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This impressively sized set leads the way at the London Immigration Bar, and offers an unrivalled range of capabilities across all types of work. Specialist areas of expertise include national security, family and child immigration and asylum matters. Sources say: "Their approachability and depth of knowledge are impressive, and they provide high-quality work often at short notice."

Client service: "The clerking has always been excellent - you can always get hold of the right person. They do a weekly immigration bulletin and Colin Yeo writes a blog called Free Movement which is wonderful. Their conference facilities are in a really nice location, and they are spacious and professional - you are treated really well."


Laurie Fransman QC 
Draws effusive praise for his dedication to nationality and asylum work, and has produced major textbooks on these topics. In terms of asylum work, he focuses on complex protection and exclusion matters, often concerning several parties and different countries.
Strengths: "One of the greatest minds in the immigration law field - he is particularly good on nationality matters and is the go-to person for this. He does lots of general ground refusals and his technical knowledge is second to none." 
Recent work: He is an appointed expert in UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) meetings regarding international protection and the issue of statelessness.

Stephen Knafler QC 
Has a solid grounding in immigration, human rights, social welfare and community care law. He is regularly instructed to represent local authorities and claimants in ground-breaking cases, and regularly appears in the higher courts in the land.
Strengths: "He is a very nice person to work with and is very hands-on from an early stage." "He is very clear-headed, determined and always very collaborative, whilst also knowing that it's up to him to run the case." 
Recent work: 
Fought an asylum case concerning three child migrants and their potential deportation to other EU member states. 

Ian Macdonald QC
An incredibly accomplished silk who has a long history of working at the forefront of immigration law, having practised since the 1960s. His workload sees him advising advising students, assisting those using the points-based system via the Tier 1 (Investor) route, and providing counsel to non-EEA nationals, among other matters.

Stephanie Harrison QC
A pioneering human rights and public/administrative law silk who has more than 20 years' experience under her belt. She is known in the market for having helped develop key precedents in relation to unlawful detention and deportation appeals based on national security policies.
Strengths: "Her background is very much immigration-based, and she is an expert in actions against the state. She is a really feisty operator and her advocacy skills are second to none - she brings a sharpness and determination to the case, and she has excellent client care skills." "The judges love her - she explains things really clearly." 
Recent work: Successfully obtained an appeal for an Ethiopian national threatened with deportation.


Navtej Ahluwalia
Devotes a significant portion of his practice to EU free movement law and deportation work. He is often asked to advise business immigration firms and is a familiar face in the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.
Strengths: "He is able to provide sound advice with a fast turnaround." "Very approachable – he's always willing to take a call and talk through problems without turning the meter on."
Recent work: Acted in R v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning administrative delays by the Home Secretary in responding to applications for judicial review.

Adrian Berry 
Has an excellent reputation for his work on British nationality, international protection and asylum matters. He is often called upon to advise the UNHCR on statelessness, and he provides businesses, schools and individuals with information on Tier 1 and Tier 4 applications.
Strengths: "Incredibly knowledgeable across all areas of UK immigration law and always willing to take the time to have something run by him." "Very impressive on nationality issues and statelessness, and a very good advocate and communicator."
Recent work: Acted in a Supreme Court case regarding a tortured migrant's right to local authority accommodation.

Rebecca Chapman 
A dynamic and professional immigration junior with significant experience of handling complex and sensitive immigration claims where vulnerable women or children are seeking assistance. She is frequently instructed to conduct ground-breaking judicial reviews.
Strengths: "She brings a wealth of experience, and is excellent with clients, meticulous in her approach, and great at finding solutions. She is incredibly hard-working and prepares to a very high standard." 

Kathryn Cronin 
An incredibly active dual-qualified (UK/Australian) barrister whose work centres on the movement of children and families. Her broad immigration practice includes handling complex asylum and employment issues, often involving detention, deportation and removal.
Strengths: "She is amazing, and provides a unique service on the crossover between children's law/adoption and immigration. She is very busy but her work is of a really high standard." "She's tenacious; she never gives up and is a fearless advocate." 
Recent work: Instructed in a case concerning the detail required of a First-tier Tribunal decision and related issues surrounding Country Guidance.

Duran Seddon 
Represents and advises international sportspeople and senior public figures/individuals escaping persecution in their homelands. He is also sought after for his work on cutting-edge human rights, welfare and social security-related matters.
Strengths: "He is really superb and has excellent experience." "A very good junior barrister with an intellectual edge." 

