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Continues to be recognised as one of the pre-eminent stables for medical negligence in Scotland. Both its senior and junior members consistently appear in market-leading cases, and it remains a go-to stable for high-value and complex cases. 


Maria Maguire QC 
A highly admired silk who acts for both claimants and defenders in complex brain injury and cerebral palsy cases. She also draws praise for her work on fatal accident inquiries.
Strengths: "The first person you should go to for complex medical malpractice claims; she's top-class." "She is a brilliant advocate with a very good approach to clients."

Simon Bowie QC 
An experienced commercial practitioner who is frequently instructed on clinical negligence cases. He is noted for his work defending both medical institutions and individual medical practitioners.
Strengths: "He is very calm, self-assured, reasonable and a very smooth advocate." "He keeps calm and always ensures that the client's best interests are kept centre-stage."

Ronald Clancy QC 
Clinical negligence forms a key part of his broader civil litigation practice. He is noted for his expertise in cerebral palsy claims, and has been instructed in claims brought before the GMC and NHS Tribunal. 
Strengths: "He focuses quickly on what really matters and commands respect in court. He also has a great 'bedside manner' with clients and lawyers alike."

David Stephenson QC 
Maintains a broad clinical negligence practice with noted expertise in obstetric claims. He has over two decades of experience in representing NHS bodies and medical defence unions.
Strengths: "He is an incredibly accomplished performer in court." "He is one of the senior counsel at the Scottish Bar with the most experience of medical negligence work."


Lisa Henderson 
Recommended for her work on cerebral palsy claims. She is also noted for her expertise in cases concerning spinal and brain injuries.
Strengths: "Her attention to detail, compassion and practical means of problem solving are second to none."

Lauren Sutherland
Frequently instructed by both pursuers and defenders across a wide range of clinical negligence cases. A highly experienced advocate, she has been instructed in a number of notable fatal accident inquiries.
Strengths: "She has an apparently inexhaustible energy to prepare and argue some of the most ground-breaking cases."

Fiona Lake 
Principally recommended for her expertise on cases relating to birth injuries and brain damage. She is highly experienced across the full range of clinical negligence matters, and is instructed by both pursuers and defenders.
Strengths: "She is incredibly clever; you really trust her ability to run the case."

Archie MacSporran 
Specialises in clinical negligence claims, especially complex cases concerning cerebral palsy and surgical negligence. He has also been involved in a number of mental health tribunals and fatal accident inquiries.
Strengths: "He is a complete dream; a methodical advocate with a good eye for detail who gets to the heart of the matter quickly."

Euan Mackenzie 
Focuses his practice on complex and high-value clinical negligence cases. He acts on behalf of both pursuers and defenders across a range of claims.
Strengths: "He is an extremely skilled and conscientious junior counsel who plays an invaluable role when pursuing high-value claims."

Douglas Ross 
Has a broad civil practice that encompasses some significant clinical negligence work. He is praised for his experience of matters relating to mental health. 
Strengths: "He is very clever and thoughtful. He appears a quite unassuming advocate, but is excellent on his feet." "You can't fault his analysis or advice."

Vinit Khurana 
A former doctor whose practice is focused on issues stemming from medical law, including mental health work and fatal accident inquiries. He is a vastly experienced clinical negligence practitioner, and is regularly instructed on behalf of both defenders and pursuers.
Strengths: "He approaches every case meticulously and gives sound and helpful advice at all times." "He is a go-to counsel, who I would trust with any case no matter how big or small."

Catherine Devaney
Focuses her practice on clinical negligence and personal injury claims. She has been instructed on a number of high-value cerebral palsy matters, and receives instructions from both pursuers and defenders.
Strengths: "She gives mature and helpful advice in any case instructed and is a go-to junior counsel for a medical negligence case."

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Compass Chambers' members operate across the full breadth of clinical negligence matters, and the depth of expertise of its advocates ensures it is one of the leading stables for clinical negligence in Scotland. Its members act for a wide range of clients, including NHS hospitals and medical defence organisations.

Client service: "Practice manager Gavin Herd runs a very efficient clerking team; they are willing to accommodate solicitors, and it feels like a very cohesive operation."


Marion Caldwell QC 
Renowned for her detailed approach to complex medical negligence litigation on behalf of both pursers and defenders. She is noted for her expertise in cases concerning brain injuries.
Strengths: "She is a fierce negotiator, with an excellent client manner." "She is very thorough; she totally immerses herself in the case."

Andrew Smith QC 
Widely praised for his advocacy on clinical negligence claims. He is experienced in high-value birth injury claims as well as patrimonial loss matters.
Strengths: "He is an excellent counsel in court; he enjoys a challenge and gets good results."

Robert Milligan QC
A personal injury and clinical negligence specialist with a focus on severe high-value actions regarding catastrophic injury or fatal claims.
Strengths: "He is a walking oracle; he is very popular with the Bench." "He goes straight to the heart of the matter with speed and precision."
Recent work: He was instructed on behalf of the pursuer in a claim concerning defective laser surgery.

