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Band 1 | Ampersand

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Ampersand is one of the premier clinical negligence stables in Scotland. Its advocates are instructed by many of the country's top law firms, and act on behalf of organisations including the Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland and the NHS. The stable has specialists in a wide range of legal practice areas, and has a hard-won reputation for first-class client service.   

Client service: "The clerking team is hugely efficient and a delight to work with."


Maria Maguire QC
Represents both pursuers and medical healthcare defenders. She has acted on many multimillion-pound cases, and is experienced in cases involving complex causation.
Expertise: "She is absolutely superb. She is very well prepared and is brilliant with clients." "She is someone who for many years has been entrusted with the most complex and difficult cases in Scotland." 

David Stephenson QC
Has focused his practice on clinical negligence and personal injury matters. He often acts on complex and high-value claims, and receives regular instructions from the NHS Scotland Central Legal Office and the Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland.
Expertise: "He is well known as a robust litigator." "He is very clued up on complex medical issues and tricky causation." 
Recent work: He acted on behalf of Argyll & Clyde Acute Hospitals NHS Trust on defending an action brought by the parent and guardian of a ventilator-dependent brain-damaged and severely physically disabled child. This was the first Scottish case to address the question of periodic payments.

Ronnie Clancy QC
Has a broad civil litigation practice which encompasses a range of commercial disputes, alongside his personal injury and clinical negligence work. An impressive operator in court, he is praised for his shrewd negotiation skills.
Expertise: "Ronnie is so calm and measured, and works incredibly hard; I would recommend him without hesitation." "He is great with clients, and handles cases with great sensitivity."  

Simon Bowie QC
Has an impressive and broad-ranging practice which covers a wide range of civil and commercial work. He acts on a broad array of clinical negligence claims, and is widely recognised for his work on behalf of both clinical institutions and individual medical professionals.
Expertise: "He has excellent attention to detail and his ability to swiftly grasp vast amounts of information is superb."


Lisa Henderson 
A respected junior with a particular aptitude for cerebral palsy cases, fatal accident inquiries, spinal injury and brain injury claims.
Expertise: "She is marvellous to work with and focuses on getting the best for her clients." "She is very good with high-value cases."

Archie MacSporran 
Well known for his representation of defenders in clinical negligence matters. He is recognised for his skill with high-value cases.
Expertise: "He is methodical, with a good eye for detail. He gets to the heart of the matter quickly." "He is very down-to-earth and pragmatic."

Lauren Sutherland 
A highly regarded and experienced advocate recognised for her personal injury and medical negligence expertise. 
Expertise: "She is absolutely superb, and she fights a client's corner pretty fiercely." "She is hugely knowledgeable and really applies herself."

Catherine Devaney 
Practises predominantly in personal injury and clinical negligence cases. She has particular expertise with cerebral palsy claims.
Expertise: "She is extremely hard-working. I could not praise her highly enough." "She is conscientious, clever and always well prepared."

Fiona Lake 
Particularly noted for her ability with catastrophic brain injury cases, she receives regular instructions on behalf of both pursuers and defenders.
Expertise: "She is very hard-working and takes a real interest in her cases; she ticks all the boxes for a clinical negligence junior."

Euan Mackenzie 
An experienced and well-regarded advocate. He is noted for his depth of expertise in both personal injury and medical negligence claims.
Expertise: "He is exceptionally well prepared and has very good medical knowledge."

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Arnot Manderson is an impressive stable with a stellar cohort of clinical negligence practitioners. The team comprises a range of seniors and juniors with a broad array of clinical negligence expertise. The stable receives praise from clients and other market commentators for the commercial and proactive approach adopted by its members.


Colin MacAulay QC
A highly experienced advocate who has a broad civil practice, although clinical negligence and medical negligence claims are his core focus. He is particularly highly regarded for his expertise on catastrophic injury claims.
Expertise: "He is absolutely excellent and does a fantastic job for his clients." "He is highly experienced and has an excellent track record in clinical negligence cases."

Andrew Young QC
Focuses on medical and professional negligence. He is well known for his work with complex catastrophic head and spinal injury cases.
Expertise: "He is thoroughly experienced in this area, well prepared for all consultations and easily grasps the most technical issues. We thoroughly recommend his work."


Arabella Tait 
Acts for pursuers and defenders on an impressive range of clinical negligence cases. She represents clients in medical, midwifery, dental and nursing claims.

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Compass Chambers' advocates are experts across the full range of clinical negligence claims, to the extent that many sources view the stable as "the first port of call for clinical negligence and personal injury work." Its members have acted for clients from all sides, including medical defence organisations, both NHS and private hospitals, and pursuers.

Client service: "It is an excellent chambers, one of the best in Scotland, a clear first choice for medical negligence." 