Ronan Toal 
An erudite immigration/asylum practitioner who specialises in human trafficking, and who continues to contribute to the most celebrated texts on the law. He routinely goes to the High Court and Court of Appeal to fight on behalf of his clients on crucial immigration points.
Strengths: "He's extremely bright and writes beautifully." "He has done a mix of asylum work and detention work and is very knowledgeable."
Recent work: Acted in Hounga v Adenike Allen, a human trafficking case brought to the Supreme Court on the basis of ECHR and the Convention Against Trafficking.

Peter Jorro 
Recognised for his ability to effectively manage an interesting mix of business and family immigration work, including matters that concern well-known people in the political and business worlds. Can be seen regularly at the Supreme Court and High Court, acting on sophisticated judicial reviews and appeals.
Strengths: "His diligence and high standard of written and oral work are highly valued." "A real lover of the law, he will explain the issue to you and what the law says in a clear and comprehensive way. He's really good on technical stuff."
Recent work: Represented his client in a case concerning the power of the Court of Appeal under the Civil Procedure Rules and judicial review proceedings.

Patrick Lewis 
Admired by the market for his astute immigration advice regarding individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses applying to reside in the UK under the points-based system. With over 22 years of expertise at the Immigration Bar, he is a confident advocate when it comes to representing his clients before UK or international courts. 
Strengths: "Very approachable and willing to take calls at all hours." "He gets good results at court and tribunal, and clients love him."
Recent work: Advised in a judicial review of a migrant's application for leave to remain in the UK.

Sonali Naik 
Having previously worked at various refugee law centres, she brings invaluable immigration and asylum experience to the team. She regularly takes on difficult appeals and review cases before tribunals and higher courts.
Strengths: "She is very good on unlawful detention cases, has lots of experience and gets good results." "Very knowledgeable - she is very good on her feet, and is not fazed by what is thrown at her." 
Recent work:
Instructed in appeals where corrective relief was sought for the Home Secretary's failings as regards child refugees.

Sadat Sayeed 
A very successful junior with a wide-ranging practice that deals with various types of inter-country transfer from countries such as India, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He advises a host of individuals, ranging from those who seek protection for political reasons to those in the top echelons of international sport.
Strengths: "He will not rest until an appeal is prepared as best as it can be. He has an excellent legal mind, and is pragmatic, approachable and able to explain things in a very understandable way."

Abigail Smith 
Particularly active handling all aspects of public law, including prison law, asylum and immigration. She previously worked as a solicitor and in various NGOs, and has been involved in some incredibly high-profile immigration matters over the years.
Strengths: "Tenacious and practical in her approach, she takes the difficult cases and achieves results that would elude many other representatives."

Mark Symes 
Specialises in human rights and asylum work, and also has extensive experience in international protection.
Strengths: "He has encyclopaedic knowledge and takes an innovative approach to legal issues." "He is a real cut above - he pushes the areas we are trying to develop in the law and comes out with new arguments. He will introduce things you haven't thought of."

Amanda Weston 
Has a broad practice and is particularly proficient in handling human rights and children's rights-related immigration matters. She is often instructed to act for senior political or business figures and other very well-known individuals in the music industry.
Strengths: "Thoughtful, tactical and really good at seeing the overall strategic picture. Excellent." "She has top creative skills - she never misses a point and is well loved by the judiciary." 
Recent work: Has advised well-known individuals from the music industry such as Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes in relation to immigration and national security law. 

Michelle Brewer 
A true specialist in the illegal inter-country transfer of persons, who has been selected by the Council of Europe to provide evidence and training on these issues. She is also well versed in the global protection of vulnerable groups such as children and those targeted because of their gender.
Strengths: "She is good on sensitive cases re women/trafficking and she does a lot of pro bono work." "She is very nice, open and easy-going."

David Jones 
This effective immigration and public/administrative law advocate has built a formidable reputation for himself over his 16 years at the Bar. His areas of interest include the transfer of individuals with criminal convictions.
Strengths: "He is really good at taking on board what you say and being collaborative with solicitors."
Recent work: Acted in Amirfard v The Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning denial of naturalisation on good character grounds as a result of the appellant's activity as a conscript in the Iranian penal system. 

