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What the team is known for Preeminent firm for oil and gas matters, with a large team offering expertise across the whole spectrum of energy law. Handles regulatory, transactional and litigation issues for a broad client base, including major oil and gas producers.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients) 

"I would consider their performance to be excellent - very prompt and very thorough."

"I use them pretty much exclusively - they are good, quick and responsive. They are very accessible and do not overanalyze matters."

"They are a 'one-of-a-kind' law firm. They provide a great service and will address all your needs."

Notable practitioners

Bob Duplantis is well versed in oil and gas matters. He focuses his practice on the regulatory arena, typically handling contractual matters and negotiating operating agreements. One peer comments: "He has a very good understanding of the regulatory arena. I would have no qualms referring somebody to him."

Peck Hayne has a broad energy practice and engages in oil and gas litigation as well as transactional work. He regularly works with lenders and borrowers with respect to onshore and offshore properties. One client describes him as "very analytical. People turn to him for legal thinking and analysis. He is very creative and very thoughtful."

Scott O'Connor specializes in dispute resolution within the oil and gas arena. He acts as an arbitrator and litigator on a variety of matters, including pricing practice, operating agreements and contractual disputes.

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What the team is known for Major player in the Louisiana energy market for oil and gas matters. Handles the full spectrum of legal requirements for major energy companies, small businesses and individuals at the local, national and international level.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"The firm is excellent across the board. The attorneys are very easy to work with and they are very much subject matter experts in their field."

"They have performed excellently and the work we received was to a very high degree of quality."

Notable practitioners

Head of department Jonathan Hunter practices in a variety of energy matters at the state and federal level. He displays particular expertise in offshore oil and gas issues. One client states: "He is a consummate professional and an intellectual. He has a national reputation in royalty dispute and regulatory advice, specifically offshore oil and gas leases."

Lawrence Simon engages in predominantly oil and gas litigation as well as utility regulation matters. His peers consider him a standout practitioner, with one stating: "He is very bright and professional, and a good attorney to work with," and another confirming: "He is definitely one of the top people." 

Richard Revels has a broad energy practice in which he represents clients of all sizes. He handles a wide variety of oil and gas issues, offering specialty in unitization matters.

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What the team is known for Focuses on handling litigation for public and private companies at all stages of development. Also involved in transactional affairs, including onshore and offshore acquisitions as well as cross-border matters.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They are particularly adept at knowing and using all of the finer points of Louisiana civil procedure."

"The firm's strengths include knowledge, diligence and strategy."

Notable practitioners

Kenneth Klemm specializes in litigation matters for a wide variety of energy clients. He handles toxic tort matters, blowouts, personal injury and oil and gas exploration disputes.

Adam Zuckerman primarily handles oil and gas litigation in the commercial arena for a variety of matters, including royalty disputes, personal injury lawsuits and legacy lawsuits. He is praised highly by clients and peers, with one source stating: "He has a very strong grasp and knowledge of legacy lawsuits. He is a super-nice guy, easygoing and very pleasant."

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What the team is known for Regional practice engaging in operational, transactional and litigation matters for energy clients. Places an emphasis on servicing energy producers and oil and gas pipeline companies.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"It is an all-inclusive law firm that seems to be able to handle every facet of the law that we may encounter."

"The firm has really great lawyers that are real experts in the field and provide great value. They have so many different people with the expertise to handle whatever comes up for the company."

Notable practitioners

David Taggart handles litigation issues in the oil and gas and public utilities arenas, in addition to oil and gas drilling and contractor operations. One peer comments: "He knows his subject matter and he is easy to get along with."

Joseph Shea has a broad energy practice, covering the range of issues that oil and gas producers and pipelines face. He is well regarded in the market.

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What the team is known for Oil and gas-focused practice representing landowners and producers across the full spectrum of energy law. Provides advice on transactional matters including agreements, contracts and due diligence, in addition to litigation on complex lawsuits.

Notable practitioners

Taylor Darden is described as "an excellent negotiator." He practices predominantly in oil and gas litigation and specializes in technical and operational disputes among owners. He covers the full range of disputes in addition to operational guidance for his clients on contracts and agreements.

Hampton Carver has specific expertise in Outer Continental Shelf matters, including lease disputes and acquisitions, oil and gas transportation and federal regulations. One significant source states: "He knows the subject matter very well and has a keen sense of reading people."

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What the team is known for Full-service offering for energy clients of all sizes, including operational and insurance advice, transactional support and dispute resolution. Noted for its activity in midstream oil and gas, providing counsel to storage facilities and pipeline transportation companies.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They put us first; they are really invested in what is best for us and their counsel is a solid asset for our company."

"Their strength in terms of their transactional support for oil field-related issues, whether contract, litigation or insurance, is unsurpassed."

Notable practitioners

Carl Rosenblum focuses on complex and substantial dispute resolution for a multitude of oil and gas clients, ranging from producers to high-profile landowners. His peers and clients consider him a tenacious litigator. One client comments that he "provided sound advice and listened well to my concerns and thoughts as to how to approach the case."

Edward Bergin's practice involves utility regulation and energy litigation, predominantly for public companies. One client reports that "he was very good on the financial side of the case and worked well with our experts."

Marjorie McKeithen is extremely well connected within the regulatory arena and focuses her practice on the development of energy infrastructure projects. She has specific knowledge on the storage of natural gas. Her clients praise her highly, with one describing her as "world class," and another stating: "She has sound judgment and as much practical knowledge as legal knowledge. That is instrumental in providing good advice."

