Ambash of Fisher & Phillips LLP is considered "an invaluable and indispensable resource for advocacy and advice." He regularly represents clients including the City of Boston, the University of Massachusetts and Brown University.

Terence McCourt of Greenberg Traurig, LLP is a new entry to the rankings, and is highly respected by market commentators. He has a strong reputation for labor relations work, and also handles employment matters. Sources praise him as being "collaborative, business-minded and always thoughtful."

Anne Josephson of Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP has a broad practice in employment law, with a particular focus on litigation matters. She offers notable experience in representing employees and employers from a range of industries.

Her colleague at Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP, Sharen Litwin, is equally respected, and has the skill and experience to undertake a variety of cases in the employment field.

Lori Clark recently became a sole practitioner after leaving Schwartz Hannum PC. She has a management-side practice, and is highly experienced in a range of litigation and counseling matters.

Josiah Black recently joined LeClairRyan from Bello, Black & Welsh LLP. Black is a skilled employment litigator, and is regularly called upon by clients to offer compliance and governance counseling.

Heather Sussman of McDermott Will & Emery LLP is a talented employment lawyer with a particular strength in workplace privacy and data security issues. Her clients are impressed with her "invaluable knowledge of employment laws," and praise her as being "exceptionally responsive."

The "phenomenal" Ilene Robinson Sunshine of Sullivan & Worcester LLP is a venerable expert in a wide range of employment law matters. Her practice encompasses noncompetition, discrimination litigation and employee discipline.

Sara Goldsmith Schwartz is the president of Schwartz Hannum PC, and offers extensive experience in the representation of employers on a nationwide scale. "She has the ability to really listen to you, and boil down whatever your particular issues are in a very quick and succinct way," stated one client.

At the same firm, William Hannum is adept at handling high-profile employment matters, and is praised for his ability to work with all parties to find the best solution. Clients comment: "He is respectful and responsive, and people respond to that."

Jean Musiker of Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, PC is a well-established employment attorney who is highly respected by commentators. She is described as "an excellent lawyer who is very smart and pragmatic."

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.