Colin Yeo 
A sought-after immigration junior who displays exceptional talent when representing refugees, high-profile individuals and businesses at court. He also edits the acclaimed Free Movement blog and 'Butterworths Immigration Law Service'.
Strengths: "He has good knowledge of the broader palette of immigration and can always place the issue in the wider context." "He has a solid understanding of immigration law, including the very complex matters, and is able to deal with things promptly."
Recent work: Acted in a pro bono public access case relating to complex asylum matters. The issues included scarring as proof of torture, the role of the medical expert and intentional scarring in order to obtain asylum.

Leonie Hirst
Has a thriving appellant practice in which she confronts some of the most complex policy issues affecting immigration and public law. She is applauded for her excellent management of matters concerning the confinement and deportation of migrants, and for her assistance to individuals seeking refuge in the UK.
Strengths: "She is very thorough, prepared, and always looking at cases in a realistic way." "A calming influence on clients, and very sensitive towards them."
Recent work: Advised on a difficult High Court case regarding government policy towards migrant prisoners who refuse to eat and drink. 

Bryony Poynor
A leading immigration junior with an active caseload of refugee, free movement and human rights-related matters. She is routinely instructed to act in judicial review and ECHR cases due to her background in civil liberties work.
Strengths: "Very hard-working and a safe pair of hands. Clients are comfortable and confident in her abilities," and "she is very good at fighting to win."
Recent work:
Advised in MA & Ors v Secretary of State for the Home Department, an ECJ case concerning the deportation of unaccompanied child migrants fleeing political persecution.

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Blackstone Chambers remains synonymous with excellence in public law and human rights cases generally. The set is distinguished by its formidable concentration of silks who practise at the highest levels of the judicial system and who cover a variety of different immigration matters. They are backed up by juniors who are no strangers to the more complex cases of the day. 

Client service: "The clerks are very responsive and friendly. Their conference facilities are also good and they offer great free seminars."


Michael Fordham QC
Identified by the market as a master of immigration and nationality work, he has significant expertise and experience in civil liberties, EU law and Country Guidance claims. 
Strengths: "His drafting style is amazing; he drafts in a very straightforward and simple way, covers everything and is straight to the point. Anyone can read it, and the judges really appreciate this." 
Recent work: Instructed in a Country Guidance case concerning the safety of asylum seekers returning to Iraq.

Monica Carss-Frisk QC 
An eminent immigration and nationality silk who appears in the most high-profile domestic and European courts. Routinely advises the government on seminal immigration cases involving unlawful imprisonment and the ECHR convention.
Strengths: "She is very good. She is a calm but forceful influence, and has an air of authority without in any way being arrogant or pushy." "She certainly had the Court of Appeal eating out of her hand in one case we did with her." 
Recent work:
Selected as counsel to the Treasury Solicitor regarding human rights and the best interests of migrants who are still minors.

David Pannick QC 
The best public lawyer of his generation and a barrister well versed in the intricacies of asylum and civil liberties appeals at the higher courts.
Strengths: "He is very crisp and to the point in his approach." "A superstar, and so good at everything."
Recent work: Represented the Director of Immigration in an appeal that discussed the rights of refugees to work in Hong Kong. 

Dinah Rose QC 
Earns unanimous approval from peers and clients for her thorough and intelligent immigration work. Executes ECHR, asylum and deportation appeals with spirit and confidence.
Strengths: "She's very good on her preparation, and is approachable, willing to listen and excellent on her feet."
Recent work: Successfully challenged the transfer of migrants to Sri Lanka who were making complaints of torture.

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This immigration powerhouse has a fine reputation within the sector. It handles business, commercial and employment migration cases, as well as asylum and unlawful detention cases. Its barristers also demonstrate particular strength in handling cases concerning the transfer of EU members and those planning to study in the UK. One source says: "The members are efficient, friendly and accommodating. They go the extra mile for their clients."

Client service: "The clerks are very accessible. They are always happy to discuss fees and suggest counsel, and they don't double-book barristers."


Judith Farbey QC 
A strong and adaptable immigration silk at the top of her game. She provides counsel to a wide range of clients on EU and human rights law immigration cases, and offers general migration policy advice to businesses. 
Strengths: "The breadth and depth of her skill set and experience is fantastic. She is my absolute go-to barrister for complex matters. Her analytical approach and thought process in strategising complex situations are nothing short of breathtaking." "Her technical expertise is outstanding, and she's very accessible and great to run ideas by." 


