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We recommend the world’s best lawyers in all important areas of law in 185 countries (including many emerging markets). To do this, our 150-strong team of editors and researchers carry out in-depth interviews working throughout the year at our central London offices. (Watch the video to see them at work.) This team is unique – the largest, most experienced and talented multi-lingual legal research team in the world.

Naturally our recommended firms include all the big names but we take special care to identify the best of the smaller (and boutique) firms around the world.
Our guides are designed to help the law firm client (such as the general counsel) to:
  • find the most suitable international lawyer / attorney
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    handling cross-border work
  • find a leading law firm and lawyer / abogado in the smaller jurisdictions
  • locate specialist legal representation in unfamiliar areas of law
  • check that their law firm or lawyer / solicitor ranks highly in the market
  • see how their barrister ranks in such jurisdictions as the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, etc

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