Andrew Smith QC
Has a broad practice which encompasses both personal injury and clinical negligence claims. Highly regarded for his expertise in complex and high-value cases, he has considerable expertise in claims relating to brain injuries at birth.
Expertise: "He is an excellent counsel in court; he positively relishes the challenge, and achieves great results."

Rory Anderson QC  
Focuses his practice on professional negligence, and in particular on clinical negligence claims. He receives considerable praise from instructing solicitors, who note that he is equally adroit in his representation of both pursuers and defenders.
Expertise: "He is an experienced advocate and a great choice for the larger and more significant cases."

Susan O'Brien QC
Has a strong practice which is split between personal injury and clinical negligence claims. In the latter area, she receives instructions on behalf of both pursuers and defenders, and receives considerable praise for her expertise in complex cases such as cerebral palsy claims.
Expertise: "She has a strong grasp of complex medical negligence issues, and phenomenal cross-examination skills."

Robert Milligan QC
A highly recommended advocate for medical negligence and personal injury. He acts for both pursuers and defenders.
Expertise: "He is excellent: he goes to the heart of the matter with speed and precision." "He has in-depth knowledge of clinical negligence and brings an analytical approach to his cases."

Marion Caldwell QC  
A greatly respected clinical negligence practitioner, who is also highly regarded for her expertise on personal injury claims. She has considerable knowledge of claims concerning cerebral palsy and meningitis misdiagnosis.
Expertise: "She is a gifted courtroom advocate."


Astrid Smart 
A truly excellent junior who receives glowing praise from market commentators. She is highly regarded for her expertise with both clinical negligence and personal injury litigation.
Expertise: "She is astronomically smart and fantastically practical. She has a wonderfully incisive approach." "She is a star. She is very approachable and is very good at putting people at ease."

Malcolm McGregor 
Has a broad practice which covers a range of civil litigation matters. He is particularly noted for his adroit representation of medical professionals in clinical negligence claims.
Expertise: "He is a particularly strong defenders' counsel; he is highly persuasive on his feet and immediately spots the weak points in the pursuers' case."

Richard Pugh 
Has a depth of expertise which belies his relatively junior status at the Bar, due to his previous career as a solicitor. He focuses his practice on clinical and professional negligence and personal injury. 
Expertise: "He is absolutely superb, completely immersed in his work, and with an incredible grasp of the complexities of big cases – he will doubtless be a heavyweight practitioner in due course."

Sandy Forsyth  
Recognised for his work in both clinical negligence and personal injury. He represents pursuers and defenders.
Expertise: "He is detailed, efficient and very experienced in this area." "He is an extremely able advocate and I would recommend him without hesitation."

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Axiom Advocates fields an impressive group of medical negligence practitioners. Its advocates represent a variety of organisations including health boards and the ambulance service, and they also frequently act on behalf of pursuers against medical professionals.

Client service: "The clerking team is impressive and efficient."


Roddy Dunlop QC 
A vastly experienced and revered advocate widely recognised for his expert advocacy across a range of matters including medical and professional negligence, commercial dispute resolution and media law. 
Expertise: "He is first-rate, absolutely top-notch. He is responsive and very knowledgeable."
"He is a very good clinical negligence advocate, but then he is just a great advocate full stop."

Iain Ferguson QC 
Focuses his practice on professional and clinical negligence, and is especially highly regarded for his expertise in complex and high-value obstetrics cases.
Expertise: "He is exceedingly thorough with great attention to detail. His cross-examination is second to none." "He is extremely thorough and very user-friendly."

Alastair Duncan QC 
Predominantly focuses on professional negligence cases, but has also developed a strong medical negligence practice.
Expertise: "He is an excellent counsel. He is very straightforward to deal with." "He is very experienced and well versed in the whole practice area."


Chris Paterson 
Is swiftly developing a strong profile at the Bar for his work both in commercial disputes and in clinical negligence, building on the experience he gained as a solicitor in his previous career. He has acted on a wide variety of clinical negligence claims, on behalf of a range of clients including clinicians and dentists.
Expertise: "He has a very good courtroom presence; he could be a future star of the Bar."

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Laura Dunlop QC of Hastie Stable 
Has experience across a wide range of civil litigation, although her practice is principally centred on clinical negligence and administrative law.
Expertise: "She is an excellent senior counsel; she is unflappable, has a high attention to detail, and gets very good results."

Ross Pilkington of Hastie Stable
Has a broad practice which encompasses a wide range of professional negligence claims, although he is most widely recognised for his work on clinical negligence cases.

Margaret Hodge of Westwater Advocates 
Has a broad civil law practice, and is best recognised for her considerable expertise in medical and clinical negligence.
Expertise: "She is a very careful and measured advocate, who always exhibits fantastic judgement."

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