Philip Haywood 
Has an all-encompassing immigration practice and regularly fights cases at all levels of the domestic and European court system, including at the ECJ and ECHR. Demonstrates sophisticated knowledge of difficult refugee and Country Guidance cases, as well as sponsor licences.
Strengths: "Produces excellent written work and has a good eye for detail. He works on asylum, EEA and Article 8 matters, and has a wide range of knowledge and skills." "He is reliable, sensible and immediately responsive."
Recent work: Advised in an appeal at the Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal that determined the Country Guidance for Zimbabwe.

Alasdair MacKenzie
A co-founder of and campaigner for the charity Asylum Aid, and one of the leading juniors at the London Immigration Bar. His civil liberties, family and EEA-related work has earned him significant recognition in the sector. 
Strengths: "His written work and advocacy are excellent; he pushes us as solicitors, which is really great." "He is thorough, provides an immediate response, and has an incredibly wide knowledge of almost every area of immigration law." 
Recent work:
Acted for one of three claimants against the Home Office in a case concerning a backlog in asylum claims that allegedly prevented the claimant from obtaining residence.

Joseph Middleton 
Handles a variety of immigration matters, from legal aid and pro bono cases to larger-value work for business clients. He is a Russian speaker and has significant experience of working on complex extradition and human rights cases.
Strengths: "He is very accessible and flexible, and this makes him easy to work with." "He's very knowledgeable and shows excellent attention to detail." 
Recent work:
Engaged in the judicial review of the Quality Assurance Agency's refusal to grant quality assurance for a sponsor licence to a private college.

John Walsh 
Combines an active practice in corporate immigration with legal aid representation for detained migrants. He is regularly instructed to act on judicial review cases at the First-tier Tribunal as well as in cases brought to the ECJ. 
Strengths: "He is really calm, and he doesn't get flustered. He is very thorough and very reliable." "He is very good at very messy cases as he can cut to the quick on what is relevant, especially in cases where there is lots of immigration history. His written work is fantastic and he is responsive."

Laura Dubinsky 
Has appeared at the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in relation to highly contentious areas of asylum and immigration detention law. She has a spectacular depth of knowledge when it comes to EU and ECHR law, and cases concerning the deportation or detention of convicted terrorists.
Strengths: "She stands out as a result of her complete thoroughness and dedication to the job. She really pushes you as a solicitor to do things that help the case." "Meticulous and very driven, she is innovative in the way she approaches the law."
Recent work: Acted as sole adviser and representative in an application to appeal to the Supreme Court in a case that concerned the imprisonment of EU migrants prior to their removal. 

Alison Pickup 
Previously worked as a legal adviser to individuals wishing to escape their country because of political persecution. She has developed an all-encompassing immigration offering that not only focuses on obtaining asylum, but also helps with the wider needs of migrants such as the provision of community care and economic support.
Strengths: "She is extremely reliable, well organised, calm, focused and able to think strategically." "Phenomenally bright and extremely thorough in terms of her paperwork, she is committed and extremely nice to work with." 
Recent work: Acted in Refugee Action's challenge to the government's decision not to raise the level of social security paid to refugees. 

Catherine Meredith
A dynamic and experienced junior who specialises in asylum and immigration cases before the higher courts. Her practice has a particular emphasis on EU and ECHR cases.
Strengths: "She has a lot of energy - she works incredibly hard and pushes for the best outcome." "She is an excellent, intellectual lawyer, who grasps cases very well."
Recent work: Instructed in MA v Secretary of State for the Home Department, in which the Court of Justice of the European Union held that the controlling consideration in transfers under the Dublin II Regulation is the best interests of children who are unaccompanied or separated from their families.

Charlotte Kilroy 
Remains an integral player at the junior end of the London Immigration and Public Law Bar. She is noted for her aptitude in all aspects of the ECHR, and works extensively with vulnerable migrants such as the victims of trafficking and unlawful detention.
Strengths: "She stands out due to her sheer effectiveness and brain power. She is a class act."

David Lemer 
A seasoned asylum, employment and civil liberties barrister, who is frequently instructed to act in matters before the High Court, Court of Appeal, ECJ and ECHR. He has a special interest in public authority litigation.
Strengths: "Knowledgeable and responsive, with a solid grasp of the immigration rules." "He is incredibly thorough and really flexible with his time. You can phone and ask him questions and have an in-depth conversation about complex issues. He is also prepared to push parameters."
Recent work: Currently involved in the judicial review of UKBA's withdrawal of a Tier 4 sponsor licence.