David Hunter centers his practice on offshore energy projects. He handles high-value transactional, contractual and regulatory issues. One client describes him as "the coach, the strategist and overseer of the work. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a very balanced, rational approach to things."

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What the team is known for Utility-focused practice representing substantial commercial and industrial energy users and interstate and intrastate pipelines in a variety of matters. Handles electric power development projects, state and federal regulatory compliance issues and contractual and agreement negotiation.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They have a very strong and experienced staff that focuses on energy issues in Louisiana."

Notable practitioners

Katherine King advises electric generators, project developers and retail customer clients on a multitude of utility issues. She handles generation projects as well as compliance and contractual matters. Peers are impressed with her practice and one client states: "She is incredibly knowledgeable about the electric utility regulatory regime, and every piece of information she has given back to us has been of high caliber."

Randy Young is considered to have "strong expertise in energy regulations in Louisiana and very good connections in the political and regulatory arena." His practice involves representing generators, marketers and industrial refining and manufacturing companies in utility regulatory proceedings before the Louisiana Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 

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What the team is known for Adopts a strong focus on natural gas and electric matters in the public arena, primarily for major electric power companies. Additional involvement in oil and gas infrastructure projects and litigation.

Work highlights Acted for Cleco Power on its $430 million takeover of the 743 MW Coughlin Power Station from its affiliate Cleco Evangeline.

Represented CenterPoint Energy in natural gas utility pricing and fuel audit proceedings before the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Notable practitioners  

John Shirley is well versed in utility law and represents a variety of major utilities. He has recently assisted CenterPoint Energy with regulatory compliance and ratemaking matters before the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Sources say: "He has good relationships with the regulators and the communication there is great."

Alan Wolf is extremely well regarded by his peers. One source describes him as "one of the brightest people you will ever meet," and another determines that "he knows the legal intricacies of the regulations and is very good to work with." He has extensive experience in power and natural gas utilities, particularly at the federal level. He has recently been engaged in numerous mandates for Cleco Power and Southern Natural Resources.

Significant clients Southern Natural Resources, Entergy, Calpine, Plains All American Pipeline.

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What the team is known for Broad energy practice engaging in a variety of utility and oil and gas matters. Represents Louisiana Public Service Commission and electric and gas utilities in rate cases, developments and compliance.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"They are competent litigators and have a good understanding of utility regulatory policy."

"The attorneys are of extremely high caliber and possess a high level of confidence."

Work highlights Represented Louisiana Public Service Commission in a $100 million lawsuit against Entergy for its malpractice in off-system energy sales and violation of federal tariff.

Acted for Noble Energy on a lawsuit brought by Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East, in which damages were sought with respect to the loss of wetlands.

Notable practitioners

Michael Fontham is considered a strong litigator in power regulation matters, with one source describing him as one of the leading names in the country for that work. He takes the lead on all Louisiana Public Service Commission mandates.

Paul Zimmering regularly represents the Louisiana Public Service Commission in public utility matters. He is highly regarded within the market and multiple peers commend his practice. One states: "He is one of the leading electric attorneys in the country - he is a consensus builder, which fits the Louisiana local practice," and another comments: "He is a class act - he has really sound judgment that I trust."

Dana Shelton focuses her practice on public utility regulation on behalf of the Louisiana Public Service Commission at the federal level. She regularly works on rate cases and energy market rules.

Noel Darce has experience in dealing with the regulatory side of energy matters for utilities, and often acts in dispute resolution cases on behalf of the Louisiana Public Service Commission. One source describes him as a good strategist, stating: "He has done high-level work on the details of these cases."

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Jefferson Stewart of Adams and Reese LLP has a regional energy practice that focuses on all stages of oil and gas operations. He typically represents landowners, operators and exploration and storage companies in a variety of matters, including insurance and litigation.

Lambert Laperouse of Gieger, Laborde & Laperouse LLC has extensive experience in all elements of onshore and offshore oil and gas transactions, including due diligence and contractual matters. He has noted expertise in title examinations. One client considers him "an incredibly talented oil and gas transactional lawyer. He has helped us with a lot of complicated matters and keeps things calm and under control."

Kyle Marionneaux of Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC regularly represents public utilities in litigation proceedings before the Louisiana Public Service Commission, as well as financing and transactional matters. Sources praise his dedication to client service.

David Guerry of Long Law Firm LLP engages in transactional and regulatory affairs, as well as litigation for electric companies. He is considered "a very good communicator" who represents his clients "very effectively."

Randall Songy of Onebane Law Firm focuses on oil and gas matters and offers specialty in unitization work. He is highly regarded in the market and known for being "very knowledgeable and very involved."

Patrick Ottinger of Ottinger Hebert handles oil and gas transactions and litigation cases. He is well regarded in the market, with peers commenting that "he knows his subject matter very well."

Gerald Slattery of Slattery, Marino & Roberts A Professional Law Corporation has noted experience in oil and gas litigation cases for significant clients. He has considerable knowledge of numerous oil and gas-related disputes, including legacy lawsuits, property damage, well blowouts and royalty disputes. 

Robert Gilliam of Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam handles a variety of issues for electric utility clients, notably litigation cases. One peer states: "He is very knowledgeable and good to work with."

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