Susan O'Brien QC 
Frequently instructed by both pursuers and defenders across a range of clinical negligence claims. She is noted for her expertise in cases concerning midwifery negligence and cerebral palsy in infants.
Strengths: "She is absolutely marvellous; thorough, incredibly intelligent and simply a mind-bogglingly good advocate."

Rory Anderson QC 
A veteran medical negligence practitioner. Sources note that he is equally accomplished in his representation of both pursuers and defenders.


Astrid Smart 
Receives an exceptional level of positive feedback confirming her position as a market-leading junior for clinical negligence. Her clinical negligence practice covers the gamut of claims, including negligent birth-induced cerebral palsy and other catastrophic injury claims.
Strengths: "She has very good medical knowledge, and is on the level with the medical experts." "She has a wealth of experience in this area, particularly high-value and complex cases."
Recent work: She was instructed by the pursuer in a high-value case concerning a misdiagnosis of cervical cancer.

Malcolm McGregor 
Has a broad civil litigation practice, of which medical negligence is a core focus. He is noted for his representation of medical professionals in complex clinical negligence claims.
Strengths: "He is a strong defender’s counsel; he always spots the weaknesses in the pursuer’s case." "He takes a straightforward approach and gets straight to the heart of the matter."

Sandy Forsyth 
A former solicitor with a broad practice covering personal injury, insurance and clinical negligence work. He is experienced in acting on behalf of both pursuers and defenders.
Strengths: "He is a detailed and efficient advocate who is very experienced in this area."

Richard Pugh 
Fast gaining an enviable reputation for his expertise on clinical negligence claims. He is already seen as a go-to advocate for high-value and complex cases.
Strengths: "He is a rising star; he has a good grasp of complicated cases and an approachable manner." "It is lovely to see how well he interacts with clients." Recent work: He defended a health board against a pursuer's high-value claim concerning a wrongful diagnosis of HIV.

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Arnot Manderson's members cover a wide range of clinical negligence work, and are instructed on behalf of both pursuers and defenders in cases concerning negligence by doctors, dentists and nurses.


Colin MacAulay QC 
Focuses on complex clinical and medical negligence claims. He is noted for his expertise on cases concerning catastrophic injuries.
Strengths: "His extensive medical negligence experience ensures he can get to grips with complicated cases very quickly."

Andrew Young QC 
Has over two decades of clinical negligence and wider personal injury experience. He is highly regarded for his expertise in cases concerning catastrophic spine and brain injuries. 
Strengths: "His advice is pragmatic and measured. He has a calm and studied approach that reassures those he represents."

Joanna Cherry QC 
Returned to private practice from the Crown Office in 2011 and has since been instructed in a number of complex and high-value clinical negligence claims. She has also developed a strong reputation for her work on public and fatal accident inquiries.
Strengths: "She has a real talent for mastering the detail and developing a thorough understanding of complex cases." "She is excellent; she works incredibly hard and covers all bases."


Arabella Tait 
Handles both pursuer and defender work, often tackling cases involving catastrophic injury. She has considerable experience in medical, dental and nursing claims. 
Strengths: "She is an experienced junior, with a great grasp of complicated factual situations. She is clear in her advice to clients and tenacious in negotiations."

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Axiom Advocates is going from strength to strength within the clinical negligence space, and its advocates are frequently instructed on complex and high-profile claims. The stable's members act for both pursuers and defenders, and are noted for their representation of bodies such as the MDDUS and the NHS Central Litigation Office.


Roddy Dunlop QC 
One of the leading courtroom advocates in Scotland, his clinical negligence caseload forms a key part of his broader professional negligence practice. 
Strengths: "He is an excellent advocate with a strong grasp of the whole practice area." 

Iain Ferguson QC 
Concentrates his practice on clinical and professional negligence matters. He has an impressive track record on complex obstetric claims and GP negligence claims.
Strengths: "He has ferocious attention to detail, which he combines with robust and firm advocacy."

Alastair Duncan QC 
Maintains a broad practice that encompasses a variety of commercial and public law matters. He has developed considerable expertise in medical negligence cases.
Strengths: "He is a model senior to watch and learn from." "He is very experienced and well versed in this whole practice area."


Chris Paterson 
Has particular expertise in medical negligence claims, and is frequently instructed on behalf of dentists and GPs. 
Strengths: "He is obviously a person going places; he conducts negotiation fantastically." "He is very clear with clients and explains difficult issues clearly."

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Laura Dunlop QC of Hastie Stable
Widely recommended for her clinical negligence expertise. She is also noted for her work in relation to high-profile public inquiries.
Strengths: "She is an excellent senior counsel – very experienced, with high attention to detail. She is unflappable and gets very good results."

Ross Pilkington of Hastie Stable
Maintains a broad personal injury and clinical negligence practice.
Strengths: "He has a great manner with clients - he's very professional, but he puts them at ease and they really feel he is on their side." 

Alan McLean QC of Hastie Stable
Handles a wide range of commercial and reparation disputes for both pursuers and defenders.
Strengths: "He has high attention to detail, is quick to respond, and deals with clients sensitively."

Margaret Hodge of Westwater Advocates 
Acts on a wide range of clinical negligence cases. She draws praise for her expertise in delayed diagnosis of breast cancer claims.
Strengths: "She is very thorough and looks at complex issues in great depth."

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