Michelle Knorr 
An "enthusiastic and imaginative" immigration and public law junior, whose practice continues to go from strength to strength. She principally fights for individuals seeking refugee status, and cases involving the interface between immigration, civil liberties and EU law. Strengths: "She really gets behind the client, and is very client-focused, communicative and collaborative." "An incredible fighter, she is passionate when arguing her points and she does really well in the tribunal and High Court. She is very good with vulnerable clients such as victims of trafficking and she thinks through absolutely everything."
Recent work: Advised on a public law challenge to the Home Secretary's decision not to grant refugee status to a trafficked migrant.

Mark Henderson 
A long-standing executive member of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association, who impresses with his top-notch courtroom skills and confidence in both national and international courts. His caseload focuses mainly on asylum, human rights and EU law.
Strengths: "He is very enthusiastic and really pushes cases as far as he can. He has lots of experience and gets good results." "Very skilled on complex EEA appeal matters."
Recent work: Appeared in CM (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning the government's duties in Country Guidance cases.

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This robust immigration team is renowned for its work in numerous areas, including international sports and commerce. It remains dedicated to publicly funded work and benefits from having barristers with additional expertise in mental health and community care. 

Client service: "Their clerking team is the best of all I use - super-quick on things, and super-responsive."


Raza Husain QC 
Combines a strong corporate practice, which sees him advise on the inter-country transfer of high-profile businesspeople and sportspeople, with a sturdy publicly funded practice. He has a growing international caseload and regularly represents clients in the European courts, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
Strengths: "The smartest person doing immigration and asylum law. He knows all the cases and has been in a number of the significant ones." "Superb - he is great to work with, very concerned about his clients, and willing to hear input from solicitors. He has a uniquely brilliant legal mind." 
Recent work:
Acted in EM Eritrea, a Supreme Court case dealing with the crossover between EU law, the ECHR and the removal of migrants to other EU states.

Hugh Southey QC 
Has expertise in several unusual areas of immigration and public law, including extradition, mental health and prisoner voting cases. He is regularly instructed to appear in the Supreme Court.
Strengths: "He has a great ability to assimilate a large amount of material in a short space of time." "He is a fantastic public law barrister, who is really committed to the causes he is instructed to fight on. He drafts beautifully, is extremely thorough, and takes a very collaborative approach with solicitors - he is a general delight to work with." 
Recent work: Appeared in the case of Z, a decision relating to enforcement powers used when deporting immigrants.  


Nicholas Armstrong 
A senior practitioner and a talented advocate, who makes regular appearances in the higher courts. He has outstanding expertise in EU law, and is knowledgeable on the imprisonment of migrants and equality law.
Strengths: "A very good, able barrister."
Recent work: Acted in FV (Italy), an appeal regarding the deportation of EU migrants that will now proceed to the Supreme Court.  

Samantha Knights 
Has a wide-ranging immigration, public law and international law caseload. Her keen interest in human rights, specifically the freedom of religion and religious discrimination, allows her to excel in European Court matters.

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This thriving immigration set continues to grow in size and strength. It represents individuals before tribunals, the Administrative Court, the Court of Appeal and the ECHR, and houses experts in human rights, free movement in the EU and crossover areas where social welfare law, family law and immigration collide. According to commentators, "the barristers are brilliant; they take on urgent matters and turn them around speedily, producing work of a high quality. Together they form a  pleasant and well-rounded team that works well with solicitors."

Client service: "The clerking, led by Ian Burrow, is really good and helpful. They are not too formal about things - you can ping e-mails and get a response. The set is good at keeping us updated on costs and they run training sessions that are helpful and open."


David Chirico 
Handles a diverse range of immigration matters, including asylum for child migrants and other vulnerable groups and ECHR-related cases. His background in housing and criminal law enables him to excel in immigration work relating to social support and the provision of accommodation for migrants.
Strengths: "He is extremely committed, passionate and a true advocate for the plights of migrants. He is also intellectually creative, which allows him to see cases differently and pursue arguments others might not have considered." "He is very skilled technically and super-brainy."
Recent work: Acted in a landmark case regarding the removal of a migrant with a young son.

Ranjiv Khubber 
Recommended for his ability to effectively challenge the decisions of public authorities in immigration cases. He is also adept at the intricacies of human rights and social security law, and is praised for his holistic approach to matters.
Strengths: "Very experienced in judicial review and unlawful detention matters, he gets very good results in tricky and complex cases." 
Recent work: Advised in an important case concerning housing support for migrants from the EU.

Parosha Chandran 
A leading junior at the London Immigration Bar who was selected to advise on the UK Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Bills. She was also selected as an expert in human trafficking by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 
Strengths: "Extremely thorough, she is able to pick out the issues very quickly and ensure nothing is missed. She is also an amazing advocate, who is clear, authoritative and persuasive." 

Victoria Laughton 
Provides a full suite of public and private immigration services, handling everything from advising high-end businesses to counselling refugees, victims of trafficking and imprisoned migrants. In a business immigration context, she specialises in overturning 7B bans.
Strengths: "She combines real ability, determination and passion with great willingness to assist. She is really helpful to the solicitor." 
Recent work: Instructed in relation to a challenge to a decision to incarcerate a foreign prisoner due to be deported.

Catherine Robinson 
Works extensively with migrant prisoners as well as in judicial reviews at the Court of Appeal. Also volunteers with the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group in relation to asylum matters.
Strengths: "A very good advocate who gets really good results for clients." "She  is meticulous and very responsive, and will think about every issue."
Recent work: Acted in a case concerning the Home Secretary's refusal of indefinite leave to remain following large delays in responding to claims.

Gilda Kiai 
Handles a wide range of immigration and administrative law work, including civil liberties matters. She is commended for her ability to sensitively manage complex refugee claims involving child migrants and trafficked persons.
Strengths: "She always delivers and is focused on winning; she's a very good and relentless barrister."

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This set maintains an exemplary reputation for its immigration work, and has a clear focus on judicial reviews relating to unlawful detention, removal and control orders. It is also regularly instructed to provide counsel to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. "A really impressive set. It is well run and does a big proportion of high-end commercial work."

Client service: "The set offers training which is interactive and useful."


Lisa Giovannetti QC
An erudite immigration silk with a diverse immigration practice covering both government and publicly funded cases. She is widely recognised for her dexterity in handling asylum, human rights and sponsor licence matters.
Strengths: "She is straight and exhibits integrity in representing her clients - she doesn't take unsustainable points and is a fair advocate." "She inspires trust and the court has faith in her judgement." 
Recent work: Acted for the government in several cases concerning the return of migrants to other EU states.

Steven Kovats QC 
Has a healthy public and immigration law practice centred on the representation of public authorities, as well as migrants, in matters relating to crime and civil liberties. He represents clients at various levels of the judicial system, including the highest UK and European courts.
Strengths: "Steven has been very helpful and responsive in relation to our work. He does not hesitate to give very firm views in a short timeframe." "His written work is very clear, elegant and persuasive. The judges are already half-convinced by his paperwork before you get into court."
Recent work: Advised in the review of the Home Secretary's decision not to release a migrant prisoner.


Rory Dunlop 
Mostly instructed as appellate counsel for the Treasury Solicitor's Department in an array of immigration matters, from ECHR issues to illegal imprisonment and deportation cases.
Strengths: "He is a very effective and bright opponent. One is always struck by the intellectual force he brings to bear on really quite difficult topics." "He has an intuitive knowledge and understanding of a case, and as an opponent you enjoy being with him. He has the law at his fingertips, and you feel you have to be on the top of your game."
Recent work: Achieved a successful outcome for the government in a human rights/notice of right to appeal case.

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This well-regarded public/administrative law set offers a high degree of expertise in a number of immigration matters. It is unusual in that its members represent both the claimant and government sides. Observers point out that "the clerking is absolutely brilliant – you couldn't ask for any more. Neil Perry, one of the clerks there, is wonderful."

Client service: "The clerks are extremely pleasant, responsive and helpful. They offer brilliant conference facilities and are approachable."


Tim Buley 
Undertakes a mix of private and publicly funded immigration work, and acts for individuals in human rights, EU and social security-related cases, whilst also appearing for large corporations and government bodies. He is on the Attorney General's A Panel of Counsel to the Crown.
Strengths: "On immigration detention work he is always good at focusing on the real issues." "His written work is second to none, and he has an immediate and incisive grasp of the key issues in complex cases." 
Recent work: Assisted in an appeal to the Court of Appeal regarding an injunction to preclude deportation.  

Alex Goodman
Acts mainly for claimants challenging immigration-related local authority decision-making. He has extensive experience of appearing in the highest UK courts as well as before the European Courts of Luxembourg and Strasbourg. 
Strengths: "He is just a superb advocate, who is incredibly impressive on his feet. He's one of those advocates who wins cases with his advocacy."
Recent work: Acted in R (Hua He) v SSHD, R (Xue) v SSHD, and R (Jun Liu) v SSHD, three separate claims for judicial review relating to the removal of Chinese nationals.

David Blundell 
Previously worked as a judicial assistant to the Law Lords and was selected to be on the Attorney General's B Panel of Counsel to the Crown in 2010. His diverse courtroom experience has seen him act as sole counsel in the High Court, Court of Appeal, ECHR and ECJ.
Strengths: "Straight and decent, he's very fair and a skilled barrister. Briefed by the government in a wide range of cases, he is always a pleasant person to work with." "A really fantastic junior, who is hard-working and gets the job done." 
Recent work:
Represented the government in appeals at the Supreme Court concerning the system of appeal for immigration cases.

Declan O'Callaghan 
Has over 18 years of experience as an immigration practitioner and is a true expert in public law, international law, asylum and human rights. He lectures widely in the UK and abroad, and has delivered a speech about the subtleties of Article 14 ECHR in Strasbourg.
Strengths: "His main strengths are his breadth of knowledge and his commitment to his clients." 
Recent work: Worked on a seminal case relating to the right of migrants to work under EU law.

Galina Ward
Devotes a significant portion of her practice to assisting migrants and their families with asylum, social support and judicial review. Also works on the side of the government and with migrants who face deportation due to criminal offences.
Strengths: "Her grounds are succinct and easy to follow, and her written work impresses the judges." "She is very sharp, gets right to the crux of the matter, can sum up something quite quickly, and doesn't miss out anything." 
Recent work: Advised on an immigration case where the legal definition of 'sole responsibility' in terms of child custody was decided.

Graham Denholm  
Dovetails immigration imprisonment work with cases involving the removal of foreign criminals from the country. He is a regular before both the national and international courts. Strengths: "Incredibly knowledgeable, and someone who always has time to listen to a query." "His written work is impeccable - everything reads well, and is logical and thorough."
Recent work: Counsel in Salimur Rahman v Secretary of State for the Home Department, a case concerning a migrant who sustained severe memory loss while awaiting deportation.

Other Ranked Lawyers 其他上榜律师

Angus McCullough QC of 1 Crown Office Row
Renowned for his government work, and has handled very high-profile work concerning terrorist suspects or migrants who have been involved in terrorist activities in the past. He has a particular interest in immigration matters relating to the ECHR, exclusions from the country and foreign criminal proceedings.
Strengths: "He is thoroughly decent and thoughtful, and always does his absolute best for his clients, whether they be private individuals or larger bodies. He acts on both sides too, and this is rare." 
Recent work:
Advised in a case concerning the withdrawal of British citizenship on national security grounds and the issue of statelessness.

Jeremy Johnson QC of 5 Essex Court
A tenacious advocate who has featured in a plethora of ground-breaking immigration and public law cases. He specialises in national and international civil liberties, refugee and police/detention work.

John-Paul Waite of 5 Essex Court 
Acts primarily for the Secretary of State, but has also acted for appellants. Has a broad range of knowledge, and is an expert in asylum, migrant imprisonment and sponsor licence cases.
Strengths: "He is a personable and very able practitioner." 
Recent work:
Advised in a case set to determine the relationship between EU law, asylum and third country nationals.

Alan Payne of 5 Essex Court 
Frequently represents the Treasury Solicitor's Department and has fantastic experience of dealing with the interface between immigration, civil liberties, terrorism and prison law. He is regularly instructed to represent publicly funded individuals fleeing from their homelands as a result of fear of political persecution.
Strengths: "He is reliable, hard-working, and straightforward in his dealings."
Recent work: Represented the government in AB (Sudan), a case involving the judicial review of a decision to deport a refugee to Italy.

Tim Eicke QC of Essex Court Chambers
Highlighted for his incredible knowledge and skill in dealing sensitively with detained and traumatised migrants in cases involving the ECHR, refugee rights and family-related matters.
Strengths: "He does deportation work, and is a very able chap, who has expertise in European and ECHR matters."
Recent work: Counsel in ZZ, a leading case on the removal of EU migrants on the basis of national security and free movement.

Charles Bourne QC of 11KBW 
Combines an active practice in civil liberties, public law and employment law with a role as a Mediator and Crown Court Recorder.
Recent work: As counsel to the Treasury Solicitor, he managed to defeat an appeal brought by a migrant claiming asylum where he had been involved in war crimes. 

Robin Tam QC of Temple Garden Chambers
Works extensively with refugees and migrants facing control orders or removal from the country in order to protect UK security. He held a post on the Attorney General's A Panel of Counsel before he took silk. 
Recent work: Acted in the highly publicised case to transfer Abu Qatada to Jordan in order to protect UK national security.   

Glen Hodgetts (Barrister-at-Law) 
A sole practitioner as of 2013, who fights tooth and nail for his legal aid clients in the upper immigration courts and tribunals. He has a wealth of experience, and has authored several celebrated publications on immigration and human rights law.
Strengths: "He's very passionate and works intently to achieve the best outcomes. He thinks outside the box and has a meaningful and positive impact on clients."

Eric Fripp of Lamb Building
Has developed a strong immigration practice that caters for both business clients and publicly funded individuals. She assists asylum seekers, and handles politically driven judicial review cases.
Strengths: "He is very intellectual and thinks very deeply about things." "An excellent advocate for complex human rights-related cases."
Recent work: Instructed in SE (Zimbabwe), Court of Appeal litigation in which Article 8 of the ECHR was determined in relation to government policy.

Rowena Moffatt of Lamb Building
A strong immigration practitioner with an excellent working knowledge of EU law, the ECHR and EEA law. She often represents imprisoned migrants, refugees and those seeking to use the points-based system.

Robert Palmer of Monckton Chambers 
Often instructed in seminal cases concerning the freedom of movement, civil liberties and national security, he regularly acts in Supreme Court and ECJ cases. He has been appointed to the Attorney General's A Panel.
Recent work: Counsel in ECJ cases concerning the right of migrant criminals to remain in the UK under EU law.

Daniel Bazini of No5 Chambers
An expert in refugee law, civil liberties and free movement. He is very strong on his feet when before domestic and international courts and tribunals, and has a burgeoning judicial review practice.
Strengths: "He has lots of experience and you feel confident when you instruct him."

Joanne Rothwell of No5 Chambers 
Has a broad nationality and immigration practice and regularly appears at the First-tier Tribunal and before the ECJ. She elicits much praise for her ability to put clients at ease, including those with mental health issues. 
Strengths: "She is responsive, thorough, and clear with her advice and her legal points. She's also authoritative when dealing with the courts, and she gets on well with clients."

Edward Nicholson of No5 Chambers 
Previously advised clients at a Law Centre before returning to chambers to help migrants and their families with complex immigration and ECHR cases. Also known for his excellent knowledge of the points-based system. 
"He has the ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions." "He is very hard-working and very good with vulnerable clients. He gets good results." 
Recent work: Involved in a judicial review of the government's power to restrict educational institutions under immigration laws.

S Chelvan of No5 Chambers
Has a thriving nationality and asylum practice that sees him appearing in all the major immigration tribunals and courts. He routinely advises migrants, corporations and educational entities, as well as the UNHCR and NGOs.
Strengths: "Very intelligent, hard-working, and imaginative in his approach to cases."
Recent work: Acted in a case that looked at the obligation to consider the welfare of the child in asylum claims for minors.

Foreign Experts

Foreign Experts are individuals with expertise in a different jurisdiction to the one they are based in. These individuals are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work. Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.

Senior Statesman

A 'Senior Statesman' is a lawyer who no longer works hands-on with the same intensity but who, by virtue of close links with major clients, remains pivotal to the firm’s success.

Eminent Practitioners

'Eminent Practitioners' are highly influential lawyers in a particular practice area who, due to managerial or client relationship commitments, are less active in day-to-day work but remain key players in the team.

Other Noted Practitioners

Other Noted Practitioners are individuals who have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.

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Other Noted Firms are firms that have not yet been ranked but are seen to be active and accomplished in this area of law.